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The subject of vaccinations comes up frequently in homeopathic practices. This site was created to meet the need for information in this area. The decision either to be vaccinated or not to be vaccinated can only be made if the information provided is consistent and clear. The content provided here on this site, furnishes information free of charge on the subject of vaccinations, homeopathy and health. The information provided is presented from the point of view of traditional homeopathy. Descriptions of vaccinations differ from descriptions of vaccinations in mainstream medicine. Whether you want to be vaccinated or not is left up to the individual.

The information contained here was assembled to the best of our present knowledge. We cannot guarantee that the information provided is complete, accurate and current. Thus the information is not legally binding. cannot be held liable for damages that are in connection with the use of this page. The information does not represent a consultation for the individual user and also does not represent medical expertise. The information provided cannot replace individual consultation or treatment by a doctor or a homeopathic practitioner. We strongly advise you to not use the information provided as instructions on how to treat yourself. We strongly advise you to consult a doctor or a homeopathic practitioner if you should fall ill. If additional information is provided in the form of links to other servers, emphasizes that there has been no information control and that any and all liability is excluded. (Judgment rendered on May 12 1998 - 312 O 85/98 -"Liability for Links" Landgericht [District Court] Hamburg)

Note on Copyright

All contributions and images published on this site are protected by copyright. Every utilization not permitted by copyright law requires prior written consent by the provider. This holds true particularly for copying, editing, translation, processing and publication of contents in databases or other electronic media and systems. Photocopies and downloads of websites may only be made for personal and private use and not for commercial use.

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