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Arguments For & Against Vaccinations:

This is what people in favor of vaccinations say:

  • Vaccinations are the best protection against dangerous diseases for the person who has been vaccinated
  • Vaccinations protect people who associate with the person who has been vaccinated against contagion
  • Vaccinations can prevent epidemics or limit them
  • Maximum protection and minimal risk
  • Side-effects are rare
  • Vaccinations prevent large numbers of deaths – in other words increase life expectancy
  • Vaccinations can completely eradicate diseases
  • Vaccinations are among of safest medications
  • Children have a right to be vaccinated

This is what people who are critical of vaccinations say:

  • Vaccinations are undoubtedly capable of causing severe side effects (see the individual vaccinations)
  • Long-term effects of vaccinations have never been and are still not investigated
  • Vaccination trials are virtually only performed by companies that manufacture the vaccines
  • Vaccination trials only compare vaccines with other vaccines and do not compare vaccines to placebos
  • There are virtually no independent trials (and if there are, their results all vary)
  • Vaccination trials that do not come to a good conclusion financed by pharmaceutical companies are not made public
  • Trials that get vaccinations approved remain the secret of the manufacturers
  • Proof that vaccinations are effective largely depends on statistics and the rise of antibodies
  • The formation of antibodies is equated with vaccination protection
  • Children’s diseases are unpleasant but are not dangerous for healthy children
  • Children who have been vaccinated are not healthier than children who have not been vaccinated
  • Vaccinations are a business that is based on the fear of sickness
  • The result of suppressing acute diseases (vaccinated children diseases) is a rise in chronic disease
  • Having children’s diseases during childhood protects against serious diseases during adulthood
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