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More transparency on vaccines, vaccinations and vaccine injuries


A critical overview of vaccine side effects

unvaccinated babyEver since vaccinations were introduced 200 years ago there has been a lot of controversy surrounding them. Some people think of illnesses as being primarily dangerous or at least inconvenient. They see vaccinations as an effective means to avoid diseases and possibly even eradicate them while others see the benefits of certain diseases and the potential dangers of vaccinations.The key of a vaccination is to trade off the hazardous nature of the disease against the potential adverse effects of the vaccination and alternative treatment methods. This website provides you with a critical discussion of the subject of vaccinations (also from the perspective of naturopathy and homeopathy) and its objective is to assist you in making your own personal decision.


As this topic remains alive by means of readily exchanging information, I am thankful for your suggestions and feedback.


Reporting of side effects of a vaccination and possible vaccine damages

Reactions to vaccination and possible vaccine damage, you can publish on Please fill out the form. The reported adverse reaction can be found in the vaccine damage database.


Survey on the state of health of unvaccinated and vaccinated children

 survey unvaccinatedIf you have unvaccinated children, please take part in our survey State of health of unvaccinated children



survey state of health of vaccinated childrenDue to many requests we are doing a direct comparison with vaccinated children now. If you have vaccinated children please go to the questionnaire for the state of health of vaccinated children.




survey results unvaccinated children Results of the survey on the state of health of 17627 unvaccinated children and persons


survey results unvaccinated children Results of the survey on the state of health of 4119 vaccinated children and persons




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I want to tell you  the story of It started well over 10 years ago with the German site Impfschaden is the German word for vaccine injury or vaccine damage. I was(and still am) working as a homeopath and was confronted again and again with patients who were injured through vaccinations. As the treatment of vaccine damages is not always an easy task I thought it would be wiser to educate the people before they get vaccinated. That was the birth of

In the beginning it was a very small site with only a handful of visitors. As I was and am the only person who writes the content of the site(except the reports of vaccine damages and the forum and some articles) it took a while to  fill the site with content. But within a couple of years  the site grew bigger and bigger and is now one of the most visited German Anti-vaccine website.

Core of the site are hundreds of reports of vaccine damages submitted  from individuals. Anybody who is reading these reports will think about twice about getting vaccinated.

There was even a study done with by the University of Erfurt in Germany. The analysis revealed that viewing for only five to ten minutes increases the perception of risk regarding vaccinations and decreases the perception of risk regarding the omission of vaccinations as compared to visiting a control site. Moreover, acquiring information about vaccinations on a vaccine-critical website significantly decreased the intentions to vaccinate(see complete study).

Almost two years ago I received a donation for the translation of the site into English. This was en enourmous task which was done with the help of Betsy and American who is living in Germany and is a translator by profession. She really did a great job and in May 2010 we got everything ready for going online  with



In the beginning of I did everything by myself and server and provider fees were affordable. But as the sites grew bigger and bigger it was necessary to switch from html to a database run system which had to be managed and adjusted sometimes (in the last 2 years not just sometimes but constantly). As I am not a computer expert I had to find somebody to handle that for me.  So the costs were rising  and I was forced  to put  some advertisement, to run a Amazon bookstore and a donation request on my site. Although the revenues(revenues are ony generated when visitors click on the ads) are not covering the costs they cover at least  some  % of the expenses.

If you see any advertisments, which contradict this website, please send me the web address (URL) of the ad. (


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Andreas Bachmair

Treatment of Post-Vaccination Syndrome


PVS is essentially diagnosed on the basis of carefully chosen questions directed to the patient or his parents. The practitioner should always consider seriously a diagnosis of post-vaccination syndrome whenever the complaints started at the time of, or in the period following, vaccination and a treatment according to the method in this booklet should be implemented as a first line of approach. This is to obviate an endless and ill-fated stream of examinations and therapies. Where positive results are achieved the suspected diagnosis of PVS is confirmed. Only as a second resort, if the patient does not benefit fully from the treatment implemented, should a follow-up diagnosis be made. Case 4 illustrates how wearisome this process can be.

Because of its high degree of reliability and efficacy, this method offers an excellent opportunity for establishing the cause of certain illnesses. One can trace step by step the vaccine, medicine or illness that has caused the complaint. This scheme also allows us to find the cause of the often discussed ‘Jungle syndrome’, a syndrome which has claimed so many young soldiers as victim and for which traditional medicine can offer neither an effective diagnostic procedure nor a satisfactory therapy. The case of Johan, a 19-year-old seaman, is a clear example of such a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. See case 5.



Treatment is with potentised vaccine. Usually the best method for chronic PVS is to administer this remedy at four different potencies during four consecutive weeks; you start with 30C, twice , (e.g. on Monday and Thursday); the second week 200C, twice; the third week 1M, twice and the fourth week 10M, twice. If a course is repeated and there have been no severe reactions a shorter course can be given lasting 15 days, every potency twice with one day between every administration. In each case about 10 globules (diameter 6.72) are introduced directly into the mouth without any fluid to be drunk. The granules dissolve completely within one minute. It is advisable not to eat or drink or brush the teeth for half an hour before or after this administration to allow the medicament to act without interference. If the symptoms are aggravated after one of the four potencies it is always necessary to wait until the reaction is over before continuing treatment. In such cases the same potency is then repeated. This procedure is continued as long as necessary for the patient's reaction to cease, normally after one or two repeat doses. The series is then completed. It is also possible to treat a severe reaction with a solution of the 30C. For this, ten globules are dissolved in half a glass of water which is administered, a sip or teaspoonful at a time, for one or two days. The most common reaction is fever, which does not require further treatment. If the disorder has not completely cleared up after the first course, the whole series can be repeated. One to three series is usually sufficient.

In acute cases the treatment is largely similar, differing only in that the preference in acute cases is given to aqueous solutions of a 30C or 200C as described above. This solution is administered at the rate of a sip or a teaspoonful an hour for a number of days; three doses are usually sufficient. See case 6, Ragma.

Even where the post-vaccination syndrome is of several years' standing it can still be treated successfully, as is shown by case 7, where the patient had suffered for eleven years, and case 8; with a prehistory of 17 years. In both cases the complaints were effectively fully cured.

Reported cases:
vaccindamage database

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