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M.V., 09.04.1983, female


Havrix 1440

In the course of my training I had a hepatitis A vaccination. It had been recommended by my employer. I had already had a hepatitis B vaccination and my immunity had lasted for 3 years, there had been no adverse effects.


I was vaccinated without being informed of potential side effects, etc. At the time (November 2004) I was healthy and optimistic about being able to start my training. Right after the injection in my left upper arm I felt like something was wrong, but I could not pinpoint what it was. I spent the rest of the day in training and then I drove home again. When I got home I was sitting at my desk and reading one of my training manuals when I noticed how much of my hair was right there on the page of the opened book without me even having done anything. I then looked into the mirror but I was unable to notice anything. Because my hair was blond it was impossible to see anything right away. The next day when I was combing my hair I was surprised when I felt like there was less hair on the right side of my head. But I wasn’t worried and for about 3 days I just did everyday things. When I was standing in the bathroom one morning and happened to lift the top hair I almost fainted, because there was a spot about the size of the palm of my hand (including the fingers) where I had a bald spot covered by the top hair. It was all smooth.
I went to see a dermatologist several times. He wanted to give me cortisone and zinc. I even went to the university clinic and got a cortisone therapy and UV comb.  Everything without the slightest bit of success. You could watch me lose my hair, when I washed my hair I lost about two hands full of hair. At night my pillow was full of hair. Then I started getting round bald spots on my part and in the nape of my neck. Then the whole thing stretched from the right side of my head to the left side of my head. It took about one year for me to lose all of my hair, including the hair on my body, my eye lashes and eyebrows.

I also had little bumps on all of my finger nails and for 3-4 months I was sick all the time. I had colds and felt weak all of the time and very tired and felt like sleeping all of the time, which of course I could not do because of the professional training I was involved in.

This condition did not change for 2 years. Since two weeks I have now the shadow of an eyebrow and my eyelashes are complete and have grown back in their old color. I have fine transparent hair all over my head, they are about 1 mm long. This condition has remained ever since I started losing my hair.

The hair on my body has returned in parts for about the last 8 months, but there are big gaps. The fingernails have improved somewhat, which means the little dots are no longer on all of my nails.

By chance and only because I had seen a different doctor who is an occupational physician it turned out that the other doctor had not reported the vaccine damage or the reaction. The manufacturer of the vaccine had not been informed, either. Right now I am involved in a red tape process which hopefully will soon come to an end which will be satisfactory for me.  durch einen Zufall und einen Besuch bei einem anderen Arbeitsmediziner brachte hervor


S.G., 15.03.1983, female


HPV Gardasil

One year ago I had my first vaccination, everything was fine. Then the second one. I had a bunch of spots on my finger and on the surface of my hand, I didn’t think anything of it, but after the third vaccination it started to spread and the skin on my fingers started getting cracks and started bleeding. So I went to the dermatologist who said that I had contact eczema and that it would get better soon.  After the week the cream stopped working so I had an allergy test and suddenly I am allergic to everything, perfume and shampoo and nickel cobald peromanbalsam, everything that is bad. So suddenly creams don’t work and I cannot touch anything, I’m an invalid. Everything hurts and now I have a fungus infection in my genital area and it won’t go away, also athlete’s foot, so I don’t know what to do. I think it all stems from the vaccination and if I had known that I would have never had the vaccination. I am not going to have my daughter vaccination until somebody can tell me if it is from the vaccination. A few weeks later: it won’t go away, it is a permanent damage. So I don’t know if I  will ever be able to get rid of it.


E.S., 23.05.1972, female


Hepatitis (Twinrix)

The vaccination was administered by a nurse. I never even saw a doctor. After the obligatory blood work I had the first Twinrix vaccination in April 2006. Afterwards my arm hurt and simultaneously I felt weak, tired, less energetic, had heavy legs. In May 2006 I had my second Twinrix vaccination. The symptoms got worse. I had respiratory problems, paralysis, weakness, problems sleeping, weight loss, sweating … In August06 after the 3rd Twinrix I was hardly able to walk, my legs felt like they were cement. The doctor told me to stay at home, he said I had a burn out syndrome. After two weeks I went back to work and I felt no better.  As of late August 2006 I was home sick all the time. The symptoms got worse, I could no longer walk, my legs were swollen, edemas, resting pulse 155, sleeplessness, total exhaustion. No one took me seriously. I was not sent to a rehab facility because they said I was not sick enough. Then I collapsed and they realized I had Morbus Basedow, an autoimmune disease which can lead to thyreotixic crisis, I could have died. I did not want to die and continued to stay in bed for weeks so that my heart would recuperate. After being written off sick at work for 6 months and medical treatment I have started to work again; they never forgave me that I was sick for so long and so now I am no longer employed.


L.S.,05.03.04, female


Measles, Tetanus, Merieux

First vaccination in April 2004 minimal reaction, fever for 1 day (tetanus) Second vaccination in June 2006, measles (after they made everybody all nervous saying that there was going to be a measles epidemic). 2 hours later pseudo croup, fever, continuous screaming for months, months later they discovered it had been Cri encephaliq.

She has regressed. Nothing was associated with the vaccination.

Luisa is now3 1/2 years old and has had all kinds of exams and they did not find anything.

It was sheer coincidence that I found the book Vaccine Damage Syndrome.


Next week we are going to start the nosodes therapy and then I will report how things continued.


I am not going to have my daughter vaccinated again and I am convinced that it was the measles vaccination that caused all this.


If you would really like to have your child vaccinated then I would recommend that you get this book and then have the vaccination diverted.


Q.M., 09.05.06, male


Infanrix, 3-fold vaccination, DTP

My son got his first vaccination when he was 7 months old. I decided he should have the 3-fold combination for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough as there was no DT vaccine that had been approved (It even took a lot of discussion to have the doctor agree to this one. He says he does not vaccinate except for STIKO recommendations!)


But my son tolerated the vaccination quite well. That night I hooked him up to a breathing monitor and adjusted it in such a way that it would give off an alarm if my son did not breathe for longer than 20 seconds. The monitor gave off an alarm 4 times that night, but other than that there was nothing else unusual.


My son got his second Infanrix vaccination 6 weeks later, into the upper part of his leg. Nothing unusual except for elevated temperature (8months old). Days later, when I was carrying him on my arm there was a spot that seemed hard on the upper part of his leg (approx. 2 cm in diameter). And it took 4 weeks for it to go back to normal.

So I decided to wait a while until I had the next vaccination.

He had his third Infanrix vaccination in June in the upper part of his arm (13 months old). Approx 12 hours after the vaccination the site of injection was very swollen, red and hot. I panicked and cooled the swelling down. Later I read that every further vaccination with whooping cough component can cause this reaction.

The doctor was absolutely mainstream medicine and said that these things wer absolutely harmless..


S.K., 29.04.1972, female


Influvac 2007/2008 and Pneumovax 23

Approx. 8 hours after the vaccination I developed pain in the upper part of my right arm at the site of injection (right side pneumococci vaccine, left side flu shot), it felt like sore muscles. The next morning the right upper arm was really swollen and I was almost unable to move it. Because I use my right hand this was a real problem in a household with three children. I had chills and fatigue in the evening, felt like I was coming down with the chills. The third day I had even more pain in the upper part of my right arm, fatigue and nausea and in the evening chills. It took four days for me to be able to move my arm again, I still feel nausea and fatigue.


N.F., 5.3.1988, female



A few days after my first vaccination I was brought to the hospital with an unbearable headache, rigid neck, nausea, vomiting, fever, sensitivity to light and noise. The first diagnosis was viral meningitis. After 2 weeks at the hospital they let me go home and then I had my post-exam during which they could not detect any antibodies in my spinal fluid which means that it could not have been a virus. When I told the neurologist that I had been vaccinated a couple days earlier he was convinced that it was a vaccine reaction. I am not going to have any more vaccinations because I think that Gardasil will probably cause the same kind of reaction.


M.W.,09.07.2006, male


Tetanol pur

After the first vaccination there was reddening around the site of injection. Right after the second vaccination I had fever -  39.5  followed by red eczema all over my body. That was my first and last vaccination.


S.Ü., 02.12.1988, female



After her Gardasil vaccination my daughter had pains in her arm for about a week and the arm was swollen. 2 weeks after the vaccination she noticed little bumps in her vagina. The gynecologist’s diagnosis was condylomas. He was very surprised because they were exactly what the vaccination was to protect against. He advised us to wait with having the second vaccination. After the second vaccination the condylomas got worse. The doctor said my daughter was a guinea pig for the vaccine. Today she is being treated for them.


H.S., 20.10.1961, male


Revaxis, Havrix 1440, Typhim

3 days after the vaccination headache, fatigue, dizziness, diarrhea, lack of appetite, sweating,  visual impairment, muscle pain. I went to the doctor’s several times and the diagnosis was burnout and flu. They gave me booster shots and I continued to work even though I felt so sick (I need the money). 6 months later I was completely unable to work.

Lasting damage: MS accompanied by dizziness and visual impairment, irritations, tinnitus.


A.S., 17.11.1990, female



My daughter tolerated the first vaccination quite well. There were no side effects. She had headaches during the last few weeks and said she was sick to her stomach but we did not think that it was the vaccination that caused it.

Before she had her second vaccination we asked whether nausea and headache were typical reactions. They said no. My daughter tolerated the second vaccination really well, too. At least until the next day. She got wheals all over the upper part of her arm, thighs and back. The wheals looked like huge mosquito bites, her pulse and blood pressure went up. And it was Friday evening so there was no doctor to go to.

I went to the pharmacist’s and was helped by a really competent person  who went and got package inserts and confirmed that these were some of the adverse effects that were described there. She recommended that I give my daughter calcium for her skin, but that was not everything. But I was relieved to know where it came from. The gynaecologist where I had left a message on the answering machine called me back, even though it was the weekend and he was at a conference in Berlin. He confirmed that it was a typical reaction. He said that if we started having respiratory problems that we should take her to a clinic immediately where she should be given a corticoid shot. It did not get that bad but now 5 days later my daughter is still not well. She says she is sick to her stomach and she throws everything up she eats.  The doctor says it is a virus. I just hope that she will be doing better soon. And I was told that under no circumstances was she to get the third shot because it could lead to an anaphylactic shock after her initial reaction.

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