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Date Person, Date of Birth Previous illnesses Vaccination Reaction to vaccination


F.R., 20.09.2004, male



The first two 6-fold vaccinations went quite normally - mild fever, restlessness, etc. The third vaccination was quite strong. After a short while, high fever (40°C), he used to wake up all the time at night every now and then, suddenly and very scared (like a nightmare). The small time intervals in between were accompanied by loud, shrill crying. Our son slept through the night (8 hours at a stretch!!) until this vaccination and slept regularly by day as well. This sleep-rhythm was no longer there after the vaccination. (In spite of extreme fatigue, he slept poorly and not more than an hour at a stretch!!!). Added to that, there were phases of restlessness during the day - simply put; we had a completely changed child. After this vaccination, multiple infections also appeared (gastrointestinal, middle ear inflammation). We went to many doctors with our child, described the symptoms and behavior pattern and asked, whether this was related to the vaccinations. All the doctors denied it – on the contrary – they sneered at us. They probably thought that we were oversensitive parents with a distinct penchant for dramatization. In short: we were not believed!!!
Five months after the 3rd vaccination, our son fell so ill with a gastrointestinal infection that we had to take him to the hospital because of dehydration of the body. After he had an infusion for two good days, the complaints were gone. We assume that the\"dirt\" was washed out through the infusion. Statements of nurses like \"we have never had such a bad-smelling stool \", the clear behavior change and an abrupt change in his sleep behavior (10 hours at night, 2-3 hours by day) led us to this conclusion. We are now up for the next 6-fold – vaccination and are terrified that everything will begin all over again.


T.H., 19.09.1969,




On Sunday, 07.08.2005, before noon, had let the doctor from emergency service (after a bad injury under my fingernail due to sprinter while gardening) give me a Tetagam-vaccination in the left upper arm. After approx. 2 hours, there was pain in the left upper arm that was initially comparable to severely sore muscles. Simultaneously, severe heat sensation till the shoulder-neck area with a feverish feeling, although the measured temperature was just under 37.5 °C. The pain increased so much during the night and on the next day that I could barely move my left hand. I could no longer take off a T-shirt by myself, as I could not stretch my left hand towards the right one. By this time, the pain in the arm, even when still, was almost just as severe as when I tried moving the arm. On the second night, the pain was so severe that it was impossible to sleep. The pain beamed so much that the whole left side of the body was affected and I had slight problem while walking. In addition to that, had severe headache in the night with slight nausea. On Tuesday, I once visited the doctor again, who took my complaints seriously and did not exclude (the possibility of) a severe vaccination reaction as well as striking of a nerve while injecting. He wanted to gladly refer me to neurologists, but I decided to wait for yet another day, as I had already read in the internet that the pain often alleviates after 3 to 4 days. On Tuesday evening, the pain was still severe while moving the arm but if I kept the arm still, the pain was minimal. Today, on the third day after the vaccination, I can move my hand properly again. The pain now reminds me again of the severely sore muscles, but it is quite bearable. As, in my opinion, it was unlikely that the doctor had struck a nerve while giving the injection (the pain should have certainly occurred earlier in that case), I have decided to request the doctor to indeed forward this reaction as well.


M.F.,14.07.1965, female

Formaldehyde allergy


It happened as early as 1985.
After a deep injury by a rusted nail; I got passive as well as active immunization against Tetanus. I got fever; one side of my buttocks had severely reddened, swollen and was painful. I was admitted for OP by the doctor, who had carried out the vaccination, with suspicion of syringe abscess. During the OP, it turned out to be fat necrosis. The secondary healing, with very painful daily changing of dressing lasted for approx 8 weeks. A very big scar remained. At that time, the doctors opined that the serum was not injected deep enough, which was the cause of the fat necrosis. Besides, it was no longer to be determined as to which of the two syringes was the cause. It is estimated that it was the passive immunization due to \"albumin\".
Then I got the 2nd active immunization, this time properly, intramuscular in the thighs; a short while after that, I had very high fever, pain, swelling and redness. I did not take the 3rd vaccination.

Years later, I had Erisypelas after an insect bite. I got the passive immunization without side-effects.
Why am I now pondering over everything again?

After an injury, an acquaintance firstly got TETAGAM and TETANUS_VACCINE MERIEUX without side-effects. Second time again TETANUS-VACCINE MERIEUX in the left arm. In the evening she had pain, numbness till shoulder and chest area. She went to the doctor again and was admitted with suspicion of a stroke. Luckily, the symptoms diminished, but she still felt a bit weak. When she contacted the doctor’s receptionist, she learnt that there was a second patient who had similar symptoms.


P.S.,06.04.1957, female



Within a day, severe swelling, redness and hardening of upper arm in the perimeter of 15 cm. Shivering, fever up to 39.5°, and severe pain in arm, headache and pain in the limbs. Today is the 2nd day and it is just marginally better, although I had cooled the swelling! Headache and pain in the limbs, burning and itchy pain in the upper arm, mild temperature of 38.5°, continues.


W.B., 28.02.67, male



I took a TBE vaccine in 1988. The first ever in my life.
A few minutes after the vaccination I had high fever, pain in the liver and my face turned YELLOW!!!! And added to that, I began shivering. The whole thing went on for days. Meanwhile, I lost half of my hair. It was really bad! The whole thing happened within a few days. I was very healthy until then and had no problems at all. I did not recuperate from the vaccination for long. The whole thing lasted for very long, and it was not pleasant at all. It might sound crazy, but I just want to point out that I have also got hyperthyroidism because of the vaccination. The aforesaid diagnosis was done after I lost a lot of weight, and the thyroid glands (left and right) hurt since the vaccination. This ailment was cured.
Given the circumstances, I could not or rather was not allowed to say anything, as to where all of this started, my then job needed me to deal with doctors a lot. Unfortunately, I can’t say much to it.


R.S., 22.10.1961, male

MS-primary disease treated with Copaxone agent Glatiramer acetate. Immune modulation no suppression.


Vaccination on 7.07.05 17:30. At night, I got shivers. Next morning, I had 39° fever. Both my eyelids were extremely swollen because of urticaria. Since I already had MS, I was almost unable to move. On 9.9.2005, after being heavily soaked in sweat during the night, I my fever had gone. Eyes were still severely swollen. Can move again around the house for a short while. In my opinion, the doctor should not have injected against the 3 infectious diseases at the same time, as I could not provide information of a successful initial immunization against tetanus and diphtheria. Also, he should have inquired about the administration of Copaxone. This, I told him only after the vaccination. His answer was that he doesn’t know about this medicine.


T.E., 08.02.2005, female



During first vaccination, we had no problems. My daughter was grumpy and clingy only for 2-3 days. After the 2nd vaccination however, it was completely different. A few hours after the vaccination, my daughter was crying blue murder! We could not calm her! After aprrox45? minutes (or more), we decided to give her a suppository – which we could do only with much effort. She calmed down after approx 30-45 minutes and then slept. This night she was unusually warm – but at approx 6 am she had a temperature of about 38° - as a precaution I gave her another suppository.


Since then she is grumpy and clingy which is not usual. She no longer wants to sleep alone and I have to carry her till she sleeps every evening. She does not want to sleep in the evenings – at around 6 pm she begins to be grumpy, to cry – she only calms down, if someone carries her around. She sleeps only between 21:30/22:00. - Before the vaccination, it was between 19:00/20:30. 4 weeks thereafter, the problem persists -- but after around 1 or 2 weeks her mood improved again.


L.L., 16.07.2003, male



When every time, after the 6-fold vaccination Hexavac, my son reacted to it severely with fever, flu-like infection, restlessness, spasmodic contraction, facial rash, hobbling, I actually decided not to vaccinate him against anything anymore. Unfortunately, I again got convinced from many sides to vaccinate him against measles, mumps, and German measles as well (also because he is hearing-impaired and mumps, for instance, can have a negative effect on his overall hearing).
Exactly seven days after the vaccination, he developed about 40 degrees fever. I could reduce that to 38.8 degree with a suppository. The fever lasted for a day and a night more. The initial measles-like spots appeared on face. On the ninth day, my little one was completely listless in the morning and had to vomit. On the previous days and the days after that, he ate almost nothing. The measles-like rash was worst on the tenth and the eleventh day and had now spread over the face, arms, chest, stomach and back. Some spots appeared on the legs as well. On the twelfth day, the rash reduced gradually. But my son is still very weepy, exhausted and tired. I have a horribly fear any further vaccine reactions and I hope with all my heart that this was the only complication caused by the MMR vaccination for my son. In any case, I will now definitely not get him vaccinated anymore!


K.V.,06.06.1924, male



At 11 o’clock I got the vaccination, without a warning about the side- effects from the doctor. It was mainly a tetanus booster. After lunch I was very tired, which is not normal in my case. Then I had a severe headache. My doctor told me on telephone that I should take 2 tablets of paracetamol up to 4 times. I took 1 tablet so as to not upset my stomach. I went to bed early as I felt totally exhausted. I slept well because I felt overtired. Next morning, when I wanted to get up, I continued to feel totally exhausted, as if I had influenza. Muscles and limbs ached. I also had a severe headache. This condition lasted till evening. The injection site was red sore and burning. We had then cooled the site with a gel. As on Saturday.


B.F., 26.01.1982, female


Hep. A+B

4 years ago I did an internship in a hospital. Since, after that I could start with the apprenticeship as a nurse, I had to get myself vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. 1 -2 weeks after the vaccination, I had severe circulation problems. My blood pressure dropped sharply and I could not stand on my feet very well. My body began to shiver vigorously. I went to see the family doctor and got myself checked thoroughly ( EEG, MRI, ECG, blood- and urine test….but he found nothing. During the apprenticeship, I felt none of these symptoms.
I am now at the end of my apprenticeship and since 3/4 years I have these symptoms once again. I feel dizziness every day, have blood –pressure fluctuations, can for e.g., not stand on my feet, prone to fall, blurred vision, I begin to shiver uncontrollably and take fright.
Of late, I feel nausea as well and have problems articulating in this situation. It happened on the autobahn (German highway) a while ago; I had to go to the hospital after that and for the 5th time, they found nothing. I must mention here, I never became unconscious. Day before yesterday, I had to be brought to the hospital from school by ambulance and they again found nothing. I spoke to the doctors about my Hepatitis vaccination but they don’t think that there is any connection. They say, I have an orthostatic dysregulation and am stressed. I am undergoing homeopathic treatment for 1/2 year for above mentioned reasons and off late I am going for foot-reflexology. In foot-reflexology, I almost did not bear the massage on the liver point. These occurrences are unfortunately increasing and I don’t know what else I should do.


I., 10.11.97, female


Hep. A+B

Have got vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B. A few days later, my daughter had a swollen foot (oedema) which itched severely. She could no longer wear a shoe. Apart from that a very bad chesty cough, she coughed continuously. The pediatrician said that it has nothing to do with the vaccination. \"If it does not get better she has to take cortisone\". I went to my family doctor, who gives homeopathic treatment, he gave her Thuja. All the symptoms reduced after taking it. It was 2001. Have not got her vaccinated since then and will not do so either.

Duration of vaccination reaction = 4-5 Days.


S.B., 25.04.1964, female


Polio, W1398.2

About 3 weeks after the vaccination, numbness in all limbs, muscle weakness and muscle pain, severe joint pain in fingers and knees, stiffness in fingers and knees, neck stiffness and pain. Now, it has been 6 months since and my condition has not improved.


B.M.,01.01.1969, female


Gen-H-B-Vax (Hep. B)

Massive nausea with vomiting began about 1-2 hours after the vaccination. Lasted about 2 weeks, I had an undetected EBV-infection, quite simultaneously with the vaccine, which is chronic (wherein, I obviously do not know if would have been chronic even without the vaccination) complaints which occur at times: fatigue, dizziness, slightly increased temperature, lymph node swelling, muscle pain, headache. Unfortunately, I am still looking for a competent doctor who deals with chronic mononucleosis.


F.P., 22.09.2000, male


Encepur N (TBEV)

Seven days after the vaccination, Fabio developed high fever with cough. And seven days thereafter came the first attack. Thereafter, followed a long stay at the hospital (6 weeks) with all possible examinations. (MRI\'s, cerebral-fluid puncture, EEG\'s and blood samples). At the end, diagnosis of a viral meningoencephalitis.

Permanent damage = Epilepsy with focally and partially complicated attacks.


M.C., 28.01.1994, male


TBE junior Baxter

After the first vaccination, no reaction. On the fourth day after the 2nd vaccination, initially 2 red spots on the back, which then rapidly spread all over body. On the 5th day after the vaccination, hands and fingers swelled, by evening, feet and face as well. The rash spread on the legs, eye lids, and forehead. Fever rose to 38 – 38.5°. I am scared and would like reverse the vaccination. I am no way going to get the 3rd vaccination. My son has a Penicillin-allergy as well. I was not informed about the risks.


M.H., 24.10.59, female

Hormonal imbalances

DPT Revaxis

On the day till 4 day after the vaccination, severe pain in upper arm. Since the 5 day tiredness and pain in the limbs. Influenza –like symptoms. Feel totally weak. Now 12 days have already passed.


C.H., 20.09.1999, female


6-fold vaccination

Since the day of vaccination (age 3 months) daughter had 5 years of severe Asthma that is now finally abating.


P.D., 04.04.2003, female



During the initial two days after the vaccination on 11.4.05, my daughter was grumpy during the day, suddenly refused the afternoon sleep and was very tired in the evening (more tired than usual) but woke up often during the night. From third day she did not want to be lie down, neither to sleep nor for changing the diaper. She only wanted to sit in her bed and would then fall over sometime in her sleep. As soon as someone would try to lay her down, she would begin to start crying loudly. During night she would wake up after 1.5-2 hours of sleep, would cry blue murder and refused to calm down. On the fifth day, I called my homeopathic doctor, who responded immediately and mentioned a possibility of meningeal-swelling. The symptoms reduced after that with helleborus and zinc. My pediatrician, whom I called straight after the homeopath, had no time to talk to me and didn’t call back either. His receptionist told me that he has prescribed a Paedisup for my daughter.

Overall I wanted to point out that my daughter was a good sleeper (19:30-7:30 + 2 hrs. afternoons nap) who would prefer lying in her own bed.

Duration_of_vaccination reaction= 10 days

Permanent damage = till today (2.5.05) my child doesn’t sleep in her bed and cries when we want to lay her there.
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N.S., 6.11.2005, male



4 hours after the vaccination severe pain with slight redness. After 24 hours the upper arm is swollen to double the size and has a red, burning area (around 10 cm) around the injection site. Telephone to doctor: cooling, cooling, cooling, if no improvement, go to hospital for an antibiotic infusion


O.A.,2001, male


PROCOMVAX after 1 month-quadtro virelan

He was vaccinated when he was three months. Till then normal growth. After the vaccination, redness, swollen arm, crying, irregular sleep (till today, now 4 years) slow development, doesn’t talk (diagnosis autism).


U.K., 11.01.55, female



On 3.1.05 I got the 1st vaccination. Shortly after that I noticed that my hair was falling out a lot more than before. On 16.2.05 I got the 2nd vaccination that caused pain in the upper arm this time. Shortly after, I got such severe hair fall that with every wash about 200 (strands) fell out, about 50 hairs hung on to the brush after combing, and about 50 hairs flying around me in general. It is so critical, that if I keep losing hair at this rate, within a year I will have no hair on my head. The doctors don’t believe me, because I have also just started my menopause. Perhaps there is someone, who has been through something similar. Would be thankful for info.


C.P.,17.04.1993, male


Hep. B Engerix B

My son got the vaccination on 11.10.2004 and 9 days later he had poor eyesight in both eyes. The whole range of vision is distorted. Till now, he had to undergo different neurological examinations and eye examinations. But they could not find a cause.

Diagnosis: Optic atrophy BA (H47.2)
It is just sad that here in Austria, according to doctors there are no side-effects of Hepatitis B. As a mother I am 100% sure that it came from this vaccination!


J.S.R.,18.11.2004, female



On 22.02.2005 first 6-fold vaccination
- severe seizures (in sleep within 48 hrs)
- persistent fatigue (to this day)
- state of restlessness (5 days)
- gasping ( couple of times in a day within 48h)
- sleep problems (5 days)
- drinking problem (has increased)


A.E.,27.05.2003, female


5-fold vaccination

After the 4th 5-fold vaccination (at the age of 19 months) on the following night, there was swelling at the injection site. My daughter had fever up to 39°; had difficulty breathing, sweated a lot. Besides that, severe palpitation for an hour. Next morning, the symptoms vanished but my daughter looked very weak for 2 days.


A.D.21.04.2004, female


6-fold vaccination

My daughter got vaccinated at the age of 4.5 months. She had cramps for 2 weeks. She was diagnosed with west syndrome. All test reports were negative, so, the cause was unclear. I spoke to the doctor about the vaccine damages, which I had assumed. He laughed and said one cannot ascertain that it has stemmed from that, but he didn’t believe so. I find it very sad that one is not warned exactly about the consequences. We only reckoned with a possible fever.


M.S., 05.11.2004, male



2 days after the vaccination of Hexavac, red spots appeared all over the body. In the hospital, they told us that it was an allergic reaction. As our son is fed HA, we assume that it is because of the vaccine. We hope that our pediatrician can explain this in detail. I will probably not get the 2nd vaccination done.


S.W., o1.07.56, female



I got the vaccination at 1 in the afternoon, by evening I couldn’t move my hand (feeling of paralysis). Next day I had no energy left for work but I still did it. Two days later I got a bad cold with nausea, dizziness and severe joint pain in legs, arms and hands. I was worried and called my family doctor. He told me I should inform the doctor. After 14 days, when everything was back to normal except the joint pain and bad itching at the point of injection, I had settled down to some extent. Then I had to take 2 vaccination, I told the doctor there, what I had. He simply said that this will happen again; you have to take that into account. For the first 14 days the second vaccination was much without problem except for the itching! Then the joint pain also started again till the finger tips. Now since 05.01.05 it has at last calmed down. On both the injection spots a scab has formed and the skin itches, which is very annoying. I am also worried about getting the joint pain again, which seems to come and go. Why do the injection spots not heal? Because when it is properly healed and the scab is gone, a new one is formed again. I am not getting the third vaccination. After all, I want to feel good again!!!

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