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N.F.,09.03.1959,  male


Hepatitis A+B Twinrix

Approximately 3 days after the 2nd dose of vaccination joint pain started. After 7 days of flu-like reactions - fever, severe headache, severe joint pain and total exhaustion. A colleague, who had been vaccinated at the same time, was unable to work after the 5th day!


M.C., 2.11.70, female


Hepatitis A

First day immediately after the vaccination, there was pain in the right shoulder. After three weeks, signs of paralysis in the right side of the body, dizziness, vomiting and no strength in the right half of the body. Extremely restricted movement.


J.O., 13.10.2003, male



The first injection was given to our son at 4 months of age. Initially he acted normal. Suddenly after about 4 hours, he started to cry loudly. We drove to the pediatrician and there ascertained that the vaccinated leg was swollen & was as red as a lobster.

The doctor gave medication to decrease the swelling, which helped. The doctor suspected that a vessel might have accidentally come into contact with the vaccinating needle. The second dose was injected into the other thigh. Again my son started crying after about 4 hours and again, had a very swollen leg, which was also very red. This was an emergency and we had to again rush to the pediatrician, who also advised against further vaccinations in the 1st year. Our son is already 14 months old and has fortunately developed normally, but the next vaccination is round the corner and naturally makes us worry …


A.G., 25.09.1956, female


Hepatitis A+B Twinrix

In the winter of 2000/2001, because I wanted to, I took a vacation for Hepatitis A + B before my planned vacation in Egypt. In January 2003, I was admitted in the hospital because of double vision in the right eye, and there I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have 6-7 inflammatory patches in the brain, but never had any other multiple sclerosis attacks. Recently, I learned through the media, that there can be a possible connection between vaccination and multiple sclerosis. Hence I am very interested in further findings and knowing others’ experiences.




Hepatitis A+B

Some 6 years ago I took a vaccination against hepatitis A and B.

The 2nd vaccination was incredibly painful. Upper arm bone was still hurting after 7-9 months.

Now, for 3-4 years I have been having a lot of pain in the upper arm, shoulder, neck, hands and head. Doctors say it is psychosomatic.
Now, the X-ray shows a patch on the upper arm bone that is approximately as big as a penny.


O.L., 01.12.1979, male

Post viral chronic fatigue syndrome EBV (Epstein-Barr virus)


Day of vaccination (24.9.2004): weakness, fatigue, high


Day 2 after vaccination: rapid heart beat, headache, swollen and hardened lymph in the groin

Following few days:
Sudden hair loss (> 200 strands of hair on the head per day)
Dry mouth, burning lips,

Saliva has a sour taste,
Rapid gum recession (without signs of inflammation),
Constant headaches,

The above symptoms have been there for 8 weeks now and they are going to be permanent. Before vaccination none of these symptoms (except fatigue) was there!


L.B., 24.12.2003, female



At the age of 4 months, our daughter got the 6-fold vaccine. The following night, for the first time ever, she screamed and cried for 2 hours at a stretch, till she vomited. She was not ready to calm down. 4 days later she had intense allergic reaction in the form of severe rashes on the whole body, especially on the face. There was no part of her body that was not affected by the rash. As I was still breastfeeding her, and since I had not eaten anything outside my regular diet that could have reached her through the milk, it must to have been caused by the vaccine only. The rash lasted for very long time before it was completely healed, and since then my daughter has problems with sensitive skin.


L.S., Nov. 2003, female



After the 1st vaccination already, there were red and dry skin patches. However, got only almond oil ointment for dry skin. It worsened after the 2nd vaccination and then it was diagnosed as Neurodermatitis. Nevertheless, still received the 3rd vaccination!!! Severe rash with insane itching on the arms, hands, legs and face. There was a lot of eschar. Also, she could not sleep through the night after the 1st vaccination. She still cannot (she is now 1 year old). We started homeopathic treatment, because no creams against neurodermatitis can be prescribed to her at this age (such as Protopic, Elidel...), neither can I use Fenistil on her against itching. Simply nothing I can do! In the family, no one has an allergy or neurodermatitis. I would never again allow vaccinations so early and certainly not 6-fold.

I was not informed about the negative side-effects of the vaccination, except that fever may occur. Super!


D.W., 28.10.50, female


Pneumovax 23

After 6 to 8 hours, the left arm was extremely swollen. It became very hot and very painful. There was no sensation in the fingers of the left hand. Next day I visited the doctor.

Treatment: Rivanol-packs, tablets: Thuja D 12 (homeopathic medicine). For two nights, there was a lot of pain in the left shoulder, upper arm and elbow. Now, the pain has reached the forearm as well.60 hours after vaccination, there was severe redness and swelling in the left wrist. 60 hours after the vaccination, the left arm is not paining as badly, but the whole arm can hardly be moved. Further symptoms: fatigue, flu-like body ache, pain in all joints. I was perfectly healthy before the vaccination.


I.K., 1.5.1979, female


Twinrix for adults HAB243A6

There was no reaction after the 1st Vaccination (13.6.2002). 4 days after the 2nd vaccination (9.7.2002) I had bad skin on my forehead. Then about half a year, I had severe acne problem all over the face.


M.W., 06.05.68


FSME IMMun Adult from Baxter

4 weeks before, my son (aged 3 years) and I have been vaccinated by a pediatrician against TBE. My son has tolerated this vaccine well. After vaccination, I however have been struggling with severe headache for 3 days. As per the doctor, this reaction is normal in adults. A week ago (just 3 weeks after vaccination), in the morning, I had severe abdominal cramps, dizziness, nausea, cold sweats and chills. Somehow I got into bed and I slept for around an hour. Afterwards, I went to the family doctor, with stiffness in the neck, nausea, dizziness, light sensitivity, pain in the back and a strange feeling as if I were standing beside me. The only thing I wanted to do was sleep....

My blood pressure was 80/60 was immediately admitted to the hospital with suspected meningitis. Following that, a CCT scan of the head and a lumbar puncture was done, after 6 hours results were negative, indicating all clear, no conspicuous findings.

Cell size and the blood count were found to be ok.
Result: a late reaction to the vaccination after 3 weeks....
Today a week later, I still struggle with severe neck pain and irritating headaches. Only after taking strong painkillers, I can get back to my normal daily routine.
Previously, I rarely got headache, but these headaches are so severe, that I would not wish them even on my worst enemy.


M.S.S., 15.10.03



Our daughter has received the first dose of vaccination when she was 4 months old. The next two doses were given each with a 1 month break. She responded with increased anxiety, insomnia and bad temper. These reactions grew more intense with every successive dose of vaccination. After the first vaccination, the reaction lasted for 2-3 days and after the last vaccination it lasted for 1 and 1/2 weeks. After the last vaccination, she was like an overexcited toddler, slept very restlessly and despite fatigue, had problems falling asleep.


A.S-B., 14.06.72


Twinrix adult

After about 4 hours I was feeling numbness throughout the left side of the body, coupled with severe pain, nausea, impaired thinking, and dizziness. I felt powerless, lethargic and tired. This all lasted about 10 days. I was unable to work and recovered slowly. Then I gave up on the two follow-up vaccinations.


B.S., 23.3.1967, female


Triplovax , Encepur ,FSME immune,  Td per

Immediately after the first vaccination (March 2003), I steadily and rapidly lost weight, had skin infections, unbearable thirst, constant urination, leg cramps, hearing problems (just before the coma). A blood test was performed and diagnosed with Type I diabetes mellitus. Since then, I have insulin dependency.


M.S., 16.10.1968, female


TD-Vaccination Merieux Tetanus-Diphtheria Adsorbat Vaccination

The vaccination was given at about 6 o’ clock on the left upper arm. A day after the vaccination on the following morning a small swelling almost like a mosquito bite developed at the injection site. Within the next few hours, the skin around the injection site became hot and red and swelled up. A knot formed under the skin, about the size of an apricot, which was visible. By afternoon the knot grew to the size of an orange and was visible from outside as well. Skin became very hot and red, and it was difficult to lift the arm without feeling pain. Inside, there was numbness and I had a feeling as if the "knot" would rupture or explode any moment. I was unable to move the arm to the right. I felt as if the upper arm muscle was about to tear.

Externally: Skin became very sensitive to touch, and even the sweater on the skin was hurting. The following night, I awoke due to pain even when I turned a little. 2 days after the vaccination, skin felt extremely hot and was even more swollen.

Feeling: It felt, as if I had sewn up a ball in my arm. Skin sensitivity to touch has worsened with a constant burning sensation on the skin. It was comparable to severe sunburn. As per the vaccination card, no protection was provided by the vaccination, because of which, I had to get the vaccine. I will not take the next booster.






A.D., 1 year old





On 09.09. 2003, the first vaccination was given to him. He was relatively calm. After 3 days he got red rash. As per the pediatrician, this was normal and he just had dry skin. On 10.10 he got the 2nd vaccination. This time he had fever up to 40. He was crying. The rash has worsened at particular places like stomach, back, arms. Before this vaccination, he used to sleep through the night, which he doesn’t do now. He has stopped eating and if he eats, it is very less. He used to eat well before the vaccination. The red rash is neurodermatitis and no one in the family ever had such thing. He is now 1 year old and barely sleeps, maximum 1 hour at a stretch, and it has been 8 months since.


B.W., 04.03.97, female



Our son was vaccinated 4 times with Hexavac in his 1st year of age. The first time, when he was 9 weeks old. In our time (97 and 98) Hexavac had not yet been approved and was in the final testing phase. It was approved only in late 2000. After each vaccination, our son became very restless, had crying attacks and it was difficult to calm him down. They were probably the first seizures, but we did not know about it then. There were no abnormalities in the first 8 weeks after the birth as well as during pregnancy or delivery. But immediately after the 1st injection, we had a feeling that the development of baby had slowed down and was not progressing normally. Since we already have an elder son, we could notice the differences very soon. In each preventive medical checkup, and several times during the first year of his age, we told the pediatrician that something is wrong with our son. But, our concerns were shrugged off and we were simply told that he is a late bloomer; it’s a case of slow development. The vaccinations continued. The unusual reaction pointed towards being three-month colic. When our son was about 12 months old, we went to the university clinic for follow-up check up of urinary tract infection during infancy. This was the 1st time, we noticed his slow development, and diagnostic tests found negative.

At the end of one year, our son received the last Hexavac injection. Only a few weeks after, he had grand mal seizures in early childhood. As per our lawyer, all these things have a connection with the last vaccination. It was followed by several statistical milestones, according to which, a cause for the seizures and slow development was examined. Everything was OK. Unfortunately because we still did not know anything about vaccine damages at that time, our son was again vaccinated against measles, mumps and German measles at the age of around 18 months; there were no abnormalities following that. At the age of around 18 to 20 months, we got the result of the diagnosis of the social pediatric centre (SPZ - Sozialpädiatrische Zentrum): severely mentally handicapped. Till now, in other clinics we were only told that it is slow development/ late bloomer. No one had the courage to say the word “disabled”, and had we not categorically asked about it, we would come to know about it much later. Our son is now 7 years old and his mental development is that of a 4-8 month old, and for the rest of his now, he will be dependent on others’ help. Despite numerous genetic and metabolic studies, no other cause can be found. Since the obligation to report reactions of vaccination was introduced in 2001, we reported it to the pension office / health authorities/ Paul-Ehrlich-Institute. The hearing with the Pensions Office was held in November 03, but compensation was denied because Hexavac was not yet authorized till that time. Our lawyer filed an appeal and it will eventually go to the next level.

The former pediatrician was sued by our lawyer. He reported this to his insurance company and the prospects of getting any compensation from there are very bleak. We need not notify the pharmaceutical company itself, because our legal insurance assumes no further costs. We have researched a lot about vaccinations and their side effects in the last years and today, we will no longer be so gullible and take part in a study, which is allegedly not supposed to have any side effects.

There was very little education about it. Meanwhile, a study has been running for a 7-fold vaccine, where is this madness by the pharmaceutical industry supposed to lead us?


L.B., 11.12.1989



It started with feeling of dizziness and numbness from the arm to the leg. For a short time she could not stand on her left leg. Later she had nausea and abdominal pain. In the evening, there was a black-out in front of her eyes and she fell off from her chair. She kept alternating between feeling hot and cold.


K.L., 13.09.2000
, Female

IG-A deficiency chron.

5-fold _Vaccination

In case of my daughter, every time within the scope of the normal basic immunizations for newborns, i.e. after every 5-fold vaccination, a large abscess-like “formation” was seen at the respective injection sites, i.e. deep in the respective muscle. This hurt her very much and then she was treated with liniment and bandages by a children’s surgeon. This whole thing was coupled with high fever. The vaccination in thigh resulted in shot-term immobility of the affected leg. The vaccinations were given by different doctors but the result was same every time


A.S., 21.09.1994. female


0.25 ml Encepur Children

Vaccine reaction = Child had a tick bite on 30.4., at the age of 8 1/2 years, which was treated by an on-call doctor. 1 week later, there was another tick bite, which was removed by the mother. 1 week later (2 weeks after the first bite) disease symptoms appear with a fever and gastrointestinal complaints. Father went to a doctor (who did not know the child), who gave the vaccination Encepur. Another week later (3 weeks after the first bite), severe headaches from the neck, starting with swelling of lymph nodes in the neck. Till October, every 2-3 days immediately after any physical exertion, she suffered from severe neck pain & headache with nausea and she could not go to school. Pediatrician treated with homeopathic Thuja, which improved her diminished capacities.

Two blood tests done for 2 times for lyme disease. Results of these tests were negative. Since November 03 susceptibility to infection is increased, because of which, every fortnight, our daughter ends up missing school for at least 2 days.





Reaction of the 1st vaccination was there at the age of 3 months. 2nd Vaccination given when he was 6 months old. Approx 30 min. after the vaccination, the child began to cry unusually shrilly. He did not calm down. The crying continued for over an hour. After that he was tired - he slept through the night for first time in his life. 3 weeks later, started coughing. At the age of 8 months he had pneumonia. Very slow motor development & as follows
Turning: 9 months, crawling on the stomach: 12 months, crawling: 13 months, walking: 17 months
He is now 5 years old and his motor development is still slow. He cannot hop on one leg and cannot ride a bicycle.


M.J.,15.09.1978, female


Engerix Hepatitis BTYPHIM Vi

In August 1999 I got a booster vaccine for Hepatitis B. I received the hepatitis A vaccination on Aug 16, 2001, second on 13 Sept. 2001 and third on 21.01.2002. On Sep 06, 2001 I got Typhim Vi vaccination, I got myself vaccinated since I had booked a vacation in Tunisia and was advised to get the vaccinations. I was doing very well, until in October 2002, I had fits of dizziness, abdominal pain and disturbance of equilibrium. In November 2002 I suffered from impaired vision in both eyes. After lengthy investigations, in September 2003, I was diagnosed with MS. Initially, I did not know what a vaccine could lead to, but now I would think twice.


S.T., 23.07.1985


Hepatitis B

In March 2001 I was vaccinated against hepatitis B. Three months later there was no sensation in my hands anymore. I spent weeks in the hospital. But the cause was not detected. Nothing could be done about it. Such numbness used to appear again and again. In September 2003 my muscles were swollen. I had vertigo. I often suffered from migraine. I was tired, exhausted and could not pursue my work any longer. I was sent from one specialist to another. In December 2003, the disease was then diagnosed as fibromyalgia. But since this “disease” has been discovered only recently it was very difficult to diagnose and it can neither be seen in the blood not in an X-ray. My muscle swelling and the symptoms gave away the fact that we are dealing with this disease. However, there is no medicine against it.


A.S., 14.07.1966, female


TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+B)

The vaccine was taken in August / September 2003. In December, I began to have itching on various parts. After visiting the family doctor or dermatologist, he prescribed me the medications and ointments against allergy, which did not help at all. In the skin clinic, urticaria was diagnosed, which, as an infection lasted for about 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, I should come back again to the clinic; the allergy was chronic by then. The nights were hell, and the itching was driving me crazy! After the 6 weeks, my blood and stool samples were checked. The results were all negative. As per the results everything was normal. I was told that almost 40% of the times, the cause of urticaria cannot be ascertained. Luckily, I also went to an alternative practitioner, who found out that my liver and gall bladder are not in 100% good condition and it was because of vaccination. For 1 week now, I am taking 5 drops to detoxify the body and feel the improvement very slowly. I hope every day that I can finally sleep again in the night quietly and for a long time and still waiting.....





Left arm became weak and immobilized, dizziness, staggering and unsteady movements, sudden falling to the front, cannot go out of the house alone any more.


B.C.H., 25.08 02



On Monday I brought a very healthy child to the doctor to get her vaccinated. After I ask about the side effects, I was told it could be flu-like symptoms which can occur after 10-14 days. About meningitis etc. - I found out only later, when I read the package insert of the medicine in a pharmacy!

Tuesday my daughter got cough and cold, rash on the cheeks and the cheeks became very hot. We have already managed through some colds, but this sudden & many concurrent signs of disease were new to me. For me, it was already clear that it must have something to do with the vaccination. The little one was previously absolutely healthy – which is rare at this age -

Tuesday night she could not sleep properly and cried again and again. She could not breathe properly, so I took her back to the pediatrician early on Wednesday. The first strange thing was that, on the phone right away, before even carrying out any tests, I was told that the symptoms have no connection to the vaccination. It would be only after 10 days. I wonder whether allergic reactions can manifest sooner... The investigation itself was sloppy and even brutal to my daughter. Even a vet takes more care of his patients.

Finally, they sent me home with a recipe for cough syrup! Oh and doctor also mentioned that we must not smoke in the apartment –we do not do that anyway, but for that I have already allowed my daughter to be vaccinate 4 times with poison and viruses!

On the way home she dozed in her pram and tilted to one side of the pram! Once I came back home, I called an alternative practitioner and narrated her everything, who asked us to come to her clinic immediately although these was her working hours. When we arrived the child was sleeping and was apathetic, despite the investigation (for example light in the eyes) she showed no reaction! It was like a horror movie! And I was to be blamed for all this. We tried to wake her up with all the tricks we could think of and it was clear that otherwise we would have had to take her to the hospital. Thank god, she woke up. We took homeopathic treatment and the consultation was very friendly and empathetic. The homeopath told us that she was reachable 24 hours in case anything happened. One can imagine, the doctor, who is responsible for all this shirks off his responsibility and someone we never knew before saves the day for us and takes us seriously. Now she is slept the whole afternoon. I hope she will recover completely.

But I would advise everyone against vaccination! A good site for that is
If doctors deny all such side effects, then who is really liable, if something bad happens?

This question will remain unanswered. But I will never give my child an injection, about which I don’t know anything. How many doctors declare to the parents as to what is written on the package insert of the vaccination? Who knows if there is even one available? All I know today is that there is something being hushed up!



M.M., 26.08.01



Our son got his first 6-fold vaccination. This was followed by a long sleep phases, skin rashes, disturbance of sleeping rhythm, crying attacks, which lasted up to 3 hours, dissatisfaction, seizures (hands balled into fists, whole body was stiff, face turned blue).

The result was many and long hospital stays where all investigations were carried out. ( EEG, MRI, cerebro-spinal fluid was taken, blood taken, (suspected metabolism), valves, everything was normal. Our son is now 2.5 years old, his fine-motor skills are missing. He can not speak and is uncertain when he walks. He still needs diaper. He puts everything in his mouth. Through a homeopath, we came to know that this could vaccine damage. This is not confirmed by the doctors. Ideally they would continue to vaccinate, but we would not allow them. Up till the vaccination, our son was developing corresponding to his age.




DPT / Revaxis

Painful swelling (size of an egg) at the vaccination point with itching and burning sensation – it slowly getting cured after taking Telfast 120 mg - still 6 weeks after vaccination cherry sized induration is there at the injection point.

3 weeks after vaccination severe tenseness in the back area starting from the lumbar spine affecting the whole abdominal muscular system. I get sleep only at night for 3-4 hours, and the pain increases so much by early morning hours that it is difficult to even breathe and I feel better only if I get some movement. Around 1 hour after I get up, the pain subsides. All therapies have been tried, such as tablets, injections, acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, and homeopathy. None of the treatments has had any success.

The times of a sound sleep are gone!

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