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C.H., 21.05.2008, female


Infanrix hexa


When my daughter was 3 months old she had her first 6-fold vaccination on 05.09.2008 plus pneumococci. On the day of the vaccination she was exhausted, had a slight fever and could not fall asleep. I gave her a paracetamol suppository and then she fell asleep and slept through the night as usual. About 36 hours after the vaccination she started crying and whining. She was a different baby. From one minute to the next she refused to drink milk, she threw up in spurts, got all cross-eyed and had strange trembling fits with her head. Suddenly she could no longer hold her head up, she was all twisted as if she had bad gas (but she did not have gas!) and the site of injection was all red and swollen. I was afraid and went to the children’s clinic with her immediately. I immediately indicated that I thought it could be due to the vaccination but they said no before they had even checked her. She got worse and worse and kept throwing up and was becoming more and more agitated and exhausted. After all sorts of examinations during which nothing concrete was determined, they kept her at the hospital. My otherwise completely healthy baby was admitted to hospital from one minute to the next --- that was beyond me. She was given infusions, a stomach tube and was monitored day and night. They kept her there for three days. To this day they still haven’t given her a diagnosis. And that is what I can’t get over. It is not possible that NOTHING would have caused all this. The doctors tend to think it was a virus. But a virus without a fever and without diarrhea? I’m not a doctor but that sure does not seem very plausible to me.

The second vaccination was planned for 12.11.2008. I talked it over with my pediatrician (who is very good) and I told him that I was not sure a second vaccination was a good idea. He gave me a long sermon about vaccinations, how unproblematic they were and how important vaccinations were and how harmless vaccinations were. In short, he managed to convince me how important it would be for my daughter to be vaccinated. So with a bad conscience I had her have the second vaccination.  This time there were no dramatic symptoms and that calmed me down. However, about 36 hours after the vaccination she became ill… fever, cough and a cold. And that although, as I already mentioned, she is NEVER sick (except for after the first vaccination). So in other words she became ill after a vaccination again.

So I was beginning to have real doubts and tried to do research in the internet and in books. Am I the only one?

I found this site in a forum and I was shocked to learn that other parents have observed these symptoms with their babies, too. That is why I decided to write about her case here.

The third vaccination is still outstanding and I am going to more research before I have her vaccinated again …


L.B., 04.02.2002, male



About 3-4 weeks later my son’s head started to twitch and it got worse. The doctor who had administered the vaccination said it was a tick and that it would go away again. The 6-fold vaccination and then another one. After 6 months the tick did not Stop and an EEG was done, the result: epilepsia.


L.L.T., 20.05.2006, male


Infanrix hexa


Right after his pneumococci vaccination Leon came down with a high fever which lasted for several days. On day 3 he was unable to retain milk and fluid. He screamed non-stop.  The doctor who had administered the vaccination sent us home with a diagnosis of „3 day fever“ and when we went to the hospital in the evening to visit Leon the doctor told us that Leon was suffering from purulent pneumococci vaccination with sepsis; a laboratory test showed that Leon had the same virus as the vaccination!!( Leon was 9 weeks old at this point)


H.F., 10.10.07, female


infanrix hexa und Prevenar, Rotarix

Our son was born on 10.10.07 three and a half weeks before his due date – he weighed 2720g and was 49 cm. So he was a little too early. The first vaccination was on 11.12.07 against rotavirus (as oral vaccination) and simultaneously Prevenar. Afterwards he developed a fever, diarrhea and for a few days he had a bad cold. He did not drink a lot.

Second vaccination on 08.01.08 only against rotavirus – diarrhea again and drinking not well. Before he had his first vaccination he gained 200-250 g every week – after the first vaccination it was only 80-100 g per week. When I asked the doctor she only smiled and asked whether it couldn’t be due to my milk.

My intuition told me not to have this child vaccinated and I did not listen to it.

We postponed the first 6-fold vaccination and on 13.02.08 the doctor administered the vaccination. It was like a stab in my heart – I felt just terrible- and then the reaction came.

In the evening shrill screaming, fever  39.6 for one whole week – I did not go to the doctor because I was so afraid – and this fear paralyzed me – and I was full of remorse that I had not listened to my own feelings – he could grab things and after the vaccination he couldn’t – he was apathetic when he was just lying there, did not sleep as well, did not have good muscle tone – he did not fold his little hands any more – three weeks later he got really sick, the flue, even though we were all healthy and he was being nursed-

I went to the doctor again and told her about the vaccination, she became very thoughtful and had a long talk with us. She does not think it is good if we do not have him vaccinated, but she accepts it. I spent nights reading the internet and books and talked to my midwife – I’m never going to have this child vaccinated again. He recuperated again, after I had taken him to a naturopath, she purged him of the vaccination and tested him. He cannot tolerate vaccinations – so my intuition was correct – a mother should always listen to her innermost feelings that are a connection to the child that will never go away. His development is fine. He can pull himself up now. Sometime he shakes his head back and forth and then I get nervous -…. But he babbles and plays … I hope he won’t retain anything… After the naturopath purged him he gained weight again, he is now ten months old and weighs only 7.500g. But we, his parents, are also small and slim … Our family is putting a lot of pressure on us to have him vaccinated; even friends have retreated and say that it will be our fault if others get sick.

Motto: a person who has not been vaccinated will never hurt a person who has been vaccinated if the vaccination holds what it promises …..


D.M.A., 03.03.2007, male


Prevenar and Infanrix hexa

My son and I had our second vaccination on 26.6.07 where he was administered the 6-fold vaccination and the pneumococci vaccination. After approx. 4 hours he had his first seizure, he had two more and the next day continued the same way. I drove right to the hospital with him and they did a lot of tests. His right side was paralyzed and he could no longer move his right arm. It only got better days later. He was in the hospital for a week but they were unable to provide a real diagnose. A short time later when we were back at home he had little episodes where he would nod his head non-stop. After lots of back and forth we were sent to another hospital in Werdau for an EEG. That was in October 2007 and they said that my son has epilepsia.  Since that time they have been trying to adjust him with the right medications.


M.D., 26.7.03



Our second daughter had her first 6-fold combination vaccination when she was 3 and half months old. We then drove home and after I nursed her she feel asleep. Everything was as usual.

After she had slept for an unusually long period of time she shot up from her sleep and started screaming loud and shrill and in a way I have never heard her scream before. I was unable to calm her down for an hour. Usually I can calm her down by nursing her (and it does not matter whether she was hungry or not, but she would not accept a pacifier). She was all stretched out on my arm and seemed so tense that I could hardly hold her. My older daughter (who was 3 at the time) was so upset by the situation, and after an hour we were all exhausted – the little one feel asleep and did not scream any more, either.

One month later the second Hexavac shot and a repeat performance. First she slept for a long time and then she screamed like crazy for an hour, stretched out and then fell asleep, exhausted.

A few days later we were at the pediatrician’s again because my older daughter had such a bad cold. I told the pediatrician about what I had observed after the vaccination but she did not react; she listened to her chest and said that she had bronchitis. Despite her cold my daughter was fine otherwise. 6 weeks later the little one came down with the chickenpox, she had contracted them from her older sister. 4 weeks after the chickenpox she got her last Hexavac shot, and like before she screamed for an hour. The pediatrician did not think it was noteworthy the third time, either. Until this day we have been observing unusual temper tantrums and frequent nose bleeds constant sore throats (tonsillitis was so bad that they put her in the hospital for a week). She has become our problem child. It was our homeopath who mentioned that shrill screaming after vaccinations was not a normal reaction but that her brain was probably swollen. I am still irritated at the pediatrician who did not react and who every time I see her tries to talk me into having the children vaccinated again (MMR/4. Hexavac and booster shots).


H.K., 07.05.2007, male


Infanrix hexa

When he was 1 year old H. had the first 4-fold combination vaccination. Until then he tolerated the vaccinations relatively well, only had fever which could be lowered with suppositories. After the 4th and last vaccination he had violent reactions. The 6-fold vaccination was administered together with pneumococci.

The day after the vaccination and the following 3 days he screamed a lot and could not be calmed down. Carrying him around did not help either. During the night he could not sleep, woke up and screamed about 5 times a night, after the 2nd day fever (39 degrees) and lowered it with suppositories again.

The following days the child seemed apathetic frequently, and confused. When he crawled his arms would collapse and then he would sit down again. 2 weeks later we noticed him shake his head a lot; when he crawled he would nod his head to one side like a tick and would repeat that up to 5 times a day.  We felt like the vaccination had an impact on his nervous system and like it regressed his development by a month. The symptoms stopped again after approx. 6 weeks. He seemed happy again after that and wanted to continue his develop (walking).  We gave him homeopathic drops to strengthen his immune system.

Conclusion: I am not against vaccinations but I am critical of them. I think that vaccinations are important but it is good to look into alternatives!!! I will never let him have a 6-fold vaccination again, only 3-fold. After 6-fold vaccinations of Infanrix-hexa there supposedly were deaths that have never been resolved.


L.B., 02.08.2007, male


Infanrix hexa

Vaccination day was 13.3.08 at 10 a.m., at 6 pm all he could do was cry bitterly. He was totally sensitive to touch, his temperature was 38.6 C. I then tried to give him a paracetamol suppository. At 6 pm everything got even worse. He couldn’t turn his head and I wasn’t allowed to touch his neck. So we went to the hospital and they took blood to check if he had meningitis, which he thankfully did not. He screamed until 10 pm and then he fell asleep. He was examined at 1:30 am again but by that time he was smiling again. The doctors at the hospital rated it as a vaccine reaction; at least that is what they said to me. That was the 6-fold vaccination.


But it got worse when he had the second vaccination. This time it was a 5-fold vaccination. Vaccination day was May 19, 2008, 11 am. The vaccine was administered in Lucas’s left leg, about 1 h after the vaccination his leg hurt. I gave him pain killers. The next day we went to the doctor’s. The injection site looked inconspicuous. Diagnosis: slight relieving posture; sensitive to touch, nothing special. On 21.5.08 he developed a fever which lasted for 4 days. Temperature went up to 40.8 C.

We were at the pediatrician’s three times during those four days.  We were told to give him Nurofen and paracetamol, which we did.

5 days later the fever was gone. It was diagnosed as being 3-day fever. He had a rash all over his body.

Until now (29.5.08) he is unable to bend his leg. His pediatrician does not think this is alarming.

We started seeing a different pediatrician, she took his blood right away, and we are still waiting for the results. She was either unwilling or unable why he cannot bend his leg. She wants to be absolutely sure. She called the last pediatrician. I don’t know what they talked about. We are really worried about our baby but nobody is willing to tell us what is wrong with his leg. If need be I’ll change doctors again.


K.B., 29.12.07, male


Infanrix hexa, Prevenar

Initially restlessness and a slight fever, 38.7. Two days later he shakes his head frequently for no reason at all (throws his head back and forth constantly, independently of the time of day).
He also has problems breathing at times.


-.-, männlich



Our son Leon was delivered by caesarian section on 1.8.2001, 6 weeks later he was administered the first 6-fold vaccination hexavac.
He screamed his head off afterwards. I called the pediatrician but she said that it was not unusual and that I should give him a suppository.

From then on Leon no longer slept at night and screamed uninterruptedly.

His left hand has a cramp and his head jerks over in a forward motion.

When he was 5 months old it was determined that he was semi-hemiplegic. We had to wait and see how we would develop. He didn’t start to walk until much later and generally his motor skills are not as advanced as they should be. When he turned 4 he started having epileptic fits, he is getting medication and we are unable to stabilize him.  He still wets his pants, does not sleep well, is very domineering and makes family life for us and his brother, who is one year older, extremely hard. We sued the federal social bureau on account of vaccine damage, have reached the second level of jurisdiction, and do not believe that we really stand a chance of winning.


C.S., 22.08.2005, male


Infanrix hexa

The first time Christopher was vaccinated was when he was 4 months old, it was a 6-fold vaccination. 8 hours after the vaccination was administered he had singular convulsions without fever over a time period of 3-4 hours. First every minute, then every 10 minutes.

After the second 6-fold vaccination when he was 5 months old our son experienced a generalized convulsion fit which lasted 5-10 minutes which was not accompanied by a fever

Since then over the last 2 years Christoph has had 60 more epileptic fits (with and without fever). Other developmental delays are also evident, as well as slight ataxia. It cannot be predicted how long the epilepsia will last..

The trial regarding recognition of vaccine damage is on going.



J.F.S., 01.10.2007, female

Cold and sore throat
01.01.2008 Noroviruses positive.
"Premy" diagnoses for my  daughter:
FG 29+3 SSW
Problems adjusting
Muscul. VSD
Double kidney position right siderelatively wide exterior liquor spaces

Infanrix Hexa + Prevenar on 08.02.2008

Right and left leg turned red and lumps. Temperature more than 38. Did not drink as well. After approx. 4 hours screaming after that tired and listless. The eyelids are periodically swollen and red after this vaccination. I don’t know if there is a connection.
It should be noted that my daughter was vaccinated with Synagis on 08.01.2008 and 11.02.2008.

My child was vaccinated before I received any information. We, the parents, are now told that we are to sign a statement in retrospect that we were willing to have our child vaccinated.


T.S., 12.01.2001, male



My son’s development was normal until 12.06.2001 He was able to turn around, picked up toys and played with his feet. Because we had read up on vaccination we had actually planned to not have him vaccinated.  The pediatrician reprimanded us and told us that we were bad parents and that our child would reproach us later. Unfortunately we agreed to have the vaccination administered. Four hours after the vaccination he screamed like he had never screamed before. The screaming was unappeasable and he was all bent over as if in pain.

The next day he was as rigid as a board. He no longer lifted his legs and did not turn around. He was also unable to pick things up with his hands. He was unable to turn around until he was 1 ½ years old. He did not walk until he was 2. Today he is 7 years old, is at the developmental stage of a 4-year-old and attends a special school.
I would like to emphatically warn all parents to not blindly trust doctors. In our family there will be no more vaccinations!!


A., 14.10.2005, female


Infanrix hexa

When my daughter was 2 she had her first vaccination (combination, 6 fold), when she had her 2nd vaccination she said her arms hurt. She was very whiney all day long and kept complaining. During the night she came down with a high fever and her face turned bright red.  She cried in a pitiable way and I was unable to calm her down. I was also not allowed to touch her. During the second night she had a terrible headache, she held her head and kept moaning „ouch, ouch, my head”. She cried and cried. I also had the feeling that her joints hurt because I was not allowed to touch her. Thank God a good homeopathic practitioner helped me get the situation under control. In the meantime I have decided that it was my daughter’s very last vaccination!!


M.S., July 9,2007, female


6-fold vaccination

On Thursday I had my 6 month old daughter have the second installment of the 6-fold vaccination.

I wanted to wait but then I let myself be talked into it, if I gave her suppositiories. A little fever, 1-2 days. I gave her a suppository that night.

She had diarrhea the 1st-2nd day with little dark  nodules. The third day her bottom was all red  (probably on account of the suppository and diarrhea). After the third vaccination she had a runny noise and her eyes teared.


She had fits, so I assumed she was in pain. The suppositories didn’t help against the pain (I am only allowed to give her one every 6 hours). She seemed to scream a lot in her sleep or right before I put her to bed and couldn’t stop crying. She was shaking and sweating.

It took about half an hour for her to calm down some.

On Monday she was better. On Tuesday the cold was gone.



J.L., Aug.27,2006, male


Infanrix hexa

Our son (6 months) fell out of his knee-high bed on March 2, 2007, seven days after a 6-fold vaccination, and threw up. He was brought to the intensive ward of the children’s hospital in Graz by ambulance and helicopter. They determined that there was bleeding into the ventricle system of his brain. They inserted drainage and we were told that our child would get better soon. Instead the pressure in his brain rose for days after another emergency operation (brain stem clamping). 5 days later they declared our son brain dead and the measures that were keeping him alive were shut off. The obduction which was performed because of shaken impact syndrome stated that our child had died a natural death (\"fateful\"). We turned to hematologists, pathologists, pediatricians with the findings and were told again and again that neither the fall nor a slight clotting disorder could have been the cause of death. A number of doctors are of the opinion that the hepatitis B compound of the 6-fold vaccination could be made responsible for a fragility of the tissue in the brain. As no tissue samples were saved we will never receive a formal confirmation of the vaccination damage.
I am pregnant again and I already know that there will be no multiple vaccinations and no early vaccinations.


C.W., 11.05.2006, female


6-fold vaccination

Our daughter was vaccinated according to a vaccintion schedule, she got the standard 6 fold combination vaccination. During this time she came down with upper respiratory tract infections more often than normal and we were at the hospital with her because we were afraid tht it could be pneumonia. She lost weight and did not eat as well. After we were on vaccation in Turkey she had another case of severe bronchitis and was brought to the hospital because she could not breathe. There the pediatrician told us emphatically to have her examined. Mainstream medicine did not give us any answers and so we went to see a naturopath who works with bioresonance. She discovered that there was a vaccine problem and treated our daughter accordingly. After the last required vaccination the vaccination was diverted. Our daughter is doing much better now and she was never that sick again.  Our pediatrician shook his head and did not believe us, but even the package insert for the vaccine lists upper respiratory tract infections as a possible adverse effect for the vaccine.


J.G., 18.02.2006, male


Infanrix hexa, then Prevenar

The doctor vaccinated my beautiful baby when he was 3 months old. Infanrix Hexa, 14 days later Prevanar. I cannot say when it started but at some point he developed severe, itchy, atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis) first in his face and then later on his arms, legs and stomach. And then the doctor gave him the second dose of Infanrix hexa. We kept asking her about his skin but she wanted to give him the next vaccination 14 days later. But due to the fact that I had been reading up on possible causes of Neurodermatitis and had read that vaccinations should not be administered when there is excema (neurodermatitis episode) as well as when Primocolismus (Elidel salve which suppresses the immune system like Cortisone) I did not let her vaccinate him. She had to accept that. I did not go back to this iron mainstream medicine lady doctor again.

From then on his health deteriorated consistently. He lost weight. He had weight more than 6 kg before the vaccination when he was 3 months old and when he was 8 months old he only weighed 5 kg! When he was 3 months old he was able to lift his head and lean on his arms, when he was 9 months old he was too weak to do that. We thought he was going to die. He looked terrible. His skin was red and moist and he was skin and bones and looked almost apathetic.  He cried non-stop and suffered terribly, and we as parents did, too. The authorities said we were at fault; the child protective services appeared at our door… we went through hell and back because we were unable to help our little guy. He is now 1 and a half years old. His skin has gotten better but it is not good yet. We took him to a cortisone-free clinic and he gets special food from the pharmacy. Otherwise we are having him treated by a homeopathic doctor and a couple of weeks ago he finally started developing. First he learned how to stand and then how to sit and now finally how to crawl. When we hold his hand he can walk. I hope he will be able to walk on his own soon. I really hope the skin will finally get better and that the itchiness will Stopp tormenting him. His life has been torture. Now he can laugh and play even though he still has the itchiness. But it is not as bad as it used to be.

This was his last vaccination and the last vaccination that any of my children will ever have. I really regret having trusted the pediatrician and that I did not get information on vaccination on my own.


L.K.09.02.2002, male



Our son was vaccinated twice with Hexavac. The first time he was 3 months old and he had no problems and little effects. Later on he came down with a middle ear infection, I don’t know if there is a connection or not.


After the second vaccination he screamed at night. After two days of seizures we went to the hospital. The seizure had passed, but the child was completely exhausted. They told us at the Helios KKH Wuppertal that he probably had had a ball of phlegm in his throat when he woke up and that it made him afraid. They said that happened sometimes. We pointed out that he had been vaccinated; they smiled and denied there was a connection. He had more seizure and ECG was done but it was inconclusive.


We then decided to not have him vaccinated anymore; our second son is unvaccinated and healthy. 

The child was barely able to talk at two years of age (but made noises that sounded like he wanted to say something). When he did talk it was hard to understand. When he was three years old it was obvious when he was with children his age that he was not as far as they were in his development and motor function. After it had been ruled out that he was hard of hearing (Phoniatrie Uniklinik D\'dorf) they started treating him. When he was three and a half he started therapy with a logopedic specialist and later he attended a kindergarten that specialized in linguist healing and logopedia and ergotherapy. This institution moved, so that I cannot attend it anymore. My son is now in therapeutic treatment and sees a logopedic specialist twice a week. The kindergarten practices a lot with him, too.  Nonetheless strangers have a hard time understanding him. But it is good that he can convey his thoughts

My son has a check up at the therapeutic centre every six months. When they did a psychological profile they determined that he is not quite advanced as he should be at his age. They also say he has ADHS/ADS. But it is impossible to give a real diagnosis at the age of 5. Furthermore it is possible that (due to frustration?) he does things that remind people of ADS but which are not caused by it


L.G., 25.07.06, male



My son received his second vaccination in February. One day later he came down with fever and a cough. I went to see the doctor who prescribed some coughing medicine. Unfortunately he has not gotten any better and so I went to the children’s clinic where I had been told that it was a slight infection. 2 days later my son had 40° fever and had large red spots on his stomach and on his neck.

Diagnosis: Pneumonia – 1 week at the hospital, antibiotics

Maybe I should mention that the site of injection was red and swollen for a long time after he had been vaccinated.


N.U., 23.05.05, male


Infanrix hexa

Initially my son was only vaccinated with the 5-fold vaccination. But then I was stupid enough to let myself get talked into continuing with the 6-fold combination vaccination and the double booster shot for the hepatitis B vaccination.  That evening I saw that his arm was swollen, the lump was about as big as a walnut. It lasted for 2 weeks. Then the swelling went down but what remained was a brownish discoloring at the site of injection as well as a pea-sized lump under his skin. The day he was vaccinated was uneventful. But the second day my son became crabby, fussy and aggressive.   He started making high squeaky sounds. Like a guinea pig, but louder. He stopped talking. He regressed. The squeaky sounds and the aggressive fits have remained until today. He is presently being treated homeopathically. And he has gotten somewhat better. I did not pursue the hepatitis B booster shots. I did not like the way he had reacted. I will continue to have the 5-fold vaccination; he reacted well to that, except for fever during the evening.


G.G., 30.05.2002, male



A few days after the vaccination (5 and a half months old) my son had cramps and his breathing stopped. He was reanimated. He continued to have cramps at the hospital. The next he was relatively wide awake, but the next day he was apathetic again. They determined that there was fluid in his head (sonography showed that it had a depth of 1.5-2 cm instead of 1-2 mm). The fontanel was tense. The cramps got worse and his heart stopped, they reanimated him again. Afterwards they put him into an artificial coma to spare his brain and organs. MRCT – small amount of subarachnoidal bleeding at the back of his head and subdural hematomas. As his brain had not been damaged they woke him up again and then determined that he had regressed (could not lift his head). On account of the subdural hematomas the pressure on his brain was so great that he was punctured in the fontanel every 2-3 days.  The spinal fluid was contaminated. It was not flowing out in the direction of the spine. After 15 punctures (each one without anesthesia) the system cleaned itself and we were sent home from the hospital after about 3 months. To this day they have not told us a cause for the cramps and for the fact that my child almost died, was traumatized, and epilepsia was floated as a possibility.

After years of physiotherapy, ergotherapy and osteopathic treatments, TCM and homeopathy …. A doctor asked me whether we ever considered it could be vaccination damage. A short time later my son was in holopathic treatment and it was discovered that he had a massive intolerance to vaccinations.

Today my son, who is 5 years old, is better, thank god, but he is not quite up to speed (toilet trained when he was 4 years old, fine motor skills relatively weak, intellectually great, thank god).

We have a good homeopath and a good osteopath. In future we will get information whether it is really necessary to have hi vaccinated, but NO WAY will it be a combination vaccination and we will have it supervised by a homeopath.


P.D., 16.3.2005,male


Infanrix hexa

Site of injection red and swollen (half day after the vaccination). Restless for 2 days.

Eczema all over back and arms (rough skin), but not red and not itchy. The rash has still not disappeared after 7 days.


L.N.H., 02.03.2006, male


Infanrix hexa

Two days ago our little son was subjected to the 6-fold combination vaccination for a third time. At the time he weighed 8240 grams at 75.5 cm. For months we had been struggling with his weight and thought that a turn for the better had come when he gained 300 g in only 5 days. Then he was vaccinated and only a few hours later he had a fever (38.8°C), which could only be handled with suppositories. Since Tuesday evening he is not keeping any food down and even refuses to drink milk, which he loves. If fed with baby food he throws it up immediately. I called the pediatrician and they told me it was normal and that we should wait and see. Tomorrow we plan on going there again because he from Tuesday (16.01.07) to today (Thursday: 18.1.07) he has LOST 300g. He only weighs 7900 g now and is no longer himself since he was vaccinated. Before that he was fine, aside from a malformation of the kidney which he was born with. He had even recovered from a bacterial respiratory tract inflammation with the help of antibiotics.


L.D., 25.7.2006, female


infanrix hexa

My daughter slept a lot after her vaccination. She only woke up to be nursed. She was vaccinated when she was 3 months old.

After five days everything was over – since then our nights have been sleepless – she has a bad stomach ache. She is now getting homeopathic treatment and is recovering very slowly.

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