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J.B., 12.8.2008, male


Priorix-Tetra and NeisVac C

On 17.8.09 vaccination against MMRV and mengingococci, according to our pediatrician no problem at all to administer 5 vaccinations at once, despite slight cough. No reaction that day. On 18.8.09 slight fever 38.5 cough cold and diarrhea. On 19.8.09 the same as the day before. Jonah cried a lot and being very clingy. On 20.8.09 the same as the day before but now he has red dots on arms and legs. According to pediatrician mosquito bites (haha). On 21.8.09 he still has a cough, cold, diarrhea, red points and a bad sore throat. Jonah can hardly swallow his own spit and his fever goes up to 39.0. He cries and screams a lot. On 22.8.09 the fever rises to 41.0 and can hardly be lowered, even with Paracetamol. Jonah seems apathetic and whines a lot. I am afraid that something is really going wrong here. On 23.8.09 the pediatrician checks him and says that he thinks it all stems from a virus but that he in no way got it from the vaccination. He is admitted to the hospital, feverish respiratory infection. In the hospital they give him Nurofen and the fever goes down, there is no other treatment. Several doctors there tell me that it is not a vaccine reaction but that he has an aggressive virus (unbelievable). It is frightening how our doctors are slaves to the pharmaceutical industry. In the evening his face was all swollen which however the doctors did not register at all. On 25.8.09 I take him out of the hospital. Jonah seems somewhat more lively, thanks to Nurofen. He still has a cough and diarrhea. In the evening he has a rash on his stomach and back. On 26.8.09 really bad case of the measles all over his body. Fever still 38.5 and cough and unstable gait, he keeps falling down even though he can walk. He is unable to get up from a crouch. He no longer plays and cries a lot. Pediatrician is now worried, too and admits that it is vaccine damage. He has never seen such a bad case of vaccine measles. Jonah cried all night long, he seems to be in really bad pain. On 27.8.09 Jonah gets Nurofen again so that he can sleep at night. On 28.8.09 the measles start to get better, fever 38.0. On 29.8.09 Jonah seems to be better and seems to be able to walk better. On 30.8.09 the fever finally disappears. I have noticed that Jonah’s mouth is full of sores. In the meantime we have commenced homeopathic treatment and hope that everything will remain without lasting damages. I myself am completely shocked how they treat these really dangerous vaccinations and how they simply accept that some children really get sick and suffer, sometimes for the rest of their life. Before you have your children vaccinated, be sure to have them give you the package insert, afterwards you will know why you never get to see them. Our pediatrician has reported the vaccine complication to the PEI and we hope that it will remain a vaccine complication and will not turn into damage. There will be no more vaccinations in our family.


-.-..-.-2.09, female


Prevenar Infanrix hexa

Baby screamed like crazy, she was 4 months old at the time and healthy! The mother had not ever smoked, did not drink alcohol, young (25 years). The baby screamed and bent over several times, I said right away that it was cramps. But unfortunately we did not go to the doctor who was on call right away as the pediatrician in Alsfeld said that it was probably cramps. She prescribed Paracetamol suppositories just in case!!? The cramps continued, the pediatrician was called consulted three times and they kept saying the child was healthy. We filmed everything and even showed a seizure but they said it was not a seizure!! We kept pointing it out to the doctor, but nothing happened. The mother called the nurse, doctors, naturopaths … and then they put the child in the hospital. ... After a month of trying everything we packed the babies things and took her to the hospital … a few hours later they discovered it was hypsarrhythmia, in other words BNS seizures! Cause unknown, the baby had all kinds of tests, everything okay and in the family it had never happened before, including great-great-grand-parents!! Reaction since the vaccination, right afterwards


G.K., 04.07.1953, female



I was vaccinated in 1995 because we had planned a vacation in Bavaria and Bavaria is regarded as a risk area. Right after the vaccination I had difficulties breathing, was tired all the time and listless. Then horrific back pain started, which spread to the front. My lymph nodes were swollen for months and I felt worse and worse. I even had palpitations, even when I was sitting on the sofa. My family doctor said that stuff like that happens. Then my wrists got all swollen. Every time I lifted something I had to set it back down again because the pain was so unbearable. Gradually I started having other problems. Terrible stomach ache, fainting, infected tendon in my foot, in the legs, the knees, the thighs, the arms, fingers. My hands are stiff when I wake up in the morning, then I have to rub them on the cover for a while for them to wake up again. I still have difficulties breathing; sometimes I sit up in bed at night because I cannot breathe. I am tired all the time and then I have to lie down because my body is all weak. The back pain that spreads to my stomach is so bad that when I do the smallest chores around the house I think I am going to break. I then had depressions on top of the pain, which does not surprise me, after all I have gone through and all I am still going through. My joints hurt a lot, especially when there is a change in the weather. Every day I take 11 different pills. I am sent from one doctor to the next but no doctor has been able to detect anything. A few years ago I saw a program about fibromyolagy and told my doctors about it. So they had a diagnosis that seemed plausible and started treating it. My orthopedic doctor and a different doctor I met when I was on rehab don’t think that it is fibromyolagy. So when I was researching last week I came across an article about vaccine damage and suddenly realized that I have all of the problems that are described there. So now what?


T.S., 15.03.1971, female


Encepur by Novartis

A day later painful and heavy arm. Two days later joint pain and sore throat (throat red and swollen). Two days later it was all over. 12 days later I had muscle cramp-like pain in legs and arms which got worse and worse. The left ankle joint was red and swollen and all leg joints hurt. I could not do anything without taking pain killer. I could hardly get up when I was sitting. The naturopath discovered that the vaccine had been administered on a flu virus and that both were not processed correctly. I was put in the hospital. There were high infection values in my blood. The MRT showed that there were two small infections in my brain. ECG, EEG, lung and ankle joint red, sonography of stomach organs, exams of the arteries, brain, nerves throughout my body, vision checked, lumbar puncture, no rheumatism, no MS and nothing found. Because I spent the whole time in bed in the hospital the swelling on my foot went down. Back at home and lost 10 pounds and the muscles are crap, both joints now swollen, every step I take is difficult and I have no energy. If I do anything I get stiff muscles. The swelling goes back at night, but during the day gets worse again, I put my feet up and it gets better. In the morning my joints are all stiff. All day long my mouth is dry and if I don’t drink 2 gallons of water a day I think I am going to die of thirst. Can someone help me?


S.P., 18.09.1970, female


Tetanus /Diptheria

Two days ago I got a vaccination. Before that I was healthy and I also received a pamphlet on potential adverse effects and then I had to sign that I was sufficiently informed. Well, since this was not my first vaccination and I never had had a problem with vaccinations, I did not take it all that seriously. The vaccination was unpleasant and was spread via pressure in my arm. That is how it was supposed to have worked. But a few hours later my arm was hard where I had been vaccinated. And it hurt and by the evening there was this round spot which was about as big as an egg and the arm hurt. The second evening after about 6 I also got chills and fever. Well, I took tablets against the fever but my arm still hurts. The third day it is still swollen and hurts so bad that I do not want to move it. I have not gone back to the doctor because I hope that the side effects will disappear again soon and I don’t know if you can go to an emergency practice with something like that. But by Monday at the latest I am going to go and see my doctor if it has not gotten any better by then. And I sure hope he will be able to help me because I have three children and I have to be fit and ready all the time. Instead I am tired and have no energy.


J.D., 02.09.2001, male


Infanrix Hexa 21H0018, 21H0024, 21H0025, 21H0087

First vaccination: High fever <40C°; had to be appeased with fever suppositories. Listlessness, vomiting and diarrhea. Second vaccination: the same as the first vaccination. Third vaccination: high fever, cramps during the night (screaming and trembling throughout the whole body), impossible to calm him down, would not eat, if he ate he threw it up afterwards, drank a lot, going to see the doctor all the time, was not taken seriously! After fourth vaccination, 6 months later: suddenly bronchitis and as of this day refused to drink, then doctor visit with a slight cold. At least that is what it was called. That same night ambulance and admitted to hospital with pneumonia! My child was apathetic and had to receive infusions because he had not had enough liquid, vomiting continued constantly without being considered by any doctor. The last years after the vaccination: from the first vaccination to approx. 3.5 years later underweight! Somatomogramme II below curve – doctors do not react. Did not speak for at least 4 years. Walking began late. Constantly listless. ECG and sleep ECG with only slight finding, tends to have hallucinations, sleeps badly and throws up every day (only stable when fed high-caloric drinks, as for example banana nectar, other wise he would have starved), Cavities despite regularly brushing teeth and fluor tablets. During the whole time stomachaches and abnormal screaming, desensitization, sometimes impossible to talk to. When he was 4 years old I saw an integrative doctor who confirmed that the vaccination had gone wrong and who got medication from Belgium for me because I was having a nervous breakdown. After approx. 6 months improvement. He started to talk and eats normally. Now he is almost 8 years old and still has a hard time concentrating and has a low level of tolerance, but I can live with that. Ergotherapy helps him live. I hope no one else has to go through this and I hope that parents will finally receive enough information; I myself did not get enough information at the time.


S.G., 1978, female



I got TBE vaccinations Encepur in March, April and November 2008 (and in parallel 3-fold combination Twinrix - Hep A/B). After the vaccinations in March and April I got bad colds/allergic reactions/extreme fatigue/inexplicable pain in the area of my kidneys/back. The doctors who were treating me said that it could have nothing to do with the vaccination and treated the diseases without further tests with antibiotics. After the third vaccination in November I got terrible back pain immediately, and pain in my neck and had no energy. At the same time I had feelings of numbness in my fingers, arms and feet. And also a headache which could not be relieved which lasted until May 2009. In January 2009 bad muscle twitches started which to this day have spread all over my whole body and which are increasing in intensity. At the same time I got pain in my right upper leg. In March there were cramps in my legs, arms and fingers and a stiff neck and I can hardly lift my arm the pain in my shoulders is so bad. Since June the pain in my arms is increasing and I feel like I am losing muscle strengths. I have also come down with facial paralysis in my left cheek. I have seen all sorts of doctors: family doctor, orthopedic doctor, and neurologist, psychiatrist who all deny that there is a connection with the vaccination and who say it is all psychological. Blood work shows nothing unusual. The EMG showed that there was a peripherally neurogenic disturbance of the foot muscles. But they are not supporting me with the diagnosis. So now I am going to see if I have any luck with a naturopath. We’ll see …


E.P., 27.08.1963, female



After about 5 hours really bad pain in my upper arm – impossible to lift my arm – it was also badly swollen. During the first 3 nights I had the chills, circulatory problems and malaise. No energy and fatigued. Duration of the problems approx. 5 days. The pain then began to slowly subside. After approx. 1 week I noticed urticaria on my upper arm. After approx. 10 days the problems subsided.


C.D., 04.08.76, female



The problems started on 07.04.07 after getting up. In my back. My boyfriend and I then went jogging thinking that if we did that the tension and the pain would go away. After I had a shower the pain became unbearable and my partner drove me to the hospital. On the way to the hospital my strength gave away and the paralysis commenced. At the hospital they did various tests and could not yet make a diagnosis. At this point in time I was completely paralyzed from the head down. They suspected that it was an autoimmune disease and they treated me accordingly. They put me in the intensive care unit for observation purposes for three days.
On 10.04.07 they transferred me to another hospital. When they examined me they determined that there was an infection of the spine, which was the trigger for the autoimmune disease. So they treated me and I spent another four days in the intensive care ward. We were puzzled as to how the disease could have come about seeing that I had not been sick and had also not had an accident. The doctors suspected that TBE was the trigger. The diagnosis: sensomotoric incomplete Tetra paresis below C5- area with paralysis of the bladder and the large intestines Z.n. Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal fluid).

Eight weeks prior I had received the first of three TBE vaccinations. The first vaccination was administered on 01.02.07, the second one on 06.03.07.
My family doctor did not inform me of the potential severe adverse effects of the TBE vaccination, because he did not want to worry me. Because I could not move for weeks, my muscles receded so that I had to learn all movements again. I spent several months in a wheel chair. For two years now I have been combating this condition. I still have burning sensations, pain in my tendons, my nerves and my muscles, lack of strength, problems with my bladder and paralysis of the large intestines, joint pain, numbness and desensitization. My fine motor movements are limited.
I cannot subject my body to a lot of stress. It cannot be predicted when I will be completely rehabilitated again.

The vaccine damage was reported to the PEI institute by the hospital. I applied for recognition of vaccine damage, but without successful. According to my lawyer it can take years. If someone has experience in these matters or would like to learn more about it, they can get in touch with me:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope that some day I will be able to take part in normal life again and I am not going to give up ;)


A.E., 17.4.2008, female



approx. 8 hours after the vaccination my child came down with 40 degrees fever (for approx 36 hours), my daughter was visibly in pain and kept crying, she wanted to be carried around all the time, then she threw up twice


S.W., female


EngerixB adult

After the first vaccination problems in the intestinal tract (I rarely have that), 48 hours after the vaccination flu infection. Approx. 3 weeks after the vaccination: bruises when I bump myself (never noticed that before)

2nd vaccination: intestinal problems again approx. 48 hours after the vaccination, during the next months I keep getting flu like infections (despite it being spring and summer and otherwise low level of susceptibility to infections)

3rd vaccination: I refused it. Quite a few of my colleagues were off sick from work frequently in the first 6 months after the second vaccination (higher level of susceptibility to infections). I myself now am suffering from lichen sclerosis and see a connection to the vaccination.


J.F., 20.05.1995, female



Already while she was being vaccinated Julia said that she had pain at the injection site. 2 hours later she came down with the chills, a headache and increasing pain in her legs. This pain was so bad that she had to take pain killers. The next morning she was unable to walk on her own and was taken to the university children’s clinic in Basel after being examined by our family doctor. She was unable to lift her legs there. She had terrible pain in her legs and in the left side of her thorax. She also had a fast pulse and could not breathe well. The next day she was unable to sit up on her own and also unable to lift her legs. On 24.06. She was able to sit in the wheelchair for 15 minutes and could walk for 3 m, dragging her feet. On 25.06. She was able to lift her legs again and was also able to walk 10 m. Her condition continued to improve until the day she left the hospital which was 02.07.2009. Today Julia still has pain every day in her legs which appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly. Occasionally she also has pain in her arms.


I.W., 23.12.48, female


0.5 ml Td-pur

Early July I received a combination tetanus diphtheria vaccination. Less than an hour later my blood pressure went up. 167/100.

I was in the emergency ward twice. There they gave me half a valium and Ramipril. They did not help. When the RR was 230/130 and I was completely dizzy my daughter brought me to a hospital. Now I take a beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors. One thing I know for sure: I am never going to be vaccinated again!!!


P.H., 01.01.1995, female



Facial paralysis


J.S., female



One year ago I was vaccinated against HPV whereupon I had a bad headache for several weeks, which, however got better a few weeks later. Three months ago I was at the cancer screening whereupon they diagnosed a cell shift. 2 days ago I had a pap smear and they detected some cancerous cells. I asked the doctor if it could be from the vaccination because I had had a cancer screening 2 weeks before the first vaccination and everything was okay. But I did not get an answer to my question; she only said that sometimes the vaccination can have a negative effect. I myself am pretty sure that it is due to the vaccination because I have always been healthy and have had cancer screening since I was 16 years old. Of course there are other exams and they will find the cause, and I am already pretty sure what that is going to be.


-.-., 1993



A day after the 2nd HPV vaccination the following problems occurred:
*unbearable headache
* sore throat
* stiff neck – I could hardly move my head

* nausea
First we thought it was a bad cold but then I realized that it must have stemmed from the HPV vaccination and since I never had had those kinds of headaches and sore throats and I had been really fit the day before and took precautions not to get sick the days before. I took the double dose of sore throat tablets the week I was in bed. We mentioned it to the doctor and he said it C O U L D be a side effect of the vaccination; when you read the symptoms of the people who were affected in the internet, they are always the same symptoms.

Yesterday I got my third and last vaccination, thank God, and except for being slightly tired yesterday I am fine!


G.L., 26.09.1943, female



My mother was the one who got the vaccination. The first and second TBE vaccinations were administered in the spring of 2008, 4 weeks apart. She tolerated them well. The third vaccination was on 18.05.09; two weeks later the following symptoms appeared: terrible headache, as if she was being scalped, then dizziness, pressure in her head, vision impairment, extreme blood pressure, tinnitus, lack of appetite, tiredness, listlessness, panic attacks; paralysis in her right arm and right hand; symptoms appear in episodes and subside again. Results of exams: CT, ECG, everything okay! Internist (the doctor who vaccinated her) says there is no connection to the TBE vaccination; ENT and eye doctor think vaccine damage is possible! Today, 27.07.09 the problems persist; headaches are becoming more tolerable. Appointment with neurologist next week. Advice: Don’t have a TBE vaccination. We don’t know how this is going to continue …




Infanrix hexa, Prevener

Baby very tired after the 1st vaccination (okay), and slept a lot. After the 2nd vaccination in June she was not as tired but approx. 8 hours later she started screaming suddenly, I thought she was going to die! I had already opened the paracetamol suppositories and I thought they are pretty strong in their effect. At any rate she got better after a number of episodes and then she slept for a long time. Since then she has been turning her head a lot from the left to the right and she is very nervous when she sleeps, and it has lasted a month! She screams loudly when she wakes up, as if she is in a lot of pain!! The distances are becoming shorter and the screaming and the cramps last for about 4 minutes and then everything repeats itself 10 times. The pediatrician says she is fine. He is unable to determine that she has anything. And then she is normal for about 3 hours every day, she is fit and she looks healthy, but the rest of the day she is tired and passive and like she is dazed. She dreams with open eyes, does not hear me and does not react. All that used to be different! She is now 5 months old and had her 2nd vaccination which contained 7 compounds!!


M.Z., 02.11.68, female


TBE Baxter

Because I am very active and out in nature a lot I have had a bad conscience for years that I have not yet gotten a TBE vaccination. So I did it this year (1st vaccination early May, 2nd vaccination June 09). One month after the second vaccination my toes started falling asleep. At some point the toes of both feet had fallen asleep, and then the fingers. I suspected all sorts of things (circulation problems, although I am very active and healthy?), problems with my back, even though I have never even had any cramps or pain in this area?

Two weeks later when I was taking a shower I noticed that the lower parts of my legs felt different, like cotton, a few days later it was my thighs and then my behind.

I also felt more nervous than usual as if I had been drinking too much coffee. I kept thinking that circulatory problems and my back could not be the explanation for how I felt – maybe they would explain the toes and fingers that were permanently fallen asleep and the increasing sensitive disorders on my skin. It was only yesterday that I realized that it could have to do with the TBE vaccination and so I started to look for reports on the internet, and so there, various reports resembled my own experience.
On Monday I will be going to see the doctor and will try to have him report what happened. I hope that this is as bad as it will get and that not more parts of my person will fall asleep …


T.W., 03.02.1970, male


FSME adult Immun/Baxter

In July 2008 I went to my family doctor on account of bronchitis I had been grappling with for some time. I told him that I was planning on traveling to Bavaria and I asked him to tell me if he thought a TBE vaccination would be useful. I had been influenced by the advertising material I had seen in the waiting room. Without any further ado or information he gave me my first shot, despite the cold. Usually you get three shots; the second one was to be right before I left for Bavaria.
After I got the first shot I had the following symptoms 10 days later:

pressure in my head, acroparaesthesia, loss of orientation, impaired vision, generally difficulty concentrating, hallucinations, rumbling stomach

When I talked to the family doctor about these symptoms he refrained from giving me the second shot. Apparently he suspected that I had intolerance against it and recognized the cause immediately.

Early September things got worse and I collapsed and was taken to the hospital in Neubrandenburg with by ambulance. There they examined me neurologically and sent me home again. I went to all sorts of specialist doctors. They all wondered how I could get such a notorious shot seeing that I had so much stress. This is where I think Mr. Vogel’s duty to disclosure was violated and simultaneously the element of bodily harm.

Due to the fact that my problems have persisted to this day I have consulted the Health Authorities whether they are aware of reports like this or complications with TBE. Thereupon Ms. Veith informed me that there have been several cases which were reported on grounds of intolerance, which leads me to the question whether TBE vaccinations are really beneficial to the public’s health and to what extent they contribute to the ongoing degeneration of health of humanity.


J.M., 31.08.1959, male



After the vaccination I did fine, except for the backache, which is why I went to see my family doctor. Because I had had my last tetanus shot in 19999 the doctor said I should have the vaccination. Two days later I had bad pain in my arms and flu-like symptoms. I also had chills and night and an elevated temperature, as described above by others. I did not go see the doctor. Maybe it will be over in seven days, the way the others described it. I am not going to have a tetanus shot again.


A.S., 17.11.1977, female



Ten days after a job-related TBE vaccination I had generalized muscle and joint pain, redness on my skin which seemed to wander and overly sensitive skin. 21 days after the vaccination I had an ANA titer which was 1:320, which continued to climb to 1: 1280, which is where it remained three years ago, seven days after the vaccination. Diagnosis mainly undifferentiated collagenosis.
A few weeks prior the ANA-Titer had been 1: 80 and still normal Because the ANA titer obviously was rising 21 days after the vaccination and HBV is proven to be able to cause a certain kind of collagenosis, approx 30% of all patients with HBV infections have ANA titers and at the time comparable cases had been reported, the documentation of the case was perfect. Vaccine damage seemed to be very probably for me, from the beginning.

However, in accordance with the infection protection act, the vaccine damage was not recognized until 2005, it was not recognized as a work accident (in accordance with SGB VII) not until 2009.


Because the vaccination series was stopped immediately and I had a cortisone therapy, my condition improved so much that I am not incapacitated for work which is why I do not receive or need a pension. If I had had the follow-up vaccination it would probably be a different matter. At any rate I know several people who had comparable symptoms after the first vaccination and who were very sick with each follow-up vaccination, up to and including a full case of collagenosis.


M.S., 10.12.1983, female



Hi there, with me it started with itchiness to days after the vaccination, burning eyes, bad breath, nigh sweats, fever, fatigue, aggressiveness, eczema, tiredness, pain in my joints (arms and legs), cribbling in my hands and feet (extreme). After spending 4 days in bed I felt somewhat better so that I did not worry about the vaccination anymore and thought that the side effects would subside. Well, that is what I though!!! After one week with the CRIBBLING in my arms and legs and increasing impaired vision on my right eye I consulted the doctor who had administered the shot and explained my afflictions to him. He was unable to help and said that I should not worry and that it would subside and that he did not know what was wrong with me. 4 weeks later and even more fear I changed doctors and found one who took me seriously who sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist is going to test my spinal fluid in 2 weeks because MS can be excluded. I am not taking any medications presently except for magnesium and I would like to ask all people who have experienced something similar if they would please describe their experiences to me via email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


M.S., 28.09.2001, female


tetanus diphteria

whooping cough

Approx. 3 minutes after the vaccination my daughter fainted. When she woke up 15 seconds later she was screaming, her headache was so bad. They prescribed an ECG which showed abnormalities. The heart beat was reduced, approx 45 minutes after her fainting spell she still had a terrible headache. Her heart had calmed down and she was sick to her stomach. Approx. 1.5 hours after the occurrence we drove home. The doctor said it was pain syncope. At home she fell into a deep sleep for 2 hours. The she was somewhat pale and sick to her stomach and weak but I thought she would recover. During the night she had a bad headache again and a slight fever. She was very weak for 2 days, very sensitive and today the nausea and fatigue started up again. I am very worried and the doc says no problem, maybe she just has an infection!! Ha.


A.W., 21.08.1980, female


TBE Baxter

Because my last TBE vaccination was so long ago I had a booster this week. That evening I had a weird dizzy feeling when I got up or when I looked up. The pain spread from the site of injection on my upper arm over my shoulder and the back of my neck. At night there was pain in my calf, I have never hand anything like it. Additionally I had a migraine-like headache which lasted for 4 days, together with continuous fatigue and lack of concentration, a hot forehead and pain when I moved my eye and a slight fever. My doctor is not on duty today so I went to the pharmacy and asked if it could be from the vaccination and they said no and that I probably have sinus infection and that I should go and see a ENT specialist.


R.M., 06.08.1940, male


Pneumococci PNEUMOVAX 23

Approx. 4 hours after the vaccination (Pneumovax 23 Charge Nr. NH 53670) the vaccinated arm started to swell up and then the pain began. The pain was 7 on the pain scale 0-10. The swelling was 5 cm compared to the non-vaccinated arm. No fever. I could only lift the arm up to my chest. It was impossible to drive on the first and second day. The doctor treated me with ASS 500mg, Ciprofloxacin AL 500mg, Rivanol-solution. The following days the swelling wandered down my arm via elbow to wrist, but it got less and less every day and on the 8th day it was almost completely gone.


I.S., 21.04.1962, female



Back pain, hard muscles along my back


A.K., female



In September 2008, right before she turned 14, my daughter got her first HPV vaccination. She only was a little dizzy, no other side effect. The 2nd vaccination in December 2008 was fine, too. But then in March 2009 she noticed an infection in her chest and was sent to the hospital, where they had to remove a completely ulcerated cyst from her breast in an emergency operation; then they discovered a second cyst in her left breast which was treated with high doses of medication. After this experience we became alerted to information and in May 2009, shortly after her third vaccination, noticed a knot in her breast. This time we went to the doctor right away and my daughter got strong medication again and her breast was punctured. I talked with a total of six doctors where these knots could be from but they were clueless. One doctor gave me the advice to report what had happened to us as it could not be excluded that the adverse effects had to do with the HPV vaccination. It was very unusual that a 14 year old girl would get breast infections and cysts so frequently and so short apart. We are very afraid that she will have problems with that in the future, too.


*.*.,27.12.1995, female



My daughter had a headache after the first vaccination and she was dizzy which we did not attribute to the vaccination. After the 2nd vaccination the same thing happened. We went to the eye doctor on account of the headache, but he could not find anything. She got a back ache in addition to the headache and the dizziness. We went to the orthopedic doctor who discovered how hardened the site of injection was and who prescribed physiotherapy. After the 3rd vaccination everything got worse. My daughter has no energy and has not attended school frequently because of the headache, the dizziness and the nausea. We have had everything examined by doctors. ECG fine. Long term blood pressure fine. Blood work for Borreliosis, diabetes, kissing disease and thyroid okay. MRT was done. No tumor, no meningitis, no bleeding. We saw naturopaths who determined that it was vaccine damage. Now they are diverting the poison and I hope and pray that my daughter’s condition will improve.


J.H., 10.01.1974, female


Encepur N

After approx. one week of sever weakness and panic attack – we had to interrupt a drive and I had to sit down next to the car. Since then weak. Cannot tolerate stress, dizzy, high blood pressure, headache, difficulties thinking clearly. Except for the weakness the symptoms appear in waves. In the meantime 6 weeks have gone by and I feel like things are getting worse. I had all kinds of tests and they were all inconclusive (MRN, blood, urine, CT, ECG and spinal fluid). Now I have been in the hospital for 2 days. The doctors say it is a psychological problem. If someone has had a similar experience and was treated successfully I would be very grateful if they could get in touch with me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


E.S., 29.05.08, female



My middle daughter always slept through the night before she had her first vaccination. After that she never slept normally at night, was sick 10 times a year (always antibiotics). It never occurred to me that it could have been the vaccination. Then my third daughter was born on 29 Mai 2008. She slept well at night. We were even in Turkey in the summer for 4 weeks (she was 7 weeks old). On 23 .09.2008 she got the 6 fold combination vaccination. She cried all the time, got bronchitis, slept badly at night. On 12.11 08 she got the second 6 fold combination vaccination and had bronchitis and fever again and hardly slept at night. Still it did not occur to me that this could be vaccine damage. On 13.05.09 she got Priorix -Tetra,after 5 days the nightmare started, had symptoms I could see, cried as if she had terrible pain fever 38 C°, cough, bronchitis with severe breathing problems, diarrhea, lack of appetite. She could not put her to bed alone otherwise she screamed as if in panic and it continued for 5 days. Sounds like it is not very long but if you see the miserable tiny little bundle then you would like to curse everybody who has anything to do with this vaccine. 5 days later she started getting better but it was still not over. A rash all over her body, eczema all over, she cried a lot and her eating got somewhat better. The mental and physical development stopped for a couple of weeks. I feel guilty-. How could I have done that to her without getting more information. Well, now it would be time for the mengingococci vaccination and supposedly it has no adverse effects, says the assistant. Why is it so important? What am I going to do? I am collecting information but it sure is not thrilling. I’m not going to have her vaccinated before she turns 3. PS My oldest daughter was born in 2000 and she did not have these problems. Do the vaccinations contain different compounds now?


A.V., 13.11.1967, female


Twinrix Hepatitis A + B

In June 2000 I had my first Twinrix Hepatitis A and B vaccination. I came down with fever for 2 days, had a bad headache, joint pain and a stiff neck. The site of injection was red for a week and swollen. Shortly thereafter my general weakness and lack of productiveness started. When I had my second Twinrix I did not feel much better. When my son was born the symptoms got worse and now I have flatulence all the time, stomachache and I react allergically to all sorts of food. In 2008 the symptoms all got worse again. I had a hard time breathing, exhaustion, insomnia, and loss of weight (10 kg), heart arrhythmia. I can’t do sport anymore, which I loved to do. I was diagnosed with burn out syndrome and cannot work. I have been to a number of doctors and hospitals, but nobody could help me. Since April 09 I have been unable to work. Because I am so weak and dizzy I also cannot drive (I have to drive 30 minutes to get to work), and so I had to give it up. Because I have rested a lot it has all gotten somewhat better, but I have not healed yet.


A.K., 29.12.1992, female


Gardasil HPV-vacc.

Ever since I was vaccinated with Gardasil I have had problems. Before the vaccination I was an extremely healthy child. I was never sick. For the past 11 months I have felt bad every day. I am tired, have no energy and have very bad headaches and a stiff neck very frequently. For a while I felt like the one side of my head was without feeling. I have problems seeing (very unclear) and my legs and arms fall asleep frequently. I have a hard time concentrating which before was never a problem. One month after the last Gardasil vaccination my stomach ache and the diarrhea started.


N.J., 21.01.2009, female


Infanrix (hexa) / Prevenar

One day after the 6-fold combination and pneumococcal vaccination our daughter had diarrhea, which was green, about 6-8 times a day, stomach cramps. The diarrhea lasted for 6 weeks. At the same time she woke up 6 times a night (she had been sleeping for 10 hours ever since she was 6 weeks old). At the same time her behavior changed. From one day to the next she became silent. Before the vaccination she had “talked” with us a lot and made all sorts of noises and reacted to certain toys and rattles, etc. Right after her birth her hearing was tested and it came out to be 99%. One day after the vaccination she could no longer hear. We were very worried. This condition lasted for 3 weeks. Before the vaccination she had laughed a lot and was very happy. After the vaccination it was all gone!!! Before the vaccination she had a light case of dermatitis in her face. In the course of the weeks after the vaccination she had very dry skin all over her body, especially on her legs. There was psoriasis on her legs. According to the pediatrician there is no connection between the vaccination and the problems that followed immediately afterwards and in the following weeks. According to the pediatrician the only possible vaccine reactions include fever and swelling of the site of the injection. I did not receive any information before the vaccination and I never really worried about vaccinations as I myself tolerated all vaccinations well. We took our daughter to see a naturopath as our pediatrician ignored all of our questions and 2 weeks have passed after the treatment has started and my daughter is making great strides. She is talking again and laughs a lot. We are now having the vaccination diverted. I blame myself that I had my daughter vaccinated with so many different vaccines at such a young age (she was 14 weeks when she had her first vaccination). Even if the pediatrician denies that it could be a vaccine reaction it is absolutely clear to me and my family that the vaccination changed her behavior and that it triggered the problems. I hope we will be able to solve everything. There will be no more vaccinations. Even if the pediatrician is already irritated. I think that the danger of my daughter falling ill is less than her getting ill from a vaccination, which already happened after the very first vaccination. And if she does contract a disease, then certainly not all seven at once against which she was vaccinated! The risk of further damage caused by the vaccination is too high after what happened to my daughter.


M.M., 27.06.1966, male


FSME Immun Baxter

Two hours after the TBE vaccination (1st): Headache. The next days light pain in my arm (bearable), but since then headaches, no energy, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, general sensitivity, diagnosis: meningeal irritation. To date no real improvement. It helps to rest.


M.+T.R., female



My two daughters Meike 20 and Tanja 18 were vaccinated against HPV. Meike keeps saying that she has a bad backache. Tanja on the other hand has a bad headache. We did not think it could have been the vaccination. But Tanja went to the doctor’s on account of pain in her legs on 3.6.09.The diagnosis was leg vein thrombosis. We were all shocked. On 12.06.09 Meike had no feeling in her left arm. She is still in the university hospital in Homburg Saar. They think it was a stroke.......


L.B., 10.01.1992, female



I already posted something in this forum once before. When I was given my third vaccination I had tonsillitis with a high fever (39.8) and a bad sore throat and the chills. I was unable to swallow and even when I sucked on lozenges it did not help. I was about to cancel my training because I felt so miserable and had no strength. The pain lasted for a week. And I still have a recurring sore throat and troubles swallowing, 2 months ago I collapsed and had pharyngitis accompanied by fever which had to be treated with antibiotics.


S.K., 19.06.1969, female

I had stopped the antibiotics the week before which I had been taking for maxillary sinusitis and had not completely recovered yet.

Havrix 1440

Since I was planning to go to America the doctor suggested that I should get a hepatitis A vaccination. Since he was treating me for a maxillary sinusitis and I had just stopped the antibiotics the week before I asked him if fit was a good idea to do the vaccination and he said it would be no problem. And so unfortunately that is what I did and approx. 5-7 days after the vaccination it hurt when I swallowed but only on the right side, and my jaws and should and the thumb on my right hand were swollen and I had really bad pain … from one day to the next I felt really sick and I thought now you have joint pain from top to bottom … when I called the doctor of course they said that they had never heard of adverse reactions like that …. Thus I didn’t know what to do so now I am getting homeopathic treatment but because I am unable to take pain killers the daily morning stiffness and the pain at night are almost unbearable. I have sworn never to have the 2nd vaccination for the hepatitis A vaccination. So now I also had to cancel my trip to the States because I cannot travel in the condition I am in. I had the choice between stuffing myself with pain killers or to trust homeopathy and to just suffer through these difficult times with the pain, I have already lost 15 pounds (55 kg to 48 kg) because I cannot chew with my jaws. Now I hope that these terrible pains will be over soon, I have had the pain for 3 months now and I have sworn never to have a vaccination again …


S.R., 14.08.1970, female



Up until that day I was healthy. When I was administered the tetanus vaccination I had Borreliosis, but nobody knew it, we did not find out until later.

After the vaccination my arm was so swollen that it felt like 2 tennis balls were in it. Days later the pain started in my arm then in my back and legs, I lost 20 pounds and I looked like a walking dead man. The doctor said it could not be from the vaccination and that it probably had other causes, sure … When I did some research I realized that there was an antibiotic in the tetanus shot against which I am allergic . The doctor should have known that. Until today I am plagued by chronic headaches, muscle pain and allergies.


C.W., 05.07.1968, male



- Redness spreading across upper arm
- a few hours later bad pain (arm cannot be used), pain which spread to shoulder, lasts for 5 days
- lassitude, fatigue,
- after 5-6 days: fever bursts and chills (worst on day 6). These problems lasted for 7 days.

- - now 9 months later, very often very tired, fatigue, joint pain, fever (not bad, but noticeable), no motivation (I did not have these symptoms until after the Tetanus /Diphtheria vaccination)

Conclusion: I am never going to have a Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccination again. I don’t understand why they give that kind of combination product if you go to the doctor’s for a tetanus booster shot.


V.K., 13.01.1989, female


Gardasil (HPV-vacc.)

Daily dizziness and bad headaches, visual impairments (black points in my eyes and flashes, sensitivity to light), pain in the back of my neck and my back, arms and legs fall asleep, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, tiredness, the feeling to not get enough air through my nose, ear infections all the time, nausea, sometimes vomiting and a bad stomach ache….

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