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19.4.09 B.K., 02.12.1959, female

On 19.11.2008 I had my gynecologist give me a vaccination against the flu. He did not tell me about side effects. Unfortunately. But I must say that I have a wonderful gynecologist and that I am certain he does not want me to have damages that I am now going to describe: 2-3 days after the vaccination I had terrible headaches with an indefinite feeling of numbness in my forehead, nose and right side of my face. My eyes were suddenly very sensitive to light and I saw everything double. At night I could relax and could not sleep and was constantly walking around the house. Palpitations. Fast pulse, loud noises in my ears. Numbness in my right ear and chest constriction and pressure when touched. On 25.11.2008 it was at its worst, I went blind on my right eye and could only see a black hole. That was at 9:00 am. I called an eye doctor immediately and went there. After a short examination of my eyes he said you have to go to the Homburg hospital, this is an emergency; it could be MS or a brain tumor. So all alone I left his practice and ran around the streets crying. At 12.30 I had checked into the hospital and was already an emergency, I stayed there from 26.11.08 to 02.12.2008. Diagnosis: Infarction of the eye with papillary edema. There were other hospitals and eye clinics, and on

12.12.2008 - 23.12.2008 because of the same symptoms, but this time with paralysis in my left leg, hand and head. Hard time walking and talking, my handwriting changed and my thinking went haywire. My neck was stiff. Diagnosis: Suspected AION – atypical inflammatory optical neuropathy. Other hospitals followed, neurological ward, 06.01.2009 to 09.01.2009. Diagnosis remained: Optical neuropathy with blind right eye, all my life, symptoms of deafness and headaches as well as numbness of right side of my face. I am never going to have a flu vaccination again!!!
17.4.09 P.W., 09.05.1971, female

In February 2007 I had an influenza vaccination. I am 37 years old and work with young people and so I thought that a vaccination would be a good idea. After about a week I got really bad pain in my left arm, where I had been vaccinated, and the next day it got worse; I got fever and a cold. The doctor said it was simply a cold but I felt like I was going to keel over.

The third day the pain got so bad and my legs so week that the doctor on call sent me to the hospital immediately. But there nobody could tell what I had and when I woke up the next morning I no longer had any feelings in my leg, so they did a CT and there was no result and so nobody knew where the paralysis in my legs was from. They took me a different hospital in an ambulance and there they did a spinal puncture but there was no result. When my kidneys gave out I was brought to the university hospital in Ulm. There I was in the intensive ward for a few days and it was not at all sure whether I would ever leave it again. When my values had stabilized I was sent to the infection ward because they seemed to think that I had gotten an infection somewhere with some strange virus. But I hadn’t been away for years and so it was not very probable. They couldn’t find anything either. It was not until I told them that I had been vaccinated against the flu hat the doctors pricked their ears, yet they insisted it could not be the problem. But because they could not find anything the stuck with this assumption. I was in the infection ward for three weeks and had fever all the time, terrible pain in my left arm and extreme swellings, but nobody took it seriously and so I could not sleep, the pain was so bad, despite the fact that they were giving me really strong pain killers. A therapist came to work with me for 2 weeks, every day, but when I got up the first time, I collapsed. My biggest worry was that I would never be able to walk again. After three weeks they let me go home again, even though I could not walk yet and was totally week, even the lymphocyte values were still really high. I wanted to get rehabilitation but was not granted rehabilitation. So I was at home in my 3rd floor walk up and totally on my own. Somebody had to come and get me so I could see a therapist every day. I did not even have enough strength to open a bottle of water.

I was disciplined and went to work out every day and they helped me with a program that made me strong again. 7 weeks later I was able to go back to work for hours at a time. It was really tough but I am so happy to be able to take part in life again. Since then I can walk again but I still have coordination problems and still hit walls sometimes. For almost 2 years I had fever episodes and the blood work ...
I changed from one doctor to the next and half a year ago I met up with a doctor who does ear acupuncture. After 5 treatments the fever was better and my blood work, too. I have to pay for the treatment myself. That doctor told me that my kidneys are not good. But my exhaustion has been so bad for 2 years that I cannot do very much. So when I get home from work I lie down (I teach adolescents). Also I have a cold all the time which makes me go to bed, too, which is really stressful. I teach adolescents. Before the vaccination I was a party queen of sorts, and now there is not much left of that. So I have a new family doctor who told me to take vaccine nosodes as a contrast and he is diverting the rest of the vaccination. So I am going to do that and hope that two years of suffering will finally come to an end. But I must tell you that I am really happy that I can walk again and that that makes me happy every day. At the hospital I decided I was going to do a lot of fitness and sports when I got out and that is what I do. When I have a good day I go out and party (only happens every few months) because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow!


C.H., 28.07.1952, female


Influenza Mutagrip 2008/2009 Ch.-B: D0716-1 6244-J

The doctor spoke to me during a visit in his office, he had asked if I had been vaccinated against the flu and recommended that I should absolutely do this. No mention of any side effects.
He downright convinced me to get vaccinated. That’s why I unfortunately did. Three hours after the vaccination, severe burning pain occurred in my vaccinated arm. I had flu-like symptoms, headaches, aches and pains all over. After three days I went back to the doctor because the vaccinated arm felt very burned and ached. He said „This will go away again ". After a week I went back to the vaccinator, he said, he could see nothing and that it would go away again. Then the burning pain spread even further thru my body. First, the entire vaccinated arm, then over the shoulders into the right arm, into the legs, then in the back, everywhere in my body I now have burning pain. After an MRI examination, a lumbar puncture could not be ascertained, but every doctor says, it does not come from the vaccine, but on the other hand nobody can tell me what it is. The vaccination is now been 5 months ago, I was treated by homeopathy, but there is no improvement noted. The doctor had refused at first to report the vaccination damage; he claimed that there could be no vaccine damage. My doctor, who gave me homeopathic treatment for 3 months, said to me that vaccination damage would occur so rarely, and could take even years for to be cleared up.
Is there anyone who has also had such or similar experiences with influenza vaccination?


M.B., 12.4.1953, female


Influsplit SSW 2008/2009

I was vaccinated against influenza on 25.11.08 by my family doctor.
What I`d like to say right up front is: One should be able to anticipate, that I was not sufficiently, as a patient, informed of possible side effects and the risks of a flu vaccination - prior to the vaccination.

For any medicine purchased in a drugstore, a brochure or leaflet on the risks and side effects is handed out to the customer. Even with dietary supplements such leaflets have been established.

But when I go to my family doctor of confidence, he simply administers a vaccination, without having to inform me of the ingredients. Nor is he required to hand me a leaflet explaining any possible side effects, so that I may inform myself in order to make a qualified decision, as to if I even want such a vaccine to begin with.

Such information in forefront is withheld on purpose, because the doctor already knows the patient will not want a flu vaccine, if they knew what’s in the product. A great source of income in money is then lost that way. Considering he must calculate and order his stock from the pharmaceutical industry beforehand.

So much for that!
Well, I has been vaccinated on 25 11.08 for influenza, the vaccine was Influsplit SSW 2008-2009. Until that time I had been completely healthy!
After 23 days, the sleep disturbances began, these were getting worse by the day, on 24 December 2008, I could not go to asleep at all anymore. At 11 pm when I tried to go to sleep, I was awake at the same time every night at 2:00 o`clock in the morning. Getting rest was no longer possible for me after that.

I had never prior to this vaccination had sleep difficulties whatsoever.
When I would lay in my bed, I fell asleep after only 5 minutes and slept through for 7 hours.

From 31.12.08 to 4.1.2008 I had not gotten any whatsoever sleep day and night, I had remained in a waking state. I was in the emergency room twice, in various hospitals, once the paramedics had to come.

My doctor simply looked at me in awe, and the paramedics and a doctor at the hospital also, each said that this cannot be the result of such a vaccination.
Only one doctor in the hospital at the Humboldt Hospital took it up in their logbook for further investigation. To this day I cannot sleep through the night; I decided to let a neurologist examine me. Since this occurrence I cannot sleep at all without sleeping aid.

During all sleepless nights, I sat at my computer and researched what are contents in ingredients of some vaccines are, which have been deliberately kept secret from me as a patient, and these can not be identified on a package insert.


E.M.D., 30.04.1945, female


Influenza/Influsplit SSW 2006/2007 Ch.8 AFLUA235AA

One day after the vaccination I had a hard time breathing. It deteriorated so badly that 3 days later I had the problems during the night and during the day. The doctor had not informed me of potential damages after the vaccination. When I went to see the doctor on account of the respiratory problems I was told that they had nothing to do with the vaccination.

After I started seeing a different doctor I was told that the respiratory problems had to do with the high pollen count in 2007. Since then my immune system has weakened and I am susceptible to infections. In 1999 I was diagnosed with allergic asthma, but my medications have been established so that I do not have any complaints. Prior to that I did not know how bad an asthma attack can be and was not able to cope with the really bad attacks. The bad asthma attacks continue. The pulmonary critical care specialist has not been able to establish the right medication for the bad attacks. My quality of life is very limited so that I have respiratory problems when I exert myself. I reported this to my health care provider and was told to inform the pension office, which I did. The pension office rejected vaccination damage. I have filed an objection. I am very interested to see what will happen next.
zeitraum Eingabefeld: the next day


V.S., 03.04.1951, male


Influsplit SSW 2006/2007, AFLUA225AA

20.10.2006 Flu vaccination       (Friday)

On 21.10. (Sunday) at noon a feeling of fatigue and sweating, temperature 37.9 C (under the tongue), and in bed by 17.00.
The site of injection, right upper arm, very red (approx. 6 cm diameter). On 22.10. (Sunday) the fever is gone and I feel fine. Red spot continues. One week later, on 30.10, suddenly pain on the right side of my back when I move a certain way when I lean forward. This pain subsides and has disappeared 4 days later.  On 05.11, after the veins on both of my hands are slightly swollen there is a feeling of fatigue and malaise accompanied by a slight fever. This pathology continues on 06.11 and my chest hurts. I go to the doctor. The doctor thinks I have the flue (despite vaccination) and I am told to stay at home and rest. The first three days I do and I feel better.

I do not feel completely better. The feeling of fatigue remains and when I exert myself only slightly my productivity is spent. I start to sweat. There is no cough, no cold and no fever. There is one symptom that gets worse. The veins on my hands and get are swollen as soon as I hold them up or down. When the veins are swollen the hands start to be strained and they itch. In the evenings it is particularly bad. It is more than unpleasant, it makes me depressed and I get anxiety attacks.
What could it be???
At times the joints on my right arm and right leg hurt. My hands feel hot sometimes. But I am unable to hold my hands up all the time. I am afraid that the veins could burst or that there could be some other kind of irreparable damage.
Problems with my veins in my legs and feet and now in my hands? Was that reason for the stroke – a burst vein in the brain? My sore throat which became manifest in March and which did not seem to heal until September is back again, but not as bad. The vocal cords are still fine. What is the real cause?
(Blood pressure medication?)
I need some blood work done! …
14.11.2006  8:00 o’clock at doctor’s: It will supposedly take me 4 weeks to heal, unknown cause, blood work, waiting;.
Keep hands up so that the veins are not strained (will that help or has the damage already been done?).

On Tuesday, 14.11.2006, the veins readjust in the hands. But my hope that I have healed was too early the veins pop up again and hurt. Pain on the side of my hands, feeling of tension, even itchiness short-term, cribbling on various places on the hand and fingertips. The blood pressure is down again and is somewhere around 121 SYS and 66 DIA despite the fact that Lisinopril has been reduced to 20 mg and 12.5 mg Hydrochlorothiaazid (previously 25 mg Hydrochlorothiaazid).

18.11.2006: 122:67 mmHg at 7:38 ! Never before. But the veins on my hands swollen. The hands are tense, cribbling, etc. It is difficult to do my weekend shopping. Even though the hands are held up, the veins are swollen and hurt. I am forced to hold my hands up. People stare at me. What is worse is that I am so depressed and afraid. Instead of getting better the symptoms are getting worse.
Won’t it ever stop?

20.11.2006: Blood pressure continues to be low, have cut dosage in half (10 mg + 6.25 mg).
The veins continue to be swollen. Paresthesia in my hands. At times pains in my hands near my thumb.   Sometimes I feel the veins on the backs of my hands. When will it end? Even during only slight exertion (vaccum cleaner) I am exhausted immediately. I keep holding my hands up.  It is very tiring and depressing to be so inactive and the handicapped condition of the right extremities due to inexact and jammed motor skills and lack of fine motor skills (as a result of the stroke) which are limiting, too…

21.11.2006 8:00 Doctor’s visit: Blood work okay except for sugar (cause – virus?!). No result yet from the cultures. Another sick slip. The doctor seems to be completely helpless. No medication, no pain killesr. The disease can do with me whatever it wants to. My fear of permanent damages, mainly the veins on my hands and feet, is great.

I have back pain (under my right shoulder blade) which make it hard for me to get up, even at 10.00. At 2:30 the back pain has stopped, but now my chest and my ribs hurt. The blood pressure has risen, so I increase the dose to 20 mg Lisinopril and 12.5 mg hydrochlorothyazide.

22.11.2006:  After the back pain has receded yesterday evening they have returned again today full force. So bad that it takes me several attempts to put on my compression stockings.  Back pain and pain in the swollen veins on my hands, which I keep holding up. Why doesn’t it finally stop? My blood pressure starts going up again.
23.11.2006: Blood pressure is pretty low again at 7:00. The back pain has almost stopped, slight pain in my chest when I breathe and when I clear my throat. I’m hoarse again this morning. I keep clearing my throat. No energy.

Noon: It is necessary for me to keep holding my hands up constantly, otherwise the blue veins protrude. Since yesterday the veins on my arms, too.

Arterial blood in my stool. I remember that approx. 10 days after the vaccination there was blood in my stool, too. The last time my hemorrhoids bled was 10 years ago. Since then I have never had problems. At  13:05 my blood pressure is 118:66.

24.11.2006: My hands hurt and pinch, even when I hold them up.  The blue veins protrude throughout my whole arm. Sometimes there is a feeling of warmth in those areas that are affected (13:00).
In order to sooth the pain I take  500 mg aspirine. At 15:30 I go shopping at Aldi’s. Afterwards I am drenched and exhausted.

25.11.2006: 8:00 I go shopping at REAL – I am exhausted and drenched afterwards again. My left hand hurts even though I have bandaged it. The veins seem to be getting even more affected. I don’t use the home trainer because it makes my pulse go fast and I don’t feel well afterwards.

26.11.2006:  6:30: My back is hurting again. When I get up out of bed I almost collapse. I am unable to put pressure on my left foot and it hurts. I can only take little steps. My hands are bandaged and I have to use a cane to walk – I am a cripple. The place that hurts on my left foot keeps getting hot, it feels tingly. My left hand keeps getting hot, too.
16:00 Uhr – After 2 hours in bed I can walk again.  As of 19:30 Uhr the left foot starts hurting again.
27.11.2006 – 8:00  I go to see my doctor. After a night of insomnia I demand a solution why my hands hurt so much (protruding veins). 12.00 I get an appointment with the internist who finally wants to get to the root of the cause.

28.11.2006 – X ray of my thorax. I slept again and note that the veins in my hands are still swollen and have a feeling of warmth not as bad as before and they no longer hurt!
The worst part seems to be over, at least that is what I hope.

29.11.2006: I slept well again and I slept longer, too. I feel better. I notice that the feeling of depression is subsiding. My nerves and my psyche seem to have been involved, too.

Now I hope to be able to work as of Wednesday. The pain in my left foot have not returned.  During  the evening my hands start to hurt again, but not quite as bad as before. The veins no longer protrude as much, not as extreme.
30.11.2006: The blood pressure is almost normal. 123 : 72. The veins in my hands continue to protrude but not quite as bad. Nervous tension in my hands, more in the left hand than in the right one.

01.12.2006: The veins in my hands and lower arms swell up again, the left hand hurts. I guess I have not gotten over the worst part yet. What is the cause? When will it finally stop?;

02.12.2006: In the morning I start to sweat without even having moved. I am forced to hold my hands in an upright position, otherwise the veins protrude and a very unpleasant tingling and tickly feeling starts. It is depressing.  I can feel every vein. It also pertains to the veins in the lower part of my arm. It seems that after 5 weeks they have lost their elasticity. My blood pressure is very low 7:30, it is  116 : 67, (before I take my pills it is usually 130: 80). The insides of my hands are covered with sweat.
03.12.2006: Now the veins in my right arm are protruding. They tingle and are ense. Both hands and the lower parts of my arms are affected. I bandage my hands in order to be able to do copy with the mot basic things. I must hold my hands up in order for the swelling to go down. A few days a go it was enough just to hold the lower parts of my arms up. I am desperate.  The hands are hot and are sweating
06.12.2006:  The last two days I have had the impression that there has been a slight improvement of the pain I have been experiencing in my veins. Today a new wave went through my whole body. Yesterday evening I could hardly sit. The muscles in my backside hurt so ba.d Today the pain has returned mainly to my left hand. The pain started at 15:00. It feels like I am being pinched in my thumb and along the backside of my hand. There is a hot feeling. There are similar symptoms in my left foot.  in

07.12.2006: In the late morning my right hand hurts. It is the par between the thumb and index finger. The pain disappears in the afternoon and reappears again, stronger than ever, at 16:00. What is it ?
The left hurts slightly, too, and there is a feeling of warmth every once in a while. I must continue to hold my hands up or I must wrap a bandage around them. Otherwise the veins protrude  and hurt. This has lasted for 5 weeks already and it is not healing!!!

16.12.2006: The disease has remained unchanged after the vaccination. I wrap a bandage around my hands almost every day now. I had an ultra sound done the other day. The result was negative. The arteries and veins are fine. Dr. Bibergeil performed the same exam already, but this timne the blood in my arteries and my veins could be seen on the screen. I have been treated by three doctors and all three are unable to help me. Dr. Bibergeil prescribed Veno SL 300, Mr. Boehm advised me against it.  . Dr. Eschenburg diagnosed lymph edema in both arms, Mr. Böhm and Mr. Bibergeil had both ruled out an infection completely. Dr. Bibergeil refers to a venous blockage. I am now completely confused. What is wrong with me?? My hands continue to hurt between the thumb and index finger and there is a visible line that is approx.
1.5 cm long. The worse my pain is the more pronounced these lines are.

18.12.2006: The pain in my hands has subsided somewhat, but there are cramps and tingling. I had pain in my back for three days, from my backside right up to the shoulder blades. Today the pain in the shoulders has almost completely subsided.

In the evening I can no longer sit. Cribbling in both hands. Slight pain on the left side and on my head.

19.12.2006: This morning I discovered little bumps on my head. I am unable to sit later in the day, my backside hurts so bad and I have pain in my left rib cage. At the same time I feel like something is stuck there.

20.12.2006: The pain in the left back area has increased. I did not sleep well and it hurts. I wrap a bandage around my hands and take 500 mg aspirine. I feel very poorly, have no energy and am depressed.


B.M., 21.03.1967, female



The day I was vaccinated (around noon) the normal pain started tin the evening, it was in the upper arm. For three days it was tolerable, after a week it was was okay, but ever since the vaccination four weeks ago I have had constant pain in my arm. I cannot lie on my arm; I cannot lift it without experiencing pain. The site of injection hurts, too but it is not swollen or infected. The arm itself is not swollen either, I have been to see the doctor who administered the vaccination twice. And he has now given me an opiate against the pain.


U.G., 23.10.1946, female



Fever, terrible rheumatic pain in the upper part of his body, sweet syndrome, paralysis in the arm on the left side surg. strauss Vasculitis was diagnosed. 30% of those who have it die within 6 years. Usually of a heart attack


K.B., 15.11.1965, female


Influvac2005/2006 Ch.-B.:H-06

General feeling of illness, Paresthesia starting after 5 days, stomach and back, then both legs, very severe pain on touching, without reddening etc.
Admitted to a hospital, underwent several examinations; reduced complaints after 14 days, end result: traced back to the influenza-vaccination





Left arm became weak and immobilized, dizziness, staggering and unsteady movements, sudden falling to the front, cannot go out of the house alone any more.


E.S., 04.09.1956 male



I am a police officer in a place near Vienna.
Every year, we get influenza vaccination that is paid for by the government.
This could well be considered to have paid off in the truest sense of the word, since I do not remember any influenza epidemics in our area.

In any case, I got myself vaccinated, probably because of the abundant advertising, in 1999 and in 2000.
That was the 30th or 31st October.

After 5 days, there was a particular spot in by back to the right of the spinal column, where there was pain in one of the lower ribs, which only worsened during the night.
Around 5o’ clock in the morning, I could not bear the pain any longer and searched for an on-call doctor, actually a lady doctor, of the area.
After this thing spread around the kidney area, this fact was taken into consideration, but could be excluded.
Since I suffer from Psoriasis Arthritis, this diagnosis was taken into consideration; therefore, I was given a Rheuma injection, red fluid, and then pain injections, so-called bee-stings.

After 2 hours, the pain was gone and I was relieved.

The next day, a Sunday, I got ready for the night shift, and went for a walk with my wife, when I experienced a dragging pain in my right hand.
Since I am not very algesic, I did not give the whole thing great importance.
Then I went for my night shift and the pain continued to worsen, and there is acute pain at one spot in the same costal arch, however in the front.
On-duty, I went for a long round, with the hope that the pain will subside with the movement. But the case was exactly the opposite.
Then I went in the airport ambulance, where the above mentioned procedure was carried out again like during the first visit to the doctor. After 2 hours, the pain was gone. Other symptoms of the existing dangerous disease were not present in me.

On Monday, I called in sick, hoping that I will be cured. I went to a hot spring. This was because, thanks to the hot spring, my Psoriasis, at the end joints of the toes and fingers appearing in the form of swellings and nail deformations, had almost stopped a year ago after I visited the spring everyday for several weeks. I, sort of, discovered this measure myself, because otherwise, I would have had been poisoned with Metothrexat.

A few hours after the bath, the dragging pain was back which had now spread to my entire body and almost drove me insane.

In the evening, again went to the doctor, the same procedure and the pain was gone.

On Wednesday afternoon, I think, 7.12.2000, I again had severe body ache, followed yet again by the same procedure, but this time, the pain did not subside.
Around 22.00 hours, went to the doctor again, took a rheuma injection again, again bee-stings, the pain simply did not decrease, continuous movement was the only thing that kept me from going crazy.

Around 03.00 hours I could not endure the pain any longer and my wife and I went to a, so to say small provincial hospital, without any referral, as is customary in our area.

The on-duty doctor was clearly annoyed with my arrival, and it was actually me who had to calm him down instead of it being the other way round, with the argument, that in my field of work as well, I am not exactly amused when, at 3o’ clock in the morning I have to take care of an accident case.
After the admittance procedure he gave me a bottle of pain killer. After the first infusion, I had be administered a second one; around 06.00 hours early morning I slept until breakfast and was again free of pain in the evening and of good cheer, and I could leave the hospital ward.
But at night, I experienced such severe back pain in the lower vertebral area that I could barely walk. I still think it was due to the Psoriasis, since it often occurred in the spinal column area.
However, one fact was unique that after some “Sleep” that I managed to get due to fatigue, I thought as if my feet were going to fall off, that’s how the story continued face.
On the day after that, the pain was not as bad, but I noticed that something was not right when my left-hand grip. As the day proceeded and I was in the snack-bar of the hospital, I had difficulty standing up and then when I almost stumbled over a single step, I knew, what the doctors did not, it was a case of nerve damage.
As I informed the intern doctor about this, and the diagnosis turned out to be MS, he was certainly surprised; he carried out some neurological tests with the hammer, which confirmed my suspicion.
Since it was Saturday, he informed that admittance to the hospital in the Neurology department would not make sense, since nobody is there today anyway. Insane.
In any case, during the nights from Saturday to Monday I continued to have back pain, the grip became worse; the dragging pain however had almost subsided. Since I experienced severe pain again in the area of the costal arch, the doctor diagnosed gall problem and gave me an infusion for the same.

In any case, on Monday, due to provocation and intervention, I was admitted in the Wiener AKH (Vienna General Hospital). There, obviously, the matter was handled in a professional manner. First of all, I had the worst back pain again.
On the second day, I was punctured and liquor was extracted from the vertebral column and I was immediately diagnosed with Polyradiculitis, a form of the Guillain Barre Syndrome. First of all, I was administered Immunoglobulin for 3 or 4 days. Since the pain in the vertebral column was successfully treated using medicines in the past, I did not question any changes. The pain was already gone, only the movement was restricted. My walking was like that of someone suffering from advanced MS, holding and activities such as eating with the left hand were possible only with great difficulty.

I had to undergo ergo therapy and physiotherapy. There, I first realized how advanced the stage of my illness is; I could not even step on a 15 cm high stair without falling.

It was the same story with the physiotherapy: with the left hand, I could not even put a stick in a hole. In any case, I took the matter a 150% seriously; after every therapy, I was drenched in sweat. I addition to that, I practiced on the Home trainer or climbed the stairs of the hospitals up and down several times. I continued doing the exercises of the therapy more or less day and night, at least mentally.
The whole thing was making good progress.
Suddenly, I started experiencing pain at night, it can be called night pain as it is in neurology, during the day, even as I lied down, I had no pain.
The pain could not be cured by anything or anyone, not even an overdose of Tramal.
It was possible the pain occurred due to the administration of Neurontin; this is also described in the packet insert.

After 3 weeks, I was discharged from the General Hospital, the night pain continued. The self-treatment included a warm bath for the hands and feet and rotating the hands for about 10 minutes. Then, there was relief for 1 to 2 hours; 5 times in a night the same procedure.

Mid-January 2001, the pains stopped.
With a will of iron and daily training, I could reduce the long-term consequences. What remained was: numb soles of the feet, wherein the numbness occurred like shifting swellings, in summers, walking was very painful, it was very unpleasant over uneven surfaces. Today, after 3 years, I have almost no complaints regarding this.
I often felt as if my left hand was covered in a thick net of rubber, I could almost not feel paper or smooth objects.
With respect to the right hand, these complaints were applicable only on the outside of the little finger.
In summer, during long heat spells, the nerves in my entire body often twitch, although I endure the thing, I am also scared.
I had mentioned the influenza vaccine to every doctor I visited, whereupon no comments were ever made, there was also no written comments n this regard.
Once however, the professor made a mistake. He asked me, if he could come with his students. The students then came and I told them my entire story.
There, Prof. Lang made a mistake, in which, he added to my narration:

“He was also vaccinated against influenza.”

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