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Preexisting conditions


Reaction to vaccine / vaccine damages


J.W., 30.06.2003, male



Immediately following the vaccination my child, who was 4 months at the time, was very tired and slept. It seemed like he slept a long time to us, he even missed a meal. Approx. 3 hours after the injection he started having cramps in his sleep (without having a fever), even stopped breathing and turned blue in the face. After administering first-help measures and when he was able to breathe again we called the pediatrician. After what seemed like an endless amount of time he had stopped having cramps, but his breathing was very weak and irregular and his lips, fingers, toes were blue and his skin looked like marble.

After the convulsion and until the doctor arrived my child was not consciousness, we could not wake him up. And he had a bad and rigid muscle tone. When we arrived at the pediatrician’s the pediatrician gave him an injection (probably diazepam) and then called the doctor on call and the ambulance. Shortly before they arrived my child woke up screaming loudly and we had a hard time calming him down. They made him stay at the hospital at the neurological ward for a week and did countless tests, consultations, exams, blood work and infusions. A connection with the vaccination was not excluded or confirmed. This was the beginning of innumerable convulsions, severe and light, accompanied by fever and without and followed by innumerable stays at the hospital and appointments with pediatricians, specialists and even naturopaths. But nobody could find the cause and every one treated the symptoms.

He improved greatly when at the age of 2 he had his tonsils and polyps removed. The blood work had been bad and they think it was responsible for some of the convulsions.

I can say that we were very lucky to have our pediatrician who recommended that we refrain from further vaccinations. We waited until our child was 3 years old to have the ones that are really necessary. He got them individually and far apart, they were administered together with fever-lower medication and medication that reduces convulsions. Some of the specialists we see think it is a vaccine reaction which attacked the liver which made our child so sick. We are grateful to the expertise of our pediatrician and to god that our child developed normally and that he did not retain any lasting brain damage from the loss of oxygen. 
Duration of the vaccine reaction  = until today
lasting damage = high susceptibility for convulsions and repeated cerebral convulsions


C.H., 02.06.2001, female


6-fold vaccination

On 02.06.02 our little sunshine was borne. She was everything we ever wanted. She was born 4 weeks too early. The whole pregnancy had been really easy, I had no problems, and they even did several prenatal exams, everything great. The birth of our little daughter was perfect too, scored a 10 on the APGAR evaluation chart, and that completed our happiness. Caitlin weighed only 2,540 grams but she was a very healthy and resilient baby.  She even shook off hepatitis. I nursed her from the beginning and she developed wonderfully until the day which changed our life in a mysterious way:

Seeing that I was a responsible and mature mama (32 years old when she was born) I had my little sunshine vaccinated (6-fold combination vaccination) at the age of 3 months and at a weight of 4 kg and because my pediatrician, whom I trusted completely, advised us to have it done.   
The vaccination itself and the days afterwards were completely unproblematic; I did not notice any strange behavioral patterns until Caitlin was 7 months old. She could not turn herself; she could lift her head when she was on her stomach. She other she got the more I noticed that she seemed very stiff. She could not pull up her legs and when she was upset it almost looked like a spastic defense mechanism set in, which I had never ever seen before in another person up until that point. She could never crawl; pull herself up on the legs of table or things like that. She could only sit freely when she was 16 months old and she only started to walk when she was 2 years old, and she could not get up steps or up to the pavement on her own until she was three years old. Today Caitlin is 5 years old and she is at the level of a 2-3 year-old, her language and fine motor movements are very developmentally delayed. Of course I had several tests done on Caitlin by our pediatrician to find out why my child is so “different” than peers. Genetic tests  ( fragile X-Chromosome Test), blood work, ultrasound of her head and brain wave measurements all are normal and my child is healthy medically. Mainstream medicine, however, specifies her as “developmentally delayed. My frequent visits at the pediatrician’s because I was nervous were responded to airily with physical therapy and other therapies. But I never stopped looking for a reason for this developmental delay and luckily I ran into a good homeopath who gave me the diagnosis “vaccine damage” at the beginning of this year (caused by the 6-fold vaccination, mainly the tetanus). My whole beloved family which is backing us up, my homeopath and I are now trying to divert this calamitous vaccine with the help of homeopathic medication so that my little sunshine can finally start developing normally. We are all hoping for healing, at least improvement


A.N.B., 15.7.2006, female


Infanrix hexa

When she was three months old our daughter got a 6-fold combination vaccination. We were told there could be the following adverse effects: reddening and swelling at the site of injection, fever and crabbiness. That did not seem bad to me. As the doctor did not seem to have an opinion regarding the vaccination itself (“the parents alone must decide” – the last time we had seen him we had been given STIKO’s pamphlet which, according to my present view of things, I would refer to as propaganda); we agreed to the vaccination and had to confirm it I writing.

The vaccination itself was not that bad. We were happy and took a walk with the baby carriage. Our daughter had had an absolutely sunny nature until that point. After the 8th week she started sleeping all night, never screamed and was a healthy and normally developed child. After the vaccination she was extremely sleepy and slept 2-3 hours. We were still happy and thought that would do her some good and let her sleep and that afterwards it would all be over. When she woke up we were at home. She started screaming like crazy. We were very shocked and tried to calm her down, but without success. She continued to scream even as I was holding her. It took approx. 2 hours and she only stopped because she was so exhausted. She continued to be apathetic and her head was very warm. I nursed her continuously. She seemed to do better. The next morning began quietly, but towards noon the screaming started again and it lasted 2 hours. The next morning began quietly, but then the screaming started again and did not stop for two hours. The shrill screaming has stopped, but since that time she has not slept all through the night and sometimes she wails. I also noticed that since that time she has stopped “talking”. My husband has a tone studio and we made the first recordings with her when she was 10 weeks ago. Now she is 17 weeks old, the vaccination was 4 weeks ago and she has not made those kinds of noises yet, the ones that she could do. About 2-3 weeks ago she started squealing again and I am hoping she will get better. Furthermore I noticed that in the days after the vaccination she had a rash on her legs which did not seem to be itchy. It has disappeared in the meantime. I read up on vaccinations after this incident because I was so surprised. Since that time I have berated myself a lot. Next week she has her second vaccination date and we think we will not have her vaccinated any more. We will inform the doctor. We have not decided yet whether we will ever have her vaccinated again.


K.S., 20.05.1981, female


Infanrix hexa

When she was 4 months old my daughter received a 6-fold combination vaccination in the morning, during the day she cried a lot and could not fall asleep. That was unusual for her, before that she was a very content and happy baby. But I was not worried because I thought it was a normal reaction for a vaccination. I put her to bed at 8.30 and she did not have a fever. At 11.30 she woke up screaming, approx. 1 minute after that she was completely quiet. She then had a cramp and lost consciousness for approx. 30 minutes (now she had a fever of 39), the doctor on call gave her medication intravenously. They put her in the children’s clinic and kept her there for 5 days, the exams did not show a case. They told us that the cramps had been caused by the fever which was a direct vaccine reaction. I myself as her mother do not think she would have had this kind of a cramp with a normal kind of flue, I think it was triggered by the vaccination. After the hospital she was not herself, screamed when I put her to bed or when I left the room, stopped smiling. For a week now her smile has returned and I hope she will be back to her “old self” soon. We can only hope that she will never again experience this kind of seizure.


F.S., 24.02.2006, male


Infanrix hexa

Our son was vaccinated on Monday 17.07.2006. He came down with a fever and so I gave him a suppository. The temperature went down to normal on Tuesday again.

On Tuesday evening he had a fever again and we gave him a suppository, he had a temperature Monday 38-39C./Tuesday.38-39C. He was all sweaty and restless when he woke up and slept for long phases of time, second vaccination which was like the first one up to this point.

On Friday morning and until 11.30 our 5-month old son was wide awake and very lively.

My wife put him to bed at 11.30. At approx .11.45-12.00 my wife heard our son choke and she ran into his room. He was all cross-eyed and the arms and legs hung there, lifelessly. My wife took him downstairs and called the ambulance. He woke up and had cramps; his temperature was approx. 38.5C.
The ambulance arrived 2-5 minutes later. They took him to the children’s clinic. The ambulance people gave him pain medication and pills to loosen the cramps.

I came home from work and picked up my wife and we drove to the clinic. When we got there we saw our son on the examination table, he was moving his arms and his legs and was screaming, he was fighting. Then he was brought to the intensive care ward. The doctors said that they would have to examine him some more, but that he was stable. They took spinal fluid, blood, did an ultrasound of his head.

They thought it was a herpes virus, meningitis, maybe sepsis, and even though there was no clear finding they started treating him with two different antibiotics. They said his stool showed that there was an infection.

We told them that he had been vaccinated and said that maybe he should have a blood transfusion to detoxify him. The doctor said that the vaccination was too far back and that there was no connection.

He got infusions and medications to calm him down, the ultrasound of his head was normal, his eyes showed reactions but otherwise he was passive.

On Saturday at 3 pm he stopped breathing and chaos started.  My wife stayed with him until they brought her out. 45-60 minutes later his condition was stable again.

Initial results:

Spinal fluid normal

Ultrasound of head normal

Blood virus found, they now continue treatment with one antibiotics, group must still be determined.

Nurse gives him herbal remedy to support getting better.

My son received more medication to calm him down so that he cannot turn around and rip out the tubes. He had fought the intubations.  So it is also incomprehensible that it would be necessary to call out his weight across the hallway in order to administrate the dose. 5.700 g or 6.700 g.

The doctor informed us that the situation was serious but stable. The child did not have atypical symptoms. They could not tell what was going on. They were going to have to wait and see what the results of the blood work were.

On Saturday evening at 23.30 the brain started swelling, no eye reaction, he seemed lifeless. Then he was brought to the university clinic. The doctor said that they were no longer able to cope with the situation and that he had to be moved.

Our son died on 24.07.2006 at the university clinic (Saturday evening)

7.08.06 normal skin bacteria in the blood
All other exams not unusual (metabolism, amino acids, molecular)

The autopsy showed that it was water on the brain.
At the university clinic they tried to do what was possibility, but they didn’t have a chance because too much time had been wasted at the children’s clinic.

The people at the university clinic do not think it has anything to do with the vaccination, but it has not been excluded as a possibility. They told us that the 7 day limit after the vaccination had not been passed.

They are still doing a number of skin tests. It is being included in the vaccination trial  RKI.
We now have a lawyer who is going to take care of this for us because of the way things were.
We are absolutely certain that the vaccination was the cause for all this!!!!!


S.P., 11.05.2006, female


Infanrix hexa

Until she was vaccinated my daughter was a very quiet child, and actually her reaction is not all that bad. I hope nothing else will follow! Approx 2 hours after the vaccination I had her in her carrying bag where she was asleep, but she woke up and screamed and seemed disoriented and panicky. It continued for the rest of the day. My child had been a good sleeper from birth, and suddenly she could no longer fall asleep. She always smiled a lot and never cried, and here she was crying for 3 days straight in a panic, nothing helped, and suddenly as it happened it went away gain. She had a slight fever of 38.9 after the vaccination and since then she’s been having stomach problems and gas 4 days after the vaccination she had constipation... The site of injection was red. She had slight respiratory problems and was much more restless than usual.-

A good friend of mine recommended giving her thuja C30, and now 13 days after the vaccination she seems to have gotten better even though she still has digestive problems and there are little noises when she breathes and she cries a lot more than before.


Even though all this is not serious according to the doctor it is serious for me as a mother.  And I am sure it will have been her last vaccination.


A.P., 02.10.2004, male



When my son was 3 months old he would sleep all through the night, then he had his first 6-fold combination vaccination, Hexavac and since this point in time he had problems sleeping. After that we had a turbulent time (he woke up 7 to 8 times a night), so I turned to a doctor who practiced alternative medicine (my son was 16 months old at that point). She gave us Chammomila Recutita D30 globules which helped so that my son now only wakes up 1 to 2 times a night.

After various rounds of discussions with parents who have also been affected I think it will be good to have the vaccines diverted by a good homeopth.



Preexisting conditions


Reaction to vaccine / vaccine damages


H.K., 06.11.2003, male

Hannes was born prematurely, but up to four months of age his development was age-appropriate.


Infanrix hexa

Hannes received a total of three 6-fold combination vaccinations. The first one was on 12.02.2004 and he did not show any signs of reacting to it, except for rolling his eyes, which at the time we did not recognize as a vaccination reaction. The second vaccination (13.03.2004) changed our life. 1-2 days after the second six-fold vaccination Hannes started having convulsions. We thought it was stomach cramps or gas. Because he was to be at the clinic on 16.03.2004 for his check up and sleeping clinic we thought they would be able to help him with the cramps, too. But when we were there we were informed of a shocking diagnosis: Salaam Tic Syndrome with severe central coordination problems. The worst part for us was that our child, who had been able to do various things like grasping for things, fixating things with his eyes, lifting his head when on his stomach, suddenly was incapable of doing these things and to this day is incapable of doing them. Nevertheless we did not think it could be a vaccination reaction. It was not until he had his third vaccination on 11.11.2004 that we realized it. After being administered the correct dose of Topamax and having undergone synactes treatment Hannes did not have any seizures for six months and the doctors were of the opinion that he could receive his next vaccination. That same day Hannes started having cramps for two full days. Of course we notified the doctor immediately but only received an appointment for an EEG after a week. Two days later the cramps disappeared again and EEGs were done which did not show that there was any inclination to have cramps.

We reported the incident to the appropriate authorities who said that they were not liable for the damage because there was no connection between the two? 
Our pediatrician is also of the opinion that there is no connection to the vaccination, but she has stopped all vaccinations for the time being. They examined our son at the Helios Clinic in order to find the reason for his disorder.  There were no findings when they did the metabolic diagnoses and when they did an MRT it came out that Hannes has agenesia and that his furrows are too large. The cause they gave us was that it was a freak of nature that Hannes was able to live with it.  This is not enough for us. Nobody can give us a reason why our child developed normally in the early stages and suddenly started regressing.

Duration of the vaccination reaction cannot be pinpointed exactly.

Lasting damage = severe inability to coordinate movements state of development is approx. 4-5 months (Hannes is 2.9 years old)


J.P., 13.9.2005, male


infanrix hexa

Our three-month old son was a very sweet child and he never screamed without due cause. He slept well for his age, too. In the night before his first vaccination he did not wake up once during the night for the first time.  After he had been administered the first vaccination he screamed for several hours until he finally fell asleep exhausted. The next weeks he continued to scream without there being an apparent reason. Since then he has not slept well. He has not managed to sleep through the night at all. We were very afraid that our son would have become a different baby, but a few weeks later he was his old self again.

The second vaccination was not problematic at all, he did not cry, not even when they gave him the shot. When it was time for him to have the third vaccination, my son had a cold but no cough, and no respiratory problems or the like. Yet I wanted to have the vaccination postponed, but the doctor overwhelmed me by talking non-stop how safe it was, etc. A few days after the vaccination my son developed a severe asthmatic bronchitis which he had for weeks. Until then he had only had the same sicknesses as I who was still nursing him. We then battled them together. This was the only disease he had all by himself and to me it seems that it must have been caused by the vaccination.


M.-N.P, 14.02.2006, male


Infanrix Hexa

Two weeks after the 6-fold combination vaccination Maurice started to scream day and night. It was not a normal kind of screaming, it was really pitiful and full of pain. There was nothing we could do to calm him down. A child that had always been content became a child that would not calm down. He seemed to have cramps when he cried, scratched his head and seemed beside himself. Before he was vaccinated he had been sleeping all night through, now he was waking up every half hour. This condition lasted for 6 weeks until an osteopath pointed out that it could have to do with a vaccination. So I started homeopathic treatment for Maurice in order to divert the vaccination and to have him have additional treatment. Now, 8 weeks later, the screaming is subsiding and there are moments when Maurice wakes up with a smile in the morning which is something I had really missed. I feel terrible that I did not get enough information before the vaccination and that the doctors did not explain to me that the brain of a baby cannot tolerate the vaccines. I would ask all parents to get detailed information and to ask for the package inserts and read them. A vaccination can change everything within second and can change the life of a small child.


S.S., 26.1.06, male


infanrix hexa, prevenar

6 hours after the vaccination he started throwing up, approx. 30 minutes after being nurses. He was unable to breathe briefly, looked like he was in shock so I held him over my shoulder, head down, he coughed out the vomit. That evening he got a fever, within an hour it rose from 38.1 to 38.8 -> children’s hospital. They gave him paracetamol suppositories and his temperature went down again. For two days it went up and down slightly (37.2- 37.4) Pediatrician does not think it has anything to do with the vaccination!!!!!!!!!????? Even though vomiting is listed as an adverse effect. Before the vaccination and since then my son never threw up!


N.K., 07.02.1981, female


Infanrix Hexa

When my son was three months old he had his first and only 6-fold combination vaccination. 3-4 days later a rash commenced and spread. Because it was so itchy my son was unable to sleep, the salves that the doctor prescribed did not bring any relief. After the pediatrician was at the end of his rope and was about to prescribe cortisone I said no and found a good homeopathic practitioner. After only one week of treatment me my son was able to sleep the night through. It took about 7 months of treatment for him to be rid of the rash and dry skin. I am convinced that the vaccination was the cause of the neurodermatitis. My son continues to get homeopathic treatment and I will not have him vaccinated again. I have found a pediatrician who respects my decision.

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