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W.B., 15.02.03, female


My daughter, who was 3 years old at the time, had a stomach constantly after the vaccination. A few weeks later she was very tired, had no energy and was thirsty. Then she started wetting her pants and was very aggressive frequently. At my urgent request and on 19.09.06 the doctor tested her urine and discovered that she had had type I diabetes. We had to spend 2 weeks at the hospital to learn how to administer shots and check numbers, my daughter must now get insulin shots 4 times a day which is very hard on all of us. Our family doctor would never admit that the diabetes was on account of the vaccination but I myself am 100% sure and I regret terrible that I had her have a vaccination.


S.W., 03.05.1984, female


Approx. 1.5 months after my first vaccination I had feelings of numbness on the left side of my face. First I thought that it was due to tension. After seeing an orthopedic specialist he sent me to a neurologist because he suspected that I had MS. I was shocked! After several tests this suspicion was not confirmed. But now I had other symptoms, too: severe headaches, dizziness, cribbling in the left side of my body (vaccination in left arm), muscle pain and trembling, joint pain, palpitations, high blood pressure, pain in my neck, numbness in my toes, impaired vision in my left eye, stinging headache on the left side, and pain behind my left eye. My neurologist did not really seem interested in any of this and said that it could also be psychological in nature. I was desperate. After seeing my family doctor again because of the dizziness the doctor prescribed pills to help. When I mentioned MS he said that if it would help calm me down (!) they could do a CT (at some point). The symptoms did not disappear, in fact they got worse and so I started researching on the internet because it looks like doctors are no help. My symptoms seemed to indicate that it was Borreliosis. Due to the fact that I have private insurance I could go to the hospital. All the exams they did were inconclusive. 1 year later the symptoms have still not disappeared. Sometimes they get worse, sometimes they subside. Presently I feel very exhausted and listless!! I am going to see a naturopath and I help she will be able to help me!  

If anyone can give me tips I would be grateful if you could get in touch at the following email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I wish all of those who have similar experiences! Don’t give up and remember that it is obvious that a large number of people are affected who can help each other!


K.M., 1960


In late May 08 I had my first TBE vaccination in m y upper arm. Before that I had no problems whatsoever. On the 1st and 2nd day after the vaccination I had nerve pain in my lower arms which disappeared on the 3rd day. On the 4th day I got herpes on my lower lip which lasted for approx. 6 days (I have not had that for 6 years). The following week I had a slight cramp in my calf and my feet twitched which got so bad during the following weeks that I could not sleep for nights and read up on RLS (restless leg syndrome) on the internet. In late June I had a rash on the upper part of my arms, my chest, neck, back face and lips. I was told that it was due to my taking Cerazette (a birth control pill I have been taking since March) whereupon I stopped taking it immediately.

I asked whether the problems I just described could have anything to do with the TBE vaccination and they said no. On 09.07 I had my second TBE vaccination I in the upper arm. I told my family doctor about the nerve pain I was experiencing on the 1st and 2nd day and the herpes (comment: happens) and my foot twitching at night. I was having a cancer screening test that day so we decided to wait for the blood work. The site of injection was swollen and red and it hurt. 5 days later I had another appointment to discuss the blood work. Everything okay! I asked the family doctor to take a look at the rash. He said it was only blisters and it could take a while for them to heal. I had not slept all night due to the foot twitching and I told him so. I was crying. My whole daily rhythm was out of whack (I had bowel movements at 2 am). So he made an appointment with a neurologist whom I was able to see Monday this week. When talking to this neurologist I mentioned the two TBE vaccinations but he also excluded that there was a connection between the problems and the vaccinations. He said I had a slight polyneuropathy in my legs (which he said was due to my alcoholism – I’ve been off alcohol for two years now -  and since that time I did not have the twitching very often and when I had it it was weak, so that I could tolerate it without medication), and then he prescribed Gabapentin AL 300 mg. 
On  Monday and Tuesday I started at 100 mg I the evening, Wednes and Thurs 200 mg (still twitching when falling asleep, at 3 am I fall into a coma). On Wednesday the rash got worse again whereupon I go see my family doctor again who says it is probably an allergic reaction to the medication and prescribes Cortisone. Except for one allergy I never have had allergies. Since Tuesday I have had slight nerve pain in the lower part of my arms. Unfortunately I forgot to tell the family doctor. If it does not get better I will go see him next week.


- Rash for the past 5 weeks

-slight cramps in my calves and foot twitching and sleep deficit

-nerve pain in the lower part of my arms

- Depression

I have not received confirmation from anyone whether it really is vaccine damage. I am frantic. Who can help??  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


M.D., 26.7.03


Our second daughter had her first 6-fold combination vaccination when she was 3 and half months old. We then drove home and after I nursed her she feel asleep. Everything was as usual.

After she had slept for an unusually long period of time she shot up from her sleep and started screaming loud and shrill and in a way I have never heard her scream before. I was unable to calm her down for an hour. Usually I can calm her down by nursing her (and it does not matter whether she was hungry or not, but she would not accept a pacifier). She was all stretched out on my arm and seemed so tense that I could hardly hold her. My older daughter (who was 3 at the time) was so upset by the situation, and after an hour we were all exhausted – the little one feel asleep and did not scream any more, either.

One month later the second Hexavac shot and a repeat performance. First she slept for a long time and then she screamed like crazy for an hour, stretched out and then fell asleep, exhausted.

A few days later we were at the pediatrician’s again because my older daughter had such a bad cold. I told the pediatrician about what I had observed after the vaccination but she did not react; she listened to her chest and said that she had bronchitis. Despite her cold my daughter was fine otherwise. 6 weeks later the little one came down with the chickenpox, she had contracted them from her older sister. 4 weeks after the chickenpox she got her last Hexavac shot, and like before she screamed for an hour. The pediatrician did not think it was noteworthy the third time, either. Until this day we have been observing unusual temper tantrums and frequent nose bleeds constant sore throats (tonsillitis was so bad that they put her in the hospital for a week). She has become our problem child. It was our homeopath who mentioned that shrill screaming after vaccinations was not a normal reaction but that her brain was probably swollen. I am still irritated at the pediatrician who did not react and who every time I see her tries to talk me into having the children vaccinated again (MMR/4. Hexavac and booster shots).


M.P., 05.01.90, female


In July 2007 I was vaccinated against HPV the first time. A few days later I was able to tell that my skin texture had changed. I had very beautiful facial skin before that. Suddenly I got acne and it lasted until Feb. Of this year. There are still some visible scars.

In addition to this adverse effect, which was traumatic for me, I did not have my period for three months (I was NOT pregnant).  

Last but not least by body kept changing. From the day of the vaccination until today I have lost 7 kg. I am athletic, watch what I eat and cannot explain why I have gained so much weight.

The doctors at the hospital do not want to get in touch with me and do not respond to my calls; they have avoided talking to me!


B.B., 08.01.70, female


I did my training as a doctor’s assistant and so I got all sorts of vaccinations. After the vaccination the site of injection got all swollen and hurt and I had no strength in my arm. These problems got worse with all 3 vaccinations. Then I started having diarrhea and arthritic problems in my joints (knee, hips and arms). BKS got very high; the second value could not be measured. I suffered from fatigue and exhaustion, lost weight, approx. 10 kg and now weight 55 kg.  I went to all sorts of specialists and they could not find a diagnosis. The problems were episodic. In 1993 I went to see a rheumatologist because my blood still showed sign of infection, I then was sent to the university clinic in Regensburg where the diagnosis was Morbus Crohn.
There were three doctors’ practices in our building and four doctors’ assistant suffered from Morbus Crohn or Colitis. We all thought that was a pretty high rate. In 2001 we wanted to travel abroad so that I got all sorts of vaccinations (Hep A+B, Yellow Fever, Typhus, Malaria). I was the noble to commence the trip, got fever, depressions from Lariam (confirmed by doctor) and then a bad Crohn episode my colon with a stoma and ten different operations. This is the first time I really could see that there was a connection to the vaccination. But unfortunately my opinion was not well received by the doctors. Only my homeopath saw the connection immediately. I am never going to have a vaccination again and my children are not going to be vaccinated, either.


U.B., 02.05.1986, female


On 21.05.2008 I had my third Gardasil vaccination, a few hours later I had severe flu-like symptoms. Chills, fever (39.8) enormous joint pain and a bad migraine. I went to the doctor’s the next day and against the pain he gave me Diclofenac and Dexamethason, Anlagin and Magnesium. A few hours later I was unconscious and like in trance. They brought me to the hospital, thought it was Meningitis, but it wasn’t. It was Sinusitis maxill which was operated because of a cyst. I have now had all sorts of exams (ECG, MRT, CT, and X-ray) but nobody was able to find anything. Everything started a day after the shot.

I still suffer from the numbness and I wish it would go away. If someone else has had a similar experience and can help me, please get in touch

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


B.K., 18.05.54, female

Encepur adults

I had a vaccination in February and I had pains in my arm for two days. A few days later the pain in my joints started, headache, dizziness, nausea, symptoms like for the flu. After a week most of the symptoms were gone but the dizziness stayed as did the headache.  It lasted for a few weeks and I went to see the doctor but he did not take it seriously. I did not see the connection to the vaccination. A few weeks later the headaches got worse and the dizziness started again, I felt weak and sick to my stomach and my blood pressure fluctuated a lot. I was told to stay home in a bed for a week but that did not change anything. My condition got worse and I started feeling an inner trembling, pressure in my head and I was unable to do anything. I consulted various doctors, ENT, endocrinologist, gynaecologist, psychiatrist; I was told that I was from burn out syndrome.

I tried to work but it did not go well. I have now been home sick for 9 weeks. When I thought about it all again recently I saw the connection to the vaccination. I will now look for a doctor who will take me seriously, but it will not be easy. I have been getting acupuncture now which really makes me feel better.


S.W., 23.05.1992, female


After the first two vaccinations she was tired, exhausted and sick to her stomach; she had a headache and symptoms like flu. She had the third one in late January 2008 and had the same symptoms as with the first two vaccinations. She had an on the job training a week later and it got worse. When she went to the doctor it was treated like the flu. Headache, sore throat, joint pain, back pain, nausea. She went to school and then she didn’t, slept a lot and threw up what she ate. She was very pale. The doctor had her blood checked and an hour later he called and said that the blood work was so bad she would have to go to the hospital.

A few hours later her kidney values were so bad they put her in the children’s clinic where she spent 2 days on the intensive ward, her condition got worse, and she could not even talk. They suspected she had haemolytic-uraemic syndrome, she had acute renal failure. They flew her to a special clinic. It was life or death. All sorts of texts, blood conserves, and dialysis and for plasma exchange for 5 weeks twice a day. They did a renal puncture and determined that the kidneys were damaged ´, so the haemolytic-uraemic syndrome was confirmed but they don’t know how she got it. Could be the Gardasil vaccination. She is doing better, but nobody knows to what extent she will ever be healthy again. Be aware of vaccinations.


M.D., 1966, female


I was vaccinated against TBE in the morning and in the evening I had to leave my own birthday party because I felt so sick. No appetite, joint pain and the chills which were so bad that I could hardly open my door. I went to bed and took some paracetamol. I sweated all night long. The next day I had the worst diarrhea of my life which lasted for about 5 days. I had to stay home from work for 5 days. My doctor said I should have no more TBE vaccinations. It was really bad. I had all the adverse effects a person can have.


S.H., 19.05.1974, female


The evening after the 1st vaccination I had an almost unbearable headache which lasted for 3 days. Then it disappeared again. The pressure was so bad I thought my head was going to explode. I even took several of my migraine tablets and Voltaren K migraine, but they all did not help.

At the same time I had this cribbling sensation in my hands which felt like my hands were going numb on the inside; including the fingers, all the way up to the elbow.

I noticed that my hands also fell asleep when I rested my arm on my elbows, even only for 2 minutes. That is really bad for me because it happens with the hand and arm that I use for telephoning, too.

It has now gotten so bad that I can only sleep on my side at night with my arms bent when I shift I wake up.  If I move them a lot it is not as bad. Driving my car is also bad because it is hard to hold the steering wheel.

That constant cribbling feeling did not go away. It did not get less. I t is always there. I also feel like I have less strength in my arms. I am tired fast and I have muscle pain. I measured it and my hand values were a lot worse than in December.

Today I was at a neurologist’s who measured my nerves, the way it is done when they think it is Carpal tunnel syndrome.  He says that the numbers are fine and that I should consider getting psychotherapy or talk to a vaccine specialist.

Who knows what to do? Or who spoke to a doctor and give me some tips?

Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you!!


S.P., 28.10.1962, female

Tetanus, Diptheria

After the fourth and last vaccination in the evening at 5.30 I was dizzy, my legs felt like lead. The arm hurt but I knew it would because it did with the other vaccinations, too. I was also sick to my stomach and had no appetite. I went to work but could not concentrate.

In the afternoon I knew why. FEVER 39.2 degrees. I consulted the doctor again because I thought that it was a vaccine reaction or the summer flu.

The next day my temperature went down to 38.

After reading the reports here I hope it will stay that way.


H.K., 07.05.2007, male


On 03.07.2008 our son, who was 14 months old at the time, was to be vaccinated against mmrv (mumps, measles, rubella, and chickenpox). Due to the fact that he suffered a lot after the 6-fold vaccination I was very critical (but not against vaccinations!). But he was fine and his immune system was strengthened by homeopathic drops.

On the 8th day after the vaccination he suddenly came down with a very high fever (almost 40 degrees). They evening we gave him paracetamol suppositories. He cried a lot. On the 9th day the fever had dropped to 39 degrees and we gave him suppositories again. He felt well and that evening he did not have a fever and so we didn’t give him suppositories.

On the 10th day suddenly there was a rash all over his back and stomach (lots of red dots) which spread during the day (down to the genitals). We called the hospital and were told to go see a doctor the next day, which was sufficient since our child seemed to be feeling well. His nap was shorter than usual, he was cranky, cried a lot, and did not eat.

Tomorrow we are going to see the doctor and I will report how it went. Hopefully there will be no damages.

I am only going to have another vaccination if the titer is negative. You can have that done for a fee of 25 Euro so that a second vaccination may not even be necessary.


H.K., 07.05.2007, male

Infanrix hexa

When he was 1 year old H. had the first 4-fold combination vaccination. Until then he tolerated the vaccinations relatively well, only had fever which could be lowered with suppositories. After the 4th and last vaccination he had violent reactions. The 6-fold vaccination was administered together with pneumococci.

The day after the vaccination and the following 3 days he screamed a lot and could not be calmed down. Carrying him around did not help either. During the night he could not sleep, woke up and screamed about 5 times a night, after the 2nd day fever (39 degrees) and lowered it with suppositories again.

The following days the child seemed apathetic frequently, and confused. When he crawled his arms would collapse and then he would sit down again. 2 weeks later we noticed him shake his head a lot; when he crawled he would nod his head to one side like a tick and would repeat that up to 5 times a day.  We felt like the vaccination had an impact on his nervous system and like it regressed his development by a month. The symptoms stopped again after approx. 6 weeks. He seemed happy again after that and wanted to continue his develop (walking).  We gave him homeopathic drops to strengthen his immune system.

Conclusion: I am not against vaccinations but I am critical of them. I think that vaccinations are important but it is good to look into alternatives!!! I will never let him have a 6-fold vaccination again, only 3-fold. After 6-fold vaccinations of Infanrix-hexa there supposedly were deaths that have never been resolved.


E.B., 23.06.2007, female

MMR Priorix

6 days after the vaccination onset of slight fever. 2 days later very high fever, the fever lasted for 3 days, despite suppositories no improvement. Before that my child was very stable and nice. She also fell asleep easily and slept the night through. Since the vaccination I hardly recognize my own child. She cries a lot and is clingy. Wants to be held all the time. She has hardly slept a night through and falling asleep is a real test. She cries herself to sleep for hours. Before the vaccination she could stand well, ever since she falls down a lot. The fever went away 2 weeks ago and still she cries a lot. I probably will not let my daughter have the 2nd vaccination.


K.B., 15.12.1982, female


After the 2nd vaccination I had sleepless nights because I was so nervous. I also had anxiety and panic attacks. I was shaky and nervous. I ruminated a lot and was depressed. Was tired all the time and had no energy. Constant fatigue and restlessness and listlessness. My throat was constricted. In the morning I thought I would not be able to get through the day. I thought I was going to faint. It never occurred to me that it could have anything to do with the HPV vaccination. I thought it had to do with other things in my life. I thought I was going to have to see a psychiatrist. I stopped taking the pill (Yasmin) because I thought it could have to do with taking the pill (reports on the internet). But I still do not feel good. I have these symptoms before my period. I think that the vaccine is very dangerous and together with the pill it can become almost lethal. I hope that if someone reads this they will be able to help me. I am afraid that something even worse will happen. I am 25 years old and I want to have children some day.  When I think that maybe I will never be able to have children on account of this shot, or that they might be disabled, then I am really at the end of my rope. How can they approve a vaccine that has not been researched enough? Lasting damage Eingabefeld: psychological problems, dizziness, depression.


J., 06.05.90, female


I have now had my second HPV vaccination. Since recently I have had nausea and dizziness several times a week. I also have stomach problems.


My family doctor said it could have to do with the vaccination. So I went to the gynaecologist who had recommended that I have the shots. The doctor said the vaccinations were not dangerous and nobody told me what could happen, what adverse effects could be. Till this day I regret that I did not read this website before I had them because now I have the side effects, too. If I had known that I would have a hard time tolerating the shot I would never have had it. I think it is really despicable that doctors do not tell you what kinds of side effects you can have from these shots. I am now afraid that the constant nausea and dizziness is not going to go away. I am not going to have the third vaccination.


N., 17.12.1989, female


The day before yesterday I went to the doctor’s and got a TBE vaccination. Today my arm started hurting and there was a red spot at the site of injection. I thought that it would disappear again but this evening the spot was 5 times as large and I can hardly move my right arm (because of the pain). When I went to see the doctor about it they told me that it was normal and they sent me home again. Tomorrow I am going to go there again and I hope that everything is okay.  I’ll keep you informed.


S.K., 10.01.1989, female


I only noticed my reactions gradually.


I was sick to my stomach but I thought that had to do with my overly sensitive stomach.


After the second TBE vaccination they determined that I had endometriosis which I do not think has anything to do with the vaccination.  
A few months later I had significant reactions: palpitations, circulation and dizziness, respiratory problems and panic.

I never thought there was a connection to the vaccination until I saw a program on TV But I did not talk to my gynecologist about it. I went to several doctors about the palpitations and the respiratory problems, but they said I was healthy and that I did not do enough sport and that was why my lungs reacted the way they did.

I did more sports and the problems persist. I have pain in my left chest and in the arm, too, but I have adjusted to that.


R.J., 02.12.1938, female

Smallpox, Polio

I am 69 years old. I can remember my childhood days. The first pain I ever experienced was gallbladder. These symptoms appeared repeatedly. Like the flu. Since I was a child I have had panic attacks and palpitations and fever and I know something is wrong. I have seen lots of doctors and they all tell me I am healthy. I point out that it could be the vaccinations, but they do not react. My psyche is not okay, I recognize what is going on but cannot communicate it. A homeopath once told me I had a lymph blockage.  I did not know who I could turn to. A doctor on duty in Luebeck once told me that I should be treated differently but he did not say how. I have all my teeth pulled because of pain. I had a hard time learning things as a child. A relative said I needed glasses because I fell down.  My perception was always indirect and the perception of pain was always complete. I could not fight pain, I wanted to but I could not. In 1952 - 1954 they removed a heel spur and the pain was unbearable. They treated my tailbone but I do not know the diagnosis. They did a gastroscopy in the 70s and I had herpes on my lip. My arm was swollen from the shot.  I went from one doctor to the next, nobody could help me. It was like a chain reaction, one disease resulted from the next. I am going to send this email and there are other things on your website I would like to comment on and which I have been searching for a long time. I no longer trust doctors they make everything worse...


T.K, 1976, male

Tetanus, Polio, Diptheria

I haven’t gone back to the doctor again. I hope that I will feel better tomorrow. My problems are much less significant than the ones other people have described on this website. Today I had problems with my delta muscle (the site of the injection) and I can feel the lymph nodes under my arm. Today I am tired and have no energy. Due to the fact that I am an athlete I am really irritated because I have to interrupt my training. I hope that I will get better every day. Then it would certainly be a normal vaccine reaction. Otherwise I will go back to my doctor and report it.


P.P., 26.09.1960, female


After my family doctor had administered the first of 2 TBE vaccinations in my lower back I got sick to my stomach 15 minutes later. The next day I had increased muscle tone and a painful swelling on the left lymph nodes. Then I got a really bad cold. The symptoms went away again and now for the last 2 days I have had a very strange sensation in the fingers of my left hand. The fingers feel thick and stiff, they look normal and I can move them. I don’t know what rheumatism is like because I am a concert pianist and that is how I earn my living, so I am very worried. What should I do? Wait and hope that the symptoms disappear or should I expect to see a large number of specialists in the future? Under no circumstances will I have the second vaccination!

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