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Vaccine reaction/Vaccine damage


E.M.D., 30.04.1945, female


Influenza/Influsplit SSW 2006/2007 Ch.8 AFLUA235AA

One day after the vaccination I had a hard time breathing. It deteriorated so badly that 3 days later I had the problems during the night and during the day. The doctor had not informed me of potential damages after the vaccination. When I went to see the doctor on account of the respiratory problems I was told that they had nothing to do with the vaccination.

After I started seeing a different doctor I was told that the respiratory problems had to do with the high pollen count in 2007. Since then my immune system has weakened and I am susceptible to infections. In 1999 I was diagnosed with allergic asthma, but my medications have been established so that I do not have any complaints. Prior to that I did not know how bad an asthma attack can be and was not able to cope with the really bad attacks. The bad asthma attacks continue. The pulmonary critical care specialist has not been able to establish the right medication for the bad attacks. My quality of life is very limited so that I have respiratory problems when I exert myself. I reported this to my health care provider and was told to inform the pension office, which I did. The pension office rejected vaccination damage. I have filed an objection. I am very interested to see what will happen next.


E.D.S., 25.01.1953, female


Influenza vaccination and booster shot  Tetanus/Diphtheria/Croup/Hepatitis

Last fall, after a bladder and renal infection I had my first vaccination against influenza. At the same time I got a booster combination vaccine (6 fold). Right afterwards I came down with a really bad cold accompanied by high fever, bronchitis and pneumonia which was successfully treated with antibiotics. At the same time, however, I developed tinnitus and bad muscle pain in my left arm and in my neck. My dizziness was so extreme that I could neither stand nor walk without swaying. These symptoms have gotten somewhat better but continue to this day.

I consulted a neurologist, an ear, nose and throat specialist and I was at the municipal hospital where they did a tomography, X rays, a Doppler test and spinal fluid test. No findings. The neurologist at the hospital said my symptoms were psychosomatic and that always seems to be the diagnosis when there are no visible findings and it sure is not helpful. I have the dizziness under control by doing everything somewhat slower than usual. Thus I am at least able to go to work. But in my free time I cannot do any sport and am also unable to have fun. Even taking the dog for a walk is kind of torturous because I am so dizzy. It never even occurred to me that it could be a vaccination damage because I thought it was some kind of a virus (which the neurologist excluded) or I thought that I was suffering from burnout (even though I am no more burned out that I was before). It was not until last week when my family doctor handed me a brand new vaccination pass that I remembered that the symptoms started right after I had gotten the vaccination.


J.F.S., 01.10.2007, female

Cold and sore throat
01.01.2008 Noroviruses positive.
"Premy" diagnoses for my  daughter:
FG 29+3 SSW
Problems adjusting
Muscul. VSD
Double kidney position right siderelatively wide exterior liquor spaces

Infanrix Hexa + Prevenar on 08.02.2008

Right and left leg turned red and lumps. Temperature more than 38. Did not drink as well. After approx. 4 hours screaming after that tired and listless. The eyelids are periodically swollen and red after this vaccination. I don’t know if there is a connection.
It should be noted that my daughter was vaccinated with Synagis on 08.01.2008 and 11.02.2008.

My child was vaccinated before I received any information. We, the parents, are now told that we are to sign a statement in retrospect that we were willing to have our child vaccinated.


T.S., 12.01.2001, male



My son’s development was normal until 12.06.2001 He was able to turn around, picked up toys and played with his feet. Because we had read up on vaccination we had actually planned to not have him vaccinated.  The pediatrician reprimanded us and told us that we were bad parents and that our child would reproach us later. Unfortunately we agreed to have the vaccination administered. Four hours after the vaccination he screamed like he had never screamed before. The screaming was unappeasable and he was all bent over as if in pain.

The next day he was as rigid as a board. He no longer lifted his legs and did not turn around. He was also unable to pick things up with his hands. He was unable to turn around until he was 1 ½ years old. He did not walk until he was 2. Today he is 7 years old, is at the developmental stage of a 4-year-old and attends a special school.
I would like to emphatically warn all parents to not blindly trust doctors. In our family there will be no more vaccinations!!


A.T., 22.11.57, female


FSME / Encepur

In the summer of 2003 my doctor recommended that I have an FSME vaccination and I followed his recommendation. A few weeks after the vaccination the pain in my left upper arm started. It wasn’t very severe at first and they even disappeared periodically again. In late summer of 2004 the pain was so bad that I went to seek treatment. The doctor said that the pain came from my shoulder and prescribed physiotherapy. During the physiotherapy the pain became unbearable, neuralgia in my left arm from my shoulder to my wrist, including paralysis. During this time I became aware of the time overlap of the vaccination and the onset of my problems.  At the same time I remembered that I had read an article about nosodes as an antidote to vaccination damage. I approached a doctor who was also a homeopath and she prescribed FSME nosodes, a homeopathic remedy in the form of globules A few hours after I had taken the first 5 I felt considerably better, a few days later I was without symptoms. After a few months the pain returned and after taking a few of the nosodes it disappeared again. In the fall of 2007 the pain suddenly started in the right arm and again the nosodes helped. Presently I have slight pain again so I will be taking the globules. Conclusion: the vaccination damage does not seem to have been healed but with the help of homeopathy it can be treated well.


J.M., 27.09.90, female



After the second vaccination there was back pain and sweating, headaches, asthma and general exhaustion. My child had had asthma before but had not had in during the last 4 years. The symptoms did not appear at the same time so that it took us a while to connect the dots. My daughter will not be receiving the third vaccination.


A.M., 23.06.1994, female



Our daughter (13 ) was vaccinated on 13.09.07 for the first time. On 21.09.07 she felt sick at school. She complained about dizziness, pain in her legs and in her back and headaches. On 28.09 she was hospitalized in a Clinic that had a special Paediatrics Unit. She spent 11 days at the hospital. All sorts of exams were done in all areas and the doctors sent us home saying that they suspected that it had been a virus which they had initially excluded but later had suddenly detected. She had not improved, she was doing worse. After a few weeks at home she experienced bad episodes of dizziness and collapsed like a deck of cards. We went to the hospital with her (this time she was kept there for 8 days) and they did all sorts of tests again, without being able to come up with a diagnosis and the suspected virus was not confirmed, either. We found information on the internet (among others we found out about side effects, i.e. the kinds of side effects my daughter was experiencing (headaches, nausea, dizziness, pain in her back). We told the doctors that we thought it could be the side effects caused by the vaccination. They were very surprised and asked where we got the information and kept saying no, even after we had pointed it out to them several times. It was our impression that the doctors were even annoyed because we had offered a reason for why our daughter was so sick. The doctors on the other hand were unable to provide a diagnosis for her condition and could not find a reason for her pathology. Before she was vaccinated our child was a very lively girl, had lots of hobbies and after the „disease“ was unable to do anything which for us was definitely  a side effect of the vaccination. She spent the whole day on the sofa and when she got up she was dizzy. She said she had terrible headaches and back pain. She was unable to attend school for about 6 weeks. During the worst episodes our child was unable to walk even a few feet alone even though only weeks before she had been on hikes with us that were up to 6 miles. We consulted an osteopath and a homeopath after her hospital visits and they both think that it could only be the vaccination. Today after a prolonged and terrible torture for our child we can say that she is better by about 80% and that we hope that her condition will continue to improve. I don’t even dare imagine what would have happened if she had gotten the second vaccination.


S., 15.04.91, female



I had my first vaccination and afterwards I had a very bad case of eczema, including pus, and then I got asthma again, which I had had as a child and which had disappeared. I had to start using my spray again. One morning I had a stomach pain on the right side that was so bad that I could not walk, sneeze or cough. I thought it could be my appendix but my doctor said that he thought it was indigestion and that everyone experienced that once in a while. I did not realize that it could have been due to the vaccination. I thought it was a cold or something like that. The doctor then prescribed a cream against the eczema. Then I got the second vaccination a week ago and my asthma got worse again and since then I’ve had stomach cramps which are getting worse and worse. Also dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, hot flashes, insomnia, and I am totally exhausted and listless. My mother decided that these symptoms could be the side effects of the vaccination and that it could be the vaccination why I was feeling so bad.  Under no circumstances will I let them give me the third vaccination and I hope I will be feeling better soon.


I.T., 31.12.1988, female



Admittedly, my reaction was not all that bad, but I think that small things should be pointed out, too. I normally do not react to shots in a very sensitive way. After this vaccination my arm hurt for days and the same day I developed a migraine-like headache. After having read all these reports I will not have any more vaccinations! I should have gotten information before I had the vaccination, I now realize that. But the doctor was so emphatic in that it was important and necessary that I did not think about it very much beforehand!


I.Z., 11.4.1954, female



Initial vaccination on 28.2.07 in my right arm. Strong reaction which I ignored.

Second vaccination on 9.3.07 in my buttocks which made the pain in my arm worse. For months I had pains in my right arm, in my shoulder, a stiff neck. I was sent to the neurologist who said that everything was fine and that there was no connection to the vaccination. I was made to feel stupid. The neurologist said that I had taken on a protective stance after the vaccination and that my spine was probably not okay.

I then had manual therapy which did not make my condition any better. In December 07 the pain got much worse and was joined by a strange kind of burning in the upper part of my left arm. At night I had palpitations and sometimes panic attacks. In February I had an appointment to have a CATSCAN done of my neck but there were no findings. The family doctor is helpless. Sometimes he prescribes pain killers, sometimes  physiotherapy. He thinks it is impossible that I have vaccination damage. I am now having consultations with a naturopath and I hope she will be able to help me. Before I had the vaccination I never had these kinds of problems with my joints. I worked out twice a week. I now feel like an old woman, completely at a standstill with a lot of pain and no joy. I sure hope it will change at some point.


B.M.-K., 31.08.1972, female



Approx. 2 weeks ago after my second Gardasil vaccination I became completely “useless”. Very tired, no motivation, no energy. The condition lasted for approx. 3 months. Then I had my third Gardasil vaccination. Since that time (early January) I have had red spots on my hands (like little pimples). At first it was only a few but now there are whole patches. They hurt and now I have them on my legs, too.


S.W., 13.06.1995, female



First vaccination 11.10.07 no reaction, second vaccination on 10.12.07 exactly one month later on 11.01.08 my daughter is unable to walk, she feels numb, has pain in her legs and in her hips. I brought her to the hospital in Mannheim.

Short summary: computer tomography, blood work, eye test, no finding. She was given pain killer and two days later she was able to walk again, 8 days later they sent her home again.
On 30.01.08 she is unable to walk again and I brought her back to the hospital. Numbness, bad pain in her legs and sudden sharp pain. She felt very cold.

Short summary:
Computer tomography of her head and legs, liquor from her back, no findings. They sent her home again on 06.02.08.

On 10.02 she is unable to walk again, bad pain. So I took her to Heidelberg where they have a neurological unit. They were unable to find anything. Diagnosis: pains in her legs, psychological stress. She was there for three days. Now she is supposed to get psychotherapy.

Now she goes to school with pain in her arms and legs and shoulders and I don’t know what to do.  I am convinced that it has something to do with the vaccination and I am not going to have her vaccinated a third time.


S.B., 11.09.1939, female



Even though my daughter’s first HPV vaccination was more than 4 months ago her health is still keeping us busy around the clock.

The first vaccination was on 28.9.07. There was a slight local reaction at the site of injection and a headache. When after approx. 3 weeks there was bad pain in the upper arm and shoulders and a general kind of fatigue I asked the doctor about his experiences with Gardasil but I was told that the reaction could not be due to the vaccination seeing that so much time had passed. Blood work was without any result. Early December frequent stomach aches, including flatulence, dizziness and permanent nausea. Then there was a fungal infection in the genital area. I went to the gynecologist’s and was administered the second HPV vaccination on 4.12.07 despite the infection, they said it was no problem. By late 2007 my daughter continued to have above-mentioned problems, then there was dizziness and joint pain (wrists, shoulders, knees). Frequently I had to pick her up from school. We decided that the problems had to do with the winter, stress and general fatigue during Christmas time but even though the Christmas vacation was relaxing her condition did not improve. An orthopaedic examination was inconclusive. In January she had an ultrasound examination because of the continuing pain but it was inconclusive, too. More blood work showed that her iron levels were low which is being rectified. This diagnosis explained some of the symptoms but in the mean time we looked into the matter and read up on HPV vaccinations and received detailed information and discovered surprising parallels to other victims of vaccinations. The doctor who was treating us took our concerns very seriously and had more blood work done which was even more thorough (luckily no findings). She does not think that there is a connection to the vaccination. (She did tell us to read the epidemiological bulletin published by the Robert-Koch-Institute).
Yet it undeniable that my daughter despite her excellent blood work (even the iron has improved considerably) continues to have nausea, stomachaches and dizziness.

Herbal remedies such as Iberogast and Veratum Album help reduce the symptoms but she has not felt healthy and fit for 4 months. As parents we are clueless and feel insecure particularly regarding the third vaccination.


V.S., 03.04.1951, male


Influsplit SSW 2006/2007, AFLUA225AA

20.10.2006 Flu vaccination       (Friday)

On 21.10. (Sunday) at noon a feeling of fatigue and sweating, temperature 37.9 C (under the tongue), and in bed by 17.00.
The site of injection, right upper arm, very red (approx. 6 cm diameter). On 22.10. (Sunday) the fever is gone and I feel fine. Red spot continues. One week later, on 30.10, suddenly pain on the right side of my back when I move a certain way when I lean forward. This pain subsides and has disappeared 4 days later.  On 05.11, after the veins on both of my hands are slightly swollen there is a feeling of fatigue and malaise accompanied by a slight fever. This pathology continues on 06.11 and my chest hurts. I go to the doctor. The doctor thinks I have the flue (despite vaccination) and I am told to stay at home and rest. The first three days I do and I feel better.

I do not feel completely better. The feeling of fatigue remains and when I exert myself only slightly my productivity is spent. I start to sweat. There is no cough, no cold and no fever. There is one symptom that gets worse. The veins on my hands and get are swollen as soon as I hold them up or down. When the veins are swollen the hands start to be strained and they itch. In the evenings it is particularly bad. It is more than unpleasant, it makes me depressed and I get anxiety attacks.
What could it be???
At times the joints on my right arm and right leg hurt. My hands feel hot sometimes. But I am unable to hold my hands up all the time. I am afraid that the veins could burst or that there could be some other kind of irreparable damage.
Problems with my veins in my legs and feet and now in my hands? Was that reason for the stroke – a burst vein in the brain? My sore throat which became manifest in March and which did not seem to heal until September is back again, but not as bad. The vocal cords are still fine. What is the real cause?
(Blood pressure medication?)
I need some blood work done! …
14.11.2006  8:00 o’clock at doctor’s: It will supposedly take me 4 weeks to heal, unknown cause, blood work, waiting;.
Keep hands up so that the veins are not strained (will that help or has the damage already been done?).

On Tuesday, 14.11.2006, the veins readjust in the hands. But my hope that I have healed was too early the veins pop up again and hurt. Pain on the side of my hands, feeling of tension, even itchiness short-term, cribbling on various places on the hand and fingertips. The blood pressure is down again and is somewhere around 121 SYS and 66 DIA despite the fact that Lisinopril has been reduced to 20 mg and 12.5 mg Hydrochlorothiaazid (previously 25 mg Hydrochlorothiaazid).

18.11.2006: 122:67 mmHg at 7:38 ! Never before. But the veins on my hands swollen. The hands are tense, cribbling, etc. It is difficult to do my weekend shopping. Even though the hands are held up, the veins are swollen and hurt. I am forced to hold my hands up. People stare at me. What is worse is that I am so depressed and afraid. Instead of getting better the symptoms are getting worse.
Won’t it ever stop?

20.11.2006: Blood pressure continues to be low, have cut dosage in half (10 mg + 6.25 mg).
The veins continue to be swollen. Paresthesia in my hands. At times pains in my hands near my thumb.   Sometimes I feel the veins on the backs of my hands. When will it end? Even during only slight exertion (vaccum cleaner) I am exhausted immediately. I keep holding my hands up.  It is very tiring and depressing to be so inactive and the handicapped condition of the right extremities due to inexact and jammed motor skills and lack of fine motor skills (as a result of the stroke) which are limiting, too…

21.11.2006 8:00 Doctor’s visit: Blood work okay except for sugar (cause – virus?!). No result yet from the cultures. Another sick slip. The doctor seems to be completely helpless. No medication, no pain killesr. The disease can do with me whatever it wants to. My fear of permanent damages, mainly the veins on my hands and feet, is great.

I have back pain (under my right shoulder blade) which make it hard for me to get up, even at 10.00. At 2:30 the back pain has stopped, but now my chest and my ribs hurt. The blood pressure has risen, so I increase the dose to 20 mg Lisinopril and 12.5 mg hydrochlorothyazide.

22.11.2006:  After the back pain has receded yesterday evening they have returned again today full force. So bad that it takes me several attempts to put on my compression stockings.  Back pain and pain in the swollen veins on my hands, which I keep holding up. Why doesn’t it finally stop? My blood pressure starts going up again.
23.11.2006: Blood pressure is pretty low again at 7:00. The back pain has almost stopped, slight pain in my chest when I breathe and when I clear my throat. I’m hoarse again this morning. I keep clearing my throat. No energy.

Noon: It is necessary for me to keep holding my hands up constantly, otherwise the blue veins protrude. Since yesterday the veins on my arms, too.

Arterial blood in my stool. I remember that approx. 10 days after the vaccination there was blood in my stool, too. The last time my hemorrhoids bled was 10 years ago. Since then I have never had problems. At  13:05 my blood pressure is 118:66.

24.11.2006: My hands hurt and pinch, even when I hold them up.  The blue veins protrude throughout my whole arm. Sometimes there is a feeling of warmth in those areas that are affected (13:00).
In order to sooth the pain I take  500 mg aspirine. At 15:30 I go shopping at Aldi’s. Afterwards I am drenched and exhausted.

25.11.2006: 8:00 I go shopping at REAL – I am exhausted and drenched afterwards again. My left hand hurts even though I have bandaged it. The veins seem to be getting even more affected. I don’t use the home trainer because it makes my pulse go fast and I don’t feel well afterwards.

26.11.2006:  6:30: My back is hurting again. When I get up out of bed I almost collapse. I am unable to put pressure on my left foot and it hurts. I can only take little steps. My hands are bandaged and I have to use a cane to walk – I am a cripple. The place that hurts on my left foot keeps getting hot, it feels tingly. My left hand keeps getting hot, too.
16:00 Uhr – After 2 hours in bed I can walk again.  As of 19:30 Uhr the left foot starts hurting again.
27.11.2006 – 8:00  I go to see my doctor. After a night of insomnia I demand a solution why my hands hurt so much (protruding veins). 12.00 I get an appointment with the internist who finally wants to get to the root of the cause.

28.11.2006 – X ray of my thorax. I slept again and note that the veins in my hands are still swollen and have a feeling of warmth not as bad as before and they no longer hurt!
The worst part seems to be over, at least that is what I hope.

29.11.2006: I slept well again and I slept longer, too. I feel better. I notice that the feeling of depression is subsiding. My nerves and my psyche seem to have been involved, too.

Now I hope to be able to work as of Wednesday. The pain in my left foot have not returned.  During  the evening my hands start to hurt again, but not quite as bad as before. The veins no longer protrude as much, not as extreme.
30.11.2006: The blood pressure is almost normal. 123 : 72. The veins in my hands continue to protrude but not quite as bad. Nervous tension in my hands, more in the left hand than in the right one.

01.12.2006: The veins in my hands and lower arms swell up again, the left hand hurts. I guess I have not gotten over the worst part yet. What is the cause? When will it finally stop?;

02.12.2006: In the morning I start to sweat without even having moved. I am forced to hold my hands in an upright position, otherwise the veins protrude and a very unpleasant tingling and tickly feeling starts. It is depressing.  I can feel every vein. It also pertains to the veins in the lower part of my arm. It seems that after 5 weeks they have lost their elasticity. My blood pressure is very low 7:30, it is  116 : 67, (before I take my pills it is usually 130: 80). The insides of my hands are covered with sweat.
03.12.2006: Now the veins in my right arm are protruding. They tingle and are ense. Both hands and the lower parts of my arms are affected. I bandage my hands in order to be able to do copy with the mot basic things. I must hold my hands up in order for the swelling to go down. A few days a go it was enough just to hold the lower parts of my arms up. I am desperate.  The hands are hot and are sweating
06.12.2006:  The last two days I have had the impression that there has been a slight improvement of the pain I have been experiencing in my veins. Today a new wave went through my whole body. Yesterday evening I could hardly sit. The muscles in my backside hurt so ba.d Today the pain has returned mainly to my left hand. The pain started at 15:00. It feels like I am being pinched in my thumb and along the backside of my hand. There is a hot feeling. There are similar symptoms in my left foot.  in

07.12.2006: In the late morning my right hand hurts. It is the par between the thumb and index finger. The pain disappears in the afternoon and reappears again, stronger than ever, at 16:00. What is it ?
The left hurts slightly, too, and there is a feeling of warmth every once in a while. I must continue to hold my hands up or I must wrap a bandage around them. Otherwise the veins protrude  and hurt. This has lasted for 5 weeks already and it is not healing!!!

16.12.2006: The disease has remained unchanged after the vaccination. I wrap a bandage around my hands almost every day now. I had an ultra sound done the other day. The result was negative. The arteries and veins are fine. Dr. Bibergeil performed the same exam already, but this timne the blood in my arteries and my veins could be seen on the screen. I have been treated by three doctors and all three are unable to help me. Dr. Bibergeil prescribed Veno SL 300, Mr. Boehm advised me against it.  . Dr. Eschenburg diagnosed lymph edema in both arms, Mr. Böhm and Mr. Bibergeil had both ruled out an infection completely. Dr. Bibergeil refers to a venous blockage. I am now completely confused. What is wrong with me?? My hands continue to hurt between the thumb and index finger and there is a visible line that is approx.
1.5 cm long. The worse my pain is the more pronounced these lines are.

18.12.2006: The pain in my hands has subsided somewhat, but there are cramps and tingling. I had pain in my back for three days, from my backside right up to the shoulder blades. Today the pain in the shoulders has almost completely subsided.

In the evening I can no longer sit. Cribbling in both hands. Slight pain on the left side and on my head.

19.12.2006: This morning I discovered little bumps on my head. I am unable to sit later in the day, my backside hurts so bad and I have pain in my left rib cage. At the same time I feel like something is stuck there.

20.12.2006: The pain in the left back area has increased. I did not sleep well and it hurts. I wrap a bandage around my hands and take 500 mg aspirine. I feel very poorly, have no energy and am depressed.


A., 14.10.2005, female


Infanrix hexa

When my daughter was 2 she had her first vaccination (combination, 6 fold), when she had her 2nd vaccination she said her arms hurt. She was very whiney all day long and kept complaining. During the night she came down with a high fever and her face turned bright red.  She cried in a pitiable way and I was unable to calm her down. I was also not allowed to touch her. During the second night she had a terrible headache, she held her head and kept moaning „ouch, ouch, my head”. She cried and cried. I also had the feeling that her joints hurt because I was not allowed to touch her. Thank God a good homeopathic practitioner helped me get the situation under control. In the meantime I have decided that it was my daughter’s very last vaccination!!


S.D., female


Hepatitis B (Engerix)

In January 2008 I received a booster for Hepatitis B (vaccinated the first time 20 years ago, no side effects). I work in medicine so it was recommended by my employer. The fact that I have had an auto immune disease of the thyroid (Hashimoto) for approx. 15 years was not taken into account by my family doctor. They day I was vaccinated I was doing great, both physically and psychologically, my thyroid hormones have been perfectly adjusted for years with L-Thyroxin, and so I did not have any problems. About an hour after the vaccination while I was driving I noticed the first changes. Approx. 4 hours later my fatigue continued to get worse. My arms and legs felt paralyzed. My speech pattern changed. And I could not hold things with my hands at times. The doctor did not think it was a reaction to the vaccination but was unable to say what it was. After drinking a lot of water I felt better about 2 hours later. Neurological exams and an MRT the same day were inconclusive. For days I felt run down. Now I have tired legs sometimes but otherwise I feel fine again. I hope there are no delayed reactions!


F.D., 16.10.01, female


DT-vaccine Merieux

Our daughter was one and a half years old when she was vaccinated. About 3 months later we noticed that she was wetting her pants again during the day although she was already toilet-trained.  She had a rash in her face, too. We noticed that she had a lactose allergy. It is so bad that even the smallest amounts of milk cause strong psychological reactions (low frustration level, temper tantrums, lack of concentration, insufficient ability to talk, etc.) She is a different child then. Otherwise she is very self contained and is happy with herself and the world. A doctor (who only takes private patients) confirmed the suspicion we had that this was a reaction to a vaccination.  Now we are spending a lot of money on getting a grip on the vaccination damage homeopathically. Our child will not receive a further vaccination


M.N.F., 03.11.1984, female



My mother was approached by our gynaecologist to have the protective vaccination Gardasil administered. He recommended that I have it (without telling her there were side effects)  I am 23 years old. I talked it over with my health care provider and after they confirmed that they would cover the expenses I decided to have the vaccination. My gynaecologist unfortunately did not tell me about possible side effects and reactions. My first vaccination was in November 2007. Reaction: Slight to medium pain in my arm which stopped 2-3 weeks later. I then had the 2nd vaccination in December 2007. Since that time I have had pain in my arm!!! It is not unbearable but tends to be unpleasant, the feeling like you have just received the vaccination, almost like a bruise. Even at night when I am asleep and I lie on that arm it hurts! I am now not sure at all whether I should have the third vaccination (June 2008).  I have not consulted my doctor yet, I just thought it would stop soon. But now I am going to get in touch with him!!!!


R.R., 27.01.1992, female.,



first vaccination on 06.12.07 site of injection thick and red, slight dizziness, sweating, malaise, weakness.

Second vaccination on 03.01.08, two days later dizziness several times a day, hot flashes, sweaty hands and feet, high blood pressure, the site of injection is still swollen and it hurts.

Our daughter is doing really poorly. Weh ad a large number of exams done by specialists.

As we and the doctors were clueless we brought her to the hospital on 01.02.08, they admitted her and after a number of unpleasant exams, e.g. lumbar puncture they discovered she had Polyneuritis.

We got to take her home on 07.02.08 but she is still not feeling any better!!!!


A.D., 01.12.1992, female



Since her first vaccination in April 2007 my daughter has been suffering from stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea. First the stomach cramps only lasted a few minutes, but they happened frequently in October / November 2007 the cramps lasted up to 15 minutes. Early December she was admitted to a hospital because it was suspected that she had appendicitis. But they said she did not have it. In the meantime she has had blood work done several times, and her urine and stool have been tested and she also had a fructose test, everything without any findings. Sometimes her leukocyte value was higher than normal, but then it went back to normal again. The stomach cramps have decreased but she regularly has diarrhea after she eats. A number of newspaper articles pointed out the side effects of Gardasil but when I asked the gynaecologist I was told that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES it could have anything to do with the vaccination.


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