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Hepatitis B

General information

Aside from Hepatitis B there is Hepatitis A, C, D and E. The etiopathology of A and E take is generally without complications.

Nowadays the vaccination is also recommended for young children. This is hard to understand as young children and even older children are not at risk. Hepatitis B is passed on during sexual contact or by dirty injection instruments and dirty needles (when people get tattoos, for earrings or piercing). Only newborns whose mothers have contagious Hepatitis B are also at risk. (For more information please read an interesting article by Dr. Klein and Dr. Albonico from Switzerland).

The information provided on the number of disease cases is contradictory. Sometimes chronic virus carriers are also included in the numbers. In Switzerland (where numbers are reported to the authority) there were approx. 126 to 259  and 1000-1200) new cases in the last 6 years (Hepatitis total including chronic cases) annually, of those 0-4 (0-7) babies ( These numbers can certainly be applied to Germany. As of January 1, 2001 all Hepatitis B cases must be reported (including names) in Germany.

Due to the insignificant number of babies contracting the disease (including small children) the American Association of American Physicians and Surgeons does not think the vaccination should be recommended. The danger of contracting side effects as a result of the vaccination is considered to be 3 times as great as contracting Hepatitis B without vaccination (Martin Hirte: Impfen: pro und Contra S 164)

Hepatitis vaccination

The risks of side effects that Hepatitis B vaccinations entail are high. The auto-immune diseases are very problematic. Vaccination failures are particularly endangered as their immune system does not react to the surface antigen of the Hepatitis B virus.

24775 cases of vaccination reaction were reported between July 1990 and October 1998 after Hepatitis B vaccinations. Of those 9673 were very serious and 439 children died. The VAERS reporting system ( has been around since 1990 and it is its task to collect data from vaccination incidents. Unfortunately, only 10% of doctors report vaccination reactions to VAERS. The numbers listed above represent only 1/10 of the actual numbers.(HEPATITIS B VACCINE REACTION REPORTS OUTNUMBER REPORTED DISEASE CASES IN CHILDREN ACCORDING TO VACCINE SAFETY GROUP,NVIC January 27,1999)

The president of the American Doctors’ and Surgeons’ Association said that the risk of children who are younger than a certain age is three times higher to die after a hepatitis vaccination or to contract a serious side effect than of contracting the disease itself.(Fosters, 1999, COX News Service)

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