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Vaccine reaction/Side effects of the vaccine


R.L.,31.03.1976, male



Early November I was vaccinated against the swine flu because I am in contact with a lot of people for professional reasons.

Since then I have been having continuous health issues: the joints in my arms and legs get hot when I move them, like hot needles (cannot describe it differently) and I am in pain sometimes.

I also feel cribbling in the left side of my body, especially when I am in bed and it also happens that the left arm and the legs fall asleep suddenly.

My blood work is fine and an antibiotic treatment due to an assumed infection did not improve things.

Examinations as per rheumatism and Borreliosis were negative.

Before the vaccination I did not have problems like this.


J.M., 1992



Several pre-existing conditions, VSD, lack of iron syndrome. After vaccination the next day pains in the arm, otherwise no other symptoms.

In the morning I only noticed little spots on her eye-lids, the origin of which were not clear to me.

We knew that she had a limited span to live and that ultimately HL transplantation would become necessary, but at the time her condition was too good to be put on the lists. She had not had fainting spells yet.

Suddenly on the afternoon of 2.12.2009 she collapsed at school.

She was admitted to the hospital and we arrived shortly thereafter, but the machines had already been switched off.


D.S.,29.12.1949, male


diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio.

Saw doctor on 21.12.2009 because of cut on left finger. Bleeding did not Stop because of medication, treatment of arteriosclerosis. Bypass 2003, stents 2008 an 2009, afterwards Plavix for one year.

Vaccine not in vaccination pass, only said that vaccination administered against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio.

Vaccination itself painless, in elbow below joint into muscle at approx. 6 pm. Next day arm swollen, red and hard. At the same time flu-like feeling, nervous, irritable, and feverish without fever, weak and sick, bronchitis starting.

Lifting arm hurts, especially when up and down and lifting loads. Try to keep arm still.

Problems increased the next day, 22.12.2009 Saw doctor morning of 23.12.2009. Problems have spread, half lower arm now red and swollen, too.

Doctor says it is an allergic reaction, nothing bad and prescribed Cetirizin tablets, said to take one a day and keep arm cool with ice, etc.

On 23.12.2009 problems increasing after taking Cetirizin tablets and spray to treat the bronchitis, also took Wobenzym and thymus tablets, magnesium, overall condition improved. Arm continues to be red and hot. Itchess. I apply Fenistil, Repair and Cortisone to the arm.

24.12.2009, overall condition better, arm worse. The whole arm now swollen up to hand, but no longer red and no longer hot, only slight feeling of temperature along arm. Can no longer feel elbow joint everything feels as if the arm was full of water and about to burs.

Now I can only feel the injection site and the spots around it.  On 25.12.2009 arm hurts again, otherwise I feel okay. My whole arm swollen, including site of injection, as if full of water, slightly elevated temperature.


B.H.,15.06.62, female

Multiple sclerosis

H1N1 Pandemrix Lot:A81CA062A

Actually I was of the opinion that I tolerated the vaccination really well (10.11.09) I only had a slight headache for two days.

As MS-patient I am part of the risk group and since there were recommendations everywhere to get the vaccination …well, I thought to myself I’d better err on the safe side...

If I had known what I was getting myself into …

Approx. 3 weeks later I had the feeling that something was not right.

I thought it had to do with the handicraft work I was involved in.

And then one morning I felt strange and I was so cold.

Numb, without feeling from the chest downwards … My chest felt like it was strapped into a very tight corset … I felt sick to my stomach and like I was blown up like a balloon. My hand and fingers are number and some of them are completely cramped. I cannot feel my left foot and I only feel the right one minimally.  My insides (intestines and bladder) did not work for days … now that is okay again, but only after I had suffered through stomach cramps for days. I can hardly walk and I cannot take care of my household. Thinking, talking and movements are really bad, too.

After I went to see my family doctor it was clear that it had been a huge MS episode and the doc said it had to have to do with the vaccination. The next day I went to see my neurologist who was completely dismayed at seeing me in THIS kind of condition. He was also convinced that it was the vaccination. And so he reported it to the pharmaceutical company. I failed all of the tests, which has never been the case so far. So for 3 days I got 800mg cortisone because no way did I want to go to the hospital to have infusions. I still don’t feel better after the cortisone treatment. And so I have to wait and see what kinds of treatment possibilities my neurologist has. I think the treatment that I will have will be either very painful or very unpleasant. Until the point in time when I had the MASSIVE episode I was actually doing quite well.

But I have never experienced anything like this. If my current problems and handicaps ever disappear again, and that can take years, I will never have a vaccination again, I am absolutely sure of that.


B.P.,12.07.70, female


H1N1 Pandemrix

The following night I had terrible pain in the arm where I had the injection, and then I had flu-like symptoms and due to the fact that I could not call in sick and my immune system was so weak I got a big fat cold. And then a bladder infection. What I noticed was the stinging pain along the nerves in my arms. I have never had anything like it!

Two weeks later I was okay again. But what is apparent is that at various places (legs, arm, back) I feel a kind of tingling as if I was getting goose bumps … I cannot describe it any better. At night my fingers or my arms fall asleep and even my legs … I have never experienced in this kind of intensity. I have not gone to see the doctor because I was worried they would think I have flipped my lid and what are they supposed to test? And furthermore I am ashamed I was so stupid to have this vaccination in the first place …


R.F.,07.06.1955, female


Swineflu/H1N1  Pandemrix Lot: A 81 CA 074 A  Fa. GlaxoSmithKlin

During the night from 03.11.09 to 04.11.09 I came down with a lot of pain in the vaccination arm and I could not move the arm any longer. It was like paralyzed. On 16.11.09 paralysis of the arm goes back. The unbearable sharp pain has not gone away. Today is the 11.12.09 and on 14.12.09 I will be operated on my shoulder. The MRT x-rays were clear. So how is going to go on? I sure hope I will be getting back my quality of life


P.A.,12.10.1984, female



After a deep cut wound I recommended that my daughter have a booster tetanus shot as the ten years had already gone by. So she went to the doc and there the following scenario took place, which unfortunately cannot be reversed. Within hours she had terrible pain in her arm and could unable to lift it. During the evening: chills, terrible pain in her back, legs, feet and arms. The pain was so bad that we went to the emergency ward of the hospital. After they checked her blood, gave her an infusion against the pain and had a talk with the doctor they confirmed that it was indeed a vaccine reaction. I pray that she will soon be back on her feet and I have such a terribly bad conscience and self-recriminations. And by the way, before she got the vaccination the doctor did not provide any information. Otherwise that shot would have stayed where it belongs -  locked away!


S.K.,20.11.1995, female


Hepatitis B

Approx. 4 hours after the vaccination eczema on both cheeks. Months later neurodermatitis that has lasted for years. She went on special food plans and when she turned 5 it disappeared. Since she turned 11 she has had hay fever and constant exhaustion and fatigue. She has pain in her leg or foot sometimes that is hard to pinpoint.


F.S., 14.06.2005, male



Immediately following the vaccination (5.11.09) he came down with diarrhea and vomiting and these symptoms lasted a week, afterwards his stomach was hard and swollen, something he is still suffering from. He also has water in his face and in his legs. His nose bleeds for hours. Presently he is being treated with lymph node drainage. And he has a really bad cough, too.


I.D.,30.05.1967, male


H1N1 Pandemrix

We decided to have the vaccination due to standard recommendations for chronically ill patients to have this done. Already during the vaccination the site of injection on his left arm swelled up to a tennis ball sized lump. What followed was a feeling of heat which crawled down his arm and the feeling of bronchial spasms. The vegetative anxiety symptoms (dizziness, impaired vision, panic, fear of dying) seemed to get 100 times stronger. Home at all cost, where I had the chills and saw circles on the ceiling and felt like the world was surreal. The following days substandard temperature and the feeling of being sick, inability to rest and strong shakiness, including hyperventilation. The thought was that I was going to die. Furthermore pressure headache and burning eyes, tremors and low temperature   (37.4).I went to see the doctor who said „you seem to be sort of allergic to the vaccination“, when I went again he prescribed Fenistil. Blood work done a few days later showed elevated creatinin values. Not better, back to the family doctor who said I probably had an infection prior to the vaccination and prescribed sedatives.  ...All these years I have taken all sorts of medications and due to influenza A years ago I am vaccinated against the flu every year without any problems. Pandemrix however was sheer hell!


A.N.M.,05.08.1968, female


H1N1 Pandemrix

24 hours after the vaccination paresthesia, dizziness, nausea, shock, symptom high pulse rate, anxiety attacks, chills with a temperature, tremors on both arms like an epileptic seizure.

Then the following week I was exhausted, felt sick. ,

1 week later collapse, bradycardia up to 40, 40, rr 90760. supervision on monitor, then 24 hour ECG,  sinus bradycardia as yet untreated

followed by neurology ward, GBS suspected, autoimmune disease, still being investigated, then introduction to cardiologist, hopefully rr and pulse adjusted well, betterment and no lasting damages

I fear for my life, my children need me.



V.S., 4.7.2009, male


Infanrix and Prevenar

Up until when he was vaccinated the first time Vincent was a beautiful child, very happy during the day, he laughed a lot and could keep himself amused.  At night he would sleep for 4 hours at a time and after being nursed he would fall right back to sleep. After the vaccination I waited for him to come down with a fever but instead he became whiney, would not let me set him down, and could not be calmed down. Sometimes he would scream. Has flatulence all the time, and diarrhea, sometimes constipation. He does not drink well and lost weight. The doctor has ignored my comment that I see a connection to the vaccination and the second vaccination, which was 6-fold plus pneumococci. She thinks he does not have enough lactose bacteria in his intestines and told us to take lactose powder. It got worse after I started giving him the powder, Vincent cannot sleep at night, wakes up all the time, probably because of the gas, during the day he screams when he is not asleep. When he wakes up it is always screaming, not because he has had enough sleep. I stopped giving him the powder and I think I am going to discontinue the vaccinations.


Y.M.,09.03.69, female


FSME Encepur

On 2 April 05 I had a TBE vaccination after moving to Bavaria, which is a risk area. The next day I woke up and could not turn my head to the right. Because I am still in the midst of my move and am dragging boxes around all the time I thought it had to do with twisting my neck, but 4 weeks later I had another vaccination and I could not move my head again. The doctor said it was due to the tension because of the move. I should say that I have 3 children and that we moved from a big house in Rhineland to Bavaria. It really was a lot of stress. I only got the vaccination because my husband had hurt himself and we went to the doctor’s and the doctor emphasized how important the TBE vaccination was.  Unfortunately I did not really think and so we all had the vaccination. Even after the second vaccination I was in pain for days, my right arm. So I went to see an osteopath on account of the stiffness of my neck and the pain. After 10 treatments he said that he thought something was wrong, like he could feel something was wrong with the membranes and he could not understand why the treatment was not making me better. The pain in my neck got worse and I still had a hard time turning my head. I also had indigestion and a tooth ache. Up until this point in time I did not think it had anything to do with the TBE vaccination. And so I had my third vaccination on 3.4.07. I was in pain again in my right arm, no other reaction. My neck was already stiff. In November 07 the problems got even worse. Visual impairment on my right side, pain in the right side of my forehead, earache right side, shoulder pain right side. The pain and the numbness got worse and worse until my face started burning on the right side. The neurologist said I should try to reduce stress. 2 MRTs did not show any damages. The pain in my eyes got worse, I was hardly able to read, was always tired and fatigued and dizzy and sick to my stomach. In the mean time I really react to mobile phones and cell phones, they give me a headache. When I went to see the eye doctor the fourth time they said it could be a herpes infection of the eye. Acyclovir made it better fast, but only as long as I was taking the pills.  Herpes Titer IGG 18000. That is way too high. Early 2008 I went to see a naturopath, she did a kinesiological test. She said the cause of my problems was the TBE vaccination. After 2 years of treatment I am doing better. My face doesn’t burn as much. I take Vitamin B complex for my nerves. I hope that I do not have to live with these problems until I day. I am only happy that my husband and my children tolerated the vaccination really well.


M.L.,25.06.1976, female



On 23.09.2004 I had my third TBE vaccination. A few weeks later my sinuses got bad suddenly, which had never happened before, even though I am sort of sensitive in that area. My nasal sinuses were swollen all the time and water collected in my ears. I went to an ENT who saw me for a few months. All medication did not help. In December they did an allergy test which was absolutely negative, so that was not it. In the mean time I had to go to the ENT three times a week to have the fluid drained from the sinuses. In early 2005 it got so bad that I could not continue every day life. I was sneezing twice a minute with an immense pressure which felt like it was going to burst my head every time.  I could no longer breathe through my nose, had a really dry pharynx because there was no humidity in the sinuses, I could not taste anything or smell anything and a fluid kept running from my nose so that I had to keep holding a tissue in my hand at all times. They then did a CT, which bowled me over: “Dramatic … they had never seen the likes of it…“ The plates of the nose bone had disintegrated chronic sinus infection, immense swelling of the inside of the nose (back to areas off the brain), mucous membrane swollen, and polyps. In May they operated on me in the hospital, repaired everything.

Afterwards I was able to live again but it will probably never be like before again. At least I can smell things and taste things again, that was the part that really got to me. I cleanse the inside of my nose every day and yet there is little volume, so that my voice does not have enough volume. Of course it may have nothing to do with the vaccination but the timeline does seem really strange to me. At the time I did not worry about the vaccination at all.





I was vaccinated the evening of 02.11, a little prick and then it was over. That night restless. Went to work the next morning and then it started. Really dizzy and circulatory problems. My boss sent me home. I had fever and chills and headache. Could hardly get out of bed. Next day I felt better. The next days I kept having pain in my muscles and in my joints. Slept badly for weeks. One week later I still had cribbling in my arms and legs and weird pricks (or something like that) along my back. I kept being dizzy. I was afraid I was going to collapse. My doctor told me to stay home from work and said that vaccinations are dangerous and that I should go see the doctor who vaccinated me. When I did that they first did not want to even see me. The vaccination was 9 days ago and they having nothing at all to do with it. Supposedly it was impossible to experience adverse effects three days after you have been vaccinated. I stayed in bed two more days and was afraid. And when it still hadn’t gotten better I went and saw the third doctor. He took me seriously and checked my blood and wanted to report the vaccine damage. But by then I was feeling better again. Luckily. If I had known that before I would never have had the vaccination. Unfortunately the adverse effects and the long-term effects were not discussed until after 2.11. I have never been sensitive to medication or vaccinations, I am only 26, and have a chronic lung disease which has not broken out yet (the reason why I was vaccinated).


D.A., 1971, male


H1N1 Pandemrix

Shortly after the vaccination I felt really good, as if someone had given me an upper. But at this point in time I didn’t realize yet what was to come.

6 hours later I had headaches off and on which have lasted until today, 5 days later. They are not non-stop, but only of short duration but the duration and strength of the headaches have increased so that I have now had to take my second headache tablet.

9 hours after the vaccination I broke out in a cold sweat. I felt like I had a fever but my temperature was normal. The symptoms stopped after 2 hours but in the meantime I had a kind of numbness in the fingers of the vaccination arm.

2 days after the vaccination the fatigue started as if I had fallen ill, plus the headaches which had still not stopped. Additionally there was nausea accompanied by diarrhea. The third night I woke up at night the pain was so bad in the arm I had had the vaccination in, it felt like I had dislocated it in my sleep. The whole arm was cramped and it all hurt.

Now on the 5th day I still have the headache and my eyes burn. I feel like I aged 10 years in the last 5 days.

PS My wife was vaccinated, too, but she did not have as many symptoms as I did. She had headache and joint pain which did not start until after the vaccination.

We both regret having had the vaccination. I think it is a mass test or maybe even a vaccination so we do not reach pension age!


-.-., 1986,


H1N1 Celvapan

On the evening of the day of the vaccination fatigue, malaise, elevated temperature. One week later (hardly was among people):

Since Tuesday evening 16. 11.: fever  (my normal temperature is 35.3 , at this time around 37 degrees, extremely sick feeling, tiredness, headache,

Wednesday: 17.11: Fever, depressed, malaise, headache, kidney pain!!

Thursday: temperature, headache

When I called the vaccine hotline they said I should go to the place where I was vaccination. The place where I was vaccinated said that I should ask my family doctor. They did not give me further information. I don’t really think that they reported this damage.


L.W., 21.03.2005, female


6-fold vaccination and pneumococcal vaccination

My daughter Laura was a very lively and intelligent little girl up to the age of 3 months. Se could roll over on her stomach and back at a very early age. After her 6-fold combination vaccination (plus pneumococci) she seems to have lost all of her natural instincts. She turns over on her stomach and the instinct to turn her face to the side to be able to breathe again was gone all of a sudden. For a whole week my husband and I picked her up from her bed at night before she suffocated, because she kept pressing her face into the matrace. Our pediatrician denied that a child would do something like that so that I brought my daughter in for her to see it and when she did see it she did not think there was a connection to the vaccination at all but said something to the effect that “she had never seen a child with such a serious handicap”. But in my heart I knew this was not the case because she had developed so well early on. We had to tie her up in her sleeping bag at night because otherwise she would have been in danger. For the next few months she hardly developed at all and when I stopped nursing her when she was six months old and started giving her food to eat she immediately got a bad case of neurodermatitis and lost weight. The pediatrician took a blood test and determined that her liver values were 10 times too high. She supposedly has celiac disease … when she was at the hospital they kept taking her blood, too, but only looking for a virus. I stopped this depressing spectacle and started looking for an alternative treatment method. It became clear very fast that it was vaccine damage and that Laura could not tolerate the polio vaccine in the six-fold vaccination. There is a whole list of things we did so that our child started feeling well again, starting with bioresonance and osteopathy, prana and Bachblueten, homeopathy, oils … we had a hard time combating her lack of balance and ability to learn to speak, but with the help of alternative medicine and a large number of restrictions we managed to turn the situation around so that we now have a healthy child. Laura is four years old now and as far as we can tell there will be no handicaps as a result of the vaccine damage. But I would NEVER EVER have a child vaccinated again.


S.F., 11.08.1977, female


Hep. A and B, Twinrix

In 2001 I was vaccinated by my family doctor against Hep A and B because I was going to be abroad. At the same time I was also administered the combination preparation Twinrix. The injection site was swollen for quite some time and my arm felt limp. I had a headache which lasted for ages, heart arrhythmias, insomnia, hot flashes and a few other symptoms. In late 2002 they then determined Hashimoto Thyroidism / Morbus Baseow which is a disease of the autoimmune system which destroys the thyroid. Since 2007 I have also been suffering from an autoimmune disease which destroys the eyes. Up until now I have been unable to convince a doctor to take a close look at the data and to see whether there is a connection.


S.H.,12.10.1967, female



On 12.11.09 we ( F., M. and S.) were vaccinated against swine flu at the pediatrician’s office, Dr. Tiedke/ Stern

The same evening until today, Monday 16.11.09 Florian had very high fever (on Sunday even 40.2) lack of appetite, the arm was swollen; he had a stomach ache, diarrhea and headache. I am still fine except that I seem to have the chills today. I have been unable to reach the pediatrician. But I left a message on his answering machine. Because of what friends have said to me I am very afraid that we are not going to survive this. I have heard that carcinogenic substances are in the vaccination and that one can become very, very ill after receiving them.

Unfortunately nobody can say how it will be a few weeks, months or years from now. But I have also heard that there is a counter substance for this vaccine. I am feeling very insecure due to what I am hearing in the media and I only want the best for my children.


G.M.,13.09.1959, female



On 21.10.09 I got the 3-fold combination vaccination, 24 hours later the injection site was swollen, dark red, and it hurt a lot. The upper arm hurt still this day and is red. 2 days later the nausea started. I am still nauseous, have bad diarrhea and unending fatigue (I want to sleep all the time). The doctor knows that I have Hashimoto Thyroiditis.  I think that it has gotten worse.



S.N., 08.11.93, female



Approx. 7-10 days after the vaccination my daughter came down with a respiratory tract infection. Symptoms: the first 3-4 days slight fatigue, weak cold symptoms, sore throat, lymph nodes swollen. The third day she had 40 degrees fever, lots of phlegm in her upper respiratory tract which made it sound like she was going to suffocate. The doctors said she had an infection of the respiratory tract and gave her antibiotics. What was evident was that her menstruation cycle was not in sync and that every time she had her period she became ill. First she was sick every 2 weeks, then every 4 weeks, then 6 weeks and right now it is every 8 weeks.  The menstruation cycle was the same every time. So she got antibiotics 7 times in 2007. Because the ENT doctor was at the end of his rope she was sent to the tropical institute in Düsseldorf. Without success here, too. No findings, no tropical symptoms. My daughter continues to have the symptoms, same kind of sickness, high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and lots of phlegm in the respiratory tract. The symptoms include vomiting phlegm between the 3rd and 5th day. My daughter is also becoming very afraid that one day she will be immune against antibiotics, which can get even worse … These fears are scary and influence the life of an adolescent much more than I can describe it here. The last time she was sick was in fall of 2009, she got antibiotics again and she asked me to put her in the hospital the next time she gets sick so that a doctor can see just how sick she is during these times, because nobody seems to believe us. They always say it is just a normal cold.


D.K., 24.12.78, male



After I had my first vaccination I was in really bad pain, the upper right arm, which I have experienced before because I have to get vaccinations for my work. But 4 weeks later the pain was still there and it got worse and it felt like I had dislocated my arm!!! 2 weeks after my vaccination I felt like I was coming down with the flu for a day, but that has stopped. I haven’t seen the doctor yet. And I am not sure whether I should continue the vaccinations, I have the second appointment on 17.11.09 and I sure don’t feel like continuing going through this!!!

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