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I want to tell you  the story of It started well over 10 years ago with the German site Impfschaden is the German word for vaccine injury or vaccine damage. I was(and still am) working as a homeopath and was confronted again and again with patients who were injured through vaccinations. As the treatment of vaccine damages is not always an easy task I thought it would be wiser to educate the people before they get vaccinated. That was the birth of

In the beginning it was a very small site with only a handful of visitors. As I was and am the only person who writes the content of the site(except the reports of vaccine damages and the forum and some articles) it took a while to  fill the site with content. But within a couple of years  the site grew bigger and bigger and is now one of the most visited German Anti-vaccine website.

Core of the site are hundreds of reports of vaccine damages submitted  from individuals. Anybody who is reading these reports will think about twice about getting vaccinated.

There was even a study done with by the University of Erfurt in Germany. The analysis revealed that viewing for only five to ten minutes increases the perception of risk regarding vaccinations and decreases the perception of risk regarding the omission of vaccinations as compared to visiting a control site. Moreover, acquiring information about vaccinations on a vaccine-critical website significantly decreased the intentions to vaccinate(see complete study).

Almost two years ago I received a donation for the translation of the site into English. This was en enourmous task which was done with the help of Betsy and American who is living in Germany and is a translator by profession. She really did a great job and in May 2010 we got everything ready for going online  with



In the beginning of I did everything by myself and server and provider fees were affordable. But as the sites grew bigger and bigger it was necessary to switch from html to a database run system which had to be managed and adjusted sometimes (in the last 2 years not just sometimes but constantly). As I am not a computer expert I had to find somebody to handle that for me.  So the costs were rising  and I was forced  to put  some advertisement, to run a Amazon bookstore and a donation request on my site. Although the revenues(revenues are ony generated when visitors click on the ads) are not covering the costs they cover at least  some  % of the expenses.

If you see any advertisments, which contradict this website, please send me the web address (URL) of the ad. (


 If you would like to support  the work of and would like to receive neutral information pertaining to vaccinations in the future, you can support us by donating some money.


Andreas Bachmair

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If you are interested in the work of and would like to receive neutral information pertaining to vaccinations in the future, you can support us by donating some money.