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A.D., 24.06.1967, female


Twinrix adult

Vaccination on 20.04.06. On 05.05.06 and 06.05.06, I got severe pain in the lower back area as well as slight throat pain and cold. Feeling of exhaustion. Due to the pain, I took Paracetamol rather frequently. The pain is still not completely alleviated, but this afternoon was the last time I took a pain killer. Therefore, I had not been to the doctor yet.

Got the first Twinrix vaccination on 17.11.04, the second on 17.12.04. On 19.12., at night, I got an unbearable pain in my back and my neck. I was feeling exhausted and weak and I could not even lift my kid (almost 1 year old). Then in the afternoon, I took Parcetamol and was feeling better, as the pain was soon bearable and then hardly there. Since this time I have had these flu-like symptoms rather often without getting the actual flue. I became aware of this direct connection only yesterday with the vaccination card and compared it with the day I bought the pain killer. It was now crystal clear to me!!

At my request after the vaccination, the doctor on-call gave me (since I told him about the pain) 3 globules, 5 times each, which would divert the vaccination, I have been taking these since the vaccination in sips three times a day, diluted in water for more than at least 3 weeks.

I would like to discuss the notification with my doctor in the next two weeks.
Duration_of the_vaccine reaction = some days
permanent_damage = recurring flu-like symptoms since the second vaccination


B.S., 29.03.1978, male


Twinrix (Hep A+B)

Retrobulbar neuritis with subsequent MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and increased attacks!

Memory loss
Sensitivity problems
Loss of energy in arms and legs
Concentration problems

Vaccinated on 15.01.2002
first reaction on 29.01.2002


S.S., 21.07.1984, female


Twinrix (Hep A+B)

Approximately 4 days after the 3rd part vaccination, I got a fit of dizziness, which reoccurred from morning to evening, apparently at certain time intervals. The dizziness can be described as a feeling that one gets at times, when, after getting off from an elevator one has solid ground under the feet again – sort of swinging up and down. The dizziness is still present (9 days after the vaccination). I have already consulted the doctor who vaccinated me with my problem and he referred me to the general practitioner, whom I shall consult in the next week. Besides, my doctor has promised to inform the manufacturing company about it.
In addition, I also feel a sort of tingling from time to time near the left shoulder blade (in the direction of the spinal cord)


U.K., 11.01.55, female



On 3.1.05 I got the 1st vaccination. Shortly after that I noticed that my hair was falling out a lot more than before. On 16.2.05 I got the 2nd vaccination that caused pain in the upper arm this time. Shortly after, I got such severe hair fall that with every wash about 200 (strands) fell out, about 50 hairs hung on to the brush after combing, and about 50 hairs flying around me in general. It is so critical, that if I keep losing hair at this rate, within a year I will have no hair on my head. The doctors don’t believe me, because I have also just started my menopause. Perhaps there is someone, who has been through something similar. Would be thankful for info.


C.P.,17.04.1993, male


Hep. B Engerix B

My son got the vaccination on 11.10.2004 and 9 days later he had poor eyesight in both eyes. The whole range of vision is distorted. Till now, he had to undergo different neurological examinations and eye examinations. But they could not find a cause.

Diagnosis: Optic atrophy BA (H47.2)
It is just sad that here in Austria, according to doctors there are no side-effects of Hepatitis B. As a mother I am 100% sure that it came from this vaccination!




Hepatitis A+B

Some 6 years ago I took a vaccination against hepatitis A and B.


I.K., 1.5.1979, female


Twinrix for adults HAB243A6

There was no reaction after the 1st Vaccination (13.6.2002). 4 days after the 2nd vaccination (9.7.2002) I had bad skin on my forehead. Then about half a year, I had severe acne problem all over the face.


A.S-B., 14.06.72


Twinrix adult

After about 4 hours I was feeling numbness throughout the left side of the body, coupled with severe pain, nausea, impaired thinking, and dizziness. I felt powerless, lethargic and tired. This all lasted about 10 days. I was unable to work and recovered slowly. Then I gave up on the two follow-up vaccinations.


M.J.,15.09.1978, female


Engerix Hepatitis BTYPHIM Vi

In August 1999 I got a booster vaccine for Hepatitis B. I received the hepatitis A vaccination on Aug 16, 2001, second on 13 Sept. 2001 and third on 21.01.2002. On Sep 06, 2001 I got Typhim Vi vaccination, I got myself vaccinated since I had booked a vacation in Tunisia and was advised to get the vaccinations. I was doing very well, until in October 2002, I had fits of dizziness, abdominal pain and disturbance of equilibrium. In November 2002 I suffered from impaired vision in both eyes. After lengthy investigations, in September 2003, I was diagnosed with MS. Initially, I did not know what a vaccine could lead to, but now I would think twice.


S.T., 23.07.1985


Hepatitis B

In March 2001 I was vaccinated against hepatitis B. Three months later there was no sensation in my hands anymore. I spent weeks in the hospital. But the cause was not detected. Nothing could be done about it. Such numbness used to appear again and again. In September 2003 my muscles were swollen. I had vertigo. I often suffered from migraine. I was tired, exhausted and could not pursue my work any longer. I was sent from one specialist to another. In December 2003, the disease was then diagnosed as fibromyalgia. But since this “disease” has been discovered only recently it was very difficult to diagnose and it can neither be seen in the blood not in an X-ray. My muscle swelling and the symptoms gave away the fact that we are dealing with this disease. However, there is no medicine against it.


A.S., 14.07.1966, female


TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+B)

The vaccine was taken in August / September 2003. In December, I began to have itching on various parts. After visiting the family doctor or dermatologist, he prescribed me the medications and ointments against allergy, which did not help at all. In the skin clinic, urticaria was diagnosed, which, as an infection lasted for about 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, I should come back again to the clinic; the allergy was chronic by then. The nights were hell, and the itching was driving me crazy! After the 6 weeks, my blood and stool samples were checked. The results were all negative. As per the results everything was normal. I was told that almost 40% of the times, the cause of urticaria cannot be ascertained. Luckily, I also went to an alternative practitioner, who found out that my liver and gall bladder are not in 100% good condition and it was because of vaccination. For 1 week now, I am taking 5 drops to detoxify the body and feel the improvement very slowly. I hope every day that I can finally sleep again in the night quietly and for a long time and still waiting.....


G.G., 05.10.1951, female



Upper abdomen complaints (cramps), gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, decreased capacity 70%, headache, dizziness, sensory problems in the arms and legs, visual problems, muscle pain, abnormal need to sleep.


F.M., female, 20.8.90



Just after Booster vaccine, she became dizzy and we did not think further about it. But it never happened before for other vaccinations which she had in May 2001. And at the end of may 2001, she was diagnosed with Diabetes 1. We have no family history of Diabetes. Meanwhile she had (Feb. to May) she always complained about stomach pain without any apparent reason or illness. My other daughter also has allergies / allergic coryza, but only since spring 2001, she was vaccinated against Hepatitis B. My 5-month old son died after a vaccination. At that time, in 1989, we were told that he died of SIDS (or near miss as he was revived and then later died) and that it had nothing to do with the vaccination. Our Pediatrician reported this but we did not hear anything further. (Polio/ Dipth/ Tetanus)


C.U. female, 02.04.1970


Hepatitis B

Vaccine reaction = Increasing and lasting muscle pain in the entire the body. - lasting tingling in the whole body, heavy feeling

- lasting weakness, fatigue and exhaustion.
- increasing and decreasing swelling and pain in joints

- Movement disorder in fingers

- no more sports or similar free-time activities possible

- Work can hardly be managed

- Sick note or selective testing and treatment is not carried out, after extensive blood tests showed \“negative\” results.


Started after (few days later) the 2nd Hep.-B injection, symptoms diminished after taking Thuja (homeopathic medication), recurred after almost 5 months; constant since then, no further examinations or therapies, but \“diagnosed\” as \"psychosomatic disorder\"!!!



L.P., male, 01.06.98


Hepatitis B

A day after the vaccination our son got (at that time 23 months old) high fever, which was difficult to get under control even with measures such as calf packing and antipyretic medication.


F.K. , male, 15.08.1993


Polio Hep.B

Vaccine reaction = after combined Twinrix children vaccine (= 3rd vaccination against Hepatitis B and simultaneously the 2nd one for Hepatitis A) my son complained of slight pain at injected site on the upper left arm. (The Polio TPV vaccination given at the same time in the right upper arm had no side effects). After a week, my son complained of pain in the left armpit and for 4 days now, he has a swollen lymph node in the armpit.


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