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State of health of unvaccinated children

Estado de salud de los niños no vacunados Resultados en Español

The survey is an ongoing project, so if you have unvaccinated children or are unvaccinated yourself, please fill in the questionnaire.

If you have vaccinated children please go to the questionnaire for vaccinated children.
We started to do a comparative study
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December 29th 2010 and the English version started to conduct a survey on the state of health of unvaccinated children. Due to social network pages and the help of many people who supported the survey and placed links on different webpages, currently   as many as 17627 questionnaires were filled in. I would like to thank everybody for their participation.  


NOTE:The results presented here are not a formal study rather an informal piece of personal research. Nevertheless we compared our results with the results of the German study KIGGS. And although the data are not 100% comparable they show huge differences  in common illnesses.

The survey was done in English and German.  75% of the forms were filled in on the English site and 25% on the German site(German results). Most participants came from the USA, followed by UK, Canada and Australia. The graphic below shows the distribution of the different countries.
Countries with less than 10 participants are not shown in the graphic.

Gender and age distribution

The majority of unvaccinated children are male  and most of the participants were in the age group 0-2 years, followed by 3-4 and 5-6.




The  majority of these children had been exclusively breastfed for longer than 6 months. Only a fraction of them was breastfed for less than 4 weeks.

How breastfeeding influences the prevalence of different diseases among unvaccinated children is shown in our breastfeeding analysis.

Preferred treatment

The parents stated that their preferred treatment was naturopathic and homeopathic. Less than 10% said they preferred conventional medicine. Treatment in the “other” column was mainly chiropractic and supplemental.

Over 99% of the parents were happy with their decision not to vaccinate. This is not very surprising because those who are not happy with their decision, would start to vaccinate.

Reasons for not vaccinating

The reasons given for not vaccinating were mostly that the parents had concerns about the ingredients in the vaccines and were of the opinion that vaccines are not effective. More than 50% stated, that they are afraid of side effects. 25% said that they had a vaccine damage or vaccine reaction within the family or friends and decided not to vaccinate anymore.


Other common reasons were:

“Concerns about the lack of long term studies of the effects of vaccines. Also a lack of studies on the effect of multiple vaccines.”


“As a speech-language pathologist in the pediatric setting, I have seen many cases of children having seizures within 36-72 hours following routine vaccines with a traumatic regression in the child's brain and language and overall development.  I feel in my heart, it is linked to vaccines and do not want to subject any of my children to this.”


“The belief that not enough is known about the establishment of the immune system and it's development. Concern that intervening with vaccines at such a young age could be creating problems in the immune system. Essentially the risks of vaccinating infants are mostly unknown at this time.”


“Because I want him to build natural immunity”


“Too much, too soon for his developing mind and body. I want to give him time to develop, rather than bombard his system”


“Prefer to have child acquire natural immunity.”


“Believe in promoting natural health and immunity.”


“I feel that not vaccinating my child is my choice, not the govts. I think it´s crazy that everyone constantly tells me how he will not be able to go to school if he is not vaccinated, i guess as always, ignorance is bliss. I am well educated and I have a college degree, so I have to do extensive research on the pros and cons to vaccinate or not to. It is not just a light decision that i made over night!”


"Lack of long term safety studies, lack of full disclosure/obscuring truths about vaccines, their efficacy and side effects, safety and testing."


"To make a stand and say I will not put things into my child that has yet to be proven with out a doubt to be safe."


"He is exclusively breastfed-- he gets all of the immunities from me that he could possibly need. A lot of these "vaccine preventable diseases" aren't even all that serious, we are just led to believe that they are because of course, doctors and pharmaceuticals make bank from administering vaccines!"


"I believe "it's the soil, not the seed." Raise healthy people and disease will be a thing of the past."


"There are no head to head clinical trials comparing vaccinated vs. un-vaccinated children and their comparative outcomes.  Why do all other drugs go through such testing, some with a control group, and vaccines don't?  His 2 brothers have some vaccines, but I stopped once I began doing my own research/literature reviews.  Having determined that the body of data in support of vaccines is weak and the overall lack of quality control studies has led me to this decision.  In the past, prior to children, I was in the pharmaceutical industry and am well aware of the types of studies that need to be conducted prior to drug approval.  I am very saddened that the vaccines are not held up to higher standards."


"Anti government control.  Can't have raw milk?  OMG!  We are forced to get shots?  I will die fighting this!  I am a true american and I have freedoms and I will fight for them!"


"I have an evolutionary approach to child rearing. I trust 4 million years of evolution more than a generation of experimentation on something as complex as the human immune system."



Illnesses and diseases


How ill or, rather, how healthy are unvaccinated children now? See the results of the survey.

Reported cases:
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