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Feb. 1, 08

S.W., Feb. 24, 1963, female


HPV Cervarix

On January 21 my daughter was vaccinated against HPV. The next morning she felt very weak and, had a headache and malaise, stomach aches, impaired vision and problems with her balance. They symptoms are so bad that my daughter has not been to school since January 24. We’ve been to the doctors twice. He thinks that she caught a virus, but I think she would have other symptoms if this was the case. On February 4 she will be examined to see if the cause can be find.  Today, 11 days later, my daughter is so weak that she can only get out of bed for approx. 5 hours a day. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and problems with her sense of balance persist.

Jan. 29, 2008

N.P., Aug. 2, 1991, female



My daughter was administered her third HPV vaccination three weeks ago. Since then she has been sick to her stomach, nauseous and headachy and has a general malaise. We cannot understand these symptoms which have lasted for several weeks.

It wasn’t until today that I learned about the potential side effects of HPV vaccinations from a television program on 3Sat. The symptoms are those that my daughter has. We went to a doctor today who did a blood test, the results of which are still outstanding. Otherwise she seemed sort of clueless and not really well informed.

I am very worried about my child.


P.K., Jan.24,1984, female



In late October I was administered a Gardasil vaccination against HPV viruses and had a red round very swollen spot at the site of injection which was very itchy and did not go away for 2 days!

Then the tissue in my hand got hard, which remained that way for 3-4 weeks (!) and which also was itchy sometimes!!


I did not have my period from early November to mid December! So I went to the gynecologist who told me that that is what happens to some women and they sometimes do not have their period and that the site of injection can itch … and since for more than one year my husband and I have been trying to have a child I told him that I would like to trigger having my period, which I then did!!


In the mean time I got the second vaccination I nearly January and am waiting to have my period in the next few days …!!


I am writing here because I do not know whether I should have the third shot, too (it is pretty expensive, and then it would be all over) but after hearing the latest news about it I am skeptical  (I really don’t want to take a bunch of hormones again so that I get my period)!!


My younger sister had the same vaccinations at the same time (Gardasil) but she didn’t have any side effects except for a red spot and itchiness for 2 days!!

Well, I hope I am being of help to other people!!



M.K., May 23,1992, female



3 weeks after the vaccination I lost my vision on my right eye. After a cortisone therapy they diagnosed Multiple Sklerosis (4 visible sources of infection in my brain).


S.D., Apr.3,1995, female



Right after the first vaccination my child was really dizzy. My child had never reacted to a vaccination that way even after the old FSME vaccination. Thank God that was all, the second vaccination was fine. I am not going to have the third vaccination administered.


S.K., Dec.16,1992, female


HPV, 3rd vaccination

After the thid HPV-vaccination the pain started at the site of injection. 7h after the vaccination: hard time breathing, stomach pain in the upper part of my stomach, shivering and cramps

Feb. 5, 08

N.P., 02.08.91, female



Postscript per Jan. 29:

Today I was at the hospital with my daughter. On enquiry, the doctor in the Gyn-Obstetrics department said immediately that the symptoms my daughter was experiencing were due to Gardasil and that she was not the first woman he treated for those symptoms!!! He prescribed an anti-allergenic medication.  
I asked him whether these cases had been reported and he said that he would inform his boss, the director of the department.  However, he added that said professor was a strong proponent of the medication and the vaccination and that he had given presentations on the subject.


S.G., 15.03.1983, female


HPV Gardasil

One year ago I had my first vaccination, everything was fine. Then the second one. I had a bunch of spots on my finger and on the surface of my hand, I didn’t think anything of it, but after the third vaccination it started to spread and the skin on my fingers started getting cracks and started bleeding. So I went to the dermatologist who said that I had contact eczema and that it would get better soon.  After the week the cream stopped working so I had an allergy test and suddenly I am allergic to everything, perfume and shampoo and nickel cobald peromanbalsam, everything that is bad. So suddenly creams don’t work and I cannot touch anything, I’m an invalid. Everything hurts and now I have a fungus infection in my genital area and it won’t go away, also athlete’s foot, so I don’t know what to do. I think it all stems from the vaccination and if I had known that I would have never had the vaccination. I am not going to have my daughter vaccination until somebody can tell me if it is from the vaccination. A few weeks later: it won’t go away, it is a permanent damage. So I don’t know if I  will ever be able to get rid of it.


N.F., 5.3.1988, female



A few days after my first vaccination I was brought to the hospital with an unbearable headache, rigid neck, nausea, vomiting, fever, sensitivity to light and noise. The first diagnosis was viral meningitis. After 2 weeks at the hospital they let me go home and then I had my post-exam during which they could not detect any antibodies in my spinal fluid which means that it could not have been a virus. When I told the neurologist that I had been vaccinated a couple days earlier he was convinced that it was a vaccine reaction. I am not going to have any more vaccinations because I think that Gardasil will probably cause the same kind of reaction.


S.Ü., 02.12.1988, female



After her Gardasil vaccination my daughter had pains in her arm for about a week and the arm was swollen. 2 weeks after the vaccination she noticed little bumps in her vagina. The gynecologist’s diagnosis was condylomas. He was very surprised because they were exactly what the vaccination was to protect against. He advised us to wait with having the second vaccination. After the second vaccination the condylomas got worse. The doctor said my daughter was a guinea pig for the vaccine. Today she is being treated for them.


A.S., 17.11.1990, female



My daughter tolerated the first vaccination quite well. There were no side effects. She had headaches during the last few weeks and said she was sick to her stomach but we did not think that it was the vaccination that caused it.

Before she had her second vaccination we asked whether nausea and headache were typical reactions. They said no. My daughter tolerated the second vaccination really well, too. At least until the next day. She got wheals all over the upper part of her arm, thighs and back. The wheals looked like huge mosquito bites, her pulse and blood pressure went up. And it was Friday evening so there was no doctor to go to.

I went to the pharmacist’s and was helped by a really competent person  who went and got package inserts and confirmed that these were some of the adverse effects that were described there. She recommended that I give my daughter calcium for her skin, but that was not everything. But I was relieved to know where it came from. The gynaecologist where I had left a message on the answering machine called me back, even though it was the weekend and he was at a conference in Berlin. He confirmed that it was a typical reaction. He said that if we started having respiratory problems that we should take her to a clinic immediately where she should be given a corticoid shot. It did not get that bad but now 5 days later my daughter is still not well. She says she is sick to her stomach and she throws everything up she eats.  The doctor says it is a virus. I just hope that she will be doing better soon. And I was told that under no circumstances was she to get the third shot because it could lead to an anaphylactic shock after her initial reaction.


S.H., 14.12.1991, female



My daughter who is 15 years old was vaccinated for the first time in June 2007 and then had her second vaccination in August. She has had diarrhea frequently in the last couple of months, has a stomach ache, is sick to her stomach, and has no appetite. We went to see a doctor with these problems. They checked her blood and stool, did ultrasound of her stomach and could not find anything!! I was given medication for a stomach and intestinal virus and sensitivity of the lining of the stomach … that did not help, either. Now I suspect that it was the Gardasil vaccination that caused these damages!


L.K., 29.05.93, female



Since my daughter has received two of three vaccinations she has stomach cramps, circulatory problems and nausea every month. Sometimes I have to pick her up at school. I see a connection to the vaccination because the above-mentioned problems had never occurred before. I do not have a different explanation. The pediatricians push parents to have the vaccination done, and then they ignore the problems and do not deliver facts.


J.D., 23.01.1995, female



Vaccination on 04.10.07 ca.3min after administration of 1st vaccination my daughter collapsed in the doctor’s practice – blood pressure two minutes later 120/70  Pulse 65—she said she had a headache –after another 10 min hgr.Vomitus-is now under observation, could keep dry bread down we are in constant contact with the doctor, if she gets worse, we will drive


Lilli, 21.03.90, female



On 02.05.07 I got gardasil vaccination from my family doctor. Firts I had no problems but 2 days after vaccination I suddenly was afraid and had panic attacks and was nauseous. Everywhere and all the time! That was more than 5 months ago but the nausea continues and severely limits my everyday life ….....


V.-.,16.08.90, female



I tolerated the first of the three HPV vaccinations quite well. I had the second one just last week, and initially everything was like after a standard vaccination. The site of injection was sensitive, a little tired.  Two days later (yesterday) I noticed while I was under the shower that over night a rash had formed on my upper arms, the backs of my shoulders and my chest. Numerous little slightly red pimples, no itchiness. Today I went to see the doctor, the gyn didn’t want to say anything that was not right  Nach 2 Tagen (gestern) stellte ich morgens beim duschen fest, dass sich über Nacht ein Ausschlag an meinen Oberarmen, der hinteren Schulterpartie und dem Dekoltee gebildet hatte. Zahlreiche kleineand sent me to my family doctor to be able to exclude an infection. My family doctor was able to see anything so she sent me to the dermatologist on account of an unknown adverse reaction or sudden acne. That doctor took a look at the rash and recognized the disease immediately: Gianotti-Crosti-Syndrome a reaction of the body to a vaccination and not dangerous. In connection with Gardasil it has not happened yet, I am the first person. The rash is supposed to disappear on its own in approx. two weeks.


-.-., 16 years old, female


HPV-vaccination: Gardasil

Reported by a therapist: Recently a young patient of mine (16 years of age) came to see me after having been administered the new HPV vaccination. She had a bad case of asthma which appeared the first night after the vaccination. I have been treating her since she was a child when she had hay fever, she improved after receiving Sil. until it had almost disappeared. Now, after the vaccination she suddenly has asthma which necessitates medication, usually at night, and the hay fever has reappeared.

After administering Sil. for one week the asthma has disappeared complete. She came to see me again yesterday because she had the second vaccination!!


C.Z., 29.03.1990, female


HPV vaccination: Gardasil

6 days ago I got a vaccination against HPV. The site of injection was very sensitive right after the vaccination and now I have a bruise and the place where the needle went in is hard (feels like a little knot).

Today my fingers were itchy all afternoon and then they swelled up to twice their size. Moreover they were red and I was unable to close my hands.

I haven’t seen a doctor about it yet but today was the first time it appeared.

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