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The issue of inoculating leaves many questions unanswered. Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions around the topic vaccinations.



Can my unvaccinated child become infected by vaccinated children?

An infection is possible only using live/ergo: active vaccines. This is especially the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and the chickenpox vaccine. Earlier still, the polio vaccine was a live vaccines, where there was frequent infections from vaccinated to the non-vaccinated. The other childhood vaccines (eg 5-fold or hexavalent vaccine) all belong to the so called dead vaccines, where infection is not possible. The transfer of MMR is probably relatively rare with chicken pox, (it was the virus in throat secretions, however, evidence from patients) but there are a number of case reports, especially the infection of immune deficient persons whom were vaccinated.


Is it dangerous if I do not pursue the multiple course of vaccinations, which I have begun?

It is not dangerous. The only thing that happens is that the immune response to the vaccination is not as strong as after completion of all increments vaccinations. Is it mandatory to be vaccinated? In Germany, as well as in Switzerland (except for some cantons) as well as Austria, there is no mandatory vaccination. The analysis only provides recommendations. Vaccination is therefore a voluntary decision.


Is it possible to identify vaccine damages even after years of administration?

The correct diagnosis of vaccination damage are of course more difficult to determine, the longer ago the vaccine had been administered. A developmental delay caused by a vaccination can be noted in young children, this sometimes take years. A direct connection with a vaccination has not been however securely identified in most cases. Sometimes, a CSF examination helps to determine whether vaccine viruses are present. It is true that in some cases the causal relationship between a vaccination and a vaccination damage will probably take several weeks to identify, due to the many conventionally recognized but probable causes of diseases in question and also varies from medical facilities, however when the administration of a potentiated vaccine node provides for an abrupt change of the disease direction or a rapid Healing transition takes place; the homoeopathic standpoint of view then recognises this as being valid proof for the vaccine identificational process.



Are non-vaccinated children healthier than the vaccinated children?

There has been very little research done in this area. This, however, suggests that non-vaccinated children are suffering much less so in regards to today's typical diseases such as eczema, allergies, asthma, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, diabetes mellitus type I as vaccinated children

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