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German measles disease


Rubella virus, an RNS virus of the group of the Toga viruses

Clinical picture

The incubation period lasts approx. 14-21 days. Infection takes place via airborne infection from person to person. The infection only takes place if the person’s or the child’s immune system is weak; fever with a fine, light red exanthema. Frequently the disease is only accompanied by slight symptoms such as slight nausea and then the disease is not diagnosed as German measles..


Mainstream medicine treats on a purely symptomatic level.


Complications must only be expected in the first four months of the pregnancy. There can be malformations and damages in the area of the sensory organs of smell and sight of the child (rubella embryopathy).
Rarely there are inflammation of the joints, thrombocytopenia and very rarely encephalitides.


Having had the German measles leads to life-long immunity. In 2.5% of the cases the disease occurs a second time. (This observation dates back to earlier years.)
Reported cases:
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