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The comparison of vaccinated verses unvaccinated


Unfortunately, there are not very many studies in today’s literature that compare the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. However, the few do indicate that unvaccinated children suffer far less in today's "normal" diseases such as eczema, asthma, ADHD, etc., as vaccinated children. Within the existing studies one must also consider that parents, who do not vaccinate their children, often use alternative therapies such as homeopathy.


British Cohort Study

(McKeever et al.: Vaccination and Allergic Disease: A Birth Cohort Study“, June 2004, Vol 94, No. 6, American Journal of Public Health)

There were a total of over 30,000 children with DPPT (diphtheria, polio, pertussis whom were vaccinated against whooping cough, tetanus), compared with non-vaccinated children, the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella were vaccinated), which were non-vaccinated. Results: Increased risk of allergy towards vaccination A child which has been vaccinated against DPPT averages per life year, a risk of 5.04% of allergic asthma. In contrast to a child which has not been vaccinated against DPPT only has a 0.36% risk of asthma.



Salzburger Study


of 1004 unvaccinated children, had

Asthma, 0% (8-12% in the normal population)

A-topic dermatitis 1.2% (10-20% in the normal population)

Allergies 3% (25% in the normal population)

ADHD 0.79% (5-10%) in children


detailed results see below:




Longterm Study in Guinea-Bissau (1 Kristensen I, Aaby P, Jensen H.:“Routine vaccinations and child survival: follow up study in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa”, BMJ 2000; 321: 1435–41


The children of 15,000 mothers were observed from 1990 to 1996 for 5 years.


Result: the death rate in vaccinated children against diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough is twice as high as the unvaccinated children (10.5% versus 4.7%).



New Zealand Survey (1992) (

The study involved 254 children. In which 133 children were vaccinated and 121 remained unvaccinated.









20 (15%)

4 (3%)

Eczema or allergic rashes

43 (32%)

16 (13%)

Chronic otitis

26 (20%)

8 (7%)

Recurrent tonsillitis

11 (8%)

3 (2%)

Shortness of breath and sudden infant death syndrome

9 (7%)

2 (2%)


10 (8%)

1 (1%)










Download and read the IAS1992study now.





Questionnaire for my unvaccinated child ("Salzburger Elternstudie")


Implementation of the questionnaire: parents group vaccine critical Salzburg - Petra Cortiel - Period: 1 March 2001 to 25 July 2006

Number of participating families: 701
Of the following countries:

Austria: 217

Germany: 378

Switzerland: 89

Italy 3

L: 1

Norway: 1

Russia 10

Spain: 1

UK: 1

Number of unvaccinated children: 1004
female: 460
male: 532
unknown: 12

Children's age (at time of evaluation)
Between 0-2 years: 322
Between 2-4 years: 305
Between 4-6 years: 152
Between 6-8 years: 105
Between 9-20 years: 99
Over 20 years: 15
Over 60 years: 2
unknown.: 4

Reasons for non-vaccination (multiple answers possible)

Intensive pro & con conflict of interest with vaccine: 269
Fear of vaccine damage or side effects: 197
Vaccinations weaken and do not provide protection for the immune system: 145
Bad personal experience with immunization: 90
Homeopathy as contrary vaccination: 67
Intervention in the natural course / trust in life: 56
Pre-existing allergies or rashes: 25
Increase in allergies and disorders of children: 7
Unvaccinated children are healthier: 11
No arguments from a pediatrician / nor medical school: 15
A 6-way vaccination is too much: 6
Read the book from Dr. Gerhard Buchwald: 12


Other arguments: 69


I, the mother or father, have also not been vaccinated
Listened to Dr. Stefan Lanka
Child was born prematurely
Vaccinations are coherently a money making scam with anxiety
Scepticism about conventional medicine and pharmaceutical
Because my child children mean a lot to me
Will not act negligent and inhumane in regards to my child
Will not be vaccinated until a later date (before 2nd or 3rd year of birth)
Vaccinations endanger the mental and psychological development
Child was born by means of Caesarean
Child has a heart disease
Fear of possible late side effects
My Physician has advised against vaccination
Why should he be vaccinated?
Mother is a health consultant for Dr. Brucker
Will not be vaccinated during the first year of life so to build up the immune system
Am convinced that vaccinations are performed too quickly in Germany and without ample reason
A physician practically forces vaccinations upon us - so there must be something wrong

Pharma thinks of profit and not for the health benefit
I want my child to get the normal childhood sicknesses
I want my child will have lifelong immunity
Grandmother was critical against vaccines
Doctor's recommendation
First, because of immaturity of the immune system, then "there is no vaccine for which we could say" yes " to
To avoid intentional poisoning of the small body and brain
Experience of a colleague with their unvaccinated children
8 years job experience in a small pharmaceutical company
Microbes do not cause disease
Dog vaccination was given, became sick and then had to be euthanized
Have a Down Syndrome Child
Have a gut feeling and am therefore a critic against vaccines
My whole family does not take medications
The body is suggested by vaccines, that it can not deal with hazards and creates preventive measures
Vaccinations favours SIDS

General health issue of the unvaccinated children:

Very good: 953 (= 94,9%!)

(= vital, energetic, interested, rarely light infections)

Frequent infections: 20
A-topic dermatitis: 11
Dermatitis: 1
CF: 1
Bronchitis: 4
Occasional headaches: 1
Gentle liver and bile weakness: 1
Problematic skin problems: 1
Chromosomal developmental delay and febrile convulsions: 1
Bad teeth and weak joints: 1
Down Syndrome: 2
Heart surgery: 1
Problems with airway passages: 2
Lung / large intestine weakness: 1
Congenital malformation of teeth: 1
Occasionally migraine: 1
Mild motoric development / delay: 1

Encountered child diseases:

None: 584
(Not included here are diseases such as baby skin rashes, dental problems, Candida fungus, three-day fever and mild cold or rare cold, as many parents encountered only the usual childhood diseases and made no indication)


In regards to the teething problems, there were often of non specified strength, the amount of these ill children can be found in the data "with / without complications".


Chickenpox: No complications: 290
(strong: 28 medium: 20 low: 81
with complications: 2 (scarring)


Rubella: No complications: 50
(strong: 1 Medium: 2 low: 31
with complications: 0)


Mumps: No complications: 23
(strong: 1 Medium: 2 low: 11
with complications: 0)


Measles: No complications: 45
(strong: 5 Intermediate: 5 low: 8
with complications: 1 (pneumonia)


Whooping cough: No complications: 43
(strong: 6 Intermediate: 9 weak: 12
with complications: 0)


Scarlet fever: No complications: 71
(strong: 3 Intermediate: 2 low: 24
with complications: 2 (ear infection))
Hib: 1 (with swelling and zoster)




Added Info (additionally made comments of some parents):


Central ear infection: 56
Bronchitis: 38
Thrush: 13
Croup: 24
Febrile seizure: 14
Canker sores: 8
Pneumonia: 17
Inflammation: 8
Severe infection: 1
Predisposition to skin disorders: 2
Laryngitis: 5
Salmonella infections: 1
Herpes: 4
Diphtheria angina: 1
Ear operation for otitis media: 1
Vomiting: 1
Mastoiditis (with surgery) to tuberculin: 1
Erythema infectiosum: 9
Vaginitis: 1
Lobar pneumonia: 1
A-topic skin: 3
Gastro-intestinal flu: 3
Dell warts: 2
Spastic bronchitis: 2
Enteritis: 1
Pyelonephritis: 4
chicken pox: 7
Dermatitis fungal infection: 1
Diarrhoea: 1
Disbacteriosis: 1
Cystitis (bladder infection): 3
Wild pox: 3
Herpes pox: 5
Bronchopneumonia: 1
Erythema nodosum (~ redness): 1
Indigestion: 2
Rachitis: 1
Response to solvents in soil: 2
Sore throat: 8
Rash (3 months) to medicine paracetamol: 1
Recurrent infections: 1
Kawasaki disease: 1
Urticaria: 1
Sinusitis: 2
Heart surgery: 1
Transient synovitis: 1
Affect cramps: 1
Cleft palate: 1
Hole in the soft palate: 1
Ruptured alveoli: 1
Guillain-Barre Syndrome: 1
Suspected meningitis: 1
Mononucleosis: 1
Cyanosis seizures: 1
Warts: 1
Tympanic effusions: 1
Stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth): 1


Some of the unvaccinated children suffer from these diseases (some of which have been mostly cured with homeopathy):


0 asthma,

41 a-topic dermatitis,

31 allergic,

7 hyperactivity,



Other: Intolerance of cow's milk protein: 13
Rash: 7
CF: 1
Herpes: 2
Squint from birth: 1
Sporadic asthmatoide states: 1
1 months in the summer of asthma (one time): 1
Developmental delay: 1
Polyps: 1
Childlike rheumatoid arthritis: 1
Metabolic disease MCAD deficiency: 1
Hemi paresis since birth: 1
Affect cramps associated with teething: 1
Sugar metabolism problems: 1
Cavities: 2


To this, comes the following information:


In Austria there is no accurate / recent data, as to how many children suffer from the common, among the above-described, diseases. The following statistics were available to me, and compared against the unvaccinated children in our questionnaire, which are available in %:


Every 10th Child in Salzburg has asthma equating 10% -- whereas unvaccinated children equate 0%

Every 4th People in Austria has an allergy equating 25% -- whereas unvaccinated children equate 3%

Every 10th School child suffers from a partial power failure (POS) equating 10% - 0.09% of unvaccinated children where hyperactivity included which equates 0.79%

Whether vaccinations symptoms are in connection with above problem areas, is not clear. Surely they are not the sole cause. Pregnancy, childbirth, nutrition, psychology, family circumstances, etc. influence the body in different ways.


Current treatment (per family counted - multiple answers possible):


Homeopathic 436
Pediatricians: 177
Pediatrician for screening: 65
Naturopaths: 134
GP: 128
Own treatment: 71
Classical homeopath: 49
Specialist: 4
"Is not necessary," / "never": 15
LKH: 1
Osteopath: 4
Anthroposophical Pediatrician: 12
Energietherapy: 1
Acupuncture: 2
Phytotherapy: 2
Bio-resonance: 1
Kinesiologist: 8

Cranio-Sacral Therapy: 1
Tuina – practices: 1
Motherly Love: 1


Information as to the families:


Individual children (unvaccinated): 273

Only unvaccinated children:

2: 155 families = 310 children
3: 27 families = 81 children
4: 6 = 24 children, families
5: 2 families = 10 children
7: 1 family = 7 children
8: 1 family = 8 children


Vaccinated and unvaccinated children:

2: 129 families unvaccinated = 129 and 129 vaccinated children

3: 70 families = 97 unvaccinated and 113 vaccinated children

3: 1 family = 1 unvaccinated and 2 unknown

4: 31 families = 55 unvaccinated and 69 vaccinated children

5: 5 families = 9 unvaccinated and 16 vaccinated children

of which: vaccinated and unvaccinated older younger children:

all (327) unvaccinated older and younger children vaccinated: no

of which: vaccinated children with no response to vaccination / medically stable: 107

of which: No entry as to health: 54

of children with vaccine damage / damage that occurs after vaccination occurred: 166

(Multiple answers possible)
First are listed for comparison, the diseases that have occured even in the unvaccinated children:

Appendix to asthma: 2
Asthma: 10
Asthmatic bronchitis: 1
Hyperactivity: 9
Behavioural Problems: 2
Aggressive toward themselves and others: 1
Part failure () after inoculation: 3
Learning disabilities: 2
Lagging: 4
Minimal cerebral defect: 1
Impaired concentration: 1
Language delay: 1
Fine and gross motor problems: 2
Minor changes being: 1
Being changed: 1
Developing psychosis: 1
Allergies: 21
Hay fever: 5
Food intolerance: 1
Neurodermatitis (strong): 26
Physically strong (wheelchair restricted): 1
Diabetes type 1: 1
Multiple sclerosis: 1
Hearing loss (recognized vaccination damage): 1
Lung damage (11 months intensive care unit): 1
Paralysis of the inoculated leg: 1
Short. Paralysis of the leg: 2
Severe swelling and redness at injection site: 1
Hypotonia: 1
Low muscle tone: 1
Epilepsy / brain: 9
Recurrent infections: 54
Severe or recurrent bronchitis: 23
Recurrent otitis media: 22
(including hearing loss after otitis media: 1)
Recurrent tonsillitis: 9
Recurring laryngitis: 1
Krupp: 2
Croup: 10
Rheumatic: 2
Sinusitis: 2
Dermatitis: 1
Fever after vaccination: 2
Mononucleosis with hospital stay: 1
Severe Febrile seizures even at low temperature: 1
Febrile seizure: 1
Febrile episodes: 3
Mumps with Trigeminusparese (despite vaccination): 1
Measles () despite vaccination: 1
Whooping cough () despite vaccination: 1
Protracted diarrhoea: 2
Bed wetting: 2
Problems with nocturnal bladder control: 1
Urinary incontinence: 1
Indigestion: 1
Massive congestion: 1
Nephritis: 1
Strong squint: 1
Ringworm: 1
Pneumonia: 5
Severe gastro-intestinal flu: 1
Posture: 1
Migraine: 1
Insomnia: 1
Sleep Duration: 1
Cry Attacks: 3
Shrill screams: 1
Cry baby: 1
Panic attacks: 1
Tooth decay: 2
decrease in size and weight: 1
Hatred of physicians: 1
Herpes: 1
2-BID Dismissed: 1
Thrombocytosis: 1
Blood flow (blue): 1
Eczema: 1
Motoric weakness with Giftedness: 1
Sleep disturbance: 1
Morning vomiting without involvement of organs: 1
Disorientation: 1

Special cases:

An unvaccinated child died of SIDS at 5 months.
One mother became ill, despite of her age (41 years) due to vaccination with rubella.
A father was about a year before the birth of his child, repeatedly injected with genetically engineered vaccines, his daughter has developmental chromosomal delay. The older daughter is developing normally.
An unvaccinated child had received a passive tetanus vaccination, with no impairment of health.


The letter of a mother whose daughter was born into our world with Down syndrome: 'Truly, I was convinced when I registered my daughter in the disabled community, (...)this done for early intervention, parents were invited to parental evening discussions. Parents whose children were not disabled from birth, can not understand where and why their children were suddenly disabled. This scared me and is the cause of my decision not to vaccinate my children, for sure. "


Thank you to all parents who have participated in our survey!


Thanks also to all those who so eagerly distributed the survey.
Questionnaires or any updated reports pls. send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Due to the request of some parents, I would like to stress once again:

I know that the questionnaire covers only a small area of health of the non-vaccinated children. Circumstances of birth, breastfeeding, nutrition, mental attitude, taking antibiotics, etc. are not included. This is mainly due to the questionnaire, it does not exceed one page, since it is voluntarily done and without pay, it had to be copied over and over and distributed by dedicated parents. In addition, in recent years different aspects of the questionnaire in regards to non-vaccination had been brought forth to me, which I had not really thought of before. One of them would be the question of whether non-vaccinated children often show signs of giftedness compared to the vaccinated and if so, whether this really comes from the non-vaccination, or not. It has however been repeatedly emphasized in the questionnaires that the non-vaccinated children are highly advanced, more mentally developed.

Petra Cortiel

Reported cases:
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