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Feb. 5, 08

N.P., 02.08.91, female



Postscript per Jan. 29:

Today I was at the hospital with my daughter. On enquiry, the doctor in the Gyn-Obstetrics department said immediately that the symptoms my daughter was experiencing were due to Gardasil and that she was not the first woman he treated for those symptoms!!! He prescribed an anti-allergenic medication.  
I asked him whether these cases had been reported and he said that he would inform his boss, the director of the department.  However, he added that said professor was a strong proponent of the medication and the vaccination and that he had given presentations on the subject.

Now I know why the media have only reported on about 200 cases.

Feb. 02.08

J.S., Sept. 14, 1987, female



On January 28, 2008 I was vaccinated with Gardasil.

I experienced the following vaccination damages:

- very sharp pain on my upper arm while the vaccine was being injected

-    the pain spread to the elbow

-    at the same time my arm felt like the vaccine was spreading down the arm (from the shoulder to the palm of my hand)
-   approx. 3-4 hours later: light to medium pain in the upper arm

-    towards evening (after 6/7 p.m.) slight feeling of numbness in my arm: from the shoulder to the palm of my hand

-    medium to severe pain at night throughout my whole arm

-    restless sleep; constant awakening as there was pain every time I moved

-    I could only sleep on my back with my arm stretched out

Day 1 after the vaccination (Thursday):

-    (got up at approx. 6 am.): a lot of pain throughout my whole arm, strong feeling of numbness, the arm can no longer be moved, problems getting dressed, no strength in my arm AND in my hand (it was impossible to get dressed or drive a car)
-    these symptoms lasted all day long

-    I could neither lift my arm nor work at the PC
-    I kept the lower part of my arm at an angle which felt better than just letting it „hang“ there

-    pain at night like the day before

The symptoms got better day by day and today (Saturday, Feb 2, 2008) they have almost disappeared. I can still feel a slight pressure throughout my whole arm …

After I read about the reports of deaths in the internet I will NOT undergo the 2nd and 3rd vaccination and would advise everyone else against this vaccination…

Feb. 1, 2008

L.S., Jan. 30, 1993, female



Our daughter was vaccinated against cervical cancer in late July 2007. Approx 2 weeks later she experienced low blood pressure, dizziness, hot flashes and a feeling of coldness, including the chills. Shortly thereafter she got stomach cramps and she felt sick to her stomach. She was tired, listless, said her head was “heavy” and her legs were “heavy”.

In addition she also had severe headaches that did not react to pain killers, impaired vision, which she described as double vision and cloudy images. She also said she was suffering from pains in her muscles and joints. A few weeks later she started having heart trouble which she described as being a feeling of pressure. Then she stopped having her periods and noticed a genital wart which is why we consulted a gynaecologist.  Various examinations were performed

(ECG, Bel., heart ultrasound, stomach ultrasound, blood work for iron, borreliosis, thyroid problems, etc.). No findings. We consulted other doctors (neurologist, eye doctor, orthopedic specialist, ear, nose and throat specialist) and they couldn’t find anything either. They did a CT and MRT of the head and even a liquor punction. No finding. All this was six months ago. For the past 2 months she hasn’t had impaired vision and she feels somewhat better. Stomach aches and nausea, fatigue, nausea, muscle and joint pain have all receded, but she still has headaches, a feeling of pressure around her heart and circulatory disorders. She did not receive a second and third vaccination. Unfortunately we did not look into this vaccination beforehand; otherwise she would not have gotten the first one, either!!!!!

Feb. 1, 08

S.W., Feb. 24, 1963, female


HPV Cervarix

On January 21 my daughter was vaccinated against HPV. The next morning she felt very weak and, had a headache and malaise, stomach aches, impaired vision and problems with her balance. They symptoms are so bad that my daughter has not been to school since January 24. We’ve been to the doctors twice. He thinks that she caught a virus, but I think she would have other symptoms if this was the case. On February 4 she will be examined to see if the cause can be find.  Today, 11 days later, my daughter is so weak that she can only get out of bed for approx. 5 hours a day. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and problems with her sense of balance persist.


H.L., Apr. 14, 1966, female



The day of the vaccination I felt sick to my stomach and dizzy. After a few hours rest I felt okay again. The next day started normal, but later I felt dizzy and nauseous again. I went to bed when I got home from work, but the following day I felt really sick. I was dizzy and I almost fainted, had heart palpitations (really bad) and a terrible tickly feeling in my fingers and feet and could hardly breathe. Then the stomach cramps started. I had to be brought to the doctor’s who said he thought it could be a virus. I told him that a few years earlier I had reacted to a vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (FSME) the same way, but not as violently.  He said that he didn’t think it was the vaccine that was causing the problems. He gave me a tablet for my stomach and a shot for stomach ache?? I was so dazed that I couldn’t take it all in. I only remember getting the sugar water and a sick slip for work, then I went home. I felt better but I still had the palpitations and dizziness. Now I’ve been home for a couple of days. I’m still dizzy and feel pressure in my head and my vision is still impaired (hazy).

The enquiry I sent to the manufacturer and the physician didn’t get me an conclusive information. I wanted to know if my reaction was a shock reaction and if it was, what I should do next (I read somewhere that some people get Cortisone or Antihistamines). The told me that there was nothing I could do. That the vaccine was where it was and couldn’t be removed. I mean, he’s right but it would sure be nice if he could give me a tip what doctor I could go to. I’m an amateur and I can’t expect any help from my family doctor who thinks it is a virus.

Update Feb. 14, 08:

A couple of days I landed in the hospital as an emergency case. Really bad tingling in hands and feet, acute respiratory breathing, palpitations, nausea, dizziness, terrible headache, stomach ache, pressure in my ears, etc. They administered Cortison and I had to stay there a couple days. I was released with four different findings. In the meantime I continue to take Cortisone. The pressure in my ear cannot be located; my immune system is going haywire. I’ll wait and see what the next examinations will result in. The conclusion I drew from my internet research  is that one of the compounds in the vaccine is \"Formaldehyd\" I don’t think I have to comment on that.

What I would like to know is whether manufacturers and developers would have it injected, too? As a postscript I would like to add that I think it might be a good idea for the doctors who inject this stuff to get more information from the manufacturer on how to act and react if there are emergencies.

Jan. 29, 2008

N.P., Aug. 2, 1991, female



My daughter was administered her third HPV vaccination three weeks ago. Since then she has been sick to her stomach, nauseous and headachy and has a general malaise. We cannot understand these symptoms which have lasted for several weeks.

It wasn’t until today that I learned about the potential side effects of HPV vaccinations from a television program on 3Sat. The symptoms are those that my daughter has. We went to a doctor today who did a blood test, the results of which are still outstanding. Otherwise she seemed sort of clueless and not really well informed.


I am very worried about my child.


R.J., July 29,1963, female


Hepatitis Apr. 16,2007/

FSME I Apr.16,2007/

FSME II May 24,2007

I was very active. I ran every day or I rode my bike. Made me feel really good! On May 25, 2007 I did not feel well at all (signs of a stroke, tingling in my left leg and fingers and pain s in my left arm and in my shoulder, fuzzy mouth, eyes wide-open and panicky, panic attack, high blood pressure). My husband called our doctor and he came and gave me a shot and told me to go see a radiologist. There they examined my brain. Everything was fine But I didn’t feel well at all, I couldn’t stand being alone, had hot flashes, cold sweat, headache, nausea, palpitations, was afraid to fall asleep because I thought I’d have sleep apnea, I lost a lot of hair and took zink for it. My dizziness forced me to stop my athletic activities. I felt like I had taken drugs. I’m still afraid to drive my car alone as the dizziness has not receded yet. My doctor keeps telling me that I am persuading myself all this is true and that I should go see a psychologist and talk to him about my angst. I kept pointing out to her that I had had the vaccination, but she was not willing to accept it!!! Yet I told her that I knew my own body better than she did and that I never took medicine. Of course my doctor didn’t like this. My health did not get any better so that I was examined by a number of doctors. During the ultrasound examination my doctor discovered a cyst on the left kidney. My thyroid and the other organs were fine!!! (Eye doctor, ear doctor, mammlography, gynecologist, neurologist, dentist). Nobody could find anything. On September 17, 2007 I was feeling really poorly again and I decided that I wanted to go to a hospital to find out what was going on with my body. We went to our doctor and told her that I wanted to be sent to a hospital to find out what was going on. The doctor was not very nice about it and kept insisting that I needed to see a psychologist. They examined me from head to foot at the hospital and didn’t find anything, either, except for the fact that I did not really have a cyst on my left kidney.

Of course that was good news! I changed doctors in 2008 and started taking herbal remedies. I try to take walks again, but I don’t walk alone. I only drive when I am with my husband and we refuse to be vaccinated.  And we do not hesitate switching doctors. It is sad to be the victim of a wrong diagnosis! That is how far things have come!!!


K.S., Dec.20,1983, female



In June 2007 I was vaccinated against FSME for the first time. I thought it would be a good idea because I live in a risk area and there was a lot of advertising about it this year. The vaccination only gave me circulation problems, but in general I felt really fit and athletic. 3 days after the vaccination the following complaints started: nerve pain in my face, especially on the left side (vaccination arm) and in my jaws and ears, in my neck, pressure in my head, paraesthesia, nausea, cramps, stomach ache, dizziness, muscle cramps/pain/twitches, fatigue, blurry vision, sensitivity to noise and light, tinnitus in my left ear, sore throat with reddening, swollen starke Müdigkeit, seltsame Optik, Geräusch-und jaws, swollen lympth nodes, fast pulse and high blood pressure, respiratory problems, heavy legs. Blood work done by my doctor inconclusive. 2-3 weeks later the bad pain disappeared somewhat, but the dizziness, the pressure in my head and the pain remained.

10 weeks after the vaccination I regressed again, was dizzy, felt sick, restless, had palpitations, electric feelings (primarily in my head – as if something was shooting through my head), strong muscle twitches when falling asleep, insomnia, panic, slight incontinence, trouble swallowing, problems chewing and swallowing, etc. (also the problems listed above). More blood work and an appointment at a neurologist’s (who thought that the symptoms were not typical for FSME vaccinations) who only tested my reflexes, did not lead to a finding. My earn, nose and throat doctor and orthodontist recommended that I have a CT done. It was also inconclusive. 2-3 weeks later I felt much better. And during the next 6-8 weeks I felt better and better. I only had slight pain off and on, slight dizziness and tinnitus and was not very resilient…especially I had to exert myself. I was beginning to believe that it was over, when suddenly I started having stomach problems. The doctor gave me medication for gastritis. The stomach problems got better but the old problems started up again, accompanied by new symptoms: Pain in my fingers, tendons, tingling in my arms and legs, strange temperature sensations (suddenly I get the shivers and then hot again) burning sensation on various parts of my body,   my joints fall asleep fast, the complaints listed above have now spread to the right side of my body, I have problems with my eyes (tired eyes, pain, quivering in my right eyelid, I feel like my bisio is not as good, slight vision impairments in the form of black dots), my urticaria of which I had had only light case has gotten worse. I panicked and thought that I had gotte MS. They did an MRT of my head and of my back, which both were normal. A different neurologist tested my reflexes and did some tests and an EEG. There was not much of a result here either and the neurologist said he was 99.9% certain that my problems were psychosomatic and that he would not recommend having a liquor puncture.

My condition improved slightly, but kept going back and forther. Other doctor visits were inconclusive. My condition started getting better around Christmas (in particular my general condition, I no longer had the malaise) but two weeks later I felt really sick again, which could have been due to a cold. Now I am feeling somewhat okay, but I still am far from the way I felt before (pain in my neck, head and eyes), dizziness, fast pulse. I go to a Chinese naturopath who makes Chinese medicine (Chinese tea that strengthens your immune system, acupuncture, energy massage) and physiotherapy (manual therapy). I would heartily recommend  this to everyone as help cannot be expected from mainstream medicine. Either they say you have psychological problems or the doctor thinks that it was all a reaction to the vaccination but doesn’t know what to do about it. I’ll wait and see and hope that it gets better and not worse. I can be found in the forum Lola83 and would be happy to hear from you.


C.J., Apr.11,,1967, female

paraesthesia after intestinal infection


February 2007 Tingling in my hands and feet after an intestinal infection, neurological diagnosis with no findings, double FSME vaccination in late March and April 2007, each time approx 3 weeks later sore muscles in my arms, June 2007 pain in my hands and feet and cold feelt, continuing sore muscles in my back and my neck, upper arms, since December 2007 pains in my shoulder joint. NO findings, either from internal specialists or from neurologists.


K.E, 1973, female



2nd FSME vaccination with Encepur in June 2007. Approx. 3 weeks later pain in the upper part of my body, like little electric shocks (from the nerve endings). Several doctors visits with various specialists. About 4 weeks later feelings of paralysis and pains in my legs, climbing stairs was like torture. At the same time pain in the nape of my neck, especially when I got up in the morning and pain in my left arm.

After a complete exam at the hospital that included blood work, X-rays, urine and stool samples, gastroscopy and colonoscopy other exams with various doctors who said it was all a figment of my imagination and psychosomatic.

What was so strange was that it had not even occurred to me that it could have been the vaccination because vaccinations had never caused any pain and I had not even realized that vaccinations could be the cause.

Because the mainstream medical specialists couldn’t find anything I went and saw a homeopath who asked me if I had had a vaccination. The first doctor I had described my convulsions and nerve disorders had giving me antibiotics as he assumed that I had a bladder infection. But that weakened my immune system that the pain got even worse. I also got herpes (which happens every 5 years) which is another sign of a weakened immune system. The homeopath prescribed Rephalysin C which improved my immune system. Today I am feeling better again, I only have slight pain in my left arm. But I have been reading a lot about vaccinations and I realized that I mjust say that a lot of lobbying is being done by the pharmaceutical industry.  
Doctors are blind in that eye and don’t take their patients seriously.

I also heard of two other cases and I have gotten in touch with these people. They experienced similar thing. I don’t want to say that every vaccination is damaging but when you have gone through something the way I did and no one believes you it can be pretty depressing. So I would get a vaccination if there is no other alternative and be sure that your immune system is in good shape and that it is not weakened by disease. I hope this will help someone.  


M.J., Apr.26,1996, male



About three weeks after the first DTP vaccination my son, who was 9 months old at the time, couldn’t breathe. He fainted and I couldn’t wake hi up again. Thank God the doctor arrived minutes later and gave him cortisone which woke him up again.

He then developed pseudo Croup which unfortunately was not recognized by the pediatrician and which was combatted with asthma medication. Absolutely wrong, is what a different doctor said…

We then consulted a homeopath who gave us some things with which we were able to keep the frequent attacks (until he was 6 years old!!) in check.  For years I was awkae all night and afraid that my child could suffocate or faint … But I always had cortisone in my refrigerator in case of an emergency. Thankfully we never had to use it.


U.J., Dec.20,1961, female


FSME vaccine

In 1985 I was vaccinated against FSME and because I take a lot of walks in the forest I thought it was a good idea. After the second vaccination I had 38.5 fever for half a year. After these 6 months I kept being dizzy. They examined me several times, but didn’t find anything. I was even in the psychiatric ward to I had been having depression.

In the course of the following months a number of allergies developed (to almost everything), memory lapses, and the worst part: a paralysis of the left side of my body which actually has not disappeared completely to this day. I cannot eat with my left hand (fork & knife) easily, as my second and third fingers don’t work right. My right hand always hurts without rheumatism or gout having been diagnosed.

Moreover the left side of my body feels differently than the right side of my body as if both halves were not part of the same whole. Pain killer, like at the dentist’s, do not work on the left side of my body, or only faintly.

When I wanted to report what damage the vaccination had caused a very well-known medical person told me that it was not possible to have an FSME vaccination cause problems.

Whatever. My life became torture for years as a result of the health impairments described above.


P.K., Jan.24,1984, female



In late October I was administered a Gardasil vaccination against HPV viruses and had a red round very swollen spot at the site of injection which was very itchy and did not go away for 2 days!

Then the tissue in my hand got hard, which remained that way for 3-4 weeks (!) and which also was itchy sometimes!!


I did not have my period from early November to mid December! So I went to the gynecologist who told me that that is what happens to some women and they sometimes do not have their period and that the site of injection can itch … and since for more than one year my husband and I have been trying to have a child I told him that I would like to trigger having my period, which I then did!!


In the mean time I got the second vaccination I nearly January and am waiting to have my period in the next few days …!!


I am writing here because I do not know whether I should have the third shot, too (it is pretty expensive, and then it would be all over) but after hearing the latest news about it I am skeptical  (I really don’t want to take a bunch of hormones again so that I get my period)!!


My younger sister had the same vaccinations at the same time (Gardasil) but she didn’t have any side effects except for a red spot and itchiness for 2 days!!

Well, I hope I am being of help to other people!!


M.S., July 9,2007, female


6-fold vaccination

On Thursday I had my 6 month old daughter have the second installment of the 6-fold vaccination.

I wanted to wait but then I let myself be talked into it, if I gave her suppositiories. A little fever, 1-2 days. I gave her a suppository that night.

She had diarrhea the 1st-2nd day with little dark  nodules. The third day her bottom was all red  (probably on account of the suppository and diarrhea). After the third vaccination she had a runny noise and her eyes teared.


She had fits, so I assumed she was in pain. The suppositories didn’t help against the pain (I am only allowed to give her one every 6 hours). She seemed to scream a lot in her sleep or right before I put her to bed and couldn’t stop crying. She was shaking and sweating.

It took about half an hour for her to calm down some.

On Monday she was better. On Tuesday the cold was gone.


K.-H.S, Jan.01,32, male



Right after a pneumovac vaccination I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I went to see a doctor and a few days later the family doctor (who had been on vacation).  The doctor did not take note of the vaccination, rather he simply diagnosed depression. He prescribed medications (anti-depressants and hypnotic drugs) which caused severe secondary reactions.

I went to twelve doctors in all and they all said I had vaccination damages. To this date I have received no help and my sleeping problems have gotten worse so that I get about three hours of sleep a night despite the fact that I take sleeping medication (Zoplicon) and the sleep I do get comes in spurts. In some of the clinics I was I pointed out that I had been vaccinated and was then treated like a hypochondriac and stimulant.


M.K., May 23,1992, female



3 weeks after the vaccination I lost my vision on my right eye. After a cortisone therapy they diagnosed Multiple Sklerosis (4 visible sources of infection in my brain).


S.D., Apr.3,1995, female



Right after the first vaccination my child was really dizzy. My child had never reacted to a vaccination that way even after the old FSME vaccination. Thank God that was all, the second vaccination was fine. I am not going to have the third vaccination administered.


S.K., Dec.16,1992, female


HPV, 3rd vaccination

After the thid HPV-vaccination the pain started at the site of injection.

7h after the vaccination: hard time breathing, stomach pain in the upper part of my stomach, shivering and cramps


S.B., Oct,1971, female



On Tuesday, Jan 8 the doctor administered the vaccination, It was late afternoon. In the evening all I felt was fatigue. The next day I felt really tired and weak and in the evening I had a hard time concentrating. That is why I went to bed early. During the night I suddenly had influenza-like symptoms (like a cold, headache, heavy legs). I couldn’t go to work the next day. My temperature went up, completely weak and very nervous. Restless and listless taking turns. Today, Friday, I feel better but I still have periods of listless and nervousness. The whole area around the site of injection felt like it was infected. My right arm hurt like crazy (almost unable to carry anything), then the pain spread over my shoulder and neck. The other symptoms are receding and I hope that if I get another night’s sleep my body will calm down. I will never  have another vaccination again.


J.L., Aug.27,2006, male


Infanrix hexa

Our son (6 months) fell out of his knee-high bed on March 2, 2007, seven days after a 6-fold vaccination, and threw up. He was brought to the intensive ward of the children’s hospital in Graz by ambulance and helicopter. They determined that there was bleeding into the ventricle system of his brain. They inserted drainage and we were told that our child would get better soon. Instead the pressure in his brain rose for days after another emergency operation (brain stem clamping). 5 days later they declared our son brain dead and the measures that were keeping him alive were shut off. The obduction which was performed because of shaken impact syndrome stated that our child had died a natural death (\"fateful\"). We turned to hematologists, pathologists, pediatricians with the findings and were told again and again that neither the fall nor a slight clotting disorder could have been the cause of death. A number of doctors are of the opinion that the hepatitis B compound of the 6-fold vaccination could be made responsible for a fragility of the tissue in the brain. As no tissue samples were saved we will never receive a formal confirmation of the vaccination damage.
I am pregnant again and I already know that there will be no multiple vaccinations and no early vaccinations.


E.G., Jan.01.47, weiblich



Tetanol pur

On 27 Dec, 2007, I was vaccinated with Tetanol (pure). It was the first vaccination.  One day later my arm was really swollen and it hurts like hell. The next day I developed a fever, 39.8 C. I called the ambulance. They told me to put it on ice and cool it down. Today, 5 days later, my arm is still red and tomorrow I am going to see a doctor. I’ve had it with vaccinations. Too bad I didn’t discover this site before I had my first vaccination.


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