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H.K., 06.11.2003, male

Hannes was born prematurely, but up to four months of age his development was age-appropriate.


Infanrix hexa

Hannes received a total of three 6-fold combination vaccinations. The first one was on 12.02.2004 and he did not show any signs of reacting to it, except for rolling his eyes, which at the time we did not recognize as a vaccination reaction. The second vaccination (13.03.2004) changed our life. 1-2 days after the second six-fold vaccination Hannes started having convulsions. We thought it was stomach cramps or gas. Because he was to be at the clinic on 16.03.2004 for his check up and sleeping clinic we thought they would be able to help him with the cramps, too. But when we were there we were informed of a shocking diagnosis: Salaam Tic Syndrome with severe central coordination problems. The worst part for us was that our child, who had been able to do various things like grasping for things, fixating things with his eyes, lifting his head when on his stomach, suddenly was incapable of doing these things and to this day is incapable of doing them. Nevertheless we did not think it could be a vaccination reaction. It was not until he had his third vaccination on 11.11.2004 that we realized it. After being administered the correct dose of Topamax and having undergone synactes treatment Hannes did not have any seizures for six months and the doctors were of the opinion that he could receive his next vaccination. That same day Hannes started having cramps for two full days. Of course we notified the doctor immediately but only received an appointment for an EEG after a week. Two days later the cramps disappeared again and EEGs were done which did not show that there was any inclination to have cramps.

We reported the incident to the appropriate authorities who said that they were not liable for the damage because there was no connection between the two? 
Our pediatrician is also of the opinion that there is no connection to the vaccination, but she has stopped all vaccinations for the time being. They examined our son at the Helios Clinic in order to find the reason for his disorder.  There were no findings when they did the metabolic diagnoses and when they did an MRT it came out that Hannes has agenesia and that his furrows are too large. The cause they gave us was that it was a freak of nature that Hannes was able to live with it.  This is not enough for us. Nobody can give us a reason why our child developed normally in the early stages and suddenly started regressing.

Duration of the vaccination reaction cannot be pinpointed exactly.

Lasting damage = severe inability to coordinate movements state of development is approx. 4-5 months (Hannes is 2.9 years old)


P.J., 31.01.69, male



Approx. 3-4 days later I developed wheals and they started itching. It started on my head and for one week it spread all over my body. Even the medication that various doctors prescribed was not able to stop the skin reaction. I have seen two dermatologists and both say they don’t think it could be from the tetanus shot. I have an allergy against pollen and mold fungus and I am going to start following a diet that is low in histamines

Duration of vaccination reaction = 7th week


S.S., 02.06.1999, female



2 weeks after her first DT immunization (August 2003) my daughter came down with a fever, severe hoarseness, barking cough, respiratory problems including dyspnea which had to be treated at the hospital (cortisone). She even spent one night on the intensive care ward. The diagnosis of head doctor at the pediatric clinic was Croup, but he said it had nothing to do with the vaccination. Up to that point, however, my daughter had never suffered from pseudo-croup, asthma, allergies, or other things.  For two years she continued to have the tendency to come down with respiratory diseases, including the wheezy breathing and the barking cough. We gave her Spongia globules when she needed them and they worked well for us. The second and third immunization against tetanus was done with a vaccine that she tolerated well. Other than that my son and her did not receive any other vaccinations as I am of the opinion that this had been a clear vaccination damage as a result of the diphtheria component (Croup originally appeared in the course of diphtheria


J.P., 13.9.2005, male


infanrix hexa

Our three-month old son was a very sweet child and he never screamed without due cause. He slept well for his age, too. In the night before his first vaccination he did not wake up once during the night for the first time.  After he had been administered the first vaccination he screamed for several hours until he finally fell asleep exhausted. The next weeks he continued to scream without there being an apparent reason. Since then he has not slept well. He has not managed to sleep through the night at all. We were very afraid that our son would have become a different baby, but a few weeks later he was his old self again.

The second vaccination was not problematic at all, he did not cry, not even when they gave him the shot. When it was time for him to have the third vaccination, my son had a cold but no cough, and no respiratory problems or the like. Yet I wanted to have the vaccination postponed, but the doctor overwhelmed me by talking non-stop how safe it was, etc. A few days after the vaccination my son developed a severe asthmatic bronchitis which he had for weeks. Until then he had only had the same sicknesses as I who was still nursing him. We then battled them together. This was the only disease he had all by himself and to me it seems that it must have been caused by the vaccination.


J.S., 30.03.2005, male



A 15 month old baby 12 hours after vaccination, severe fever despite Paracetamol (maximum dose) up to 39.7 degrees Celsius. On the 4th day no fever and lively again, but red spots all over her body, like measles, starting behind the ears, spreading over her face, arms and upper body downward spreading. In addition a cold a cough. The pediatrician thinks that it could be herp angina but the pharynx remains symptom-free. A rapid test for staphylococci was negative so that he suspects that it is a vaccination reaction (of a kind that he has not seen before).


B.P., 27.06.1954, female


Tetanol Pure FER 1Xo.5MLN1

A few hours after the vaccination: Very severe nerve and muscle pain in throat and face area. Almost impossible to turn head to the left and right except for a few centimeters. I turn to another doctor a few days later.  He thinks that there is NO connection to the vaccination. He thinks it must be a blockage of the disk. An osteopath and naturopath whom I consult that same afternoon says that there is a connection! No blockage! My immune system was unable to cope with a compound in the vaccine!

I did not know the doctor who administered the vaccination. He was standing for my family doctor. Before he gave me the vaccination he did not ask me whether I felt okay and he also did not examine me. When I asked him whether I should take any precautions after the vaccination he simply said no.

The vaccination was a voluntary booster after 10 years.

Duration of the vaccination reaction = has lasted for seven days


M.P., 6.6.65, female



Because I will be undergoing treatment at a health resort with my children in August I had a vaccination against TBE, like I did in 1999. But this time I had a severe reaction to the vaccination. The same afternoon I felt slightly sick to my stomach and I had a headache. I thought it had to do with the hot weather. But that night it got worse and the nausea was so bad that I kept throwing up. I kept heaving even though my stomach was empty. I also had a really bad headache, an extreme sensitivity to light and stiffness of my neck and intolerable muscle and joint pain. I called the ambulance and the doctor gave me an infusion which only lasted short-term. My family doctor, whom I consulted the next day, said he thought it was meningitis and thought it had to do with the vaccination 3 days prior. In the meantime I was doing so badly that in addition to the problems I already described I had acute circulatory problems and problems with my vision and consciousness. They took me to a clinic that had a neurological ward where they tested my spinal fluid which did not confirm that it was meningitis but instead I suffered meningeal irritation. 10 days later I can still feel it. After 4 days I was no longer as sensitive to light. But I am still suffering from bad migraine-like headaches so that I am forced to continue to take medication. I am also having a hard time concentrating on reading, TV or music. Every attempt of mine to concentrate on something leads to severe, cramp-like headaches. I still feel like everything in my head as in a vacuum. Without my glasses I am unable to recognize anything. After being treated at the hospital for 5 days (including the relapse the 2nd day) with analgesics and infusions I am following my doctor’s suggestion to stay in bed avoid stress and loud noises, as well as sunlight and heat. I am hoping that this is not going to become a permanent condition.


M.-N.P, 14.02.2006, male


Infanrix Hexa

Two weeks after the 6-fold combination vaccination Maurice started to scream day and night. It was not a normal kind of screaming, it was really pitiful and full of pain. There was nothing we could do to calm him down. A child that had always been content became a child that would not calm down. He seemed to have cramps when he cried, scratched his head and seemed beside himself. Before he was vaccinated he had been sleeping all night through, now he was waking up every half hour. This condition lasted for 6 weeks until an osteopath pointed out that it could have to do with a vaccination. So I started homeopathic treatment for Maurice in order to divert the vaccination and to have him have additional treatment. Now, 8 weeks later, the screaming is subsiding and there are moments when Maurice wakes up with a smile in the morning which is something I had really missed. I feel terrible that I did not get enough information before the vaccination and that the doctors did not explain to me that the brain of a baby cannot tolerate the vaccines. I would ask all parents to get detailed information and to ask for the package inserts and read them. A vaccination can change everything within second and can change the life of a small child.


M.S., 1967, male


FSME, Encepur, Chiron-Behring

3 days after my family doctor attested that my health is excellent after my annual exam I had him vaccinate me against TBE because I am in Switzerland a lot. The first two days after the vaccination I had a bad headache, the fourth day the palpitations started (I had never had heart problems before) which made me check into the emergency ward of the local hospital three days later. Since then I have had one infection after the other, accompanied by shaking, palpitations, headaches and joint pain. My respiratory system has not had any peace and quiet in a month. The second infection stops and the next one starts. Trouble swallowing, red tonsils, cough and sore throat are my constant reminders. I sweat profusely, and then my joints hurt for a few seconds. For the last two days I have had a sinus infection and fever. To me it seems like Encepur has weakened my immune system and perhaps even attacked my nervous system. Maybe Broncho Vaxom will be able to improve it somewhat


J.R., 20.01.2005, female




On 16.01.2006 we had an MMR vaccination administered to our 12 month old child Jana. We wanted to strengthen our child and protect her from infections. When she has her regular checkups we have been told repeatedly how necessary it is. Now, in retrospect, I know that some vaccinations would not have been necessary until years later. Furthermore we have been unable to notice anything peculiar with our other children after they were vaccinated.

As of mid-March we became aware of the fact that our daughter Jana no longer reacted to her name or after being called and that she seemed to be startled frequently. Furthermore she started talking much more loudly and for the past 3 weeks she has only been uttering squeaking noises. Jana started talking 2 months ago and was already able to say Mama and Papa.  Her vocabulary comprised 10 words and her development up to this point has been completely normal. We determined that she no longer reacted to being called or to loud noises, and determined this in her sleep, too.

When we consulted the first Ear, Nose & Throat specialist we realized that this doctor had neither the appropriate instruments for small children nor the right training for small children. Because we were very nervous and because we only received confirmation of our own diagnoses we went to our own family doctor the next day with the hope that he would be able to explain the situation to us. He was also only able to confirm our diagnosis and sent us to a different specialist.

When we consulted this doctor the next day it was apparent that he had more experience treating small children. He recognized how serious the situation was and sent us to the university clinic in Hamburg.

My daughter was admitted there on 16.05.2006 immediately and checked for all signs that had to do with the vaccination. They determined an acquired high-degree deafness for which the healing process was not clear. Of course it could have had a number of causes. Extensive diagnostics have not been able to clarify the etiology. The only pathological finding was indications of an acute CMV infection (IgG 1:7900, IgM weak pos. inconclusive antibody index, no sign of. autochthonous AK-production. The most frequent evidence is signs of mutations in the Conexin 26 gene so that this exam was initiated. Next was a treatment with cortisone and antibiotics (probatory intravenous Prednisolon therapy) for one week; there was no positive impact on my daughter Jana’s ability to hear. Due to the fact that a number of weeks had passed from the time of the vaccination until the disease was recognized and treatment, it was retrospectively determined that there were no indications that there had been an infection with viruses – active immunization: measles, mumps, rubella.  My daughter is now cared for on an outpatient basis. She has a hearing aid for both ears (very difficult and time-consuming for small children) which have been set at 90 dB.

I hope that the high-degree inner ear deafness will not deteriorate and that my daughter will be able to learn how to talk with hearing aids.

I learned from my internet research that mumps viruses are frequently associated with loss of hearing but that doctors hardly ever confirm this finding!! As my daughter was always very healthy and did not have any preexisting conditions, was already to say words and my pregnancy was normal, there are no hereditary diseases in our family and she only became handicapped after the MMR vaccination it must be a vaccination damage, which is difficult to prove.

If someone has any experience how to prove this legally without it being too expensive, I would be very grateful. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


S.S., 26.1.06, male


infanrix hexa, prevenar

6 hours after the vaccination he started throwing up, approx. 30 minutes after being nurses. He was unable to breathe briefly, looked like he was in shock so I held him over my shoulder, head down, he coughed out the vomit. That evening he got a fever, within an hour it rose from 38.1 to 38.8 -> children’s hospital. They gave him paracetamol suppositories and his temperature went down again. For two days it went up and down slightly (37.2- 37.4) Pediatrician does not think it has anything to do with the vaccination!!!!!!!!!????? Even though vomiting is listed as an adverse effect. Before the vaccination and since then my son never threw up!


N.K., 07.02.1981, female


Infanrix Hexa

When my son was three months old he had his first and only 6-fold combination vaccination. 3-4 days later a rash commenced and spread. Because it was so itchy my son was unable to sleep, the salves that the doctor prescribed did not bring any relief. After the pediatrician was at the end of his rope and was about to prescribe cortisone I said no and found a good homeopathic practitioner. After only one week of treatment me my son was able to sleep the night through. It took about 7 months of treatment for him to be rid of the rash and dry skin. I am convinced that the vaccination was the cause of the neurodermatitis. My son continues to get homeopathic treatment and I will not have him vaccinated again. I have found a pediatrician who respects my decision.

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