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L.H., 26.9.95, female


Gardasil, Cervarix

In May 2008 my daughter had the last of 3 vaccinations, in June 08 the muscle pain started, always different groups of muscles along the skeleton. As of September she needed pain killers all the time and could hardly move. Her muscles degenerated and she took on a relieving posture. She couldn’t ride her bike any more. We changed doctors. Blood work showed that her ANA values were elevated. High inflammation values. After 4 weeks at the children’s rheumatism clinic in Sendenhorst we were told that she had an auto-immune disease. Undifferentiated poliomyelitis. She was never sick until she had the vaccination; she had even had gastrointestinal diseases. And then this.

The doctors did not check whether it could have been due to Gardasil. I did not report it, either. But I voiced my assumption several times. The doctors did not respond.


J.H., 1992, female



After the first vaccination dizziness strong and weak, in phases. Sometimes she cannot go to school. On 2-3 days a week she is so dizzy that she cannot concentrate and cannot do her homework. The drops she takes, effortil, do not help.

After the first vaccination her stomach problems started. A kind of nausea, first after she eats – after the second vaccination independent of eating. Sometimes she wakes up at night from being sick to her stomach. They diagnosed gastritis and treated it. No helios.

The day after the third vaccination she had strong nausea and diarrhea (\"infected with bad intestinal virus\") She had it a long time, was absent from school a lot. Since then she has had NAUSEA every day, no day without nausea. Jo is unable to eat a lot of things because otherwise the nausea gets even worse. All tests (fructose etc.) were negative, she has been taking medication against the gastritis for the last two months, and otherwise she could not go to school.


Her quality of life is diminished; she has to say no to lots of events and invitations because she is so sick to her stomach. There are better days and worse days, but there are no good days.

Jo used to be a happy, creative bundle of energy with lots of friends. Ever since she has the nausea her life has become sad. Unfortunately it took a long time for me to discover that the dizziness and nausea started at the same time she had the vaccinations.


S.C., 09.01.1995, female



I already register several times at Sanego as my daughter has not gotten better yet. She changed two days after she had her first vaccination on19.02.2008. The effects were as follows: fatigue, listlessness, extremely pale, very quiet, pneumonia, constant infections including fever and since then non-stop menstruation. I went to see a gynaecologist with her who denies everything and who has given her the fourth dose of \"Cyclokapron\" which has not helped, she continues to have heavy menstruations, has no energy and takes no interest. Her teacher from her last class said she was lifeless because my daughter had always been a happy girl, despite her handicap. She is also dizzy, nauseous, has diarrhea, etc. I am at the end of my rope. The gynaecologist keeps saying patience, patience, which I don’t seem to have any more and I’m mad.

At the hospital they treat me like a child too when my daughter was in the hospital with pneumonia, including vomiting and diarrhea, for 2 weeks. Everybody didn’t want to talk about it. An allergy doctor tested her for allergies and suddenly she supposedly had a dust mite allergy. In the mean time she’s come down with a number of infections and when she was at the hospital and afterwards she was treated with all kinds of antibiotics non-stop. My daughter is going to turn 14 and since that time she cannot take part in swim classes and also says she has a sore throat all the time. I have the feeling that everything Sandra has learned must be learned again.

I had her vaccinated because the school recommended it when everyone’s vaccination pass was checked. Now I am at the end of my rope and blame myself that I read the package inserts when it was too late and that there are limitations to when it can be administered: Genetic gene defect. I received no information prior to the vaccination and now they act like I’m a hysterical mother.  I’ve also gotten in touch with the minister of health and I surely don’t need to tell you what she answered.


K.B. , 02.01.1992, female



Approx. 12 hours after the vaccination our daughter suddenly developed a fever, 39.0. She complained about joint pain, particularly in her hips, nausea, ear ache (lymph nodes) and dizziness, chills weak muscles and lack of appetite.


S.S., 23.08.1990. female



I felt pretty desperate after reading this site and getting information about vaccination reactions and damages after HBV vaccinations. My daughter Sophia has just turned 18 and in the beginning she tolerated the 3-fold vaccination relatively well. She has been sick now for 2 weeks, she is dizzy, sick to her stomach, has diarrhea and back pain, numbness and a headache. She is completely fatigued and I am going to the doctor with her. He is going to do blood work. My daughter is the last person in my family left. My parents both died of cancer, the father of my daughter died two years ago of pneumonia and renal failure. I pray to god that the doctors will be able to help her and that she will get healthy again, but I am full of doubt and am wondering what special hospital I could take her to. I will do everything I can to help her, no matter what the costs are, everything …


S.L., 27.06.1988, female



My two daughters (born 27.6.1988 and 24.10.1990) both had the 1st and 2nd vaccination I fall 2007. While the 1st one has been complaining about bad stomach aches, nausea and loss of weight since then, the younger one has had no problems. After several doctors’ visits, also to the gynecologist who administered the vaccination, my daughter was sent to a gastroenterologist in January 2008.  The gastroscopy in Feb 2008 showed that she had a bacterial gastritis. After taking penicillin the symptoms receded significantly. No doctor was willing to confirm that there was a connection between the problems and the vaccinations.

Both daughters did not have the third vaccination because we heard about possible fatal vaccination reactions in 2007 as a result of the sad death. Before we heard about this death our fear of cancer had been stronger than the fear of the vaccination. I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Jasmin Soriat, the young woman who passed away and I would like to thank them for publishing the information about her vaccination reaction.


I.G., 19.11.1989, female



After the first 2 vaccinations (9.08.07 and on 7.11.07) I actually had no reactions except for when they were administered, it burned a little, and later more and my arm felt heavy
After the third vaccination there were problems.

I am sick to my stomach all the time.

When it started I felt sick to my stomach in class, then I felt hot and then cold along my back.

This is how it felt more and more often during the next few days.

In the morning as I was driving to school I felt so sick to my stomach that I got out and went to the doctor, they prescribed Iberogast drops and said that if I did not feel better within a day that I should come back a day later.
I didn’t feel better the next day so I went to the doctor’s and he said that it was my stomach and that I should take MCP drops. They helped. But a week later it got worse again, I took the drops again and then I felt worse.

My boyfriend said I should Stop them if they didn’t help, so I did.

3 days I felt fine so I thought that maybe it really had been a small infection. During the night of the 3 rd day I suddenly felt that my heart stopped beating, only for a moment. That sent me into a panic so I ran around in my room and then tried to sleep but couldn’t because I thought I was going to die.

I was so afraid that I slept with my parents like a little kid.

The next day I still was having hard time breathing – a feeling like a dumpling was pressing my throat and like I was not going to be able to breathe. And nervousness. I am really restless.

I went to the doctor again and he gave me homeopathic tablets. (Neurexan – for insomnia and Heel for restlessness). To this day I use them to calm down.


I saw the doctor again and he said that maybe it was due to the fact that I was having a lot of stress, that could explain the nausea (at the time I had a lot of exams at school and was getting my drivers’ license, but in both cases I didn’t think it was stress causing problems) . He said he thought that I should wait till after the exams and that by then I would be feeling better.

When the exams were over I was still having problems so they checked my thyroid and my blood but everything was fine
My doctor said he thought that I was imagining the nausea and that it was all psychological and so he sent me to a psychologist who was also unable to help me, she said she thought I was claustrophobic, because I keep getting sick to my stomach in trains and busses and at home and when I go shopping … everywhere). She wanted me to go to a clinic because I had had a job during the summer vacation which I quit after 2 days because I felt sick to my stomach all the time ….


Because I am convinced that this all stems from the vaccinations I went to my family doctor and I told him and he said that he had never heard such a thing but that if he heard of a case like mine he would tell me. He wrote it down but he never got in touch with me. I did not let it go at that so I went to my gynaecologist a few weeks later because he was the one who had vaccinated me.
That guy let me have it. I felt really small. He said that vaccinations have been researched and that there are no damages that have to do with them and that tick vaccinations were even worse. He said I should have my stomach examined before saying things like a vaccination was the cause of my problems and that was that!

I should say that my gynaecologist has always been very nice, a really cool guy; I always liked him. Until this day!!!

I also saw a homeopath who was also unable to help me. A waste of money.


I have been suffering for 5 months now
(since 21.04.08) and I’ve about had it.

I have taken the bus or the train to school ever since I was 11 years old. I have always been happy and have laughed a lot, was always healthy, liked being with people and NEVER had problems. Even in discos.

Now all I can say is that I cannot do these things any more. I can’t even go to the cinema

If things continue this way I won’t even be able to do an apprenticeship because I won’t be able to work.

I have tried to think of other things, but it just doesn’t work.

I don’t know what else to do to find out what is wrong with me.

My only hope is that no one in the world will come into contact with vaccinations because then people won’t have to suffer and they can enjoy their youth.

I will do all I can for this vaccination to be taken from the market!





I have had all three vaccinations. The first two didn’t cause any problems at all except for my arm feeling heavy which is really not all that bad.

My first vaccination and the other two when I was 18. The last vaccination was on 22.04.2008... After that my life changed completely. The day before I had had a small migraine attack with vomiting.

I told my doctor as I am aware of the risks when you are sick when you vaccinations.

He said it was no problem because it really wasn’t a disease.
A few days later I felt really sick when I was in class, a cold shiver tingled along my back, I was nervous and I did not know what was happening to me. Then I calmed down again.

But it continued and kept happening, sometimes when I was on the bus or on the train, at home, no matter, and it got worse. I then went to my family doctor who said he thought it was a stomach ailment and prescribed Iberogast drops. They did not help one single bit.

One day later I had to get out of the bus when I was on my way to school because I thought I was going to throw up on the bus. I then headed straight to the doctor because I was afraid to get on the bus again and I thought I would feel better if I had a walk and got some fresh air.

The doctor gave me MCP drops.

They made me feel better. I could go back to school.

One week after I had taken the drops it got really bad again so I decided to take the drops again. They did not help one single bit. My boyfriend I should stop taking them, so I did!

3 days later I felt super and I thought, great, it had been a little infection.

During the 3rd night I was in bed and suddenly I felt that my heart had stopped beating. I got panicked. I was unable to stay in bed. I started walking around in my room. At some point I went over to my parents’ bed and spent the night with them and I did that a couple nights in a row because I was so afraid. After this evening there were other symptoms, too, like nervousness, palpitations, and respiratory problems. I could only wear wide clothes because I was always afraid of suffocating.

My doctor said that it was psychological and sent me to see a psychologist who was NO help. She said I was claustrophobic. I have been riding buses my whole life long, trains too, and I spend time in narrow rooms and I love being with lots of people, like in discos. I have never had any problems of this sort until now ….

I even consulted a homeopath and spent a lot of money on that and that did not help either.

I am unable to do things now. My gynaecologist hit the roof when I said I thought it had something to do with the vaccination. He really let me have it.

I used to be a happy and joyous person. Now life has no meaning for me.

I really think it was the vaccination that caused all this. There is no other explanation in my mind because my thyroid and blood work is fine.

I hope that my report will help to do something about vaccinations! I don’t want even more young people to not be able to enjoy their life as a result of a vaccination!
Kind regards
Ines Gebauer


M.P., 12.05.1992, female



My daughter had her third HPV vaccination yesterday. She felt fine before she had it; there were no signs of an infection.

The two prior vaccinations had not been that great either regarding side effects. She said she had a headache and that she was dizzy and that the arm where they had administered the vaccination hurt. I was not all that worried because I knew that a vaccination can entail slight effects.

But yesterday everything was different. 
When my daughter arrived home she was very pale and said that she felt very dizzy, had a bad headache and felt very sick to her stomach. Her arm hurt so bad that she could not move it. She was pale, had shiny eyes and really did not look good.

She went to bed. But it got worse.  Her arm and legs started feeling numb (she said it felt like they had all fallen asleep) and then her knee started to hurt. I got nervous and called 2 clinics. I was told that they had never heard of that before. We live in a big city so I decided to just take to a third clinic.

She was examined and they kept her there (for observation). I brought her to her room where she was connected to an ECG device. By that time her arm was very red and warm and swollen, it was easy to see.
I should mention that I was not aware of the fact that this vaccination has been criticized so widely. If I had known it I would have listened to my daughter who had been so fearful of the third vaccination (usually she is not that timid), and I could have spared her.


S.S., 08.02.93, female



Approx. 3 months after her second Gardasil vaccination my daughter, who had always been healthy and who had never had any problems, was diagnosed as having both celiac disease and colitis ulcerous. These are both chronic diseases of the intestines. Ulcerative colitis is an auto-immune disease. We did not have the third vaccination administered.


D.B., 28.05.1991, female



My daughter was vaccinated for the first time in Jan 08. We did not notice anything. Then she got her second vaccination in April 08. We didn’t notice anything then, either. About 6 weeks after the vaccination she came down with an acute case of tonsillitis. We went to the doctor’s and his diagnosis, after blood work, was mononucleosis, because there were no antibodies. She was given antibiotics. But they did not help. From that time on my daughter did not feel well (headache, nausea, problems concentrating and she has become very weak physically). She can handle school, but then she comes home and goes to bed and sleeps. She was told to refrain from physical activities, everything she loved doing has now become too strenuous. My daughter has not been seriously ill before. We’ve been at this since May. Nothing is helping. Her blood work is normal again, but that’s it. The worst part is that her teachers are not being very understanding because nothing has been proven. But how are you supposed to prove that the vaccination was the cause? Maybe someone can give me some advice on how to help my daughter. I have been giving her natural things to help im prove her immune system, e.g. Esberitox.


V.M., 10.06.1993, female



After the first vaccination there were no reactions, my arm did not even hurt. But shortly after the second vaccination in April 08 there was strong nausea. Suspected Noro virus which, however, was not proven. During this time I was very sensitive to light and UV rays and repeatedly had diarrhea and stomach aches. After a number of weeks I could go to school again and the nausea was not as permanent as it had been before. But I never felt any hunger or appetite. Now, four months later after the second vaccination I feel sick to my stomach several times a day, but I can eat with an appetite again and I am not as limited. But it still has not gone away.


C.D., 1981



Cramp-like seizure 1/2 minutes after the vaccination, respiratory problems first 2 days after vaccination, one week later: skin allergy which is treated with an anti-allergen medication (Aerus) every 3 days. Allergy continues.


H.G., 09.05.1974, female

Middle ear infection


I had my gynecologist administer the vaccination. I was transferred to my family doctor, where I landed the next day because my ear infection was killing me and I thought I was going to go crazy. This doctor had my blood checked, prescribed ibuhexal 800 mg and cec 500 mg, an antibiotic. Today I am going for a check-up and I was asked if I had an alcohol problem because my liver values are so high. No one was interested in the fact that I was at home in bed and screaming out loud because I was in such pain. I have worked all my life and have never had an alcohol problem and they’re treating me like I am a welfare case.


The truth is that the vaccination caused a neurological shock and left me paralyzed on my left side; my eye is still swollen and my left ear still hurts (I am treating it with quark). On Wednesday they are giving me an HIV test because 60-year-old women get that test, too.


Is this Germany??????????


I sent the doctor a fax so that her staff could read it, too. That’s the only way you can defend yourself.



S.H., 08.11.1990, female



My daughter had her first vaccination in May of the last year. The side effects such as headaches, nausea and dizziness were manageable. In July she had the second vaccination and the side effects increased. She was starting to faint and she was experiencing mid-cycle bleeding, which prompted her daughter to prescribe a different anti-baby pill. It did not occur to me that any of these things had anything to do with the vaccination. Then she had my third vaccination in December. Her arm hurt for several days and she had diarrhea and a stomach ache. At some point her lymph nodes were swollen. We consulted a doctor who did blood work, but it was inconclusive. Everything fine, they said. Sometimes she was fine for 3 to 4 days and then it all started again. She was now having problems with her vision. A week later tingling in her hands and legs. We went to the doctor again. Nor result. Psychological, they said. And then it all happened at once. My daughter was unable to climb stairs and could not walk, could not write because she was unable to hold a pen. On Sunday, May 4, per ambulance to the hospital, neurological ward. Diagnosis - Guillain Barre Syndrom.  By Tuesday the paralysis had transferred to legs and arms. The left side of her face was so lax it looked like she had had a stroke!! She was unable to chew. Food had to be strained.  She had to use a feeding cup to drink, which was almost impossible unless she held her arms tight by her side and bent her hands which were almost immobile. It was terrible to watch. Girl friends and her homeroom teacher left the hospital in tears and very shocked. She received an immunoglobulin therapy over 5 days and got a little better but she was still in a lot of pain and had a horrible headache. She started at the rehabilitation clinic on May 27. She can walk again, although there are limitations. She has to relearn a lot of things. The left side of her face is still impaired and her resting pulse is 100 to 120, her liver values are high. Before she had the vaccinations she had never been sick but was always a lively and fun-loving girl. For heaven’s sake -  I can only urgently advise all mothers to not have their daughters vaccinated!!!!!! Nobody is able to tell us what else can happen.


S.S.,03.03.1995, female



My daughter Samira was vaccinated with Gardasil the first time in August 2007. She had never experienced such pain during a vaccination before; she couldn’t move her arm for days out of pain.  Her health deteriorated consistently and she was tired all the time. She had a hard time concentrating and was absolutely beat. 4 weeks after the 1st vaccination she fainted. Often she was dizzy. In October she had the second vaccination and in March 2008 the third one. I do not recognize my own child any longer: she is tired all the time, has no strength and cannot concentrate at all. More and more often Samira has to be picked up at school because she is so dizzy and then she faints. No doctor has been interested in the fact that it is my assumption that her condition has to do with the vaccination.  Samira was turned inside out at the hospital for days and they said EVERYTHING was just FINE. MY FOOT! Aside from small things like the fact that she is much more prone to getting infections, her joints her and she has stomach aches and bad headaches, she isn’t enjoying life as much. If you feel like writing to me or if someone knows what a homeopath could do to help her, here is how you can get in touch:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and PLEASE report your cases, otherwise they can continue merrily advertising Gardasil.


A.G., 18.06.1993, female



I am not sure if the problems are due to the vaccination. Anna fainted during a football training session on 05.05.08; she was without consciousness for 25 min. and was then admitted to the hospital checked from head to foot ( CT,MRT,EEG EKG ultrasound, etc.) inconclusive, and the blood work is inconspicuous, too. She left the hospital six days later. She was at home over Whitsun and we noticed that she had changed; she has a hard time finding the right words, she is dizzy, nauseous, has headaches and vision impairment, respiratory problems and she sweats a lot. Since Feb. 08 she has had headaches a lot, also stomachaches, but only occasionally. Physically she has been very fit and we were not aware of any physical ailments. On 16.05.08 she was admitted to the hospital again (Neuropediatrics in Oldenburg) and all of the exams were repeated and supplemented. Inconclusive again. We are at the end of our wits. To me her symptoms seem like she is having heart problems, but from a cardiological perspective there were no symptoms except low blood pressure. Can all of this have to do with the vaccination?


A.S., 07.10.1990, female



On 26.1.2007 I had my first HPV vaccination. My gynecologist had recommended that I have it. The same day (about midnight) I collapsed (extreme dizziness/nausea) which stopped after 10 minutes. In the beginning I chalked it off as being \"normal\" circulatory problems and had the second vaccination done on 23.3.07. This time around the side effects already started 2 hours after the vaccination while I was at work at my student job. I was really sick to my stomach and dizzy. I went home immediately. I could not seem to be able to get up off of the coach because I was so sick to my stomach and at about 5 pm I vomited for the first time, which repeated itself every ten minutes. This went on until my mom called the hospital at about 9 pm and we were admitted to hospital. They checked all of my vital signs which, according to the doctor, were alarming. I immediately received a mix of infusions for dizziness and nausea. After half an hour I felt better again and we were able to drive home again. As we were leaving the doctor was very emphatic in his recommendation not to have the third vaccination under any circumstances, as in his opinion he could not exclude that it was possible that my body would go into shock if I did and it could be fatal. I did not hesitate in skipping the third vaccination!

Since then time I periodically experience bouts of diarrhea which can last for days anomy immune system is very weakened, which has led to influenza and several bladder infections, which in the mean time I have gotten under control thanks to very good homeopathic treatment. From the onset my mother and I were convinced that these incidences were not random but that they had to do with Garadasil. My gynecologist, however, does not agree at all after we had told him about what we though. The listlessness and fatigue have been constant since the vaccination (except for a few \"exceptions\"). Moreover, I have been plagued by VERY severe headaches which can lost for quite some time, which can hardly be kept at bay with aspirins, etc. Sometimes (since 4 weeks) I also have continuous pain in the nape of my neck. Since a few days (more than one year since the vaccination!) I have been suffering from headaches constantly. They do not disappear for even a second.  Since yesterday I have had constant pain in my legs which impact all of my joints periodically.  The feeling is comparable to bursts of growth you have when you are a child sometimes it feels like the joints are tied with a cord...
I am now very nervous and will be consulting a doctor in a few days. I think that there can be no doubt that these symptoms have something to do with the vaccination, too and I am VERY happy that I heeded the advice of the doctor and my mother and that I did not have the vaccination done
AI also would like to tell all girls and women who are reading these case histories and who also suffer from these symptoms to report what happened to them!


P.H., 21.08.93, female



My daughter had no adverse reactions to the first two vaccinations at all. Last Tuesday she got her third vaccination. Saturday (4 days later) she developed red dots on her hands and feet and a feeling of tension in her hands, accompanied by itchiness. Today (6 days later) the red dots have spread all over her body. Her skin is swollen, especially on her hands and feet. I went to the pediatrician with her immediately. He thinks it could be an allergy and that it could also be a mouth, hand and foot disease. When I asked him whether he thought it could also be a reaction to the vaccination he said it would then have to have happened immediately after the vaccination. I am not sure that he is right. I read up on it on the internet and I have also read a number of reports by girls who also reported having had rashes.


S.B., 11.09.1993, female



Our daughter’s first vaccination was 7 and half months ago!!! Unfortunately she has not gotten better yet.

Periodically she feels better and she could now attend school for two weeks without staying home, but she doesn’t have enough energy for afternoon activities (horse back riding, going shopping, and meeting friends).

She has headaches, sore throats, back aches, joint pain and heavy legs – symptoms she has learned to accept without even mentioning them. But her psyche is suffering because she never feels fit and strong and we are unable to make plans. The dizziness and the nausea have improved thanks to the homeopathic remedies. She doesn’t really like to eat anymore! At any rate, we have found a gynecologist who was ready to report it to Sanofi - but as yet there has been no reaction.

We are clueless and continue to hope that time will take care of it and that there will be no lasting damages.


C.H., 16.06.1984, female



Hi. I am 23 years old and on 27.09.2007 I had my first vaccination, which did not hurt at all. On 28.09.07 I could no longer move my arm, it hurt a lot, on I was at work in the hospital and at 7.00 o’clock I had a bad attack of asthma accompanied by a panic attack which made me dizzy. They sent me home!!! The following three weeks I went to doctors’ non-stop. In the morning I was bothered by a lot of phlegm, which was green when I coughed it up and my feet, which were red and swollen, hurt a lot. I saw more doctors and in December 2007 the doctor’s diagnosis was asthma hmm, me and asthma, that’s an unlikely pair. I exercise a lot and I am not out of breath, they gave me antibiotics for a week but in January I will in a lot of pain, my joints were inflamed, okay, so I took antibiotics again and cortisone and now because I had been given 5 different antibiotics in 2 months they gave me some more medication that was supposed to loosen up my phlegm. Then they did a bronchoscopy, which was negative, so they gave me some more antibiotics because I wasn’t getting any better. 2nd vaccination on 6.12.2007 and my ailments continued to get worse so that my family practitioner sent me to the rheumatologist and he said I had rheumatism, which is an auto-immune disease (the cells in my body attack the other cells because they cannot tell them apart) and now since January I have been taking Sulfasalazin and cortisone and all the problems have disappeared and I feel great.  Can walk again and I laugh and I’m rid of all that phlegm and everything is just great except for the fact that I have to take medication for the rest of my life because of Gardasil. The vaccine changed my life. I am not going to have the third shot administered and I don’t want to die and I hope that no one else will get vaccinations, either because the danger is just too great. If other people have these symptoms too they can get in touch with me if they want to because it is sure not easy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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