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J.-L. S., 01.02.2002, male


Infanrix hexa

Our 12-week old son got a 6-fold vaccination and about 6 hours later had a circulatory collapse. He suddenly turned blue, and vomited after that.  He went limp and was no longer responsive. We   immediately took him to the hospital, where he had to be admitted. His condition gradually returned to normal. He was connected to a monitoring device through the night. There was nothing conspicuous about his condition. We could go home the next day.  The doctors did not believe that the whole thing had anything to do with the vaccine, and said that he could not breathe because of his vomiting. But I have repeatedly pointed out – that he first went blue and limp and THEN vomited. The doctors there however believed otherwise. In contrast to our pediatrician.  In his opinion, and according to our own research, we independently come to the same conclusion that our son had suffered a hypotonic-hypo responsive episode (HHE). As we recently came to know, this vaccine complication has occurred in clinical trials of the 6-fold vaccination and has also been listed as one of the side-effects in the package insert of another 6-fold vaccination. Our pediatrician however had no doubt about the connection between the vaccination and HHE and has reported this incident. For weeks after the incident, we feared apnea in our son and it was a long time before everything was back to normal. As for the other vaccines: we will now follow the alternative vaccination plan.


Linus’ Parents (who is now 18 months old)


G.G., 05.10.1951, female



Upper abdomen complaints (cramps), gastrointestinal complaints, fatigue, decreased capacity 70%, headache, dizziness, sensory problems in the arms and legs, visual problems, muscle pain, abnormal need to sleep.


H.S. 23.07.01, male



Immediately after the vaccination, our son got a slight fever 39.5 degrees, I called the pediatrician’s office and asked what to do, a nurse told me that I should give him an antipyretic, wait and see what happens. I did, and the fever went down and I could put my son to sleep in his crib. Approximately one month after the first vaccination, (which was given around the age of 6 months) abnormalities in movement such as frequently holding the hands in fists, stretched out position with crossed legs and retarded development were observed. Heiko cried very often, became very stiff (somehow, had cramps). At that time, we thought it was due to flatulence, but we never thought that it could have something to do with the vaccination. In addition, in the months after that, he was listless, almost apathetic, sleeping a lot and very often. Pregnancy with him was normal, the birth was by caesarean section (because of poor heart sounds in auscultation during contraction stress test), at end of the 37th week, the Apgar scores were 9/9/10, and his umbilical artery had a pH of 7.35. Up till U4, it was confirmed that his development was good, but not after one month after vaccination; we put him through all possible examinations, all with negative results, even the human genetics gave us no cause. We have two older children, who were also vaccinated, but with 3 separate injections, or oral vaccination. They are both healthy, and were well developed; they even started walking at the age of 12-13 months, and did everything that they should as per the preventive health checkup book. Our third child is now 2 years old, he has also been given all further vaccinations, because no one even thought that this may have been caused by a vaccination. Considering his motor development, he is probably as good as a child of 8-10 months, cannot crawl or even stand / walk, still has movement disorder, and mentally as well, he is not as far as my other two children were.


E.M., 28.07.2002´, male



After the 2nd 6-fold vaccination at the age of about 7 months, my son first had a vaccine reaction with fever and limpness, which then improved after 2 days, but about two months after that he began to show symptoms of indifference, he lost more and more weight and looked increasingly limp and sick.  Everything possible was suspected and tested until the situation became so acute that he had to be admitted to the hospital, and there, he was immediately diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Since then, he has been put on insulin and has been getting considerably better.  The conventional medicine does not concede any connection with the vaccination, but contact with other affected parents and some holistically thinking doctors have confirmed my suspicions.


Hannah.V., female 16.12.00

Hannah has recurring middle ear inflammations and often suffers from cold. Because of that, vaccinations were postponed. So, the pediatrician used a healthy phase to give  the third 6-fold vaccination as well as the first MMR.

Hexavac, Priorix

On the eighth day after vaccination (that took place on 13.01.03) Hannah had a febrile seizure or grand mal epileptic seizure, it was not exactly certain as to why. There were no EEG changes. Two weeks later, Hannah had a tonus-loss, in which she simply collapsed and was fatigued. The subsequent EEG (was asleep) again without any conspicuous results. After the third seizure, Hannah was unresponsive for a few minutes; she only held on tightly to her mother and could not answer. Subsequently, she again suffered a grand mal seizure. Hannah was examined thoroughly, even a lumbar puncture and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging was carried out. We pointed out several times that there may be a connection with the vaccination, but always received a negative response from every doctor. A week later, the fourth seizure, a still, quiet and unobtrusive one, shortly after falling asleep. Except for the above described tonus loss, all seizures were accompanied by fever, but were not clearly febrile seizures. There were no noticeable EEG changes, not even in sleep-deprivation EEG. In the meanwhile, based on the frequency and intensity of the attacks, the Children's Neurological Hospital concluded that they were dealing with a less-known form of epilepsy. After consultation with the pediatrician, the removal of the tonsils was carried out on April 22 along with with the opening of the eardrum. After the OP, Hannah felt quite relieved. A neurologist as well as a pediatrician recommended administering valproate, in case Hannah had a seizure. We parents were looking for a way to spare our child this medication. We were looking for an alternative practitioner who took our concerns about the vaccine damage seriously. She gave Hannah a medication that would neutralize the side effects of vaccination. We parents hope that the surgery and the alternative medical treatment would stabilize Hannah’s condition such that we can avoid the usage of Valproat. Meanwhile 2 months have passed without any further seizures.  However, in the last four days, Hannah has fallen from her chair twice for no apparent reason. We hope that this is in no connection with the seizures.


Elias, male 23.04.2003



On 03.07.2003, the child was vaccinated with Hexavax for the second time.
Ca. 12 hour later, the child had fever up to 38 C, and during that period, he also had 3 tonic seizures every 2 minutes. He had rolled his eyes, his hands were in fists and stiffened and the hands and upper extremities were in tonical stretch. Then he had hiccups and cyanosis of the lips. On 04.07.2003 the patient had generalized seizure, this time without fever. This state lasted for about 1, 2 min.


A.M. R., female 18.01.2003


Infanrix hexa

My daughter had fever up to 39.5 degrees C the night after the vaccination, which could not be reduced using antipyretic medicines or by calf packing. It was not until around 9:00 this morning that the fever subsided. She is very limp and sleeps a lot.


D.S., female 06.01.1974



A few hours after the vaccination, there was circular hardening and severe burning of the injection spot. The next day, the hardening had slightly increased and the arm was swollen. There was severe pain during the night. The whole arm was swollen and was double the original size and the pain was unbearable. The armpit, the collar bones and the upper ribs were hurting. The fingers were numb. I could not move the hand at all and it was paining even when it was still. The color turned red and then violet. The arm was boiling hot. Went to the doctor. Got medication for swelling, one for allergies and cream for itching.  That was yesterday. Today, the arm does not hurt as bad, but is still swollen. In ten years, the doctor wants to take a measurement of how much vaccine is still present in the blood to check whether I have to take another one in 15-20 years. He said out this happens perhaps to one out of 500 vaccinated people, and he has seen patients with thicker swelling!


M.B., female, 09.10.1970


Fixed combination drug Tetanus – Diphtheria

After the first vaccine immediately after an accident, I had no reaction. However, a very strong reaction was evident four weeks thereafter. I felt a sort of tingling and had a slight burning sensation on my skin, starting on the legs. Then there were small, red blisters, which spread throughout the body within the shortest time. The blisters grew bigger; some were the size of the palm. After 2 hours, the body was full of these blisters.  Cortisone injections reduced the swelling for a short time, but it took around 14 days till the skin was normal again.


N.B., female, 05.12.2002



The child had flu-like symptoms since the vaccination. The vaccination was given in the beginning of March. Since then, the symptoms have been constant. Slight cold, cough (actual coughing fits till she chokes), congested bronchia, the child has something like a congested lump in her throat and when she coughs hard, she coughs out a sort of yellow mucus. There were bacteria in the blood according to the doctor, and it was a case of mixed infection. Till now, she was given cough syrups (Prospan, Mucosolvan, Spasmo-Mucosolvan) which did not work.  An antibiotic (Cefuhexal was prescribed, 8 doses for approximately 5 days), which did not work either and the child had to inhale using a nebulizer machine 6 to 8 times a day (Salbutamol/AtroventLS/ Lui-DNCG). Today she was X-Rayed. The doctor was of the opinion that our child may have asthma and treatment for the same was also prescribed. She also considered allergies.

Actually, in our family no one has allergies or asthma. There has never been anyone in our family who has suffered from allergies or asthma. I now doubt whether our child has suffered vaccination damage, and I am also wondering now if it makes sense to continue with the vaccination, or if I should stop vaccination that uses this product for safety reasons. Perhaps we should administer individual vaccines. I do not know what the best thing to do is.

Fact remains that our child was healthy to the core till the vaccination.


J.W., male, 20.01.95



Diagnosis of the Uni-Skin Clinic Göttingen:

1. Exanthema of unclear origin (Type III-Reaction), suspected Serum sickness with Z.N. Encepur-Kdr-TBE-Vaccine.
2. allergic rhinoconjunctivitis


Known allergic rhinoconjunctivits, TBE-vaccine 10 days before the first hospitalization, on 04.06., starting Exanthem; first asthmatic problems, improvement after Zyrtec. In the evening, initially small pustules, then rapid progression, in the abdominal area. On admission to the hospital, erythema all-over, partly with urticarian aspect. In addition, abdominal pain like cramps with no change in bowel habits. At night, frequent vomiting. On 05.06., fever in the afternoon, no pain in joints.


F.M., female, 20.8.90



Just after Booster vaccine, she became dizzy and we did not think further about it. But it never happened before for other vaccinations which she had in May 2001. And at the end of may 2001, she was diagnosed with Diabetes 1. We have no family history of Diabetes. Meanwhile she had (Feb. to May) she always complained about stomach pain without any apparent reason or illness. My other daughter also has allergies / allergic coryza, but only since spring 2001, she was vaccinated against Hepatitis B. My 5-month old son died after a vaccination. At that time, in 1989, we were told that he died of SIDS (or near miss as he was revived and then later died) and that it had nothing to do with the vaccination. Our Pediatrician reported this but we did not hear anything further. (Polio/ Dipth/ Tetanus)


T.M., male 17.08.2000

Lactose intolerance; because of that, diarrhea for over a year and again because of that, failure to thrive (slow growth, weight loss)


No complaints immediately after the vaccination. After around one month, middle ear inflammation, anti-biotic treatment. Diagnosed with Diabetes after around 2 weeks.


C.H., female, 20.09.1999



Around 1 week after the first 6-fold vaccination, my daughter suffered from severe asthma, which is present till date. Despite exclusive breast feeding for 7 months. Today we have switched to goat milk and the asthma is slightly better now.


A.H., female, 23.06.1996



Allergic reaction at the spot where the vaccination was given, initially small, itchy, and red and then it spread up to 5x5 cm and was lighter/ bluer in the middle. Lasted for days.
The child had no allergies till the measles/ mumps vaccination (vaccination \'02), then for the first time, reaction to foodstuffs and now to other vaccinations.


N.S male, 9.9.1997



After the second Diphtheria-Tetanus vaccination, the spot of vaccination turned dark red. The upper left thigh had swollen a lot.  Despite cooling and ointment application, the swelling lasted for almost a week. Our son dragged the leg while walking for about three months (the vaccination was given at 11 months when he had started walking). In addition, a severe swelling of the lymph nodes was observed around the head. One week after the vaccination he had severe \"Sommerangina\" (summer tonsillitis) with high fever. (He was never sick before this.)


D., 30.09.1999



He was vaccinated when he was 15 months old. Two days later he got chicken pox. During chicken pox he started twitching, squinting and had 40C fever for a week. He stopped talking, he did not register us any more, he did not respond to his name. He lived in his own world. After 6 months he was brought to the hospital. There, it was diagnosed that the twitching were salaam attacks (EPILEPSY). Since then he has had growth problems, perception disorder and lack of motor activity. He is making very slow progress, and there is a long way to go. Nobody can tell me whether he will be able to speak ever again.


H.M., male 26.07.98


5 fold vaccination 
DT vaccination

After the first 5-fold vaccination, my son suffered from fever and restless crying.

After the second 5-fold vaccination, there was crying that continued for an hour. After the 5-fold vaccination along with MMR he became very strange. He had convulsive laughter and was hyperactive. His behavior changed a lot with time. After the second MMR vaccination, he had diarrhea for a long time and later severe constipation. His development stopped and approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the 2nd MMR he completely lost his speech.


L.R., female, 12.11.1997


Polio, MMR, 5-fold

Vaccine reaction = Fever (39 C), remarkable paleness and nausea, throat pain;
Local reaction:
at the site of injection (is it actually normal that  this or similar vaccinations are given at the same time?) and around 10x8 cm swelling, redness, heat.

This was a booster vaccination. In the first vaccination, I was not told about the additional MMR vaccination. I would have been vehemently against it. After half year, I was made aware by the doctor about the necessity of bosster vaccine and was astounded with the successive MMR- vaccination. Of course, this fact is not to be proven.


N.K male, 28.5.99


5-fold vaccination

My son was vaccinated at the age of 9 months. Actually I did not want it, but my Pediatrician talked me into it. I was guilt-tripped so much that I agreed (big mistake!).


On the very same evening, my child had 39.2C fever (for which, of course, I immediately got tablets from the pediatrician but did not give him),
and he received severe seizures, which were followed by severe crying. This continued for almost three days. I could not recognize my own son again and was very scared.


The very next day I called the pediatrician, but she said this could have nothing to do with the vaccination. My son would have been likely to start teething, or he had 3 months colic, which is common in young boys. She did not even have a look at him.
After that, I immediately consulted a Homeopath and I am really glad that I did this. She gave him Thuja C 200 and just one day after, there was improvement in his condition with the seizures. The treatment was continued till he was healed. Later, I consulted an osteopath who told me that my son had severe cerebral irritation. Few weeks after the vaccination, my child had a severe bronchitis and eczema. We have been only in homeopathic treatment and have now finally survived the worst after 3 years. The eczema has almost completely disappeared and the cerebral irritation, which was triggered by the vaccine, is now under control.

With every health screening, the unpleasant subject of vaccinations starts all over again, but we have not continued vaccinations with our son - what one has to listen to the pediatrician’s is really absurd. For no one admits that such reactions might have been caused by the vaccine.


N.N.B. male, 08.01.02


6-fold vaccination

My son was vaccinated in April 02 for the first time and then in May for the second time.

The first vaccination was normal. He had little fever and he slept a lot. The second vaccination had the following results:  
the day after the vaccination, my son had a crying attack for an hour. I have never seen my son like this, for one hour, he was continuously screaming and howling and crying. He had red patches on his face from crying. We went to the doctor, he examined him, and we came back home. My son is now 14-months old and he cannot not even crawl yet, forget walking.

He pulls himself forward with his right arm. We have now received a referral to the university from our physician, where he will be examined.

My child was fit as a fiddle and within 2 months, he was stretching his arms and lifting himself when we laid him on his stomach.

Obviously, I am never going to give him vaccine again.


D.E. male, 5.7.70


Yellow fever

My friend was vaccinated against yellow fever, because we had planned a trip to Ecuador. Departure was to be on 8.2. I was vaccinated in St. Gallen, my friend in Zurich. After 5 days, he got fever (I did not), which kept increasing. 2.5 weeks later, based on the results of a lumbar puncture, he was sent to Unispital Zurich, where for 3 days he received an Antibiotic course. Since his cerebral irritation (!) was neither of viral nor of bacterial origin, he was discharged on Friday (almost after 3 weeks of fever) and sent back home. There are very few cases where a patient reacts to yellow fever vaccination with cerebral irritation. The doctors were rather clueless, but a professor for tropical medicine in Unispital Zürich found the case quite interesting, he wants to pursue it as a case study. His blood and spinal marrow samples were sent to the European Tropeninstitut in Hamburg, only to prove that it had nothing to do with (!) yellow fever (that was a GREAT COINCIDENCE). The results are still pending. At least the fever has subsided (finally), my friend still has very severe headache. Hopefully everything will soon have a happy ending.


S.M., female,05.08.98



Polio-vaccination at the age of almost 2-years, 3 days later, starting of vomiting and diarrhea and high fever, then improvement. After 1 week, apathy, symptoms of paralysis, deterioration of general condition, absences, after about 3 months, she was healthy again, but we have not repeated the polio vaccine yet.


C.U. female, 02.04.1970


Hepatitis B

Vaccine reaction = Increasing and lasting muscle pain in the entire the body.

- lasting tingling in the whole body, heavy feeling

- lasting weakness, fatigue and exhaustion.
- increasing and decreasing swelling and pain in joints

-    Movement disorder in fingers

-    no more sports or similar free-time activities possible

-    Work can hardly be  managed

-    Sick note or selective testing and treatment is not carried out, after extensive blood tests showed \“negative\” results.


Started after (few days later) the 2nd Hep.-B injection, symptoms diminished after taking Thuja (homeopathic medication), recurred after almost 5 months; constant since then, no further examinations or therapies, but \“diagnosed\” as  \"psychosomatic disorder\"!!!


A.S., male, 1.4.02



For almost a month after vaccination, did nothing but sleep. Then extremely restless for and very-little sleep for nearly a month. Babbled more than average before the vaccination, for about 4 months after the vaccination, not the same any more, the only sounds were clear, loud screams, and normal crying. Articulation is developing slowly for a month now. Since the vaccination, he has been kicking very little, even at the age of 9 months, he still does not crawl properly. Most of all, he does not move his legs and arms alternately and in coordination. Very little activity with his legs; does not play with his feet. Has blockage (like resistance) in left leg, when he kicks when as try to change his diaper on the table. Earlier, he had fast development of motor activities and kicked a lot. Underwent homeopathic treatment with sulfur in November. 6-fold vaccination was given on 1.7.02. Date of birth 1.4.02, 3,5


Dr. S.K., female, 24.05.68



Vaccination was on Thursday, 20.12.02. After 2-3 days: nausea, loss of appetite. After approx 8-10 days: slight pain in the lower left rib (pain lasted for a week):  diarrhea: also for 1 week. From 31.12.02 to 03.01.02: swelling of lymph glands in the head / in neck. Since 03.01.02: arthritic symptoms on the right hand (swelling on back of the hand, somewhat more apparent on the left index finger. Left index finger cannot be bent) – from today also in the left hand: entire back of the hand pains while making a fist. One week ago, I went to the doctor with the swelling in neck lymph glands, to confirm if there were any possible permanent vaccine damages. I will get the finger examined today.


L.P., male, 01.06.98


Hepatitis B

A day after the vaccination our son got (at that time 23 months old) high fever, which was difficult to get under control even with measures such as calf packing and antipyretic medication.

After 2 days, with 40-41°C he got febrile seizures, which lasted for around 5 minutes and ended in unconsciousness. In the hospital, the fever was treated symptomatically and after 5 days, he had no fever.

Since then he is very susceptible to infections and had already been through 10 courses of antibiotics (in three years).
In June this year, I introduced him to a homeopath and since then, we have no longer required any antibiotics, thanks to the homeopathic treatment, the infections were treated without complications.

My now 1 year old daughter has not been vaccinated!!!

We are also not giving  Lennard the booster vaccination.


M.H., female 17.02.02



Vaccine reaction = after the first vaccination my daughter got middle ear inflammation for the first time and spastic bronchitis. The complaints started around 3 weeks after the vaccination. Till date, the infection is still not completely cured and water behind the ear is still not completely drained. It has been around 8 weeks since the vaccination. My son Luca also had the same problems after the first vaccination.


F.K. , male, 15.08.1993


Polio Hep.B

Vaccine reaction = after combined Twinrix children vaccine (= 3rd vaccination against Hepatitis B and simultaneously the 2nd one for Hepatitis A) my son complained of slight pain at injected site on the upper left arm. (The Polio TPV vaccination given at the same time in the right upper arm had no side effects). After a week, my son complained of pain in the left armpit and for 4 days now, he has a swollen lymph node in the armpit.

A later examination now states that something of this sort has never occurred before.


S.W., male, 28.12.1971



Vaccine reaction = earlier I was very active in sports (4-5 days/week). At the age of 28, (3 ½ years back) I got the TBE-vaccination (Chiron-Behring \"Encepur\"). Since then, sports are a far cry. The following problems occurred: pain in the back, pain in the neck and head (Meningism), muscle and joint problems immediately after a little effort. Although the complaints have reduced in the course of time (thanks to alternative healing methods), they are present till date.


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