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More transparency on vaccines, vaccinations and vaccine injuries


Country comparison state of health of unvaccinated children

Here we compare the prevalence of selected diseases of the participants in different countries. The countries that were selected are USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Netherlands. If you do not see a country in the chart that means that there was no such illness reported in this country.

We compared the prevalence of allery, hayfever and otitis media with the prevalence among vaccinated children. Please note that we do not have many participants in the vaccinated group({The installed version of the Plotalot plugin requires a newer version of the Plotalot component})


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Stories of unvaccinated children


"I am an unvaccinated child, almost 74 years of age. I have two brothers, aged 70 and 76, neither of which was subjected to vaccination. None of us have had any serious disease or has spent time in a hospital. I have never had a flu shot or any other kind of shot. Good health is first of all a gift of God, but it is also greatly dependent on how we care for our bodies. Part of that care is insuring that there is no defilement of the blood stream."



"My daughter was born in a hospital even though I would have preferred a water birth. She did not receive any of the birth vaccines, no vitamin k shot and I declined all the tests they like to do a few days after birth, such as hearing, etc. We feel strongly that when a baby is born, they need peace and quiet to help them and their bodies settle in to their new body and environment. My daughter is now 6 years old and has lived an organic, natural lifestyle. She has never had any vaccines, medications, over the counter drugs and no McDonalds! She is homeschooled and has traveled all over the world easily. She does not have any symptoms or chronic diseases. She does not go to the medical doctor at all. We visit a Chiropractic Doctor to get adjusted periodically. My daughter is very happy and has a lot of outside time in nature and being free to explore. She knows some Spanish and we are a close knit family. She visits her grandparents on the weekends, which she looks forward to a lot. We hope that our conscious effort to provide a successful and healthy environment will pay off with our daughter's future happiness."



"I was wary of vaccines because I had a reaction to the TB test as a child & I distinctly remember being vaccinated the first time & cried & screamed the next time they tried to do it.  I was also sick a lot as a child and almost died from pneumonia at age 2.  When my son was born almost 5 years ago, I spent months researching everything I could regarding vaccines, what I found angered & saddened me.  I read way too many horror stories of adverse vaccine reactions in  perfectly healthy children. I quickly realized that the vaccines scared me way more than the diseases that they supposedly prevent. I decided that he would never receive a vaccine if I could possibly help it.
I am very happy to report that my son is one of the healthiest children I know.  He has gotten a cold almost every year of his life but he is usually over it in a couple of days and you really wouldn't even know he was sick except for a runny nose & fever because he doesn't act like he even feels bad. We only visit the Dr. for well checks. He is very advanced for his age, sweet and happy and truly a joy to be around.  I can't say for sure that things would be different if he had been vaccinated but I truly believe that my decision to breastfeed, not circumcise, feed him healthy organic foods & not vaccinate him at all have contributed to the healthy, happy child he is today.
Thank you so much for doing this survey that for some reason ??? the pharmaceutical companies refuse to do.  I am happy to participate in anything else that may help enlighten people to the truth. It breaks my heart on a daily basis that children are subjected to these poisons that can kill or maim them for life.  I am thankful that I listened to my intuition and did my homework on this subject."



"I am chiropractor. Many people think that means I am simply anti-any thing medical. That is not the case. I felt with knowledge I had and the information I had seen before I had kids, it was my responsibility to do my own homework and then decide on my own.
After review of the information, I truly felt that vaccines were given too much credit for eliminating and / or curing diseases. I also determined that injecting the many toxins directly into the bloodstream could pose a risk.
I did not vaccinate any of my 3 kids. As of March 2012, my 3 kids are 10,8,4. Three boys that have NEVER been vaccinated. They also have never had an ear infection. Now, with me being a chiropractic dad, I adjust my kids for health and wellness. This does not mean they have an invisible shield, but in comparison to our friends with kids the same age. My kids are just about never sick.
When my kids get a cold, this has happened about once every 2-3 YEARS. The cold and or fever lasts for about 1/2 day and then it passes and done. My kids almost never miss school. As far as vaccine related "diseases", they did all get the chicken pox. Again, very mild and my kids never felt sick, had a fever and lasted a short period of time.
My three children are excelling in school and all are in better overall health then their friends. Funny, there is a family across the street and we carpool. All 6 kids together, in the same car, go to the same school and they are frequently at our house and vice versa. Now those kids have missed a lot of school this year. One kid has missed 15 times and is frequently sick. Their grandfather is a PA ( physicians assistant ) and made sure to protect the family with FLU shots. 2-3 weeks after the flu shots, 2 of 3 kids got the flu.
My kids are very active, love school and have a very upbeat attitude. They look forward to life. As a chiropractor, I have seen many kids that were fine, then they were vaccinated and they " changed ". Very sad to see an autistic kid or a neurologically damaged child. Most parents that I interact with are big on the flu shots, antibiotics and meds immediately when there is a sniffle.
I can't say enough on how awesome the health of my kids are. I am glad that I did not subscribe to in my opinion are propaganda and junk science regarding vaccines. I will say that my oldest will be 11 this year. He would have had a play-buddy that was a friend of mine. He vaccinated his first born son and after a serious of vaccines, died.
He blamed the vaccines and the doctor said that he ( the father ) must have done something and was going to report him to the police. His son died from a reaction to a vaccine.
I will never allow my children to poisoned. I challenge all the CEO's of the vaccines to get an equivalent dose if they are so safe."



"I am mom to five children, ages 22, 19, 16, 13, and 8.  None are vaccinated, and the only children I know who are as healthy as they are belong to other families who also decided not to vaccinate.  Only the three youngest are now living at home, but of those three, NONE have ever needed to go to a doctor.  Not once.  They have gone for a couple of physicals that were needed to play sports, and always got a clean bill of health.  They were born at home.  I also breastfed them for 2.5-4.5 years, so that probably aided their health too.  It makes me sad to see how much time most of my friends' kids spend at the doctor.  I am so happy that I had time to research it before I had my first child.  That first child did end up having a slew of vaccinations when he joined the Air Force (which made him very sick for short time), but at least he had an adult body weight to deal with all that gunk."



"I have 3 children , 1st son 24 year old, 2nd son 23 yrs old, and a daughter aged 14.
My first son reacted badly to his first lot of triple antigen vaccinations.  He had a high temp and was screaming.  When I rang the doctor I could pick the fear in her voice over his reaction.  This made me seek further knowledge on vaccinations as well as my homeopath encouraging me to look into it a lot more.  What I read really scared me and alerted me to  the ongoing dangers of this chemical concoction.  After treatment from the homeopath my son's health and happy personality returned.
My other 2 children never were vaccinated. Although , I did immunised them all homeopathically  .
When whooping cough went around our school the only children who caught this were the vaccinated ones.  Other parents were scared for my children saying that they were not vaccinated and they will get it, ironically they were the healthiest ones there.
My children have never suffered from ear infections, allergies, and only minor respiratory infections [ eg cold].  They have kept good health.  I believe that the immune system needs to be supported and homeopathy has played a big part in being our first line of call for any approaching illness."



"My daughter is going to be a year old in 2 weeks.  She has never received a vaccination of any kind.  She has never been to the pediatrician for anything other than her wellness visits.  She is so healthy and sleeps peacefully from 7 pm to 8 am.  She is in daycare and when she does contract a virus from the other vaccinated children (who always seem to be ill with something) she fights off the virus very quickly, without medical intervention, which tells me she has a very strong immune system.  She has never had a rash or ear infection and has never had or required an antibiotic.  We are so happy with our decision to not vaccinate our daughter."



"It is my pleasure to report that I am the mother of four naturally birthed unvaccinated, breastfed children, aged 10, 8, 2 and three months, including three whole boys. They have had altogether, one ear infection, which lasted a couple of days. They are happy, healthy, brilliant and strong.

I am absolutely confident in their ability to defend themselves, as human beings have been doing for thousands of years, against any common disease, especially those that others get vaccinated for.

Please continue to spread the truth about vaccines, so that the human race may continue to evolve."



"After doing an enormous amount of research on vaccines and talking with our pediatrician, we decided to focus on keeping our son's immune system strong rather than vaccinating and we are seeing the rewards. Our son is now 9 and he has always been extremely healthy, no ear infections, no asthma, no allergies, just an occasional cold. He always recovers within a couple of days. When we asked our pediatrician about the whooping cough (pertussis) that was going around, he told us that all of the kids he has seen who had it were vaccinated for it. The kids who were not vaccinated for it were not catching it! We are hoping to be able to expose him to chicken pox at an early age when it is much more mild and he will get a life long, natural immunity to it like I got when I was a child and my mom took me to a chicken pox party."




"While my first born son suffered in the Autism Spectrum after his MMR shot, my second born daughter has enjoyed nothing but perfect health and at fourteen years old remains unvaccinated.   She becomes incensed when kids just line up blindly for their shots at school, "Don't they even ask what's in them or if there are any negative effects?"  My children are the only ones in their classes who deny taking the vaccines.

With regards to both my children's development, I know the difference.  Not just experientially as a mother, but also as a Clinician of Heilkunst Medicine and author of three books( The Path To Cure; The Whole Art of Healing).  After four nightmarish years with my son where he was hospitalized seven times for constipation so severe, he was once put under general anesthetic to have the impacted stool removed manually.  There were days that he just sat in a corner, rocking back and forth like the pendulum on a clock.  He also wouldn't make eye contact and his speech and growth were profoundly blocked and inhibited to the point that at 18 months, I thought we might lose him in another bout of  severe pneumonia.  My daughter's experience was exactly the opposite.

My daughter unfolded naturally, beautifully and with ease.  Not only was she not vaccinated, but she also never had the need for antibiotics or even cough syrup.  By this time, I was studying and training to become a Heilkunstler.  In fourteen years, I can barely count on one hand the colds or flus she's suffered.  My son and daughter have been both Waldorf and home-schooled and it was clear to see that she unfolding socially and academically with ease and joy.  My son, on the other hand, suffered some major challenges requiring extra help.  An example was that when he drew a tree, his roots never touched the ground!  He also felt challenged by basic concepts in the early grades.

I'm thrilled to say that my son is now 17 and thriving.  He has sung in the national choir, enjoys trampoline acrobatics, Parkour and Aikido.  His average in the academic stream in public school where he's now integrated is 88%.  He loves environmental studies and is looking to study Bowen upon graduation.  My daughter is achieving similarly and she continues to unfold naturally also engaged in training as a hunter/jumper and dressage rider at the Olympic level.  I'm so proud to be the mother of these gentle, loving, capable and thoughtful individuals."



"As a mother of an un-vaccinated child, I am grateful and relieved that I investigated and researched childhood vaccinations before I gave birth to my child.  I was able to make an informed choice to keep my son vaccine free when the hospital suggested the Hepatitis B shot at birth.  I was also able to know that I, myself, should decline the Rubella booster they tried to give me in the hospital when my son was born as well.  The rubella vaccine could have transferred to my son through breast milk and potentially caused adverse effects on his immune system.

My son hasn’t been sick in almost six months even though he has been exposed to colds from his babysitter.  It seems as if his immune system is naturally maturing in a positive manner.  When he was a baby he did get the flu twice, but both bouts of the sickness lasted only a day.  He was running around, with energy mind you, while the others who had it were bed ridden.  He also caught roseola at about 16 months old, which was the most sick he has ever been.  I took him to the doctor and they didn’t even diagnose him with it.  It was apparent he had it after his sickness had passed and the rash appeared and then disappeared for a day.  Even though he caught that childhood disease, I never wavered in my conviction that his body could handle childhood diseases.  As long as a parent cares for their child and keeps their temperatures down, and keeps fluid in them, they will most likely make it through.

My son has never had one ear infection, he’s never been on antibiotics for anything.  When he has been sick in the past, except for the roseola episode, he was literally running around with his boundless energy and the only way you can tell he was sick was because he vomited.  He is alert, says hundreds of words, is bright eyed, very social, very active and pretty much has always been ahead of all his milestones.  In fact, when we go out in public, he seems much more alert and social than many of the other kids.  He will go up to kids on the playground and try to initiate play with them, while most of the kids seem adverse to interaction from him.  He has never had a drippy, running nose like many children I have seen.  I have talked to some parents of vaccinated children who have informed me that their children’s noses seem to drip incessantly, never stopping, even though they appear healthy.

My brother has seven children, his last three of whom are not vaccinated.  One of his daughters who is in kindergarten, rarely gets sick, while her vaccinated brothers and sisters do more often.  She remains healthy while they have colds and flus.  She has caught strep throat, but was treated with antibiotics, and did fine.  When she caught strep throat after first attending kindergarten, that was the first time she had been sick in years.

At first my family didn’t understand why I chose to not vaccinate my son, but now they all back me 100 percent.  My son’s father has always support the non-vaccination route.   We have a relatively understanding health care insurance plan with Kaiser and they don’t harass me on my choice.  I switched doctors in the beginning because my son’s first pediatrician seemed put off by my choice.  Now, his doctor is completely understanding of our choice and doesn’t even question me.  I also don’t take him in for well visits, because it is apparent to everyone that my son is very healthy, and I don’t feel the need to have to deny the shots the visits are intended for."



"My wife and I have three children aged 13, 9 and 6. None are vaccinated. We have wrestled with this decision for the entire 13 years that we have been parents. We read about the lack of research on safety and effectiveness and feel confident for a time in our decision. Then we read about how childhood vaccinations have helped and we were in doubt for a while. Then we did more research and learned how vaccinations create permanent imbalances between humoral and cellular immunity and can create auto-immunity and lead to chronic diseases like asthma. Our minds are finally at ease and we are firm in our resolve.

Our three kids have not had illness-free lives. We do not exclusively eat organic food or raise our own chickens. Fast food is a part of our lives, as are school lunches. They were all breast fed for at least a year, but did receive formula and cereal to supplement it after six months of age.

All three children get coughs, colds and flu-like illnesses in the fall and winter despite our efforts to supplement with probiotics and Vitamin D. All three had chicken pox and I suspect they all survived pertussis. But each time, I realize that this is one more virus that they will be immune to for the rest of their lives. I want them to have to fight off the bugs that go around because each time they do, they become stronger. On the other hand, the only time any of them has been to the pediatrician has been for school physicals. They don't have chronic problems, ADD or allergies. Now my oldest does have a mild form of exercise-induced asthma. He was born by c-section and my wife did have bronchitis in her 8th month of pregnancy that was treated with medication. She was also on intravenous antibiotics for three days after my son was born due to c-section complications. So I'm not surprised that my son has this issue. It is my firm belief that if we had vaccinated him, his symptoms would be much worse.

They are all bright, active and healthy. I would be devastated if by my choice to vaccinate, I had reduced their potential even a little."


"Hello my name is Bonnie, i live in Queensland Australia. I would like to firstly say that i myself am 25 and i have not had a vaccination since i was 4 and my brother who is now 22 has not had a vaccination since about 2, thank goodness my mother chose to do some reserching when we were young and decided not to vaccinate us anymore. We are two very healthy adults and through out our childhood were very rarely sick and if we were sick it was only a cold that would pass quickly. We did both get chicken pox when my brother was 4 and i was 6 and then again when my brother was 13 and i was 15 but other than that have not had any other infectious deseases. We have grown into two very healthy adults and could probably count on 1 hand the amount of times we have both been sick as adults. My two daughters 1 and 3 are also unvaccinated and have never had any vaccines at all. They are extreamly healthy girls and have only had colds (only since my eldest started daycare 8 months ago) i have no doubts that my decision not to vaccinate will help continue their great health through out their childhood and into adulthood. Thank you :-)"


"I have 3 children ages 5, 3 & 1. My 1st was vaccinated until 18 months and the other two are completely unvaccinated. my children are very healthy, other than the occasional runny nose and cold, they are rarely sick. never had ear infection, strep, bronchitis, or whatever other sickness kids these days. whenever they do get a little sick, it never lasts long.  they have no allergies nor any other health condition. my 1st had eczema as a baby.  not my other two.  they've never, not even once, have needed to take antibiotics.  it seems that kids all around are often sick with ear infections, strep, or whatever else as well as many allergies, more than just to nuts.

I feel at peace with my decision not to vaccinate.  after reading much on the subject, the bottom line is that i just found that vaccines (along with their producers) are untrustworthy.  i prefer to trust my children's God-given bodies and a lifestyle to keep them healthy."


"Two children – neither were vaccinated at any point during childhood.  Incidence rate of sleep problems (0%), inner ear infections (0%), immune problems (0%), multiple sick days from school (very little).  My daughter contracted a peanut allergy and at 18 months aspirated a seed – which led to a bronchoscopy and later asthma – but after age 10 her symptoms were minor.  She still carries an inhaler, but as an adult uses it almost never.  My son has never had any substantial health problems – he is now in HS.  Our choice not to vaccinate, plus vitamins and organic foods from an early age, plenty of exercise, and proper health habits (posture, sleep patterns, no drug use, no alcohol) have led to very few health concerns over their lifetimes.   Sports injuries – that’s a different story."



"The delivery was a story itself.  The ending is the best part.  Steele literally shot out of mom and the midwife had to catch her in mid air.  The look on her face was priceless.  Being a Maximized Living Doctor I immediately checked her spine for any problems, which there was so I adjusted it.  She was nursing and sleeping on and off for hours.  We were all in our bed at home, at peace and in awe of what God had done.

There was absolutely no human intervention during the entire process.  There were no ultrasounds, no fasting glucose tests, nothing.  Steele is 9 months now, has breast fed the entire time, has been eating solid organic food for over a month and was walking or trying to at 8.5 months.  She now runs.  Her favorite thing to do apart from chasing mom and dad around is to read by herself.  She will sit there in the middle of the living room with a book and shout like she is reading.

Both myself and mom were not very healthy as children.  I was sick when I was born and stayed that way until 13 constantly at the doctors office for horrific asthma and allergies.  We were both vaccinated.  I did not have my spine corrected until 13 and mom until she was 30 (before pregnancy).  Today, we both have incredible health.

This baby however has health from another stratosphere.  Her skin is flawless.  Her poops are smooth and all the time.  She slept through the night immediately.  Now she wakes up to eat sometimes but only then.  She has had a runny nose during teething and while her body is figuring things out.  But, we do not even have a thermometer.  There is no pediatrician.  She is growing up without thinking she has to go to a doctor for any other reason than an emergency.  How cool is that!!!

She is around other kids all the time.  One time, we had a real sick little baby make an emergency visit to our house for an adjustment.  She was feverish, snot coming from everywhere and not happy.  The parents were a little worried about having her around our baby.  We were not.  In fact, we knew that if Steele did get feverish after being around this ill child that it would be good for her body!  She never even got a snotty nose.

Her best friend and cousin both were born a few months before.  Both of them found out we were not vaccinating and they decided not to either!  Both of them had their spine checked at birth.  We now have these three girls running around incredibly healthy and not sick!  Steele has cut herself and not gotten infected.  Her cousin pulled a curling iron onto her arm, did not get infected, healed up just fine with no scarring.  There have been no ear infections, no crying all night because of pain.

As I am writing this I just thought of taking my sweet girl to a doctor and having them come at her with a needle.  She would look at me as if to say, "WHY DADDY!"  I cannot explain the rage that would come over me if a doctor even suggested that to us.

Steele, her cousin and best friend are living proof that vaccines are not necessary.  I have family who labelled us crazy...until they saw this beautiful baby.  The shock that she is healthy has brought them to the light.

I hope this letter helps someone because vaccines are unholy, they are an assault on a human and the profiteers from them will answer for their crimes in this life or the next."


"I have three extremely healthy completely unvaccinated children.  I had all three of my children at home.  The vaccination issue was part of our decision to give birth at home since it is so "routine" here to do these things to children without consulting the parents.  We are highly educated parents.  I am a medical professional and my husband is in law enforcement.  My husband suffers from a major vaccine injury which he received from the military in 2004.

I have a five year old son (b.10/2006), a two year old daughter (b.9/09) and a 1 year old son (b.3/2011).  None of my children have ever had to go to the hospital or pediatrician for an illness.  We don't do well baby visits because they only want to inject them.  The pediatrician told me there was no point in me coming if I was going to refuse vaccines every time so we stopped going.  They've never had so much as an ear infection.  No antibiotics, no medications, nothing.  They've never been diagnosed with any illnesses.  We get a slight cold every year that generally consists of a fever that lasts for less than 24 hours.  Sometimes we'll get runny noses.  Never had diarrhea or serious vomiting.  They are also all intact and have never had any surgeries.

We live in NYC and we have been denied religious waivers for vaccination so they are homeschooled.  It puts a lot of stress on our family to be vax free because not many people understand and family have refused to allow our children around other children and summer camps, schools, play groups, etc. which ask for vax records have denied participation.  My five year old tested in the gifted and talented program and is currently at a second grade level.  My two year old is kindergarten level.  They all walked early, talked early and have participated in research studies on intelligent children.

We know this is best for our children and will fight it every step of the way.  When we see other children who are suffering from asthma, allergies, ear infections, surgeries to correct complications from infections, autism, disability, ADHD, ADD, behavioral issues, neurological issues, etc. we KNOW we made the best choice.  I have tried to tell others to be careful about vaccines and I have warned them, particularly of the issues with ear infections, and they haven't listened.  Then they call me after their children are getting tubes put in their ears asking how they can fix the damage.  I always try to tell people.  You can ALWAYS vax in the future once you've done more research but you can never take away damage.  If my extremely healthy, intelligent children are any indication of what children COULD be without these injections, then sign me up!

Thanks for highlighting childen who are not vaxed to show they arent all injured or come from "hippy" parents who are uneducated!"


"I have a partially vaccinated son, now 5 years and completely unvaccinated daughter, 3 years. I had a very strong feelings against vaccines already with my first pregnancy and was strongly decided not to vaccinate at all. Unfortunately, I had a very uncooperative pediatrician, who kept scaring me and disregarding all my concerns. It was very tough time and feel with every parent going through that phase. Now, I would just go to different doctor. But then I had my first baby, so small and helpless and I eventually give up. So my son got DTP and polio, starting at 3 months, in divided doses very very apart. Thank God he never had any reaction and I hope that this is partly because he was fully breastfed baby and his immune system had time to wake up a little before the first vaccine "insults". He never got any vaccines after those.

I was continuing doing my research on vaccines and got more confident and now I can easily argue with any health care professional. I got many books and DVD's which I borrow to each pregnant friend of mine to help them make their decision.

With my second baby, I also had peaceful natural birth (although in hospital), delayed cord clamping, no vaccines, no drops, no separation of mother and baby. I feel very strongly about the first hour after birth and bonding. I was lucky to find new pediatrician who respects my choice not to vaccinate.

Having sort of tried both approaches I can easily compare the health of my children. My son as a baby had more colds, coughs and had to take antibiotics twice so far in his life. But I strongly believe his immune system is strong and has overcome the vaccine's harm, as he was breastfed for almost 2 years and I am a nutritionist so I dare to say we eat pretty healthy all the time.

My little girl loves doctors! Because she never has to go to any! She only used to go for checkups and had once a cold, otherwise she is incredibly healthy and resilient little girl. She never had a cough syrup, panadol or antibiotics.  Thanks God.

Being surrounded by super vaccinated children, the difference in their health is obvious. My children almost never miss school because of sickness, usually 1 or 2 days per year. Almost all other children have allergies, asthma, learning problems and very common colds."



"I have had 4 children.  Three of which were vaccinated with most of the vaccines.  I spent their childhood with many illnesses, mostly respiratory related.

My fourth child came along later in life and after doing my own research into vaccines, as I found many changes in children's health since I was a child and the only thing I could find different was the amount of vaccines that were given.  It was horrifying.  When I became pregnant with my fourth child, I decided that I would not put that child through the same thing.

My daughter came early.  She arrived at 30 weeks.  I spent the next 6 weeks fighting with doctors and nurses at the hospital about vaccinations for her.  She had no health problems, she was just small.  They would not release her until I gave her the RSV vaccine.  I finally let them do it so that she would be released, as they were not feeding her enough at the hospital, and she was not gaining enough weight.  I attribute this to the fact that she was triple insured and she was paying for many other preemies in the NICU.

A few weeks later there was a preemie reunion at the hospital.  A nurse cornered me and ask if I got the rest of the RSV series.  I told her that I did not intend on it, nor any other vaccines for that matter.  She told me that my daughter would end up sick and she would die without them.

My daughter is now 9 years old.  She was exposed to the measles from a child that came down with the illness after receiving the vaccine.  She did not get the measles.  By this time she was 3 so my immunity had worn off of her by this time.  She has been sick a total of three times in her whole life.  Once was a cold and the other two times were stomach viruses.  She has never had the "normal" ear infections, random fevers, flues, etc. that most children come down with.  She is exposed to everyone.  She has been to the emergency room two times.  Once was for an allergic reaction to a spider bite, that also got my dog who had the same reaction, and the other time for a broken arm.

She is a normal child who participates in normal activities.  I can only attribute her good health with the refusal of vaccinations.  Her diet is the same as my older children.

At first I used to get a hard time for my choice by many people, but that has changed.  I think there are more people becoming aware of the dangers.  I still have times when people want to push them, however I respond with asking them if they can list the ingredients and the side effects of those ingredients.  I have had adverse reactions to two different vaccines, that I only found out well after the fact and it was too late to do anything about it.  The first time I nearly died.  I feel that if there is even a miniscule chance that my child will die from a chemical medication, I will not take the chance.  A healthy child can fight off a disease, a child with a compromised immune system cannot, therefore it is much safer to forgo the vaccines.

I also have my religious reasons for declining vaccinations, which I was not aware about prior to my research into the ingredients.

I do hope that more parents become aware of the dangers.  My biggest wish is that the doctors that give these vaccines will give a list of the ingredients and ALL of the adverse reactions to parents before they administer the vaccines and allow the parent to decide whether it is worth the risk to their family."


"I am a mother of 3 children – My eldest is fully vaccinated, my second is partially vaccinated and my youngest has not received any vaccinations at all.

I was never completely at ease when it came to make a decision about vaccinating our children and just went with “what was usually done” as I didn´t have any credible information at the time to support a decision not to vaccinate.

It was through my studies as a homeopath that I experienced a different approach to health and started to do further reasearch into vaccinations and the possible concequences.

The difference in the level of my childrens health is clear.

In hindsight – my oldest (fully vaccinated) may have experienced adverse reactions from his vaccinations, having to deal with delayed language development, ADD, stomach upsets, food intolerances and persistent low grade fever.

My second child (partially vaccinated) experienced repeated ear infections in her first year of life, which were successfully helped with homeopathy, as well as not receiving any more vaccinations beyond her first year.

My youngest and the healthiest of the lot, has never had any vaccinations. She is a very vital, healthy and happy child and in her young life she has only ever experienced the occasional cold and runny nose that blow over in a matter of days. She is often the only child at the childminders not to fall ill with the flu, get the stomach bug or have a bad cold.

I am very happy with our decision not to vaccinate and have never doubted the decision. I only wish I would have had the resources to do the reasearch into vaccinations earlier, so that all of my children could enjoy a strong and healthy natural immunity."


"I have 3 wonderful sons,  ages 16, 17, 23. All three have never been vaccinated and 2 of my sons have never needed to take an antibiotic, while my oldest son was forcefully injected in both thighs by a nurse in a pediatrician's office without my knowledge nor consent. We were both devastated by this event and in retrospect I should have sued the pediatrician. The antibiotic only made him sicker and it was homeopathy, specifically the remedy arsenicum album, which got him well. All three are highly gifted, which means they have genius IQ's, all three excelled in soccer, are social and well adjusted. All three have enjoyed great health, and when they rarely do get sick it is from poor eating habits and late nights. I have never regretted my decision not to vaccinate, although some people tried to make me feel like I was a bad mother for not doing so.

I have a friend who was unaware of her right not to vaccinate, and though she was very hesitant, she vaccinated her daughter against Hepatitis B when she was 12 years old and she developed type 1 diabetes as an auto-immune reaction from the vaccine destroyed her pancreas."



"My unvaccinated daughter just turned 9 years old.  All I can say is her health is incredible despite the fact that I had to stop breast feeding her after 2 weeks of age.  My 3 other vaccinated children whom I nursed between 9 and 22 months were never as healthy especially in the first 5 years of life.  My daughter has zero learning disabilities.  She is athletic.  She loves music and art and has friends galore.

I try very hard to feed my children a healthy diet and I make everything from scratch.  We drink raw milk and bone broths.  I sproat, grind and soak my grains.  However, my unvaccinated daughter loves junk food and at parties she doesn't hold back.  Yet she doesn't get sick.  I treat all my children using homopathic medicine, herbs and rest when they have colds or infections.  We do not use any pharmacutical products."



"I have three children; a girl aged 15 and two boys aged 6y and 3y none of whom have been vaccinated or ever seen a doctor apart from to register at birth. Since birth they have had childhood illnesses; coughs, colds, influenza, chicken pox, mumps; but nothing serious and they soon recover. My daughter is top of her class and an excellent reader. She suffers no allergic reactions or developmental problems and eats most anything she fancies. My six year old is very intelligent and ahead of his peer group. My 3 year old is also very intelligent, healthy and greatly impressed the District Nurse who performed his developmental tests.

I don't allow my children to drink fluoridated water or aspartame sweetened drinks which I know to be toxic to human health.

With my first child, my local doctor called me in for interview for not agreeing to vaccinate her. After a 20 minute interrogation with threats of calling Social Services to report me as a 'bad parent' I asked the doctor, 'When did you have your children vaccinated?' The doctor answered saying, 'Never, I wouldn't jeopardise my children's health with all that pharmaceutical rubbish.' I was stunned! The doctor explained that as a Doctor she had to follow orders but as a private person she could make a choice for her own children. She also said that she was paid bonuses for all completed vaccination programs for patients.

I had another child who would have been 9y in April but unfortunately he was detained at birth by the hospital because I refused a vaccination. The State (UK) placed a Police guard outside the hospital room and later arrested my husband for trying to rescue him. Under the powers granted by a Child Protection Order they vaccinated my child against my wishes, acting in Loco Parentis and he died within the month from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

To any parent agonising over whether or not to vaccinate I would say, 'Don't jeopardise your child's health or even their life with vaccinations but choose a good healthy diet, breast feed for as long as possible and use pure water (distilled) for their drinks.'

Mother knows best, especially Mother Nature."



"When I became pregnant with my daughter, I started researching. The research was prompted by my neighbor who had three children. Her first child was fully vaccinated and had an array of health, disciplinary and behavioral issues. Her second child was partially vaccinated until 6 months when the vaccines caused a life threatening respiratory illness. She was told her son would never recover from the illness and probably die from it before the age of 5. She stopped vaccinating him, started him on a vaccine detox program and soon he was cleared of the illness. Her third child, a girl, is completely shot free and has never been sick. She told me her story and I looked back on my life as a vaccinated child. I was constantly sick and would develop severe fevers after vaccination, most often coming down with strep throat or other illnesses shortly after being vaccinated. I was diagnosed with an immune disorder very early in life and mysteriously developed a thyroid disorder months after being vaccinated with the Hep A shot as a teen. My sister was no different and developed a "mysterious" leg tingling and fainting problem, coincidentally after three rounds of the HPV vaccine. Her symptoms became more severe with each dose but no doctor or specialist would admit a link to the vaccine. Ironically we were both encouraged to keep up to date on our shots because of our immune problems! My mother had problems as a child as well. She cannot receive a flu shot because of the deadly side effects she suffers. With all of this in front of me, I was still being told that my child would surely die without vaccines and that she was at a higher risk of infection because the immune disorders could be hereditary. It was imperative that she receive vaccines because of my medical history. My neighbor gave me a book on vaccination, written by a doctor who is frowned upon in the medical community. The book was heavily referenced with documents from our own government and the pharmaceutical companies themselves. I quickly realized that vaccines possibly do not protect against disease at all and no one has any idea which child's immune system will trigger a response to vaccines and which child will become permanently brain damaged or immune suppressed! No one truly knows if vaccines cause cancer, SIDS, or autism. In fact, many studies point to vaccines as the cause!

Some are surprised to hear that I was still on the fence at this point. With so many doctors threatening that my child would surely die a horrible death of whooping cough or be permanently damaged by polio, how could I not pay attention to their fear mongering and bullying? I was told that mothers who neglect thier children and are careless about thier lives don't vaccinate. I was told my child would not be allowed in public school and could possibly be taken away from me for my carelessness. So I kept researching. How could I live in a free country that doesn't allow me to have a choice in the uncertainty that is injected into my precious little infants helpless body?

I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter when my dog died as a reaction to a rabies shot. Within hours of being injected he started to drool and twitch. Within days he was bumping into things and could not turn his head to the left. After a week he would not eat or drink, was foaming at the mouth from dehydration and whimpering in pain. If he stood up, he could not keep himself from spinning in circles to the right. His symptoms became so severe, so quickly, and I remember holding him still to feed him water from my hand. He whimpered and struggled for every last drop. He knew he was dying and cuddled with me at night. In just one week, I was back at the veterinary office four times to put him on antibiotics and other medications. The doctors told me it was a random virus that had crossed the blood brain barrier and it was not a result of the rabies vaccine that he had received hours before the start of his symptoms. I had done my research. Viruses don't just cross the blood brain barrier and house dogs don't just come down with debilitating diseases. We put him down and I knew that I had witnessed first hand what a vaccine can do to a body.

I was still scared but I posted signs on my delivery room door that my infant was not to have the vitamin k shot, the hep b shot or antibiotic eye drops. I even got into a verbal fight with a nurse, who had needle in hand, who told me that my baby girl would die within a few days if she did not get at least the vitamin k shot. I cried over my daughter's crib, thinking I had put her at risk to disease. I kept researching and became confident with my decision. My second child, a boy, came along and I did not vaccinate him either. Upon refusing the vitamin k shot, i was denied his circumcision. At his 1 week appointment, I had two doctors and a nurse corner me, with the vitamin k shot ready to be injected, telling me that my son would bleed to death if he was circumcised without the shot. I tried to compromise by allowing oral vitamin k but the doctors refused to write the prescription, stating that thier licenses were on the line and the oral vitamin k was not effective enough to prevent him from bleeding to death because of my negligence. It didn't take me long to find another doctor who had been in practice for over 35 years and was willing to do the circumcision without vitamin k.

My children do not get sick. My daughter had swimmers ear for two days when she was 6 months old. My son had a fever of 101 degrees for one whole day when his front two teeth came in. If you call that sick, then what do you call the parents who have to deal with ER visits and ear infections every other month? It's been 4 years now and my children have some how survived, THRIVED without vaccines. I truly believe that, given my medical history, if I had vaccinated my child, one of them would be permanently damaged or dead. I truly believe in my children's immune systems and I will spare nothing to protect them from vaccines! I will fight for my rights to protect thier health and thier lives. I hope I can spread the word to other potential victims of vaccination and I pray that vaccines will be outed in my life time."


"I live in the UK and have a healthy and vibrant 3 year old daughter who is, I am proud to say, completely unvaccinated. She has no health problems, no allergies, no food intolerances, and takes no medicines. She is by far the healthiest kid in our street. Is this due to her avoiding vaccines? I believe so, but  as the 'powers that be' never fancy comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children in a scientific manner, I guess I can't prove it. The fact that this kind of study has never been done by manufacturers or governments says it all.

Our experience of the health authorities here in the UK wasn't too bad - I know some people get bullied a bit, but we only got a bit of gentle pressure after my daughter was born. If you know what you're talking about and stand your ground, the midwifes/health visitors don't seem to push things. Our parents were harder work, the vaccine dogma seems to run deep in their generation I'm afraid.

I recall a neighbour (a pharmacist) telling me how many children  had died of measles at his hospital in London. I then had to point out to him that the last child to die of an acute measles infection in the UK was in 1992!! Once you do your research, the level of ignorance surrounding vaccines is quite depressing, even amongst so-called health professionals.

Although I have strong feelings about avoiding vaccines, I almost always keep my views to myself - experience has shown me that people can get very defensive about the subject. I have absolutely no regrets about not vaccinating my child, but sometimes I wonder how parents that have decided to vaccinate feel. Once it's done there's no going back, and even if they have doubts, I think it's virtually impossible for parents to admit to themselves that they might have done something that has harmed their children.

To parents thinking about not vaccinating their children, I would just say do your research, read widely and don't just absorb the mainstream views. You will discover that there is a lot of bad science, dirty money and dirtier politics surrounding vaccination. "



"I am a mother of 4 girls......8,6,4 (going on 14), and 1.  I was very educated from day one of conceiving my first child.  I graduated with a degree in Human Biology and a Doctorate in Chiropractic.  I knew from the beginning that I was NOT vaccinating my children or giving them any drugs unless absolutely necessary.  At this point, none of my girls have received a vaccine nor have they been prescribed an antibiotic for infection, nor have I given them fever reducing drugs.  All 4 girls are very healthy, never missing school, no trips to the pediatrician.....for anything!  They do come down with a common cold every great once in awhile or a very rare case of the puke germ; otherwise, these girls just do not get sick!  I contribute their health partly to not being vaccinated.  Being a Chiropractor, I do adjust their spines and feed them very well with the right foods which also contributes to their health.

All 4 girls seem to excel scholastically as well as socially.  With having 11 nieces and nephews that were vaccinated, I have noticed some form of health problem or delay in their development in at least 8 of the 11 children.

I see so many children through my occupation that have been on several rounds of antibiotics; usually have food sensitivities, and/or seasonal allergies.  I have worked with a Medical Doctor that treats autism and saw in many situations a direct relation to vaccinations and bad reactions.  Seeing these patients on a regular basis confirms my decision of not vaccinating."
"Our three completely natural, vaccine-free grandchildren ages 7, 5, 3, were born via natural childbirth, nursed until they weaned themselves at age 2, 2, and 1 respectively, and are raised on organic vegetables and fruits. as well as organic home grown meant, whole grains, raw honey, plenty of berries, nuts and seeds. Two of the kids love raw goat milk and cheese.

The middle one has a reaction to cow's and goat's milk and has a mild type of asthma for which he does use medicine when  needed. But overall he is a very healthy child.

I would consider them all very healthy. When they have a cold they get over it in a day or two. As far as childhood diseases, they have been exposed to chicken pox several times but must have immunity since they never had any of the symptoms.

Their teeth are perfect.  We have no fluoride in our water and use natural toothpaste. No cavities in any of them. They are just cheerful, happy, bright kids. That's it!"


"I had a perfect pregnancy up until about 24 weeks when it was discovered I'd developed pregnancy induced high blood pressure.  To cut a long story short, we had our daughter delivered at 26 weeks, 6 days.  She weighed just 709 grams or about 1 pound 9 ounces.  She spent at least 6 or 7 weeks in ICU and another 6 in Special Care.

I was not vaccinated at all as a child and even though I hadn't thought too much about what I would do when we had a child, well, once I got back into all my research again, talked with friends and family we decided that no, no vaccinations were going to touch our child.

We witnessed other babies in Special Care who were doing really well up until their first lot of immunisations were given and then noticed that they went downhill very quickly and were put back on CPAP again after being off it for weeks etc.  Very sad to see.

Our daughter went from strength to strength each week and even though we were hounded quite rudely by one particular head nurse to vaccinate, we stuck to our guns and were very happy to bring her home after a 3 month stay in hospital.

Our daughter met all of her milestones before due time, was always in perfect health and I don't think she had her first tiny little cold/stuffy nose until she was at least 2 years old.

Compared to ALL of my friends and relative's children, our daughter has been the most healthy child out of them all suffering nothing serious at all.  I think she's had two minor fevers after the age of 3 and a half which I left with no medicating and had cleared by the morning.  She's only had a small handful of very minor colds which I clear up with more natural methods and really, that's it.

Despite being given no real chance in life when she was born she has the best natural immunity, has always been around lots of children and for an extreme premature child, is so enormously intelligent, happy, well balanced and healthy child.

She has never been given any antibiotics, no panadol, has never seen a doctor in her life except whilst in hospital when born.  I put things like high potency Vitamin C or olive leaf extract in her water for extra added immunity, very limited junk food, organic food where possible and unlike all her friends, when she does rarely have a little cold, it's for a very short time and is much less severe.

We have not one single regret on our decision not to vaccinate.  We will certainly suffer a lifetime of abuse from so called health professionals, but it will never sway us to change our mind and as far as I'm concerned, our 5 and half year old daughter is the best living proof of what natural immunity can do."


"We are writting this story to let others see how making the choice to not vaccinate our daughter was the best choice for us. My daughter was Born feb 15 2009 at  6 lbs 10 oz healthy and full term. I breast fed her only.She was a great baby sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old! She continued to be a healthy,happy baby at 4 months she holds sippy cup and drinks water. By 6 months she is saying and using sign language mama milk dada and by 9 months she was walking. she is now 3 years old and we can say that she has only had a cold once since she has been born. she is 29 pounds 37inches tall. she talks in full sentences and is striving and thriving at all that she does. We as her parents can say without a shadow of a dought that we made the best choice not to vaccinate her. We did our homework while pregnant and read many books and talk to many different doctors about our choice and we continue to educate ourselves and others around us to think about their choices as a parent and make an informed decision on what is best for you and your family!"



"I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and father to two healthy boys aged 2 years exactly and 9months (as of March 2012). Although I am a Chiropractor I was educated at a college that provides a well balance education and am am in no way anti-medicine, my father is in fact a GP (medical doctor). After lots of research (the truth about vaccines by Richard Halvorsen, a medical doctor, being one of the most balanced reads) and soul searching, and despite attempts to persuade us and warn us of the dangers of not vaccinating by my medically orientated family and a doctor, we decided not to vaccinate our boys. I can say now how very happy we are with our decision. Our boys are both happy and healthy in everyway. They are as kids should be, full of the joys of life everyday and full of energy and enthusiasm. They have never been ill, except for mild colds which pass quickly, never had antibiotics or other medications. Compared to kids of similar age we see at toddler, groups the boys stand out. And i feel very sad to think of all the stories we hear about friends children being so sick so often and always needed to visit their doctors, and often being filled with anti-biotics or other medicines. With lovely clear skin and eyes, both seem to glow with health and wellbeing. I also believe my 2 year old to be very advanced for his age with his speaking, communication and learning, this has been confirmed by a relative who is a speech and language specialist. Of course diet and upbringing have such a large part to play in the boys wellbeing, they eat a wholefull healthy diet without processed foods, i certainly believe that in not vaccinating we have given them the best start in life."



"The story about my children all 4 unvaccinated is:

The only thing that is a little bit wrong is their moderate alcohol-abuse as a student (with the three of them). Hopefully this will disappear as life becomes steady and serious.

Their health is perfect, apart from catching a cold, once a year (by loss of healthy immune system or stress-induced). No allergies, no eczema, no bronchitis, no ear-infections.

My eldest daughter (35 y) has swimmer-eczema (candida)

My second daughter (26 years) had once a herpes infection  and sometimes a cold

My sons (24 and 22) are sportsmen and they have only injuries on behalf of their activities

The sons endured the Mumps two years ago. The youngest one with the complication Orchitis at one side. It was very painfull and he was not amused, but not one word about our decisions. In their environment there were more students, vaccinated, who got the mumps-infection.

In their childhood they got the Rubella, Scarlatina, the Measles, Whooping-cough, Varicella two times, and exanthema subitum. They sometimes missed school on behalf of a cold or a throat-infection. Never for long and they never got  anti-biotics, anti-pyretica, or other regular medicines. Never been in a Hospital, my son once only for a wound. They all have been in tropical countries (no-Yellow-fever-areas) and never took vaccinations. They took homeopathical remedies with them for prevention and cure)

I’m very content with our choice for natural circumstances in development, without disturbances by vaccines. The choice of my children for their own baby’s is in their hands."



"I`ll be happy to tell the story of my unvaccinated child.

He is now almost 8 years old. I am very happy to say he`s health is very good.
In fact he has never used any antibiotics nor any other medicines. He has been to the doctor two times - once with earinfection- that was caused by virus and cleared away the next day. And once with acute laryngitis.
During the years from 1 to 6 he was in kindergarden- he was only sick (common cold and varicella) about 15-20 days all together. The last two years in school he was not sick at all.
He never had any skin problem or runny nose. He doesnt have any allergies or reaction to foods."
"My unvaccinated children are very healthy and I can say NO to every question thrown at me for “do they have….” When we have to do a physical or see the allopath for some reason.  Good health does not come from a needle."
"Our beautiful daughter has never had any of the common illnesses of her friends, both older and younger. She has NEVER had to take any medication (which we are not opposed to if acute requirement and no immediate safer approach is viable), never had ear infection, eczema, yeast infection, throat infection or severe cold where we had to seek acute care. All of her friends we know of around the same age have had at least one (and most two) of those issues and all are vaccinated, HOWEVER, I don't believe that vaccination is the sole reason for such illnesses. I do, however, believe there is an obvious link which should NOT be ignored. Our child crawled and walked at the typical age, however, she started to speak multiple combined words at age one and progressed rapidly from that point onward. She knew all of her shapes, alphabet and numbers 1-10 by one and a half and could name and recognize them all. Well before she was 2 she spoke in full sentences and today at 2 1/2 years old she relates to 5 year old children more so than children her age in many ways.

Once again though, I DO NOT BELIEVE, these differences are entirely vaccine related. There are many, many factors including genetics of parents, healthy pregnancy, diet of child (intake of quality foods/nutrients and omega fatty acids), and the parent child relationship which contribute largely to these factors. I also believe that the evidence of this survey showing the difference in health of vaccinated and non-vaccinated children is related to the amount of knowledge of the parents regarding a healthy lifestyle. Through direct personal experience I find parents who choose not to vaccinate are also more educated regarding healthy lifestyles as indeed they have also self evaluated and studied vaccination from both sides (Allopath/traditional medicine vs ancient and modern holistic/natural medicine) intensely, often for years. I am NOT saying any category of people are entirely one way or the other because that is NOT true. It is my personal experience and that discussed with others, however, that this is "generally" true amongst a much larger majority of the vaccinated family's vs non-vaccinated. I find a decent portion of people explore both sides but don't spend much time looking into the risk evidence side as the vaccine industry side has so much more money and resources that they almost entirely dilute the risk evidence and are very effective at convincing them of their interests and violently opposing anything contrary. Since they have the majority the pressure to think anything different is so powerful that it literally prevents many people from researching any further. The government health agencies are also 100% supportive of the “mainstream” allopathic approach and completely discount anything otherwise. Nobody likes to feel like an outcast and many parents will subside to all of that pressure regardless of how they feel simply because they are belittled otherwise.

In a closing statement I want to say that I believe 100% that the majority of people (vaccinated or not and including all medical/health practitioners) want the absolute best option for themselves, their families and those who they care for. It CANNOT be ignored, however, that most all businesses first and most important objectives require profit FIRST (as someone in business school you absolutely learn this obvious point). That fact of life, however, must be evaluated personally to determine the extent of the profit vs honest care relationship. It must, however, be evaluated from the top down; not by judging just the individual practitioner but the industry and its largest players and interests. That is true for all industries and practices and a lot of making such determinations falls with your natural instincts vs any pressure you feel, you truly have to trust how you feel and how what you are told, see and hear makes you feel while remaining open minded.

The most important thing is trust and if someone, an industry, company, organization or group has been caught lying, skewing the facts or being knowingly dishonest in any way you must question their motives and evaluate how that breach of trust influences your decisions. So trust, trust yourself and your instincts and feelings first and foremost. Don’t take everything for face value and most importantly don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for your decisions. Trust yourself, never stop learning and always keep an open mind, not being afraid to change your decisions if trust, the evidence and your instincts point you in different direction.

Reach out to people around you and do not isolate yourself to only specific groups, remain accepting and genuinely compassionate."


"My story is a bit different, although my 3 year old daughter has never been vaccinated she does have ASD, I think its mild and we have chosen a treatment not supported in most countries.  I have never been vaccinated my self, i chose this for both of my children.  I also have a 7 month old son who seems to be free of ASD, as he is my second child, i can clearly see that my daughter was effected from birth and probably before.  She was conceived via IVF, at the time of egg retrievel my husband had a high fever, a urologist suggested a procedure where they collect sperm that had not been affected by the fever, they develop the sperm in the lab and perform ICSI.  My better judgement was screaming NO but the medical team  assured me this would be fine.  At age 2.4   My daughter was diagnosed with ASD.  We feel very good about our choice to not vaccinate her, had we done so i believe she would have been much much worse.  My son was not conceived the same way and he is so much different than my daughter at this age.  We Chose to do stem cell therpay with my daughter.  I know autism is brain damage or missing healthy cells in the brain and throughout the body, in chosing stem cell we are actively regrowing and replacing damaged and missing cells.  It is still early only 5 months post stem cell, but we have had enormous improvement.  Still a long way to go but we are getting there rather quickly.  Dr. Rader from Medra has had 100 success rate with hus therapy and there are patient histories where children recover fully from ASD, so we are hopeful our daughter will only keep getting better.

She had a little speech up until age 2 then lost it all, woke up one morning and just said dadadadada.  It was the scariest time on my life.  She is getting her baby babble back and even starting to say words now.

I took an online course from Sheri Nakken on the dangers of vaccines prior to having children, so i know the dangers and know how vaccines contribute to autism.  We refused every thing at the hospital with both my kids, no vit K, no eye goop and I  had delayed cord clamping with my son even though he was an emergency C section.

I feel very good about my choice, we only practice homeopathy.  I dont even take my son to the dr for well visits, he is very healthy, apart form the ASD my daughter only gets colds."



"We have a 3 year old son and a 1 year old son. Neither have ever received any vaccines and are both very healthy. The oldest has had one minor ear infection but the Dr. said it wasn't bad enough to prescribe anything for, and that's it.  We don't eat a perfect diet by any means, and we are not clean freaks, but yet they still seem healthier than the vaccinated children their age that we know."



"Savannah's story began 18 months ago. Savannah is a loving gift from God brought to us through adoption. She was born September 8, 2010 in San Antonio, TX. She was born to a mother taking several different psychiatric medications. I asked the birth mother if she would please not allow Savannah to receive the Hep B vaccine after birth. She agreed with me, so I created a document stating she did not want her baby to receive the Hep B and she gave this paper to her doctor. I was present in the hospital when the doctor asked why she did not want the Hep B. The birth mother stood her ground and opposed the shot. I told the doctor that I was exercising my conscientious belief which TX has the Conscientious Exemption and the doctor quickly accepted my decision as the adoptive parent. Once we arrived home in Pensacola, FL, we went to the public health clinic and got the Religious Exemption. Which was extremely easy to do. We made sure to include a copy into our file for the agency conducting our post placement visits in FL. The agency in Texas accepted our decision believing it's every parent's right to choose. Savannah was born with thrush. Her pediatrician which is an integrative/holistic pediatrician said it came from the birth mother because young women are so yeasty these days. I gave her some strong probiotics made for infants and she healed well. Savannah is an extremely bright little girl. She's eager to learn and picks up new things quickly. She has a memory like an elephant. She's extremely strong and can run very fast. She has been sick only a few times. She had diarrhea twice which both times she picked up from playing at Gymboree. She healed quickly and had no complications. She probably had Rotavirus because it was pretty bad and now she has natural immunity. She has had a cold 2 times in her entire 18 months of life. She had normal cold like symptoms and healed quickly. She has never had an ear infection. Her scrapes and bruises heal very quickly too. Savannah loves to communicate learning new words every day. She's very coordinated loving to kick balls and throw with accuracy. She's not afraid of the water. She loves her blanket and loves her family. She recognizes strangers. Her imagination is keen. She has named several of her dolls with names she chose. She seems so much more alert than a lot of her peers. Savannah is a stay at home baby and has never been in a daycare. She does go into the church nursery. I know in my heart we made the right decision to not vaccinate. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share our story."



"After my daughter, who is now 8 years old, suffered adverse reactions to her vaccinations, I decided to stop vaccinating her when she was a year and a half. I believe that her vaccines are responsible for her multiple food allergies, eczema, and asthma. After much research, I decided that I would not continue vaccinating her. My son was born in 2006 and has not had any vaccinations. Even though I felt that vaccinations were the cause of my daughter's issues, I was still scared NOT to vaccinate my son. I was always taught that vaccinations were safe and to not get them was at one time not an option for me. But, after careful consideration I felt that not vaccinating my children was probably the best thing for them. I went back and forth on this. My daughter has improved much and my son is the healthiest kid I know. We live in a military community with many kids. I would say at least 90% of our housing has children of various ages. There is always some illness going around, whether it be a stomach bug or some respiratory issue. Most kids at the school miss several days of school a year due to an illness. My son has been going to daycare since the age of 18 months, starting in New Hampshire. He never misses a day of daycare due to illness. It was common for at least one or two kids to be out, especially during the winter months due to illness. He has never had to be seen by a doctor except for his physical/well-child check ups (for school), and once when he was 10 months old for oral thrush, which I blame my diet (I was breastfeeding at the time). He has never had an ear infection. He has vomited several times the past few years, but he vomits one time and he is over what it was that made him sick. If he ever has an elevated temp, I encourage fluids and rest and he is over it the next day. He now attends kindergarten at a public school. He has never missed a day of school, whereas my daughter has missed at least 5 days. He is always around children who are sick and rarely even has a runny nose. Lately, there was a cold that sent one little girl to the hospital for 2 weeks and she was diagnosed with RSV. The group of children and the adults my kids are around were all sick. My son also caught this, but he suffered mainly from a stuffy nose and was over it within a week. A week later, the other children were still fighting off this cold. He has no allergies, no asthma, no skin issues. He is a very happy and bright child. In New Hampshire, he would be in preschool, but California's cut off for entering kindergarten is later, so he was 4 when he first entered kindergarten. He is advanced in his reading and math. I believe that much of the issues that vaccinations cause not only affect a child's physical health, but also their mental. My daughter, with all her allergies and eczema, is distracted by her discomfort and it has affected her school work. The more I see how my son rarely ever has issues regarding his health, the more comfortable and pleased I am with the decision to not vaccinate. We still have to go to the doctor to have them do his physical/check-ups, and I do get an earful and they try to give me guild-trips. "You would feel so bad if he caught a disease that was vaccine preventable". I let it go in one ear and out the other because as bad as I would feel if he were to get sick, I would feel worse crippling his immune system to afford him that "protection". I've seen what it did to my daughter...and now she is living with lifelong issues. Why would I repeat the same mistake?"



"As a baby, I had a bad reaction to the first Whooping Cough vaccine.  I cried most of the night and my Mum didn’t put me to bed but kept me in her arms all night.  I sometimes wonder if she had put me down to sleep, whether I might have been another victim of cot death.  If the medical profession do not know for sure what causes cot death, how can they say without doubt that vaccines do not cause it?!  As a precaution, I never received any further doses of Pertussis.  I went on to get Whooping Cough as an adult which wasn’t very nice as I was caring for my 2 year old daughter who had it at the same time.  Thankfully, she came through it without any problems and seemed to have a physical and developmental growth spurt afterwards.

As an adult, I fainted on two separate occasions, after having the Hepatitis A vaccine for a holiday abroad.  I only fainted when I had another vaccination at the same time as the Hep. A which leads me to believe that multiple vaccines must be a bigger threat to the immune system.

However, I still believed vaccines were necessary to protect our children from harmful diseases and when my first daughter was born and was so healthy, I didn’t contemplate not vaccinating her; I didn’t want to take any risks.

Fortunately, the MMR controversy prompted me to do some research into single vaccines but the more I researched, the more I became concerned about all vaccines.  After a lot of reading, research, soul searching and discussions with different health professionals, I came to the conclusion that vaccines possibly do not prevent the diseases they are intended to protect against and probably weaken the immune system and predispose to allergies, auto-immune disorders and other more serious conditions.  As a consequence, we decided not to vaccinate any more and our second and third daughters are completely unvaccinated.  I truly believe this is the best decision I could ever have made for my children.  I now firmly believe that a child needs a strong immune system for optimum health and I do not see how injecting a cocktail of chemicals and unnatural substances into their bodies could help.

Our daughters are now 11, 9 and 5 and compared with other children, are very healthy.  They have had their share of colds, coughs, fevers, sickness bugs and minor childhood illnesses.  They have all had Chicken Pox and our youngest had Whooping Cough when she was 2 but none of them have any allergies and thankfully, cope well when they are poorly.

When our first daughter was little, she had many fevers which lasted for days and lots of colds and coughs.  She was diagnosed with Glue Ear at the age of 4 and the hospital wanted to take out her tonsils and adenoids which I felt should be a last resort, especially as she wasn’t bothered by the Glue Ear at all and wasn’t suffering from any sore throats, ear infections or hearing loss.  During the next few months, I looked closely at her diet and cut down on her dairy foods which she loved and I substituted cows milk for goats milk.  I introduced Manuka honey into her diet and took her to a cranial osteopath who prescribed a Colostrum supplement for her.  When we returned to the hospital a few months later, her Glue Ear had gone and she was discharged.  The first doctor was adamant that it would not disappear and she would need to have her tonsils and adenoids out so I felt an immense amount of pride to realise that I had managed to prevent her from having an operation to remove a vital part of her immune system and I realised that the doctor doesn’t always know best!  From that point onwards, her health went from strength to strength and my confidence in knowing what is best for my children also went from strength to strength!

Our second daughter seems to have the constitution of an ox and is rarely poorly.  While she was little, her temperature occasionally went up while she was asleep but she would sleep through it and be fine the next day.   Her colds and coughs only last a day or two but she was prone to “catching” sickness bugs!  When she was 4, she damaged her front tooth and an abscess developed so the dentist decided to take it out.  I then had another confrontation as he wanted her to have the tooth taken out under a general anaesthetic in hospital which again, I felt was not necessary.  He then agreed to a ridiculous 3 step approach to taking her tooth out!  On her first visit, she was to try out the gas; on her second visit, she was to have the gas and a needle in her gum to numb it and on her third visit, he was finally going to take her tooth out!  I decided I didn’t want him anywhere near my daughter and asked for another dentist.  Thankfully, everything went smoothly, she avoided a general anaesthetic and her tooth was removed on the first visit without any problems at all.  The only thing she remembered about the experience was a numb mouth and the toys in the waiting room!  Again, the experts do not always know best!

Another decision I have wrestled with was whether or not to bring down temperatures with fever reducing medication.  I now believe that a fever is a vital part of the immune response and I observe my children closely and put my trust more in the healing abilities of their bodies.  Even the NICE guidelines state that “antipyretic agents do not prevent febrile convulsions and should not be used specifically for this”.  However, I do believe there is a time and a place for medication and would not refuse it if I felt it was necessary.

If anybody reading this is struggling with their decision at the moment as to whether or not to vaccinate, I would urge you to do your own research; read lots, both for and against; speak to many different health professionals and then make your own mind up.  An informed decision is the best decision.  This time of deliberating can be quite lonely if you do not know anybody else who feels the same.  Fortunately, my Mum was a big support and I subscribed to “The Informed Parent” whose newsletters gave me a regular boost of confidence that I was doing the right thing.  I also started to become more interested in natural health and the immune system and I would thoroughly recommend the books by Ian Sinclair.  I discovered there was an immense amount of apathy in the community so I stopped talking about vaccination and no longer felt a need to pass my opinion!  I felt that my children were too precious to just “follow the heard regardless” so I decided to inform myself which gave me the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for my children.  I believe that striking the right balance is the answer.  I try to provide my children with a healthy, balanced diet with occasional treats; lots of fresh air; sunshine; exercise and rest.  I do not believe in home schooling and being obsessed with being perfect.  I try to ensure my children have a balance in their lives in all areas and are able to mix in many different circles and experience all that life has to offer.  I try to encourage them to follow their dreams and be happy and if some sweets or a cake make you happy from time to time then that has got to be good for you too!

Apathy, especially with regards to our children, does irritate me immensely but I also find the attitude of those who insist on controlling every aspect of their children’s lives quite patronising and over the top.  None of us are perfect but we should always try to do the right thing and have the courage to keep going when difficulties arise.  It is also important to say “sorry” once in a while and admit that we’re not perfect!

The people I am most grateful to for helping me to reach an informed decision are:  Andrew Wakefield, who made me question vaccination in the first instance; Magda Taylor who runs “The Informed Parent”, for providing informative newsletters and helping to give me the confidence to trust my decision and Ian Sinclair for his wonderful books and wisdom on natural health.  I would also like to thank my Mum for her continuing support and my three precious little girls for providing the inspiration to me to set off on this wonderful journey!

“The answers to life’s questions lie inside you.  All you need to do is look, listen and trust.”


"I have 9 children. Four of them are fully vaccinated, two are partially vaccinated, and 3 are not vaccinated at all. 8 of my 9 children (including the vaccinated ones) contracted chicken pox, and it was mild in all of them. One of my unvaccinated children contracted measles, and it was even more mild than the chicken pox. It makes me wonder what all the hullabaloo is about - probably because the disease takes about 10 days to run its course, and no one wants to miss that much work or school. Interestingly, my other 2 unvaccinated kids didn't catch the measles from him. Two of my kids contracted pertussis (whooping cough), one vaccinated and one unvaccinated. Interestingly, the unvaccinated daughter kicked it more easily than the vaccinated son, who struggled even a year later with coughing spells! Some may question my sanity, knowing my kids contracted whooping cough yet still sticking to the decision to not vaccinate. Well, my daughter is alive and healthy. Unfortunately my sister's nephew (on her husband's side) died in his car seat on the way home from having a DPT shot. When his mommy went to get him out of his carseat when they arrived home, her baby was dead, and all her efforts to resuscitate him were to no avail (she was a nurse). Because of this extreme reaction, my sister's children aren't allowed to have the pertussis vaccine. But, that's not a problem, since the disease is fairly easy to treat. My kids, other than the rare cold and even rarer flu, are never sick - except for the instances I mentioned (which has been spread over 28 years). I'll be honest with you, we aren't on the healthiest diet. My kids enjoy junk food and McDonald's food and Lucky Charms for breakfast - and they're STILL healthier than all their friends!"



"I have 3 beautiful, healthy, children, ages 10, 8, and 2. Being born in California, they all were required to received a "vitamin B" shot, I was told by the nurse there. They've never had any other vaccinations and are all very healthy, with the exception of the snotty nose on occasion. Anywhere I've been with the kids, I usually get comments on how "well adjusted" they are. I do buy all organic natural foods, grass fed beef, range chicken, raw cow milk, and distilled water is used in all food prep and beverages, which I believe, makes a big difference in overall health. I don't look at the cost of foods but I pay zero medical expenses other than dental care."



"We have 2 children, one who is 6 and another who is almost 3.  Our older child had a seizure within 20 minutes of having a DPT shot right around 6 months old.  Although the pediatric dr's refused to acknowledge the vaccine causing the seizure, we did halt all vaccines and will never vaccinate again.  This frightening experience led to tons of reading and thinking things through, and also the choice to not vaccinate our second child.  Both of our children are very healthy kids, compared to their friends and schoolmates.  They don't catch the flu or pertussis or any of the other major illnesses highly vaccinated against yet so easily spread amongst the vaccinated.  I am a firm believer in chiropractic health, and have seen how good spine health directly affects children's well being.  I am also a firm believer that we as parents know the best choice for our kids, and that big pharma has no interest in them whatsoever.  I am grateful for the good health of my children, and for the awesome alternative care out there!!"



"I am a mother of 2 boys age 6 and 3.  Both boys were born at home, and both were breastfed for 2 years.  When our first boy was born I began to read and study all that I could about vaccines.  I met with a naturopathic doctor to discuss the issue, and I found a number of books that were very enlightening and over the course of a few months, took many vaccine specific notes.  I did have 2 vaccinations for our first child Dtap and Hep B but did not do so until after he was 2 years of age and over a very long period for the series for each because we had planned to live overseas for some time.  I now realize that these were even unnecessary.

At the age of 2 our first child contracted Rubella.  He handled it extremely well, and only had a fever for 1/2 a day and then a rash that didn't bother him in the least.  It was this that made me realize that my inclination to believe that the threat that vaccines bring are far worse than  the viruses themselves.

Our second child is not vaccinated.  We all spent the better part of 2 years in India, and though we were sick a number of times I believe due to either food/water borne illness.  They bounced back very quickly.

Colds, the flu and other childhood sicknesses are par for the course.  I don't expect them to be sickness free throughout their childhood.  Their immune system  is developing by learning to function against viruses and disease.  We practice a primarily whole food, organic lifestyle in order to keep them healthy and able to fight off anything that comes.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago from complications with Pneumonia.  She contracted Pneumonia every year for her last 6 years with us.  My uncle who had been keeping records on her health for as long, reviewed her history and found that each fight with Pneumonia began approximately 2 weeks after she received her flu shot.  I can only conclude that the Flu vaccine took my grandmother from us before her time.

Thank you for doing this survey and building awareness for parents just starting out."

" I have five very healthy un-vaccinated children with my ex-husband Sam, who from the day of their birth was normal, bright, nurtured and protected from anything that would cause them harm within reason.   I loved my children like most parents do, wanting the very best for them and also trying to avoid any of the pit-falls I went through.   We all want our children to be healthy because we all realize that health is the one gift that allows us to do virtually anything we want to do in life!  Without our health, we must struggle to do even the simple things.  Children, for sure, deserve the best opportunity to be healthy!  We were very blessed because before our first child was born, we discovered the real secrets to raising healthy happy children!  It is not so much "What you do" but more about "What you don't do".  We did things very non traditionally....more like they would have done 100 years ago!  Our children were easy to learn, happy and emotionally stable, rational and pretty easy to control with discipline.  They were normal children all with unique personalities.  My husband, Sam and I were on the same page with how we were going to feed them, educate them and basically, we did things a little different than most. Be believed in natural home birth, the family bed and long-term nursing and avoided all medications, even over-the-counter drugs.  We gave the body time to work through problems because we understood this process called immune system development.  We never had a chronically sick child who needed lots of medical care.  Sure our children got the "normal childhood illnesses" like chicken pox, runny noses and colds, swollen glands, fevers and rashes and they got sick like most.  In fact, my second child, Austin, was very sensitive and was the one who had some health "challenges" between birth and 6 years old. There were moments when I was up all night; sleep deprived and even a little scared.   But, the choices we made and how we dealt with those moments made a huge difference in the health of our children and the outcomes.
Life is hard enough with healthy children!  I do not know what it is like to have a child who is always ill, suffering with asthma, severe food allergies on medications and always at the doctor's office, maybe with depression and anxiety, poor self esteem and emotional problems, learning problems, angry or suffers with autism or diabetes.  I grieve when I meet parents who are challenged everyday with sick children who are always in pain or suffering and need constant medical care. I count my blessings that we were exposed to a different way and learned what to avoid before having our first daughter, Renee in 1980.
Our children were really healthy compared to most children and because of that; I am dedicated to sharing what we did that I believe made the huge difference. That is my motivation and my calling:  I believe all children should have the opportunity to express their God given health potential and what we do as parents will determine that outcome! Every decision we make will impact their life, some more than others.
I tell parents, "It is more about what you don't do!  Avoid toxic chemicals in the home, foods, water and from medication and drugs!
Mary Tocco, Independent Vaccine Researcher and Public Educator"



"My son is a happy, healthy and vibrant 4 year old.  He was born at home, eats mainly organic and natural foods, never was vaccinated and will most likely be home-schooled.  My husband and I did not come to the decision to not vaccinate lightly.  We spent countless hours researching, watching lectures, reading stories and watching documentaries.  Actually, the more we learned the more we became angry and frustrated so many others do not question the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They are literally destroying our children, and we need to continue to bring awareness to this issue.  It deeply saddens me that many are so unwilling to question science and better understand how immunity actually works.  Thank goodness I listened to my maternal intuition, my son can thank me for it.  He is rarely ever sick, and if he is it is usual very mild and over in a few days.  He has never been to the Dr. or an illness, we take him to the chiropractor instead.  He is thriving and beautiful."


"My Dad was a pharmacist back in the 1950's after 6 years of pharmacy he decided that all the drugs that were being dispensed were not really helping people but causing more harm.  He left pharmacy in New Zealand and went to the USA to become a chiropractor. 
His whole life changed and so did is thoughts on health.  He no longer was mechanistic in his beliefs but more vitalisitic about health care.
My siblings and I were born between 1959 and 1964, my Dad and my Mum (who was a nurse) would not vaccinate us nor give us any antibiotics or pain killers.  My Dad believed if we fought the small infections and pains when we were babies then our bodies would get the practise to fight the bigger infections and pains as we got older.  It's interesting to note that I have the antibodies for many diseases, including german measles and malaria but I have never had the diseases.
I'm 52 this year and I've still not had a vaccination, antibiotic, pain killer or any form of prescribed or unprescribed medication.  I have a perfect weight, heaps of energy, love life and can't complain about anything in my life.  Yes I've had loss of loved ones but my physical and mental state has able to get me through the loss of my mother, sister, grandmother, mother in law and girlfriend within a 12 month period.  I miss them but don't define my life as a result.
I have three children 22, 20 and 18 they too have never been vaccinated and have never had any antibiotics or prescribed or unprescribed medications, they are the picture of health and wellbeing, they have no allergies, ADD, ADHD, autism, asthma, or any physical or mental health issues.  My two girls have menstrual cycles that are not even a hiccup in their month.  They are well rounded healthy children and I thank the teaching of my Dad and the foresight of my Dad that he chose not to vaccinate or medicate us. 
I am also a nutritionist and my philosophy is eating only real food.  Fruit, vegetables, meat (organ as well), poultry, fish, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, eggs, butter, good quality raw dairy as much as I can.  We don't eat any packaged foods, I cook everything from scratch and believe that with my start in life, my out door lifestyle and having a healthy diet have all contributed to my families health and wellbeing.
My legacy for my family is that my children understand this philosophy and will in turn bring up their children without the need for vaccinations and medications."



"I am a mother of 2 boys age 6 and 3.  Both boys were born at home, and both were breastfed for 2 years.  When our first boy was born I began to read and study all that I could about vaccines.  I met with a naturopathic doctor to discuss the issue, and I found a number of books that were very enlightening and over the course of a few months, took many vaccine specific notes.  I did have 2 vaccinations for our first child Dtap and Hep B but did not do so until after he was 2 years of age and over a very long period for the series for each because we had planned to live overseas for some time.  I now realize that these were even unnecessary.

At the age of 2 our first child contracted Rubella.  He handled it extremely well, and only had a fever for 1/2 a day and then a rash that didn't bother him in the least.  It was this that made me realize that my inclination to believe that the threat that vaccines bring are far worse than  the viruses themselves.
Our second child is not vaccinated.  We all spent the better part of 2 years in India, and though we were sick a number of times I believe due to either food/water borne illness.  They bounced back very quickly.
Colds, the flu and other childhood sicknesses are par for the course.  I don't expect them to be sickness free throughout their childhood.  Their immune system  is developing by learning to function against viruses and disease.  We practice a primarily whole food, organic lifestyle in order to keep them healthy and able to fight off anything that comes.
My grandmother passed away a few years ago from complications with Pneumonia.  She contracted Pneumonia every year for her last 6 years with us.  My uncle who had been keeping records on her health for as long, reviewed her history and found that each fight with Pneumonia began approximately 2 weeks after she received her flu shot.  I can only conclude that the Flu vaccine took my grandmother from us before her time."
"I have 3 sons ages 7, 5, and 2 and they have never been vaccinated.   We chose to simply delay them when our first son was born but as he got older and we had more kids, we decided to delay indefinitely.   They have been very healthy boys!  They have never had ear infections or any of the "typical" childhood illnesses.  They have each in turn had a bad cold when they were babies,  but they are rarely sick now.  And when they are (once in the last 9 months) it consists of feeling tired for a day or two and a stuffed nose for just as long.  While we always choose natural remedies and wholesome food to strengthen their bodies, we fully believe by not vaccinating we have kept their immune systems working properly and healthy.  In a world of antibiotics, our boys have never had a single dose!  We homeschool our children which also helps them from being bombarded with daily germs but we are out and about town frequently and often come into contact with kids their age who are usually always suffering from runny noses or throwing up, especially during winter and spring. 
My 7 year old son has a pretty strong food intolerance to gluten and dairy.   We discovered it when he was 3 after noticing severe digestion issues.  My youngest son, almost 2, has an eczema reaction to eggs.   Their food intolerances make me even more grateful that we didn't vaccinate.  I have read and fully believe in the gut/brain connection.  If their bodies had been given vaccines as newborns and followed the recommended schedule, I have no doubt that we would be seeing some serious psychological or neurological issues with it now.   Instead, all we have to deal with is where to find gf, vegan food when we are out, and the very occasional cold.  We are truly happy with our decision not to vaccinate!"
"In September 1991, when our son was born, we were faced with the decision to vaccinate him or not. I knew that there were problems with vaccinating children, but there wasn’t much information available about why.

One of the books I read was Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn. By the time I was finished reading Dr. Mendelsohn’s book, I knew that I would be playing Russian roulette with my son’s life if I were to give him vaccinations. Our doctor was not pleased but didn’t hassle us.

Our son did catch whooping cough when he was a toddler. When we took him to the hospital, the nurse said that even if he had been vaccinated, it would not have protected him from that particular strain of the disease. As a young teen, he caught chicken pox, but was over that in a week.

Because our son was homeschooled, he was not exposed to a lot of viruses from other children. Now, he is in college, where his class mates often have colds or flus. This winter (2011-2012), he had the flu for just a couple of days and a few minor colds. He is a healthy, very physically active young man."


"I am the father to two unvaccinated children. Our son who is 16 and our daughter who is 11. When our son was born, he was was three months premature and was only 1 pound three ounces. He was fighting for his life and injecting toxins into him at the time didn't make much sense. We did our research and made an educated decision not to vaccinate. We were told our son would have all sorts of health challenges due to his low birth weight if he were to even survive. As i stated previously he is 16 and has never been on any prescriptions, never had an antibiotic, no allergies , and has been in only medically for a sports physical. When our daughter was born, we chose to no vaccinate her as well,and like her brother, has never had a antibiotic, never been on a prescription, never even taken an over the counter painkiller. She never misses school like her brother, except for family vacations etc. There immune systems have not been crippled, and they both are thriving. Glad to have shared this."



"I'm 27 years old. Come from a family of 6 where all kids where not vaccinated. My parents raised us on very healthy foods. Whole grains, beans, lot's of vegetables and good quality soy sauce, miso, sea weeds. We where always in great health. As a child i had minor cases of 5 of the common child diseases. Measles, chicken pox, whooping cough, german measles (Rubella), mumps. As i said they where all very mild cases and i had no further complications.
As of now i'm still in great health. I'm raising my 4 kids this natural way. They are very healthy. Two years ago they had a mild case of chicken pox. Also my sister who just had her 3rd baby is not vaccinating. And my dad came from a family of 5 where no one was vaccinated either. You may say... It runs in the family."



"Corey has always been a settled, happy child.  He has had one illness in 5 yrs, a cough/cold when I vaccinated him homeopathically for whooping cough.  I think it gave him a mild dose of it and thats why I decided to stop vaccinating even homeopathically.  As a baby he required so little settling it was unbelievable.  You fed him, changed him let him have a play and then put him to bed and he would happily go to sleep.  Babysitters could not believe how easy he was to look after.

I truly believe after vaccinating my first son fully, and my second son to 6mths (stopped when he had a severe reaction) that our decision to not vaccinate Corey, our third son was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  He has been the happiest and healthiest of the three boys.  His immune system was allowed to function on its own and fight off all the bugs his brothers brought home from childcare, school and kinder. He is a healthy, robust child.  Corey was born at 35wks and the nurses in special care advised me not to vaccinate due to being a premmie.  I was surprised after having had to fight for our rights not to vaccinate previously but it proved the tide had turned since the dramas I had with not fully vaccinating Corey's older brother.

I have no doubt that Corey has been as healthy as he is because his immune system has not been compromised.  When I compare the health of him and his brothers between the ages of birth to 2 it is incredible how healthy he was whilst the others had numerous bouts of gastro, colds, a bad flu and one a compromised digestive system that led to food intolerances that could not be explained.  Antibiotics during pregnancy and vaccinations compromised Corey's brother's digestive system and he has only now at the age of 8 experienced true good health.  Corey has been able to eat anything and maintain a healthy body.  He has such a strong constitution, great gross and fine motor skills and is intelligent for his age.  I only wish I had not vaccinated his brothers so their immune systems had the same chance to function normally without a chemical, virus and bacteria overload.  I have no doubt my children are sensitive to chemicals, preservatives and additives.  It is reflected in their health and behaviour everytime they consume too many chemicals, preservatives and additives and I am grateful everyday of our lives that we saved at least one child from vaccination overload.  I feel guilty everyday for what I put the others through, especially my 8yr old who has had a much more difficult start to life because we vaccinated him."


"I have three children, one daughter and two sons, my daughter being the eldest. When my daughter was born, we had no idea that there was even a choice with regards to vaccinating our new baby, let alone any knowledge of anything else at all to do with any of the baby vaccines. We just went along with whatever a health professional recommended we do, which is what everyone else seemed to do at the time. So my daughter received the baby vaccinations, all three doses, but when it came to the MMR we learned that there was some controversy surrounding it and its possible side-effects. This prompted me to do a little research about it, and I barely touched the surface with what I could find at the time, but what I found caused my husband and I to decide that we would still like to protect our daughter from these so-called dangerous diseases so we opted for the single vaccines, at great cost to my in-laws as we weren't able to pay for them. Half way through the programme of three separate shots I found out other things that made me stop in my tracks, and also fuelled my desire to keep on researching, to find out as much as I could about them. I bought a few books and spent a long time on the internet, and decided that what I found was enough for me to say no to the third and final one of the three, rubella. I found I really regretted giving her any of the immunisations at all having not known anything about them before having them administered to her. I breastfed her until 7 months, and she was only fed organic and completely natural foods for the first two years of her life, I checked every food packaging label for signs of unwanted, unhealthy and unpleasant ingredients but I never did this when about to vaccinate. I have spent years dealing with the guilt and wishing I'd not done it, but have realised that you can only do the best you can with what you know at the time, that was all I could do. I went on to have two boys who are completely vaccine-free, and I have no intention of letting a needle near them as long as I can. They have been very healthy, one is 6 and one is 4. My 4 year-old unfortunately inherited an allergic tendency from his father who suffered terribly with eczema as a baby and child, and went on to develop asthma, so I am really glad I haven't vaccinated him for that reason too. Apart from this he has been the healthiest of the three, rarely suffering from sickness bugs, only ever having a few short-lived colds, and a possible once a year fever lasting no more than a day or two. My 6 year old is much the same, but my daughter who is now 9 was different as a toddler. She suffered her first bad cold at 8 months of age, she went on to be one of these children whose nose is constantly running and I felt that although she didn't get ill very frequently, when she did she always seemed to suffer with it worse than the boys did. She is now a healthy 9 year old and seems fairly resistant except for one or two mild illnesses a year. The boys seem to go a long time without getting anything, none of them have ever had an ear or chest infection, the boys have never had to have an antibiotic and my daughter only once for impetigo. When I decided to stop vaccinating I began to use homoeopathy, and have done ever since. Homoeopathic medicine is our first port of call for any family complaint from the very minor to the more severe. I recently used homoeopathic medicine to clear up a very nasty skin infection that my 6 year old son developed after a fall and bad graze to the knee which got infected. The nurse we saw couldn't believe we'd cleared it up with no antibiotic. So all in all I am very glad that I have kept my children mostly free from this incredibly doubtful and inconclusive method of protection from illness. I fully believe in nurturing the immune system naturally and will continue to do so. I strive to feed my children a healthy, varied and balanced diet containing plenty of fruit and vegetables. This, together with homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and aromatherapy essential oils forms a fantastic way of ensuring family health without unnecessary toxic chemicals which are constantly being linked to ill health later in life. Please keep up the good work encouraging vaccine-free families to share their experiences."



"I am the mother of 3 year old in Ontario Canada. After much research and deliberation, I opted not to vaccinate my daughter with any of the recommended vaccinations. Thankfully, I have a fairly supportive family so I wasn't met with any resistance at all (mostly questions). My husband trusted that I did my research and that I would know best so he was also supportive. To date, we couldn't be happier about our decision. My daughter is the healthiest, happiest, brightest little girl imaginable (and I'm not just saying that because I love her). She is leaps and bounds ahead of other children her age (her preschool teachers point this out to me almost daily). I'm grateful for this as she's a December baby headed into a JK/SK split class this September ... so she'll be the youngest by far. I have no concerns. Socially and cognitively she will not suffer at all and in fact will put some of the older kids to shame with her abilities. In addition to not being vaccinated, she eats a predominantly organic and GMO free diet and is highly supplemented with top-quality supplements. The benefits of this combination speaks for itself. My daughter is very healthy, has no allergies, never goes to the doctor, has a great personality and is incredibly smart. I have another child on the way and I won't change a thing ... why would I? I feel sad that other parents haven't yet come to the same conclusions I have. I tend to keep my opinions to myself, but I do feel very strongly that vaccinating our children is a mistake and not worth the risk."



"I have a 2 year old son who has not received any vaccinations to this day. He is a perfect healthy toddler. He does get an occasional sniffle now and then but with nutritional therapy and Chiropractic he is as good as new in no time flat. It's funny some of the looks and questions you get when someone asks if you use vaccinations on your child and you tell them NO. Also I would like to point out that without vaccinations compared to some other children his age with vaccinations that we run into, he seems to be a little more physically fit,  his hand-to-eye coordination is really good compared to some his age, and he is very intelligent and is speaking clearer than some his age also. I hope this helps anyone looking at vaccinations. My only advise to anyone is don't just go along with the crowds. Do your own research and do what is best for your particular child. Thanks.

I would also like to say when we see an MD, they always seem to ask and advise for the vaccinations, but if you let them know where you stand on vaccinations its much easier to deal with."


"I am a mother of 3 boys, all unvaccinated.  I am also unvaccinated, as is my mother and hers.  Since I spent my growing years hearing the adults discuss vaccination and listening to the sometimes difficult dealings with schools I was pretty aware of the family’s choices.  When I began having children I researched each disease and each vaccine.  My husband and I chose not to vaccinate.  I couldn’t be more comfortable with our decision.  Some of the diseases do scare me, but so do the vaccines.  I just don’t think you can get around being scared about the unknowable future, whichever way you go.  In addition to not vaccinating, we choose a healthy lifestyle for our family (breast feeding as babies and mostly whole foods as children). We seek natural remedies when needed and chiropractic.  Between all 3 boys (ages 7, 5, and 3 months) there has only been a few short lived (1-2 day) ear infections, no cases of the flu and one minor cough.  The older boys have had chicken pox and I am thankful for it.  As a child I had minor cases of chicken box, measles, rubella and mumps and I believe it has made me healthier. It has helped me pass on immunities to my children as well."



"I never received vaccinations nor did my child. I am a mother of 2yr old son and one on the way. My son has never gotten one shot in his life and is the healthiest child out of all the kids we do play group with! The others are always sick, allergies, runny noses etc... he has never made a trip to the doctor or needed it.
Both myself and my sister never received vaccinations as children or adults and both of us have outstanding health! I have been around people who have Chicken Pox and never caught it, also around others who were very sick and never caught their illnesses as well.
My son is off the charts with hand eye coordination, speaking ability and other 'milestones' kids reach at this point. We are very happy with our decision and will continue to back it up with organic eating, juicing and homeopathic remedies for anything that comes along."


"Mother of 2 unvaccinated children. The kids have traveled extensively (i.e.: to S. American and Indian farms to the Middle East, through Europe and North America)

Both kids are overall very happy and healthy. They are calm and well-behaved in the most trying of circumstances (i.e., long flights!). They are sociable and do well academically. I have resorted to conventional medical assistance for each once in their lives so far. They don't have asthma or skin issues, rarely, if ever get colds or ear pain.

In retrospect, I would have used homeoprophylaxis and other measures going through India. We were all fine until the plane back from India where I felt my stomach churn and my 2 year old began a long episode of tummy stuff which hasn't totally, to be very honest, resolved. While we did visit the conventional system for assistance in this area, stool tests showed nothing. I did some Heilkunst work on him, with some success, and then I had a good CoRe reading done, with more success. We're done to avoiding oranges and pineapples until I can make more progress. I could flog myself for this, but then I remember that I am human, I make mistakes, etc. Overall, I have learned from this and far prefer our continued present course than the alternative vaccination route.

Best to all parents who find themselves deliberating on this issue."


"I have 6 children. my oldest, born in 1977 recieved all the childhood vaccines of
his day, the last ones were at 5 years old. the only good thing about this is that
they were half the amount given today and he never recieved any as a tiny newborn or
5 at once. my second son born in 1981 recieved all the baby shots, but not his 5
year old or any after that. my next child was born in 1985 and recieved a set of
shots at 10 months and thats all. my next child, and first daughter was born in 1985
and at 22 years old has never had a vaccination in her life. shes never been
seriously ill and i cant even remember her even having a high fever in her life.
shes also never had antibiotics. shes completely normal, healthy , and beautiful and
as i type this right now she is expecting her first child with no plans to ever
vaccinate her either. my next daughter was born in 1992 and at 20 years old has
never been immunized. healthy also with a daughter she doesnt intend
to immunize. never been seriously ill and i think both girls may of had a light
case of chicken pox. my 6th child, a son, was born in 2001 and has never been
immunzed either. very healthy, never had reason for antibiotics. healthy healthy
healthy, is all i can say."



"My daughter which is now 19 months old is unvaccinated and is possibly the healthiest child I know. She is followed by a naturopath who says she is a vision of health and do keep in mind that we better her health in every way possible (or so we think) such as feeding her organic, giving her filtered water (drinking and bath water), though she does play in dirt as it will boost her system (I did so as a kid and I'm still alive). I unlike the vaccine industry (big pharma) don't believe that we are born to die unless we are vaccinated for every little thing out there (and let's not forget to mention take in the many many dangerous chemicals in them). She eats a mostly alkaline rainbow colored unprocessed raw diet comprised in most part of fruits and veggies though we do give her some supplements (liquid whole-food supp with no fillers, fish oil (small fish to avoid mercury as much as possible), probiotics and greens). I research everything for her and try to give her only the best.

I have researched vaccines for over 7 months for about 8 hours a day which led me through many stages: at first when my wife asked me to look into it, I pretty much told her they should be safe and effective. Secondly, I thought some of them were good, some were bad but all could be improved. Thirdly, I found many lies in plain view or somewhat hidden on actual biased pro-vaccine sites  such as health canada, WHO, etc. Lastly, I have come to realize that all of them are horrible (the basis of them does make sense but not everything that comes along with them even the statistics they flaunt; a quick look at the graphs of their implentations and the sharp decline beforehand of said illness demonstrates their lach of usefulness and the many dangers, side-effects, neurological resulted disorders, call them what you want which are understated or deliberately altered to sell/promote and encourage the use of)

I am not here to convince anyone to do as I did or even go to the extremes I have, the bottom line is everyone has a choice, everyone should question, everyone should research. I unfortunately speak of personal experience when I say people who I know vaccinated their children in most part are close-minded, are in denial and do not research (I can't pretend to know why but have my assumptions such as guilt, refusal to admit or avoiding to find out what they did might have been the wrong thing to do!)

Again this is my own personal experience, you may have had a different one and that is perfectly ok. Do however realize that doctors push what they are told to, make money off of doing so, have incentives given to them such as trips or bonuses the more they sell or push anything "medical". They are not all evil but greed poisons many a man's soul, some of them think they are doing the right thing after years of programming. This isn't a conspiracy theory, I've spoken to many doctors, specialists, alternative practitioners in various different fields about this. Doctors are people, they are not perfect, I'm not perfect but my hunger for facts, the truth, the well-being of my family, this world and it's environment have led me to uncover many conflicts of interests, many unfortunate incidents, bad history repeating itself, and propaganda. Please inform yourself, knowledge is power. If at least there is a public outcry to demand unbiased fats, investigate, conduct studies of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, things can only get better in my opinion."



"I am a mother of a healthy 13 month son. After gave birth, I never go to pediatric because, Thanked God, my son is always healthy. Serious illness he ever suffered is
3 days common cold :) I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, where vaccination is obligated forchildren. But I'm not alone, many parents choose not to vaccinate their children, and Thanked God, all of their children are healthy and seldom go to doctor."



"My son has never been vaccinated.  He is the youngest of five children and his older
brothers and sister were vaccinated because I hadn’t researched the issues with
vaccines when they were born.  I didn’t realize there were problems with vaccines
until my midwife mentioned the issue when I was pregnant with him.  I had previously
gone to obstetricians and had hospital births.  (His was also my best birth, but
that’s another story!)  His siblings were frequently sick, especially with ear
infections.  He has NEVER had an ear infection.  He has rarely been ill at all and
has never been to a doctor.  He is very calm, affectionate, and intelligent.  He has
never had any learning difficulties or hyperactivity problems.  Since he has never
been to a doctor I never had to deal with their pressure to vaccinate, but I used to
lie awake at night worrying that somehow I would be found out and they would try to
take him away from me.  I also wondered if I was wrong somehow and he would get some
horrible disease.  Now he is 13 years old and none of my fears materialized."



"My 3 year old daughter has not received any vaccinations.  She is health and smart and has attended daycare since she was 18 months old.  She only drinks raw milk and has never taken Tylenol or antibiotics.  She has no asthma, allergies, or eczema.  She recovers from colds quickly.  She had bronchitis once, but was better within 3 days and it did not reoccur.  She’s gotten a few ear infections that were cured with garlic oil.  Overall she is super health and I am very happy with my decision not to have her vaccinated!"



"I have one child almost fully vaxed & cured of an autism spectrum disorder. My totally unvaxed child has remarkably good health. She has never had an ear infection and not even one cold per year. She has no allergies or any health-related issues whatsoever. She has only been to a doctor twice in her life (once at birth) because she has never been sick enough to warrant a doctor's visit. I know for a fact if she had been vaccinated as her sister was, she would have health issues."



"I was 19 years old when my son was born and two years later I gave birth to my first daughter.  Both of these chlidren were vaccinated like clockwork.  Both of my older children developed all the "normal" childhood illnesses and some not so normal childhood illnesses.  My son got the usual suspects:  lots of ear infections, sick all the time, fevers.  The doctor was constantly putting him on antibiotics and we almost got tubes put into his ears.  He was later diagnosed with dyslexia.

My daughter was frequently sick also.  At one point, my daughter was so sick, the doctor did not know what was wrong with her and we ended up in the hospital for a spinal tap.  I think she was about 4 or 5 months old, and no she did not have spinal meningitis.

Never did any doctor inform me there might be side effects to vaccinations.

Along came child number 3 which was about the time that I stopped vaccinating my children in 1983, so my son was 4, one daughter was 2 and my youngest was just newborn.  The newborn got one  or two vaccinations and then that was it.  No more vaccinations.

In 1988, I had my fourth child and she born at home and never vaccinated.  My two youngest daughters never got the "normal" childhood illnesses.  My third child just never got sick; the youngest had a stomach ailment once where she threw up everything and anything except breast milk.  At the time she was about 2 years old.  I nursed her regularly and would attempt to feed her one food at a time (without success).  She was sick like this for about 3 weeks and then it went away and everything was fine.  The baby also got a case of empetigo, which did call for the use of antibiotics.

The differences between the two older children and the two youngest children were remarkable in that the older kids were always sick and the two younger children were so rarely sick.

I have also seen the same results with my grandchildren.  My son's first two children were fully vaccinated for the first 4 or 5 years and they were always sick withe oldest child having learning disabilities.  The third child was not vaccinated, and she was sick a lot less than her brothers.  Once my daughter in law took the kids off dairy and wheat, we saw a huge difference in their behavior and in their health!

My daughters did not vaccinate their children and guess what?  No chronic ear infections, no chronic upper respiratory illnesses, no learning disabilities - so far!

My fiance's daughter recently vaccinated her son and guess what?  The child had a seizure two weeks later and the doctor told her that was "normal."

Yes, I suppose chronically sick kids having seizures and learning disabilities is the new "normal."  What a pity  MD's don't really know what a healthy child looks like anymore!"

"I have two unvaccinated girls, ages 4 and 6. I have nothing much to report, they have no health issues, maybe a couple mild earaches, they both have thrown up/had diarrhea only a couple times while sick (except for the time we did get rotavirus :D). Other than that, they are totally healthy. I do find it odd that my friend's children seem to have all sorts of issues, such as allergies, having their tonsils removed, nebulizers, learning or cognitive disabilities, etc. And it is accepted as perfectly normal?? The sad truth it has become the norm. We looked into vaccines after my stepson, age 9 now, started regressing at 18 months and developed, what was later diagnosed, Autism."



"Our fully vac 1st born, now 18 has Aspergers.  Our 4 and 6 year olds - both unvac show signs of mild Aspergers, but nowhere near the extreme behaviour and heart-wrenching problems their older brother goes through.  I have no proof that the vaccinations accelerated an underlying genetic predisposition, but looking at these three boys there is an obvious difference, and my mother-heart is very grateful and blessed that I had more information and support from friends as our later children were born.  We have 6 children now - 2 vaccinated, the next had only one shot - her 6 week old shot which I was very unsure about and waited till she was 6 months old. Immediately on having the shot I felt like it was the wrong thing to do, and have felt VERY confident not to vaccinate the following 3 children."



"My daughter is 4 years old and has not had any vaccines. She is a beautiful and intelligent child. She is curious and very healthy. We live a normal life and she goes to preschool and is involved in all the same activities as other children her own age. She has been very healthy with only the occasional trip to the doctor. In fact we went a whole year without going to the doctor last year. She has only had two fevers and only the occasional mild cold. She does not suffer from any chronic problems. Sometimes we do doubt our decision not to vaccinate but then when I think about injecting her with all the toxins in the vaccines I stop myself from doubting. She is pure and beautiful and her immune system is functioning perfectly. She has organic pure foods to eat and gets good sleep, in fact we have never had any problems with sleep. I breast fed her until she was 12 months old. I did have to supplement with formula at 5 months when I went back to work. Its a challenging decision not to vaccinate but when I see how healthy my daughter is I feel that could all be different if I had vaccinated her, the exact opposite of what the doctors say. "



"Im not 100% sure why my mom isn't vaccinated but I think it has to do with my uncle, her older brother, falling out of a moving car. He had a head injury and couldn't function like he has previously. My grandparents went to every medical specialist to figure out how to make him better. Someone told them about a chiropractor and as a last resort they carried my uncle into her office and he was able to walk out! After that my grandpa went to Palmer chiropractic school. I think he figured if a chiropractor could fix his son when no medical doctor could then chiropractic care could fix anything.

My mom's reasoning is a little different and has to do with her younger brother's, she's number 5 of 7 kids, delivery. She's still chiropractic, we all are, but when my grandma went into labor they gave her twilight sleep, or something, it supposed to help with the pain and it stopped her labor putting the baby into distress but they didn't know that till after he was born. He almost died and had cerebral palsey as a result. We have babies without pain meds now. My mom's fear of that situation repeating is pretty ingrained in all of us. So my mom talks about that being a reason but also because we're a chiroprayic family. My kids have been healthier then a lot of kids we know and the people who know we don't vaccinate call me every time there is a whisper of an outbreak, so we just assure them we're fine and go to the chiropractor more then usual. My reasons are my mom and my grandma. My siblings and I have never had and major illnesses, no surgeries, no tubes in our ears and that is testimony enough for me to keep my kids safe from all the junk they want to inject into my few hour old innocent babies."


"I gave birth to my first daughter in 1978 when the whooping cough vaccine was talked about as causing brain damage ,she had a heart condition,I thought that was bad enough without her suffering brain damage so never got that but did get her the others,1979 my second daughter cathy was born as Christine had no bad reaction to the vaccines I let cathy have them (not whooping cough) She was fine with all of the vaccines until the measles,Cathy was very active crawling and rolling everywhere full of mischief laughed constantly,enjoyed sweets eating them on her own she called me mam babbled on all day people who met her would comment on her pleasant happy nature but 26 hours after the measles vaccine all of this stopped people round about kept asking if she had seen a doctor she was crying and screaming I did see a doctor 3 times but that did not help so when I had my other 3 children I wanted nothing to do with there advice about vaccine, Cathy went on to get the measles a year later the doctor came to my home 3 times without me asking just to keep an eye on her when I asked how she got the measles after being vaccinated against them she said she was unlucky.My 3rd daughter never had any vaccines she caught measles had an ear infection and chest infection all at the same time she got over that with no problems, my son was born 1987 he never had the vaccines and this was the same for daughter number 4, when the two youngest went to secondary school the school nurse rang me about the TB vaccine as I had signed a paper to say my son and daughter were not having any vaccines she gave me lots of vaccine advice I argued with her and asked her to give me a letter with her taking responsability if they were brain damaged like cathy she said she couldn't do that I said you must not believe in what you do she had brainwashed my son and daughter they wanted the vaccine I signed the form but wrote on it was against my wishes I told my children if they had problems they would end up in care as I had enough with cathy and that was bad because I knew I meant it,I am 62 and have MS cathy is 32 but I still look after her and will as long as I can my husband and myself are divorced now but he realy did nothing to help with the children I know he cares about cathy in his way. Cathy still has her cheeky smile and wicked sense of humour we all love her my children will always be there for her no matter what my family have done realy well so I wonder what cathy would of achieved Christine and John almost finished a degree in computer game design and production carlene just finished teacher training for primary and special needs joanne is a therapist the measles did nothing to her just glad she didnt get the vaccine."



"My son is 10 years old and completely unvaccinated. He had an ear infection at about 12 months old. Within a few days he had a cough that lasted 3 months, until we brought him to a Naturopath who prescribed herbs which cured the cough. At two, on purpose he caught Chickenpox from his vaccinated cousin which left him mildly uncomfortable for a day. At five he woke up on day and couldn't walk or stand on his legs. He did not have any other symptoms, no fever, rash etc. and was in excellent spirits. He was diagnosed with 'toxic synovitis' which the doctor said was not uncommon and to come back if he couldn't walk in four days. Luckily we had an appointment with an 'energy' practitioner the next day who cleared his system of 'rubella'. Shortly afterwards the pain in his hips disappeared and he has had no trouble since. I do believe he 'caught' rubella from another child who had been recently vaccinated.

He is a strong, robust child who has a very healthy diet. He's gifted, conscientious and a kind person. He may have had the flu twice, a cold twice, if that. We chose not to vaccinate and it is a decision I will never regret. Being a homeopath myself, and having done a lot of research  about vaccines, I felt quite confident. I only with the public knew what they were getting into by vaccinating."

Impfkomplikation makrophagische Myofasziitis (MMF)


Zusatzstoff Aluminiumhydroxid löst als Störfaktor in den Zellen eine chronische Muskelerkrankung aus
Wie äußert sich eine Makrophagische Myofasziitis (MMF)?
Die MMF äußert sich durch chronische Muskel- und Gelenkschmerzen und chronische Müdigkeit, die
weder durch Ruhigstellung noch durch Bewegung positiv zu beeinflussen sind. Dazu kommen
kognitive Störungen, die meist das Kurzzeitgedächtnis betreffen und die Konzentrationsfähigkeit
mindern. Zusätzlich schildern die Patienten häufig Schwindel, Kopfschmerzen, Missempfindungen in
den Gliedmaßen, Kribbeln, Stechen, Vibrieren und die Sehkraft kann ebenfalls gemindert sein. Die
MMF kann Monate nach der oder den Impfungen auftreten, was auch die Zuordnung zur Ursache -
der Impfung - erschwert. Die körperlichen Probleme lösen sich in den meisten Fällen nicht auf,
sondern können sich über die Jahre verfestigen und verstärken. Das Symptombild behindert das
alltägliche Leben der Betroffenen in einer Art und Weise, die nicht selten eine Berufsunfähigkeit zur
Folge hat.




Durch verschiedene Impfungen (z.B. Impfung gegen Hepatitis A und B, Tetanus etc.), die als
Trägerstoff Aluminiumhydroxid enthalten, gelangen Nanokristalle an Aluminium durch intramuskuläres
Spritzen in den Oberarmmuskel. Von dort aus breitet es sich im Muskel- und Nervengewebe aus und
gelangt unter anderem auch ins Gehirn. Das eigentliche Ziel ist, dass das Aluminium vom
menschlichen Organismus wieder ausgeschieden wird. Leider gelingt dies in vielen Fällen nicht. Wie
Prof. Gherardi in Frankreich nachweisen konnte, können Menschen mit einem bestimmten Protein -
Monozyt Attractant Protein Typ 1 - die Kristalle nicht wieder ausscheiden.




Die Fresszellen (Makrophagen) sind alarmiert, da sie einen Fremdstoff im System signalisiert
bekommen. Um diesen toxischen Stoff zu bekämpfen, schließen sie die einfließenden Nanokristalle
von Aluminium ein. Leider können diese dadurch nicht eliminiert oder aufgelöst werden. Die mit dem
Aluminiumkristall angereicherten Fresszellen bleiben im Muskelgewebe, in Organen und im Gehirn
verteilt liegen. Das Immunsystem bleibt dauerhaft alarmiert, da es stetig versucht, diesen Fremdstoff
zu bekämpfen. Dies führt sowohl zu den oben genannten Schmerzen, Missempfindungen als auch der
Schwäche und Erschöpfung.

Endeckung der Krankheit


Bereits seit 1993 beobachtete Fr. Dr. Michelle Coquet in Frankreich (Bordeaux) einen Fall einer bis
dahin in dieser Form nicht beschriebenen Erkrankung, bei der Schmerzen der Muskeln und Sehnen in
Verbindung mit einer starken Müdigkeit und Abgeschlagenheit auftraten. Ein Spezialistenteam für
neuromuskuläre Erkrankungen (in der Universitätsklinik Henri Mondor Paris) untersuchte weitere
Patienten. Im Jahr 1998 wurde von Gherardi und Team dann erstmals das neu entdeckte Krankheitsbild
der „makrophagischen Myofasziitis“ der medizinischen Fachwelt in der renommierten Zeitschrift
„The Lancet“ vorgestellt (Gherardi et al.: Macrophagic myofasciitis: an emerging entity. Lancet 352, S.
347-352, 1998).




Die Verbindung zu aluminiumhaltigen Impfstoffen wurde entdeckt als die französischen Ärzte den
Patienten Gewebeproben (Biopsien) aus der Muskulatur der Impfstelle entnahmen. Hier handelt es
sich meist um den linken, manchmal jedoch auch um den rechten Oberarmmuskel (Deltoides). Heute
kann eine Ultraschalluntersuchung zu Rate gezogen werden, um die Verdichtung der
Aluminiumeinlagerung festzustellen. Eine erfolgreiche Muskelbiopsie weist nadelartige Strukturen auf,
die sich als Aluminiumhydroxid identifizieren lassen. Diese Strukturen unterscheiden sich deutlich von
gesundem Gewebe und sind der Nachweis für eine Makrophagische Myofasziitis (MMF). (Stenzel et
al.: Impfsicherheit heute: Makrophagen-Myofasziitis. Deutsches Ärzteblatt Int 2009; 106(14): 248).


Wer ist von MMF betroffen?


Grundsätzlich kann jeder jeden Alters betroffen sein, der Impfungen mit Aluminiumhydroxid erhält.
Wer die genetische Disposition des oben genannten Proteins mitbringt, ist stark gefährdet, chronisch
an MMF zu erkranken. Auch bei Kindern wurden inzwischen Fälle von MMF nach Anwendung von
aluminiumhaltigen Impfstoffen beobachtet und veröffentlicht (Nevo et al.: Childhood macrophagic
myofasciitis-consanguinity an clinicopathological features. Neuromuscular Disorders 14; 246-252,


Therapie bei MMF?


Leider konnte bisher keine schulmedizinische Therapie für diese neuromuskuläre Erkrankung identifiziert werden. Die
Behandlung beschränkt sich bisher auf die Schmerzlinderung und auch hier herrscht noch


Bekanntheit der MMF?


Impfschäden sind unpopulär. Deshalb ist die Erkrankung in Deutschland bisher nicht bekannt (auch
nicht unter Ärzten), obwohl im deutschen Ärzteblatt von Prof. Stenzel und Kollegen aus der Berliner
Charité auf die Existenz des Krankheitsbildes hingewiesen wurde. Die MMF Erkrankung wird in
Deutschland noch als Stiefkind behandelt. Man steckt den Kopf in den Sand und hofft, dass der
„Impfgedanke“ nicht beschädigt wird. Betroffene lässt man ratlos und recht einsam zurück und eine
Anerkennung als Impfschaden steht noch aus. Auf Anfrage teilte das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut im Herbst
2011 mit, man habe keine Informationen zur Diagnostik und Behandlung dieser Erkrankung in
Deutschland. In Deutschland von der MMF betroffene Patienten müssen derzeit auf eigene Kosten
nach Frankreich reisen, um dort durch eine Muskelbiopsie eine Bestätigung der Verdachtsdiagnose zu


Weiterführende Informationen finden Sie unter .
Mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Silvia Hoffmann, Schmuzerstrasse 12, 81373 München, 089-713116
Dr. Klaus Hartmann, Wiesbaden

Quotes from parents about the state of health of their unvaccinated children


"I am 27 years old and am completely unvaccinated. I am very healthy and only get a cold maybe once every year or two."


"My son is mostly vaxxed, my daughter not. They both were exposed to a recently vaccinated family member and me and my son contracted whooping cough. His lasted much longer than mine (he has various health issues primarily caused by vaccine) which was expected. My unvaccinated daughter coughed once the entire length of our illness and the second time we were exposed - same situation- she wasn't affected at all."


“I am one of 10 children from the same mother and father.  None of us were vaccinated. Our ages are 38-59. We were all allowed to have childhood diseases to boost our immune systems. Most of our children were not vaccinated either.  Most of all none of the non-vaccinated children in our family have major illness.”


“I will put the health of my three unvaccinated children up against the health of a vaccinated child any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”


“My 3 year old child is in a 5 year old class, and is even advanced for that grade.  She has not been near as sick as a lot of her friends.  She is considered very advanced for her age.  Her two oldest siblings had both been injured by vaccinations and have been recovering for the last 6.5 years.”


“My two boys are both uncircumcised, unvaccinated, including no vitamin K shot at birth, and no PKU newborn blood screening, and no painful procedure of any kind.  I gave birth drug-free and naturally in an upright kneeling position, after walking throughout my entire labor and transition.  Both boys are extremely healthy, intelligent, kind, and beautiful.  I breastfed my older son until he turned 4 years, and I'm currently breastfeeding my 2 year old.”


“My 3 vaccinated children were sick often during their first 2 years, suffered from ear infections repeatedly for which the doctor was constantly prescribing antibiotics, which would never work on the 1st round. They'd go through 3 separate rounds of antibiotics before the infection would be gone, meanwhile they'd develop diarrhea and candida diaper rash. They got every "bug" that was going around and strep and tonsilitis on several occasions. They all have skin conditions which the doctor has diagnosed as keratosis pylaris. My unvaccinated child has never been sick beyond a slight, short-lived cold. Never had an ear infection and has no skin issues either.”

“We chose not to vaccinate for various reasons, and have never tried to create an antiseptic environment for the children. We live on a small mid-western farm and the children seldom wear shoes in the warmer months (warmer than freezing)so that is most of the time. They are subject to occasional cuts from various metals, glass, etc. and have not had any infections to speak of. Not only that, but they get bitten by various animals, cats, mice,(they're always catching mice)garden snakes, and the like, insects of all kinds, with no adverse affects. All but the first were home-birth, all were breast fed, and none of the last 8 have ever seen a doctor, (or MacDonalds).”


“I fully vaccinated his sister. She died at age 5 mos 14 days after suffering many symptoms of mercury poisoning including eczema, milk allergy and hypotonic-hyporesponsive episodes as well as dilated pupils. Her death was labeled "SIDS". I know it was vaccine induced. I also suffered a severe reaction to smallpox vaccine and have other family history of severe vaccine reactions. My unvaxed son has never needed an antibiotic, never had an ear infection, and has not seen a doctor since he was 2 and that was for an eye issue that resolved itself.”


“He has never had an ear infection or serious illness that required medication and he turned 2 in Dec 2010.  Vaccinated kids I know, including my 8 year old, were always sick.  Croup, eczema, RSV, Scarlet fever, strep, roseola, thrush, ashthma, food allergies, other allergies, and most of all ear infection after ear infection.  Comparing my daughter's health records she was on antibiotics over 14 times her first 2 years of life.  She was SOOO sick all the time...doc said it was normal and compared to friends kids it was.  Everyone had sick kids ALL the time.  It is considered normal in kids under 3. She was not in that argument of picking it up at daycare does not work.  I could not take her anywhere of she was sick.  Even pneumonia!


"Amazed at the overall health compared to all the kids her age, she gets the same cold/flu and has extremely mild symptoms compared to the other kids who are experiencing severe infections resulting in urgent care visits and prescriptions. All of the milestones were met early is able to read words before 2 1/2 years of age."


"My father is a MD and when time came for my daughter vaccination he asked me for the schedule and after reading it recommended to me not to do it.I myself when kid, was asthmatic and my dad was worried about the effects of the vaccines on her. She is a super healthy teen, never has been on antibiotic, resists all flu season without a problem and her immune system is super strong. Her brother is just the same"

"When she was a baby, I was kicked out of 2 pediatrician offices due to them thinking we were neglectful. One of them threatened to go to authorities. We wound up with a pediatrician who thought it was her obligation to care for her even more than her other patients due to our non-vaccine status. When Sarah was 18, her doctor said she was healthier than most of her patients, but a little underweight."

"We have three incredibly healthy children in our family that have all grown into highly effective professionals. The children have never had headaches, nosebleeds, vaginal infections, gut issues... none of the common ailments that people believe are normal, but are actually signs of disease."

"My son was born out of hospital at a nurse midwife birthing center 6 min. from a major medical facility, all natural and he has been breastfed up to 2+ yrs of life. He's an incredibly astute young toddler with a very active imagination and great sense of humor. He knows his alphabet and is approaching learning to put together words already. He's amazing and I attribute it to his lack of medical "care" involvement. I'm a health care professional and very attuned to the faults in our system here in the US."

"Trust in strong immune system. Use natural foods diet, homeopathy, vitamin C and herbs to strengthen immunity.
Child has had chicken pox, swine flu and whooping cough without serious complications."


"She(17 years) is very healthy, and most are shocked that she never had an ear infection in her lifetime."


"S. is 21 now in 4th year of university. He is extremely bright and healthy man.
He was always the healthiest child in his classes through grade school and high school. rarely even a cold. maybe once a year a 3 days cold.
he has never taken an antibiotic, steroid or other allopathic medicine.  i would give him an A+ in over all health."

"I am actually a 63 year old Baby Boomer who has never had any of those childhood vaccinations, simply because we lived in such a rural, remote area, "they" could not effectively get to me, and my mother, with her naive intuition didn't want them to "hurt me."  Wow.  Understatement.  My heart aches for kids today.  Stories like mine, of people never vaccinated, growing up and living a life of health and vigor, are ignored.  It might be helpful to open up the survey to broader age groups."


"I didn't start J. on vaccines until she was 3 because i wanted her to be able to talk well first. The thought of having to inject something that could cause death into your child scared me but i thought it was required. She wasn't nearly as sickly or mentally handicapped as my son that HAD to recieve each vaccine on time because we lived on a military installation. But her health doesn't even compare to our son who never received any vaccinations as he's never been on any antibiotics in his 9 yrs!"


"My first child has the most vaccines.  The second has some.  The last had none.  The overall healthiest with the least problems is the one who got no vaccines.  I have my masters degree in Nursing.  I read all sorts of stuff cause I really wanted to believe vaccines are safe and ok but they are not.  So my intensive research swayed me the other way."


"J. is our eighth child and the first to remain almost completely undamaged by the medical system. We did not even allow any newborn testing (such as PKU, etc...), nor did we allow a hearing screening, or vitamin k, or even the antibiotics in the eyes. He did not leave our sight in the hospital, because we did not trust the nurses to respect our desire to protect him from testing, vaccines, etc.... In fact, we would have avoided the hospital altogether if I did not have to deliver by c-section. J. is more alert and healthier than any of our other children. He is almost two and has not needed medical care yet. He is rarely sick, and has never had an ear infection. If fourteen years ago, before we had our first child, our pediatrician (or anyone for that matter) had given us a list of vaccine ingredients, including an understanding as to how they are made, and perhaps the opportunity to view the warning label (although the ingredi  ent list would have done it for me), we would have NEVER vaccinated any of our children, ever. It should be mandatory that ingredients and warning labels be read by parents before a doctor is allowed to administer a vaccine. We are lied to and deceived by our government and our medical doctors/establishment. We did not question our doctors, because we were raised to believe that they existed for our good and we were to trust them. Well, we have paid the price, along with countless others. We stopped vaccinating three years ago. Shortly after my seventh child was born. She had only a few vaccines, but still a few too many. Several of my other children also came out only partially vaccinated. When I first learned of the ingredients of vaccines and how they were made, I was devastated and in shock that I had been so foolish to believe the doctors and cause such irreversible harm to my children. I am still grieved about it. People need to be told the truth!"


"I live in France where it is a legal requirement for children to be vaccinated. My daughter who is british managed to escape for "diplomatic reasons". It is therefore fair to say her peers are 100% vaccinated. I notice that she is rarely ill and on the odd occasion she has shaken it off rapidly whereas other children in her class can be off with "bronchitis" for a week or two and have permanent runny noses and coughs. I am convinced there is a connection. She is also extremely energetic more so than the other children. When all the other children in her class were taking afternoon naps, she was the only 3 year old who would stay awake and want to do more lessons. Some might call her hyperactive, I call her a normal healthy child who does not have the burden of vaccine toxins and heavy metals in her body."

Vaccine side effects

Potential severe reactions/follow-up damages after vaccinations:

  • Chronic immune weakness involving frequent infections (frequently repeatedly inner ear infections)
  • Encephalopathia = brain disease (This is a brain edema caused by the vaccination: it mainly pertains to children younger than 3 years of age who cannot react to the vaccination with an infection because their brains are not yet fully developed) Encephalopathia is frequently overlooked as it does not always entail severe symptoms. However, there can later be developmental retardation. Encephalopathia can also trigger cri encéphalique.
  • Screaming/Cri encéphalique (usually extremely penetrating and shrill) = sign of potential brain damage
  • Autoimmune diseases (please refer also to vaccinations and immune system)
  • Trigger of allergies such as asthma, skin allergies, hay fever, food allergies...(please refer also to vaccinations and immune system)
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsia
  • Autism
  • Sleeping sickness
  • Sleep reversal (child awake and restless at night, sleeps during the day)
  • Personality changes, behavioral disorders, difficult to train, hyperactive children, ADS, apathy
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Delay of development of language
  • SID (Sudden infant death)
  • Neurological problems
A large number of the vaccine reactions and vaccine damages are being discussed presently. There are controversies pertaining to particularly diabetes, autism and multiple sclerosis, i.e. whether there is a connection to vaccinations. It is always problematic to "prove" damages as they frequently do not occur until months later and thus a causal connection can be negated.

Officially recognized vaccine damages

The above mentioned follow-up damages are generally not recognized in accordance with "official" opinion, or when they do occur, they are not associated directly with the vaccination. Until 2007, vaccine damages which were officially recognized essentially complied with the criteria for medical experts in social right of damage claims and complied with the "law for severely disabled people" ("Schwerbehindertengesetz", as published by the Ministry for Work and Social Order).   All pension and damage claim offices were instructed to base their decisions on them.

Since 2007 the criteria which defines what is a standard reaction and what is a vaccine reaction which exceeds normal measure is drawn up by STIKO and is published in the Epidemiological Bulletin. This is in accordance with the Law on Infection Protection, Paragraph 20.

Criteria for medical expert opinions

Poliomyelitis vaccination

a) with live vaccine:
Standard vaccine reaction: A few days after the vaccination occasionally - and lasting only a couple of days - diarrhea, vomiting, elevated temperature, exanthemia, headache and fatigue.

Vaccine damages: Poliomyelitis-like diseases with weak paralysis of a minimum of six weeks duration (vaccine poliomyelitis): incubation period for person vaccinated 3 to 30 days, occurrence of paralysis not before the sixth day after the vaccination. If there is an immune defect the incubation periods that were observed are longer (up to several months). 
Guillain-Barré-Syndrome is generally only directly related to the vaccination if the disease starts within 10 weeks after the vaccination. Meningoencephalitis, which has not been observed very often, and/or manifestation of brain-organic seizures without the symptoms of vaccine poliomyelitis always require careful diagnostic clarification.

b) with vaccine from inactivated viruses:
General vaccine reactions: Local reaction, rarely light general afflictions

Vaccine damage: have not been observed for today's vaccines I

Vaccination to protect against measles
a) with live vaccine:
Standard vaccine reaction: After the seventh day vaccine measles occur occasionally (mild imitation of the disease) lasts up to 3 days without infecting surroundings

Vaccine damage: Acute inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system require particularly careful diagnostic clarification. A direct connection to the vaccination can be considered if the disease occurs within 7 to 14 days within the vaccination, antibodies can be proven and other causes of the disease can be excluded. If there are seizures within the first post-vaccination week they can not be due to the vaccination as at this point in time there is nothing present in the blood.

"Split" vaccine

General vaccine reactions: Local reaction, sometimes slight general afflictions 
Vaccine damage: Except for very rare allergic reactions, no damages 

Rubella vaccination
Usual vaccine reactions: within the first 3 weeks occasionally arthalgia/acute arthritis, exanthema, elevated temperature, lymphadenitis.

Vaccine damages: Very rarely chronic arthritis, danger of foetus being harmed during the first three months of pregnancy. 

Influenza vaccination

Standard vaccine reactions: Very slight local reaction, mild general afflictions.

Vaccine damages: Rarely acute thrombocytopenic purpura, rarely Guillain-Barré-Syndrome (up to 10 weeks after vaccination). Other acute inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system are even more rare and require a special and careful diagnostic clarification. A causal connection to the vaccination can be considered if the disease occured within 3 weeks after the vaccination. 

Yellow fever vaccination
Standard vaccine reaction: Rarely between the 5th and 8th day slight flu-like afflictions.

Vaccine damage: Extremely rarely meningoencephalitis (mainly in small babies and small children), rarely thrombocytopenias. 

Rabies vaccination
Standard vaccine reaction: Aside from local reactions elevated temperature, general afflictions, fatigue, occasionally joint pain.

Vaccine damages: In vaccines that used to contain brain tissue encephalomyeltis or polyneuritis after a few days up to several weeks, occasionally phlegmonia, nepthritis.

With the cell culture vaccines which are used today very rarely neuritis, polyneuritis, Guillain-Barré-Syndrome.

Cholera vaccination
Standard vaccine reactions: Mainly after booster vaccination for a couple of day local reaction, regional lymph node swelling, occasionally fever, diarrhea, nausea, rarely exanthema.

Vaccine damage: Very rarely neuritis.

Typhus vaccination
a) Oral vaccination: No known vaccine damages.
b) With parenteral vaccination:
Standard vaccine reactions: Similar after cholera vaccination, generally more pronounced, exanthema occur more frequently.

Vaccine damages: Occasionally thromboses, neuritis, encephalomyelitis, kidney damage, reactivation of tubercular diseases. 

Tuberculosis vaccination (BCG)
Standard vaccine reactions: 2 weeks to 3 months after the vaccinations little node-like infiltrations, sometimes accompanied by fusion of vaccination spot, regional swelling of lymph nodes, no general afflictions.

Vaccine damages: Long lasting and extended ulcers, sometimes accompanied by lymph node fusion, very rarely celoids, lupoids, tuberkulidis, including generalization, ostitis or osteomyelitis, occassionally with latency periods of up to several years; virus must be proven (BCG strain).

Pertussis vaccination
a) Full bacteria vaccine:
Standard vaccine reactions: Frequently local reactions including swelling of the lymph node of the region affected, elevated temperature between 1st and 3 rd day; lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, furthermore very rarely within hours after the vaccination conditions that resemble shock.

Vaccine damages: Rare. Occasionally after continuous shrill screaming - within 3 days occurrence of encephalopathia, frequently brain-organic seizures, sometimes progredient course. After encephalopathia rarely lasting damages (spastic paralysis and mental retardation). Rarely neuritis (particularly brain nerves), rarely nephrosis. 
b) Acellular vaccines:
Standard vaccine reactions: Similar as with full bacteria vaccine, but more rare.

Vaccine damages: As yet there have been no long term trials conducted.

Diphtheria vaccination
Standard vaccine reactions: Generally only slight local reactions, including general afflictions and exanthemas.

Vaccine damages: Very rarely acute inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system; they require a very careful diagnostic clarification. A causal connection to the vaccine is considered if the disease occured within 28 days after the vaccination, antibodies can be proven and other causes of the disease can be excluded. Very rarely neuritis, mainly of the brain nerves (like in the disease), thrombosis, nephritis. 

Tetanus vaccination
Standard vaccine reactions: local reaction, amplified after hyper immunization.

Vaccine damage: Very rare neuritis, Guillain-Barré-Syndrome.

Mumps vaccination
Standard vaccine reactions: Within the first three days occasionally fever, very rarely parotitis, swelling of the lymph nodes

Vaccine damages: Very rarely meningitis after 7-30 days without lasting damage, orchitis (usually on one side). There is a scientific controversy concerning causal connection between vaccinations and insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (Type I diabetes).

Hepatitis-A vaccination
Standard vaccine reaction: Local reaction, low level of general afflictions, occasionally slightly elevated temperature Vaccine damage: long-term experiences have not been supplied yet 

General vaccine reactions: Local reaction, general afflictions, occasionally slightly elevated temperature 
Vaccine damage: Arthralgia - passing and lasting up to several weeks , very rare neuritis, polyneuritis Guillain-Barré-Syndrome.

General vaccine reactions: Local reaction, general afflictions, occasionally urticaria.

Vaccine damage: Extremely rare Guillain-Barré-Syndrome.

Early summer-Meningoencephalitis-vaccination
General vaccine reactions: within 12 to 48 hours after vaccination there is a local reaction, general afflictions

Vaccine damage: Extremely rare: damage to the nervous system 

Above mentioned vaccine damages have not been conclusively described but are recognized by the disability and pension authorities and the courts when requirements have been met. The damages that are listed have not been conclusively described. The various references merely contain damages that have occurred. The additives in the vaccines, such as thimerosal, can also trigger undesired effects.

Officially recognized vaccine damages according to the leaflet published by the Federal Health Authorities

All vaccines: Allergic reactions to additives in the vaccines (e.g. egg white or mercury); fever cramps triggered by the body's resistance

Diphteria-Tetanus: Guillain-Barré-Syndrome (GBS: inflammation and damage of the peripheral nerves)

Tetanus: GBS

Measles-Mumps-Rubella: Drop in number of red blood cells

Measles: severe brain damage, up until now only known in three children who had proven weakened immune systems

Rubella: acute arthritis in female adults, sometimes longer lasting or returning

Mumps: Meningeal inflammation (1:10.000)

Pertussis: acute meningeal inflammation, sometimes lasting brain damage

Yellow fever: Meningeal inflammation  (21 cases in the last 40 years, mainly in new borns) yellow-fever-like diseases (7 cases)

Polio – vaccination (a new vaccine is being used): vaccination can cause polio, primarily in people whose immune system is weakened (2 of 3 million people who were vaccinated). No adverse effects have been been described for the new vaccine.

Tuberculosis (BCG): Vaccination can trigger TBC, mainly in people whose immune system is weakened (1 out of 1 million), inflammation of the bone (15 of 100000), meningeal inflammation (3 cases worldwide)– the vaccine is therefore only recommended for people who are at risk.

Influenza: GBS


Bundesgesundheitsblatt 4/2002

The Bundesgesundheitsblatt also refers to diseases which can be connected to vaccinations:

(Context which has neither been proven nor refuted)


Tetanus: Seizures, inflammation of the joints, inflammation of the skin

Haemophilus influenza (virus of flu-like diseases and also of inflammation of the epiglottis and meningeal inflammation): BGS, inflammation of the spinal cord, reduction of thrombocytes (thus delay of blood clotting) v

Measles: Meningitis, paramyelitis, GBS, inflammation of the nervous system

MMR: Impaired gait as a result of temporary inflammation of the brain

Mumps: Deafness, sterility, thrombocytopenia

Whooping cough (full bacteria vaccine): GBS, damage of peripheral nervous

Rubella: Nerve damage, chronic arthritis, paralysis


Bundesgesundheitsblatt 4/2002

Thimerosal damage

Allergic and pseudo allergic reactions
Vaccines contain various components which all can lead to allergic or pseudoallergic reactions. If the vaccines used contain non-live and/or toxoid vaccines with corresponding preservatives (timerfonat, etc.) and there is an allergy against mercury compounds, the vaccination can lead to a local contact-allergy like reaction.

Timerfonat and other organic mercury compounds can trigger both immediate reactions as well as contact allergies. Thimerosal can lead to permanent damage, including autistic features. An intake of more than 62.5 microgram mercury within the first three months of life increases the risk of developing autistic disease features significantly (by a factor of 2.48). (Original version of the Verstraeten trial). Thimerosal contains a mercury compound by 49% which enters the blood stream after being injected and then reaches the brain of the small child immediately.

Since 1997 the use of vaccines that contain Thimerosal has been banned in the USA.

Reported cases:
vaccindamage database

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