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Just blame the end of smallpox eradication for the rise of HIV!


Due to some researchers the stop of smallpox vaccination after the eradication could have let to the rise of HIV.

After a couple years of silence about smallpox vaccinations  “new”  findings are appearing suddenly that smallpox vaccination can inhibit the replication of the AIDS virus( These claims were already made 2003 and let to a dispute between researchers at George Mason University, Virginia, and the George Washington University, Washington, DC., because George Mason University issued a press release on 11 September announcing the results of a preliminary study. This press release also noted that GMU and two of its researchers had already filed patent applications for the "prophylactic and therapeutic uses of smallpox vaccine and its applications to HIV vaccines research." (

The “new” findings by the same  researchers come at a time, when smallpox vaccines of which in the US alone hundred million doses are stockpiled reaching their age of expiration.


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