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Savannah's story began 18 months ago...

"Savannah's story began 18 months ago. Savannah is a loving gift from God brought to us through adoption. She was born September 8, 2010 in San Antonio, TX. She was born to a mother taking several different psychiatric medications. I asked the birth mother if she would please not allow Savannah to receive the Hep B vaccine after birth. She agreed with me, so I created a document stating she did not want her baby to receive the Hep B and she gave this paper to her doctor. I was present in the hospital when the doctor asked why she did not want the Hep B. The birth mother stood her ground and opposed the shot. I told the doctor that I was exercising my conscientious belief which TX has the Conscientious Exemption and the doctor quickly accepted my decision as the adoptive parent. Once we arrived home in Pensacola, FL, we went to the public health clinic and got the Religious Exemption. Which was extremely easy to do. We made sure to include a copy into our file for the agency conducting our post placement visits in FL. The agency in Texas accepted our decision believing it's every parent's right to choose. Savannah was born with thrush. Her pediatrician which is an integrative/holistic pediatrician said it came from the birth mother because young women are so yeasty these days. I gave her some strong probiotics made for infants and she healed well. Savannah is an extremely bright little girl. She's eager to learn and picks up new things quickly. She has a memory like an elephant. She's extremely strong and can run very fast. She has been sick only a few times. She had diarrhea twice which both times she picked up from playing at Gymboree. She healed quickly and had no complications. She probably had Rotavirus because it was pretty bad and now she has natural immunity. She has had a cold 2 times in her entire 18 months of life. She had normal cold like symptoms and healed quickly. She has never had an ear infection. Her scrapes and bruises heal very quickly too. Savannah loves to communicate learning new words every day. She's very coordinated loving to kick balls and throw with accuracy. She's not afraid of the water. She loves her blanket and loves her family. She recognizes strangers. Her imagination is keen. She has named several of her dolls with names she chose. She seems so much more alert than a lot of her peers. Savannah is a stay at home baby and has never been in a daycare. She does go into the church nursery. I know in my heart we made the right decision to not vaccinate. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share our story."

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