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We are writting this story to let others see...

"We are writting this story to let others see how making the choice to not vaccinate our daughter was the best choice for us. My daughter was Born feb 15 2009 at  6 lbs 10 oz healthy and full term. I breast fed her only.She was a great baby sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old! She continued to be a healthy,happy baby at 4 months she holds sippy cup and drinks water. By 6 months she is saying and using sign language mama milk dada and by 9 months she was walking. she is now 3 years old and we can say that she has only had a cold once since she has been born. she is 29 pounds 37inches tall. she talks in full sentences and is striving and thriving at all that she does. We as her parents can say without a shadow of a dought that we made the best choice not to vaccinate her. We did our homework while pregnant and read many books and talk to many different doctors about our choice and we continue to educate ourselves and others around us to think about their choices as a parent and make an informed decision on what is best for you and your family!"

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