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I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and father...

"I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and father to two healthy boys aged 2 years exactly and 9months (as of March 2012). Although I am a Chiropractor I was educated at a college that provides a well balance education and I am in no way anti-medicine, my father is in fact a GP (medical doctor). After lots of research (the truth about vaccines by Richard Halvorsen, a medical doctor, being one of the most balanced reads) and soul searching, and despite attempts to persuade us and warn us of the dangers of not vaccinating by my medically orientated family and a doctor, we decided not to vaccinate our boys. I can say now how very happy we are with our decision. Our boys are both happy and healthy in everyway. They are as kids should be, full of the joys of life everyday and full of energy and enthusiasm. They have never been ill, except for mild colds which pass quickly, never had antibiotics or other medications. Compared to kids of similar age we see at toddler, groups the boys stand out. And i feel very sad to think of all the stories we hear about friends children being so sick so often and always needed to visit their doctors, and often being filled with anti-biotics or other medicines. With lovely clear skin and eyes, both seem to glow with health and wellbeing. I also believe my 2 year old to be very advanced for his age with his speaking, communication and learning, this has been confirmed by a relative who is a speech and language specialist. Of course diet and upbringing have such a large part to play in the boys wellbeing, they eat a wholefull healthy diet without processed foods, i certainly believe that in not vaccinating we have given them the best start in life."

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