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The story about my children all 4 unvaccinated is...

"The story about my children all 4 unvaccinated is:

The only thing that is a little bit wrong is their moderate alcohol-abuse as a student (with the three of them). Hopefully this will disappear as life becomes steady and serious.

Their health is perfect, apart from catching a cold, once a year (by loss of healthy immune system or stress-induced). No allergies, no eczema, no bronchitis, no ear-infections.

My eldest daughter (35 y) has swimmer-eczema (candida)

My second daughter (26 years) had once a herpes infection  and sometimes a cold

My sons (24 and 22) are sportsmen and they have only injuries on behalf of their activities

The sons endured the Mumps two years ago. The youngest one with the complication Orchitis at one side. It was very painfull and he was not amused, but not one word about our decisions. In their environment there were more students, vaccinated, who got the mumps-infection.

In their childhood they got the Rubella, Scarlatina, the Measles, Whooping-cough, Varicella two times, and exanthema subitum. They sometimes missed school on behalf of a cold or a throat-infection. Never for long and they never got  anti-biotics, anti-pyretica, or other regular medicines. Never been in a Hospital, my son once only for a wound. They all have been in tropical countries (no-Yellow-fever-areas) and never took vaccinations. They took homeopathical remedies with them for prevention and cure)

I’m very content with our choice for natural circumstances in development, without disturbances by vaccines. The choice of my children for their own baby’s is in their hands."

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