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I have three children; a girl aged 15 and two boys

"I have three children; a girl aged 15 and two boys aged 6y and 3y none of whom have been vaccinated or ever seen a doctor apart from to register at birth. Since birth they have had childhood illnesses; coughs, colds, influenza, chicken pox, mumps; but nothing serious and they soon recover. My daughter is top of her class and an excellent reader. She suffers no allergic reactions or developmental problems and eats most anything she fancies. My six year old is very intelligent and ahead of his peer group. My 3 year old is also very intelligent, healthy and greatly impressed the District Nurse who performed his developmental tests.

I don't allow my children to drink fluoridated water or aspartame sweetened drinks which I know to be toxic to human health.

With my first child, my local doctor called me in for interview for not agreeing to vaccinate her. After a 20 minute interrogation with threats of calling Social Services to report me as a 'bad parent' I asked the doctor, 'When did you have your children vaccinated?' The doctor answered saying, 'Never, I wouldn't jeopardise my children's health with all that pharmaceutical rubbish.' I was stunned! The doctor explained that as a Doctor she had to follow orders but as a private person she could make a choice for her own children. She also said that she was paid bonuses for all completed vaccination programs for patients.

I had another child who would have been 9y in April but unfortunately he was detained at birth by the hospital because I refused a vaccination. The State (UK) placed a Police guard outside the hospital room and later arrested my husband for trying to rescue him. Under the powers granted by a Child Protection Order they vaccinated my child against my wishes, acting in Loco Parentis and he died within the month from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

To any parent agonising over whether or not to vaccinate I would say, 'Don't jeopardise your child's health or even their life with vaccinations but choose a good healthy diet, breast feed for as long as possible and use pure water (distilled) for their drinks.'

Mother knows best, especially Mother Nature."

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