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When I became pregnant with my daughter, I started researching

"When I became pregnant with my daughter, I started researching. The research was prompted by my neighbor who had three children. Her first child was fully vaccinated and had an array of health, disciplinary and behavioral issues. Her second child was partially vaccinated until 6 months when the vaccines caused a life threatening respiratory illness. She was told her son would never recover from the illness and probably die from it before the age of 5. She stopped vaccinating him, started him on a vaccine detox program and soon he was cleared of the illness. Her third child, a girl, is completely shot free and has never been sick. She told me her story and I looked back on my life as a vaccinated child. I was constantly sick and would develop severe fevers after vaccination, most often coming down with strep throat or other illnesses shortly after being vaccinated. I was diagnosed with an immune disorder very early in life and mysteriously developed a thyroid disorder months after being vaccinated with the Hep A shot as a teen. My sister was no different and developed a "mysterious" leg tingling and fainting problem, coincidentally after three rounds of the HPV vaccine. Her symptoms became more severe with each dose but no doctor or specialist would admit a link to the vaccine. Ironically we were both encouraged to keep up to date on our shots because of our immune problems! My mother had problems as a child as well. She cannot receive a flu shot because of the deadly side effects she suffers. With all of this in front of me, I was still being told that my child would surely die without vaccines and that she was at a higher risk of infection because the immune disorders could be hereditary. It was imperative that she receive vaccines because of my medical history. My neighbor gave me a book on vaccination, written by a doctor who is frowned upon in the medical community. The book was heavily referenced with documents from our own government and the pharmaceutical companies themselves. I quickly realized that vaccines possibly do not protect against disease at all and no one has any idea which child's immune system will trigger a response to vaccines and which child will become permanently brain damaged or immune suppressed! No one truly knows if vaccines cause cancer, SIDS, or autism. In fact, many studies point to vaccines as the cause!

Some are surprised to hear that I was still on the fence at this point. With so many doctors threatening that my child would surely die a horrible death of whooping cough or be permanently damaged by polio, how could I not pay attention to their fear mongering and bullying? I was told that mothers who neglect thier children and are careless about thier lives don't vaccinate. I was told my child would not be allowed in public school and could possibly be taken away from me for my carelessness. So I kept researching. How could I live in a free country that doesn't allow me to have a choice in the uncertainty that is injected into my precious little infants helpless body?

I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter when my dog died as a reaction to a rabies shot. Within hours of being injected he started to drool and twitch. Within days he was bumping into things and could not turn his head to the left. After a week he would not eat or drink, was foaming at the mouth from dehydration and whimpering in pain. If he stood up, he could not keep himself from spinning in circles to the right. His symptoms became so severe, so quickly, and I remember holding him still to feed him water from my hand. He whimpered and struggled for every last drop. He knew he was dying and cuddled with me at night. In just one week, I was back at the veterinary office four times to put him on antibiotics and other medications. The doctors told me it was a random virus that had crossed the blood brain barrier and it was not a result of the rabies vaccine that he had received hours before the start of his symptoms. I had done my research. Viruses don't just cross the blood brain barrier and house dogs don't just come down with debilitating diseases. We put him down and I knew that I had witnessed first hand what a vaccine can do to a body.

I was still scared but I posted signs on my delivery room door that my infant was not to have the vitamin k shot, the hep b shot or antibiotic eye drops. I even got into a verbal fight with a nurse, who had needle in hand, who told me that my baby girl would die within a few days if she did not get at least the vitamin k shot. I cried over my daughter's crib, thinking I had put her at risk to disease. I kept researching and became confident with my decision. My second child, a boy, came along and I did not vaccinate him either. Upon refusing the vitamin k shot, i was denied his circumcision. At his 1 week appointment, I had two doctors and a nurse corner me, with the vitamin k shot ready to be injected, telling me that my son would bleed to death if he was circumcised without the shot. I tried to compromise by allowing oral vitamin k but the doctors refused to write the prescription, stating that thier licenses were on the line and the oral vitamin k was not effective enough to prevent him from bleeding to death because of my negligence. It didn't take me long to find another doctor who had been in practice for over 35 years and was willing to do the circumcision without vitamin k.

My children do not get sick. My daughter had swimmers ear for two days when she was 6 months old. My son had a fever of 101 degrees for one whole day when his front two teeth came in. If you call that sick, then what do you call the parents who have to deal with ER visits and ear infections every other month? It's been 4 years now and my children have some how survived, THRIVED without vaccines. I truly believe that, given my medical history, if I had vaccinated my child, one of them would be permanently damaged or dead. I truly believe in my children's immune systems and I will spare nothing to protect them from vaccines! I will fight for my rights to protect thier health and thier lives. I hope I can spread the word to other potential victims of vaccination and I pray that vaccines will be outed in my life time."

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