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I have had 4 children.  Three of which were vaccinated

"I have had 4 children.  Three of which were vaccinated with most of the vaccines.  I spent their childhood with many illnesses, mostly respiratory related.

My fourth child came along later in life and after doing my own research into vaccines, as I found many changes in children's health since I was a child and the only thing I could find different was the amount of vaccines that were given.  It was horrifying.  When I became pregnant with my fourth child, I decided that I would not put that child through the same thing.

My daughter came early.  She arrived at 30 weeks.  I spent the next 6 weeks fighting with doctors and nurses at the hospital about vaccinations for her.  She had no health problems, she was just small.  They would not release her until I gave her the RSV vaccine.  I finally let them do it so that she would be released, as they were not feeding her enough at the hospital, and she was not gaining enough weight.  I attribute this to the fact that she was triple insured and she was paying for many other preemies in the NICU.

A few weeks later there was a preemie reunion at the hospital.  A nurse cornered me and ask if I got the rest of the RSV series.  I told her that I did not intend on it, nor any other vaccines for that matter.  She told me that my daughter would end up sick and she would die without them.

My daughter is now 9 years old.  She was exposed to the measles from a child that came down with the illness after receiving the vaccine.  She did not get the measles.  By this time she was 3 so my immunity had worn off of her by this time.  She has been sick a total of three times in her whole life.  Once was a cold and the other two times were stomach viruses.  She has never had the "normal" ear infections, random fevers, flues, etc. that most children come down with.  She is exposed to everyone.  She has been to the emergency room two times.  Once was for an allergic reaction to a spider bite, that also got my dog who had the same reaction, and the other time for a broken arm.

She is a normal child who participates in normal activities.  I can only attribute her good health with the refusal of vaccinations.  Her diet is the same as my older children.

At first I used to get a hard time for my choice by many people, but that has changed.  I think there are more people becoming aware of the dangers.  I still have times when people want to push them, however I respond with asking them if they can list the ingredients and the side effects of those ingredients.  I have had adverse reactions to two different vaccines, that I only found out well after the fact and it was too late to do anything about it.  The first time I nearly died.  I feel that if there is even a miniscule chance that my child will die from a chemical medication, I will not take the chance.  A healthy child can fight off a disease, a child with a compromised immune system cannot, therefore it is much safer to forgo the vaccines.

I also have my religious reasons for declining vaccinations, which I was not aware about prior to my research into the ingredients.

I do hope that more parents become aware of the dangers.  My biggest wish is that the doctors that give these vaccines will give a list of the ingredients and ALL of the adverse reactions to parents before they administer the vaccines and allow the parent to decide whether it is worth the risk to their family."

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