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I am a mother of 3 children – My eldest is fully vaccinated...

"I am a mother of 3 children – My eldest is fully vaccinated, my second is partially vaccinated and my youngest has not received any vaccinations at all.

I was never completely at ease when it came to make a decision about vaccinating our children and just went with “what was usually done” as I didn´t have any credible information at the time to support a decision not to vaccinate.

It was through my studies as a homeopath that I experienced a different approach to health and started to do further reasearch into vaccinations and the possible concequences.

The difference in the level of my childrens health is clear.

In hindsight – my oldest (fully vaccinated) may have experienced adverse reactions from his vaccinations, having to deal with delayed language development, ADD, stomach upsets, food intolerances and persistent low grade fever.

My second child (partially vaccinated) experienced repeated ear infections in her first year of life, which were successfully helped with homeopathy, as well as not receiving any more vaccinations beyond her first year.

My youngest and the healthiest of the lot, has never had any vaccinations. She is a very vital, healthy and happy child and in her young life she has only ever experienced the occasional cold and runny nose that blow over in a matter of days. She is often the only child at the childminders not to fall ill with the flu, get the stomach bug or have a bad cold.

I am very happy with our decision not to vaccinate and have never doubted the decision. I only wish I would have had the resources to do the reasearch into vaccinations earlier, so that all of my children could enjoy a strong and healthy natural immunity."

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