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My unvaccinated daughter just turned 9 years old...

"My unvaccinated daughter just turned 9 years old.  All I can say is her health is incredible despite the fact that I had to stop breast feeding her after 2 weeks of age.  My 3 other vaccinated children whom I nursed between 9 and 22 months were never as healthy especially in the first 5 years of life.  My daughter has zero learning disabilities.  She is athletic.  She loves music and art and has friends galore.

I try very hard to feed my children a healthy diet and I make everything from scratch.  We drink raw milk and bone broths.  I sproat, grind and soak my grains.  However, my unvaccinated daughter loves junk food and at parties she doesn't hold back.  Yet she doesn't get sick.  I treat all my children using homopathic medicine, herbs and rest when they have colds or infections.  We do not use any pharmacutical products."

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