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The delivery was a story itself.  The ending is the best part...

"The delivery was a story itself.  The ending is the best part.  Steele literally shot out of mom and the midwife had to catch her in mid air.  The look on her face was priceless.  Being a Maximized Living Doctor I immediately checked her spine for any problems, which there was so I adjusted it.  She was nursing and sleeping on and off for hours.  We were all in our bed at home, at peace and in awe of what God had done.

There was absolutely no human intervention during the entire process.  There were no ultrasounds, no fasting glucose tests, nothing.  Steele is 9 months now, has breast fed the entire time, has been eating solid organic food for over a month and was walking or trying to at 8.5 months.  She now runs.  Her favorite thing to do apart from chasing mom and dad around is to read by herself.  She will sit there in the middle of the living room with a book and shout like she is reading.

Both myself and mom were not very healthy as children.  I was sick when I was born and stayed that way until 13 constantly at the doctors office for horrific asthma and allergies.  We were both vaccinated.  I did not have my spine corrected until 13 and mom until she was 30 (before pregnancy).  Today, we both have incredible health.

This baby however has health from another stratosphere.  Her skin is flawless.  Her poops are smooth and all the time.  She slept through the night immediately.  Now she wakes up to eat sometimes but only then.  She has had a runny nose during teething and while her body is figuring things out.  But, we do not even have a thermometer.  There is no pediatrician.  She is growing up without thinking she has to go to a doctor for any other reason than an emergency.  How cool is that!!!

She is around other kids all the time.  One time, we had a real sick little baby make an emergency visit to our house for an adjustment.  She was feverish, snot coming from everywhere and not happy.  The parents were a little worried about having her around our baby.  We were not.  In fact, we knew that if Steele did get feverish after being around this ill child that it would be good for her body!  She never even got a snotty nose.

Her best friend and cousin both were born a few months before.  Both of them found out we were not vaccinating and they decided not to either!  Both of them had their spine checked at birth.  We now have these three girls running around incredibly healthy and not sick!  Steele has cut herself and not gotten infected.  Her cousin pulled a curling iron onto her arm, did not get infected, healed up just fine with no scarring.  There have been no ear infections, no crying all night because of pain.

As I am writing this I just thought of taking my sweet girl to a doctor and having them come at her with a needle.  She would look at me as if to say, "WHY DADDY!"  I cannot explain the rage that would come over me if a doctor even suggested that to us.

Steele, her cousin and best friend are living proof that vaccines are not necessary.  I have family who labelled us crazy...until they saw this beautiful baby.  The shock that she is healthy has brought them to the light.

I hope this letter helps someone because vaccines are unholy, they are an assault on a human and the profiteers from them will answer for their crimes in this life or the next."

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