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I have three extremely healthy completely unvaccinated children...

"I have three extremely healthy completely unvaccinated children.  I had all three of my children at home.  The vaccination issue was part of our decision to give birth at home since it is so "routine" here to do these things to children without consulting the parents.  We are highly educated parents.  I am a medical professional and my husband is in law enforcement.  My husband suffers from a major vaccine injury which he received from the military in 2004.

I have a five year old son (b.10/2006), a two year old daughter (b.9/09) and a 1 year old son (b.3/2011).  None of my children have ever had to go to the hospital or pediatrician for an illness.  We don't do well baby visits because they only want to inject them.  The pediatrician told me there was no point in me coming if I was going to refuse vaccines every time so we stopped going.  They've never had so much as an ear infection.  No antibiotics, no medications, nothing.  They've never been diagnosed with any illnesses.  We get a slight cold every year that generally consists of a fever that lasts for less than 24 hours.  Sometimes we'll get runny noses.  Never had diarrhea or serious vomiting.  They are also all intact and have never had any surgeries.

We live in NYC and we have been denied religious waivers for vaccination so they are homeschooled.  It puts a lot of stress on our family to be vax free because not many people understand and family have refused to allow our children around other children and summer camps, schools, play groups, etc. which ask for vax records have denied participation.  My five year old tested in the gifted and talented program and is currently at a second grade level.  My two year old is kindergarten level.  They all walked early, talked early and have participated in research studies on intelligent children.

We know this is best for our children and will fight it every step of the way.  When we see other children who are suffering from asthma, allergies, ear infections, surgeries to correct complications from infections, autism, disability, ADHD, ADD, behavioral issues, neurological issues, etc. we KNOW we made the best choice.  I have tried to tell others to be careful about vaccines and I have warned them, particularly of the issues with ear infections, and they haven't listened.  Then they call me after their children are getting tubes put in their ears asking how they can fix the damage.  I always try to tell people.  You can ALWAYS vax in the future once you've done more research but you can never take away damage.  If my extremely healthy, intelligent children are any indication of what children COULD be without these injections, then sign me up!

Thanks for highlighting childen who are not vaxed to show they arent all injured or come from "hippy" parents who are uneducated!"

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