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As a mother of an un-vaccinated child...

"As a mother of an un-vaccinated child, I am grateful and relieved that I investigated and researched childhood vaccinations before I gave birth to my child.  I was able to make an informed choice to keep my son vaccine free when the hospital suggested the Hepatitis B shot at birth.  I was also able to know that I, myself, should decline the Rubella booster they tried to give me in the hospital when my son was born as well.  The rubella vaccine could have transferred to my son through breast milk and potentially caused adverse effects on his immune system.

My son hasn’t been sick in almost six months even though he has been exposed to colds from his babysitter.  It seems as if his immune system is naturally maturing in a positive manner.  When he was a baby he did get the flu twice, but both bouts of the sickness lasted only a day.  He was running around, with energy mind you, while the others who had it were bed ridden.  He also caught roseola at about 16 months old, which was the most sick he has ever been.  I took him to the doctor and they didn’t even diagnose him with it.  It was apparent he had it after his sickness had passed and the rash appeared and then disappeared for a day.  Even though he caught that childhood disease, I never wavered in my conviction that his body could handle childhood diseases.  As long as a parent cares for their child and keeps their temperatures down, and keeps fluid in them, they will most likely make it through.

My son has never had one ear infection, he’s never been on antibiotics for anything.  When he has been sick in the past, except for the roseola episode, he was literally running around with his boundless energy and the only way you can tell he was sick was because he vomited.  He is alert, says hundreds of words, is bright eyed, very social, very active and pretty much has always been ahead of all his milestones.  In fact, when we go out in public, he seems much more alert and social than many of the other kids.  He will go up to kids on the playground and try to initiate play with them, while most of the kids seem adverse to interaction from him.  He has never had a drippy, running nose like many children I have seen.  I have talked to some parents of vaccinated children who have informed me that their children’s noses seem to drip incessantly, never stopping, even though they appear healthy.

My brother has seven children, his last three of whom are not vaccinated.  One of his daughters who is in kindergarten, rarely gets sick, while her vaccinated brothers and sisters do more often.  She remains healthy while they have colds and flus.  She has caught strep throat, but was treated with antibiotics, and did fine.  When she caught strep throat after first attending kindergarten, that was the first time she had been sick in years.

At first my family didn’t understand why I chose to not vaccinate my son, but now they all back me 100 percent.  My son’s father has always support the non-vaccination route.   We have a relatively understanding health care insurance plan with Kaiser and they don’t harass me on my choice.  I switched doctors in the beginning because my son’s first pediatrician seemed put off by my choice.  Now, his doctor is completely understanding of our choice and doesn’t even question me.  I also don’t take him in for well visits, because it is apparent to everyone that my son is very healthy, and I don’t feel the need to have to deny the shots the visits are intended for."

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