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My wife and I have three children aged 13, 9 and 6...

"My wife and I have three children aged 13, 9 and 6. None are vaccinated. We have wrestled with this decision for the entire 13 years that we have been parents. We read about the lack of research on safety and effectiveness and feel confident for a time in our decision. Then we read about how childhood vaccinations have helped and we were in doubt for a while. Then we did more research and learned how vaccinations create permanent imbalances between humoral and cellular immunity and can create auto-immunity and lead to chronic diseases like asthma. Our minds are finally at ease and we are firm in our resolve.

Our three kids have not had illness-free lives. We do not exclusively eat organic food or raise our own chickens. Fast food is a part of our lives, as are school lunches. They were all breast fed for at least a year, but did receive formula and cereal to supplement it after six months of age.

All three children get coughs, colds and flu-like illnesses in the fall and winter despite our efforts to supplement with probiotics and Vitamin D. All three had chicken pox and I suspect they all survived pertussis. But each time, I realize that this is one more virus that they will be immune to for the rest of their lives. I want them to have to fight off the bugs that go around because each time they do, they become stronger. On the other hand, the only time any of them has been to the pediatrician has been for school physicals. They don't have chronic problems, ADD or allergies. Now my oldest does have a mild form of exercise-induced asthma. He was born by c-section and my wife did have bronchitis in her 8th month of pregnancy that was treated with medication. She was also on intravenous antibiotics for three days after my son was born due to c-section complications. So I'm not surprised that my son has this issue. It is my firm belief that if we had vaccinated him, his symptoms would be much worse.

They are all bright, active and healthy. I would be devastated if by my choice to vaccinate, I had reduced their potential even a little."

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