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Hello my name is Bonnie, i live in Queensland...

"Hello my name is Bonnie, i live in Queensland Australia. I would like to firstly say that i myself am 25 and i have not had a vaccination since i was 4 and my brother who is now 22 has not had a vaccination since about 2, thank goodness my mother chose to do some reserching when we were young and decided not to vaccinate us anymore. We are two very healthy adults and through out our childhood were very rarely sick and if we were sick it was only a cold that would pass quickly. We did both get chicken pox when my brother was 4 and i was 6 and then again when my brother was 13 and i was 15 but other than that have not had any other infectious deseases. We have grown into two very healthy adults and could probably count on 1 hand the amount of times we have both been sick as adults. My two daughters 1 and 3 are also unvaccinated and have never had any vaccines at all. They are extreamly healthy girls and have only had colds (only since my eldest started daycare 8 months ago) i have no doubts that my decision not to vaccinate will help continue their great health through out their childhood and into adulthood. Thank you :-)"

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