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Two children – neither were vaccinated at any point...

"Two children – neither were vaccinated at any point during childhood.  Incidence rate of sleep problems (0%), inner ear infections (0%), immune problems (0%), multiple sick days from school (very little).  My daughter contracted a peanut allergy and at 18 months aspirated a seed – which led to a bronchoscopy and later asthma – but after age 10 her symptoms were minor.  She still carries an inhaler, but as an adult uses it almost never.  My son has never had any substantial health problems – he is now in HS.  Our choice not to vaccinate, plus vitamins and organic foods from an early age, plenty of exercise, and proper health habits (posture, sleep patterns, no drug use, no alcohol) have led to very few health concerns over their lifetimes.   Sports injuries – that’s a different story."

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