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After doing an enormous amount of research...

"After doing an enormous amount of research on vaccines and talking with our pediatrician, we decided to focus on keeping our son's immune system strong rather than vaccinating and we are seeing the rewards. Our son is now 9 and he has always been extremely healthy, no ear infections, no asthma, no allergies, just an occasional cold. He always recovers within a couple of days. When we asked our pediatrician about the whooping cough (pertussis) that was going around, he told us that all of the kids he has seen who had it were vaccinated for it. The kids who were not vaccinated for it were not catching it! We are hoping to be able to expose him to chicken pox at an early age when it is much more mild and he will get a life long, natural immunity to it like I got when I was a child and my mom took me to a chicken pox party."

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