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I have 3 children , 1st son 24 year old, 2nd son 23 yrs old...

"I have 3 children , 1st son 24 year old, 2nd son 23 yrs old, and a daughter aged 14.

My first son reacted badly to his first lot of triple antigen vaccinations.  He had a high temp and was screaming.  When I rang the doctor I could pick the fear in her voice over his reaction.  This made me seek further knowledge on vaccinations as well as my homeopath encouraging me to look into it a lot more.  What I read really scared me and alerted me to  the ongoing dangers of this chemical concoction.  After treatment from the homeopath my son's health and happy personality returned.

My other 2 children never were vaccinated. Although , I did immunised them all homeopathically  .

When whooping cough went around our school the only children who caught this were the vaccinated ones.  Other parents were scared for my children saying that they were not vaccinated and they will get it, ironically they were the healthiest ones there.

My children have never suffered from ear infections, allergies, and only minor respiratory infections [ eg cold].  They have kept good health.  I believe that the immune system needs to be supported and homeopathy has played a big part in being our first line of call for any approaching illness."

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