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I am chiropractor. Many people think that...

"I am chiropractor. Many people think that means I am simply anti-any thing medical. That is not the case. I felt with knowledge I had and the information I had seen before I had kids, it was my responsibility to do my own homework and then decide on my own.
After review of the information, I truly felt that vaccines were given too much credit for eliminating and / or curing diseases. I also determined that injecting the many toxins directly into the bloodstream could pose a risk.
I did not vaccinate any of my 3 kids. As of March 2012, my 3 kids are 10,8,4. Three boys that have NEVER been vaccinated. They also have never had an ear infection. Now, with me being a chiropractic dad, I adjust my kids for health and wellness. This does not mean they have an invisible shield, but in comparison to our friends with kids the same age. My kids are just about never sick.
When my kids get a cold, this has happened about once every 2-3 YEARS. The cold and or fever lasts for about 1/2 day and then it passes and done. My kids almost never miss school. As far as vaccine related "diseases", they did all get the chicken pox. Again, very mild and my kids never felt sick, had a fever and lasted a short period of time.
My three children are excelling in school and all are in better overall health then their friends. Funny, there is a family across the street and we carpool. All 6 kids together, in the same car, go to the same school and they are frequently at our house and vice versa. Now those kids have missed a lot of school this year. One kid has missed 15 times and is frequently sick. Their grandfather is a PA ( physicians assistant ) and made sure to protect the family with FLU shots. 2-3 weeks after the flu shots, 2 of 3 kids got the flu.
My kids are very active, love school and have a very upbeat attitude. They look forward to life. As a chiropractor, I have seen many kids that were fine, then they were vaccinated and they " changed ". Very sad to see an autistic kid or a neurologically damaged child. Most parents that I interact with are big on the flu shots, antibiotics and meds immediately when there is a sniffle.
I can't say enough on how awesome the health of my kids are. I am glad that I did not subscribe to in my opinion are propaganda and junk science regarding vaccines. I will say that my oldest will be 11 this year. He would have had a play-buddy that was a friend of mine. He vaccinated his first born son and after a serious of vaccines, died.
He blamed the vaccines and the doctor said that he ( the father ) must have done something and was going to report him to the police. His son died from a reaction to a vaccine.
I will never allow my children to poisoned. I challenge all the CEO's of the vaccines to get an equivalent dose if they are so safe."

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