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My daughter was born in a hospital even though...

"My daughter was born in a hospital even though I would have preferred a water birth. She did not receive any of the birth vaccines, no vitamin k shot and I declined all the tests they like to do a few days after birth, such as hearing, etc. We feel strongly that when a baby is born, they need peace and quiet to help them and their bodies settle in to their new body and environment. My daughter is now 6 years old and has lived an organic, natural lifestyle. She has never had any vaccines, medications, over the counter drugs and no McDonalds! She is homeschooled and has traveled all over the world easily. She does not have any symptoms or chronic diseases. She does not go to the medical doctor at all. We visit a Chiropractic Doctor to get adjusted periodically. My daughter is very happy and has a lot of outside time in nature and being free to explore. She knows some Spanish and we are a close knit family. She visits her grandparents on the weekends, which she looks forward to a lot. We hope that our conscious effort to provide a successful and healthy environment will pay off with our daughter's future happiness."

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