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Vaccination Free 18 Years Later

This week I do want to tell you a little bit more of my personal story by revealing to you that I am one of those parents who has chosen not to vaccinate their children. I won’t go into great detail with all of the reasons for this decision, but I will tell you that I do believe in the inherent power of the body to heal itself, especially when we get out of its way. I am writing this column to tell you how this has all worked out, eighteen years later.

I have two daughters, now age 18 and 17, and I made the decision not to vaccinate them after spending quite a bit of time and energy studying both sides of the story. I am grateful to have been aware that I even had a choice. I have to send blessings of gratitude to the families of the vaccine injured children who crossed my path years ago when I operated a local natural food store. They were brave enough to share their stories and help others like myself to realize that we do indeed have a choice in this matter. I believe that everything we experience, we experience for a reason, so I listened to what these families were telling me and I made the decision not to vaccinate. Shortly after making that decision fear started dogging me. The “what if?” thoughts and “how dare I be a bad mother” thoughts and the voice of the medical opinion started showing up for me to decide whether I was committing to my decision or giving in to fear. I breathed deeply, turned my attention deep within to access my wisdom, not just my intellectual programming, and found what was right for this situation.

Eighteen years later I am writing to report that my daughters are doing well. They have never been barred from any activity or opportunity because of their non-vaccinated status. They have traveled across the country, to different continents and environments and have remained well. They do get sick sometimes. I have observed their pattern of illness and recovery, it varies each time and between their individual constitutions, but it generally looks something like this:

  • Day One feeling off balance
  • Day Two fever begins
  • Day Three fever increases
  • Day Three fever breaks and dissipates
  • Day Four to Day Ten or Eleven full symptoms of virus or infection appear and then dissipate
  • Day Twelve to Day Twenty One or so still not 100% but improving
  • Day Twenty Two+ generally feeling good and leaving the pattern of illness behind and new immunity developed

I want to supply information to others who are making their decisions regarding vaccination by sharing our story. To vaccinate or not is a personal decision. Informed decisions help us to overcome making decisions just out of fear. Fortunately as Canadians we have constitutional rights and freedoms that allow us to choose how to take care of our bodies. To educate yourself further about vaccination you may want to consider the following resources.

Reported cases:
vaccindamage database

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