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My two boys are totally unvaccinated and very healthy

My two boys are totally unvaccinated and very healthy.  Our oldest was born in a hospital when we really did not have the courage to have him at home.  The doctors never pushed us to vaccinate, but they did want to give him a vitamin K shot.  We said no.  Our youngest was born at home, in his own bedroom, with a midwife.  No drugs, just a natural delivery, as it was with our first.  They are both wonderful, smart, active and healthy children.  The only time a needle has been near either one of them was when my oldest decided to lie down on his skateboard heading downhill and got too close to a parked car.  He split his upper arm open and needed stitches.  They numbed he area before cleaning it and stitching him back up.  His mother and I decided long ago, if they ever mandated vaccinations for them, we would rather move than give them to them.  Thank God for our freedoms and our choices we have with the exemptions.  Having both parents as doctors definitely helps our kids out as we are knowledgeable as how to help our children succeed and be healthy.  Eating right, exercise, getting good rest, and regular chiropractic care are all very important to our kids healthy lives.

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