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I have 6 children. my oldest, born in 1977 recieved all the childhood vaccines

"I have 6 children. my oldest, born in 1977 recieved all the childhood vaccines of
his day, the last ones were at 5 years old. the only good thing about this is that
they were half the amount given today and he never recieved any as a tiny newborn or
5 at once. my second son born in 1981 recieved all the baby shots, but not his 5
year old or any after that. my next child was born in 1985 and recieved a set of
shots at 10 months and thats all. my next child, and first daughter was born in 1985
and at 22 years old has never had a vaccination in her life. shes never been
seriously ill and i cant even remember her even having a high fever in her life.
shes also never had antibiotics. shes completely normal, healthy , and beautiful and
as i type this right now she is expecting her first child with no plans to ever
vaccinate her either. my next daughter was born in 1992 and at 20 years old has
never been immunized. healthy also with a daughter she doesnt intend
to immunize. never been seriously ill and i think both girls may of had a light
case of chicken pox. my 6th child, a son, was born in 2001 and has never been
immunzed either. very healthy, never had reason for antibiotics. healthy healthy
healthy, is all i can say."

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