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My son has never been vaccinated

"My son has never been vaccinated.  He is the youngest of five children and his older
brothers and sister were vaccinated because I hadn’t researched the issues with
vaccines when they were born.  I didn’t realize there were problems with vaccines
until my midwife mentioned the issue when I was pregnant with him.  I had previously
gone to obstetricians and had hospital births.  (His was also my best birth, but
that’s another story!)  His siblings were frequently sick, especially with ear
infections.  He has NEVER had an ear infection.  He has rarely been ill at all and
has never been to a doctor.  He is very calm, affectionate, and intelligent.  He has
never had any learning difficulties or hyperactivity problems.  Since he has never
been to a doctor I never had to deal with their pressure to vaccinate, but I used to
lie awake at night worrying that somehow I would be found out and they would try to
take him away from me.  I also wondered if I was wrong somehow and he would get some
horrible disease.  Now he is 13 years old and none of my fears materialized."

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